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How to OUTLINE CONTENT for AMAZON AFFILIATE Niche Sites – RPM (Research Paper Method)

How to OUTLINE CONTENT for AMAZON AFFILIATE Niche Sites – RPM (Research Paper Method)

I’m gonna tell you about the RPM
research paper method that’s gonna make writing a breeze it’ll remove that
terrible feeling of a blinking cursor and a blank page my name is Doug
Cunnington I’m the founder of niche site project
this is confession time I have a fear of writing and it started in middle school
and cut worse in high school when the English teachers would treat me like a
moron and no offense to English teachers I’m probably sensitive and remembering
it wrong but then in freshman English the 101 class in college my professor
gave me a D on my first long-form paper it was like 20 pages long he worked with
me through drafts in his office hours and I knew that I wasn’t a great writer
so I worked harder and I asked for help now the funny thing is he must have
never thought about telling me I needed to improve in all those office hour
sessions but later on he told me I should drop the class so from this we
learn two things apparently I hold a grudge against the
English education complex and two if you think you’re a bad writer I’m probably
worse so I get questions about content every day here are some of the questions
I hear pretty often how do you come up with ideas for informational non
affiliate content how long should the content be how do you find good writers
that research well how do you find writers that know the topic what does a
Content Manager do and the list goes on and on so you may be wondering this
content really matter or is it really all about the backlinks niche sites well
they have to have content of course but how important is the content now I can
tell you personally that I’ve seen sites making over 10k a month with pretty poor
content in fact the site that I talked about in project a white hat is one
example and when we look at the details there we could see that well one there
wasn’t much content there was only about 45 posts the poor quality of the content
was obvious in the site made a lot of money because it got a lot of traffic
now it got a lot of that traffic because of great rankings and that was pushed by
powerful backlinks so my take is you could focus on content or backlinks or a
blend of the two now the blend gives you the most
flexibility and versatility the project go white hat
site was doing well I mean it was making 10k a month so that’s not bad right but
check out what happened when we improve the content we added keyword golden
ratio compliant content in September of 2016 and we also improved the content on
some of the main pages about eight of the forty-five and you can see the
revenue went out by about forty percent in about 45 days here’s another example
of adding content but with a keyword golden ratio as the focus so I added
about 200 posts from about June of 2016 to about October of 2016 it took a lot
of time and work and it took about four thousand dollars of investment however
it paid off big and you can see the increase in earnings from a hundred
dollars in January up to about fifteen thousand in December of 2016 so a four
thousand dollar investment and content increase the value of a site to over one
hundred and thirty five thousand dollars that’s just an estimate in the monthly
cash flow increased by about forty five hundred per month on average now I hope
you’ve convinced that content is indeed worthwhile so now what here is the
research paper method or the RPM and here’s what you do for rpm the first
part is the research phase so search google for the main topic of your
content normally that’s your keyword phrase or the title of your article
I recommend spending about one to two hours reading about the topic check out
Wikipedia entries read materials from the manufacturers websites read the top
blogs on the topic and take a look at forums if there’s any of them out there
you’ll likely be an expert after researching for just two hours and
you’ll have a good idea what to include in your content blog about two to five
of those resources to reference later you may be thinking I can read faster
than you Doug and one to two hours is too much time I’m super busy so spend
time on the research after all the hope is you’re gonna give it to a writer to
do the tougher work of writing anyway after you do the research you’re going
to move on to the outlining phase now it should be pretty short I recommend about
a page or so and you refer to your references to get an idea about how to
organize information you shouldn’t copy them and
you shouldn’t need to but you can see what works in their content
manufacturers tend to do a much much better job than bloggers or other niche
sites so spend a lot of time researching on the manufacturer sites and other like
high quality pieces of content remember don’t try to write the content in the
outline that’s a big and very common mistake just write out the main idea for
paragraphs and sections the goal is to have an outline that’s good enough so a
freelance writer can write the content if you give them the reference material
and the outline then it’s a simple job for a competent writer next is the
writing phase ideally you hire a writer I use up work and you can get my
templates if you follow the link below if you provide the writer with the
outline and the references they’ll be able to save a lot of time and they’ll
appreciate the extra details if you write the content yourself then you
could use the outline to write the content since you outline what you
wanted in the content it’s much faster to put your thoughts into sentences
regardless of who writes the content be sure to edit even if the writer edits
their own work I expect a few mistakes from a freelance writer depending on if
you have a team or not you may have a dedicated editor and that’s what I do so
don’t forget you can download my templates and the same ones that I use
for the couple projects that I described just go to niche site project comm slash
content templates the question of the day is this do you outline your content
why or why not just let me know in the comments below
and remember check out the comments some of the best ideas come from you the
niche site project community if you found this helpful be sure to like the
video give it a thumbs up and if you like what I’m doing check out some of
the other videos and please consider subscribing thanks


Hi Doug, just wanted to give you some feedback. Keep up the great videos. I’ve been following you for a little while. You give good information and you deliver it in a no nonsense style. I enjoy watching. Thanks! Rod

So, its possible to just keep pumping content without focusing on backlinks? or does doing 'only content' also include outreach activities like forum commenting?

Reading manufacturers website is a good idea!!! As they already worked hard on their content and they know what converts and what nor. Thanks for sharing this idea. 😀

For example I have started a blog about kayaks… Can I write two different kind of articles on same products? Like best kayaks
Cheap kayaks etc?

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