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How to promote clickbank products without a website, Clickbank affiliate marketing, Free traffic

How to promote clickbank products without a website, Clickbank affiliate marketing, Free traffic

how to promote Clickbank products without a website so which is the Clickbank affiliate marketing system so free traffic is there actually and it is absolutely with Clickbank and you can also promote these products for that with the same strategy from any other platforms so what’s up guys my name is NAW and you’re watching gain money in tricks channel if you’re new to our community consider subscribing and turn on the bell notification whenever we upload new video you will be notified of that so we have bunch of strategies tips and tricks in our channel that how you can make money online or how you can work from home or how you can get passive income whether with your using affiliate marketing system or you is your using only online we side or half that you can generate some income from that so in today video I’m going to share with you a source on a free traffic source that will be 109 million visitor for a month actually so the source is there it is absolutely free and there will be also bonus tips at the end of this video so that I will show you that how you can add those bonus tips to your this free source and you can generate some extra cash from that it’s absolutely working and money people are using that so but and some people are not aware of that actually that it works so stay with me to the end of this video I will show you step by step to not miss any far at the end you can take action on that so so let’s jump into the first to the main website of Clickbank once you come to the Clickbank and you add photos find products search by photo or images actually and you will find out the product which are similar to photos or images actually and we can select one crude egg actually that we can work and it really can work with this strategy excellent excellently so this is the one that errand from your photos actually so it is a free way to make money online with this strategy so see step by step then that will definitely blew your mind that what types of strategy is that actually so first if you can just get $27 and the best and cool part is that that they have revealed actually average revealed total $26 and average sales 75 and so you can just remove this and they are having the upsell actually that you can make money make more money than $27 with this product so if you look at their main page or main II website actually it looks like this so get paid to take photos actually our network is here to help you sell your pictures to thousands of potential buyers that need them for websites catalog books magazine ads and reality of other uses so this is the website that they can you can sell your photos here definitely and they can reach you can simply upload your photos here and then they can reach to the people means they will get the tropic for you but in an affiliate person or an affiliate one person if you want to make money with this offer actually then you need to or you have to promote this offer so in this specific video I will show you that how you can promote this offer you get $27 again and again with free traffic source okay so it looks like this this is the main website and people just click on join now so they you will get the commission of that and next is their if you go to their affiliate page what they are having for us so we can see that this is their ability age they said air and seventy percent lifetime recurring commissions after $250 USD for sale so $27 as I told you before $27 you can get first sale but they have upsells so that’s why you can reach to $250 for sale actually US dollars for sale actually and corrosion rate as good our forum is currently converting one sell out of every 40 to 50 visitors on cold tropic means from each 40 to 50 percent or tropic when they visit websites to one as absolutely buying this opera and Commission is a 1 percent 70 percent and test our offer sent as 200 clicks and expect four to six sales that is this why they are saying so we don’t take care of these and we are not just looking to that so we need to promote with our own strategy so how we can promote that I will show him so that is the main which side let’s jump and the main website is called deviant art so deranged as an international website that people all over the world are coming and uploading photos to this website and absolutely it’s free you need to join that and other people are coming who need the photos and other things so they can download it from here so there are different video different photos actually that you can see here okay people just uploaded so mostly it goes with arts and those photos so you can use the same strategy here also I will show you step by step so stay with me to the end of this video and do not skip anything so that’s why you we’ll understand a complete source or the complete strategy so before then everything we need to sign up for this website so you can simply click on the join now once you click the join button you will see a forum like this and you need to just a user name means you can add your username your email address scare your confirming email address choose password and they did a birth month and year and after that you can click Li join but I have already joined this so you can join if you are new so once you click the join button so then he will see this going to actually they will say that your verification email was sent to your email address so then you can go back to your email address and just click on the confirm so this is the confirm okay you need to just come for them here once you click the conference so this will be the main website that you are sign up with that so once you sign up here what is what you need to do here as you can simply click on the submit once you come to the submit and click on the deviation you okay click on the deviation and you can upload your own photos actually but before jumping into that as I told you at the beginning that it is a 109 million tropic source so let’s jump to show you that first okay so if you go to the similar web in our deviant art that come you will find out the free traffic source for the sweet side it’s ranked number two okay and it is ranking in the united state and global ranking is 170 ad which is much and if you scroll down you will see here 109 million visitors they have okay so this is the 109 million visitors that they have and another cool part is that that when we ever we want to promote the tanks so we are promoting in the top English country because they are having more money and they are rich people so that’s why they can convert very easily and buy this thing so luckily in this video or debate this website we are having from United State 40% of visitor from deviant art is from the United States for furs in Canada then United Kingdom Germany France so these are five categories or all five are the richest countries in the world so with they are included or visiting this this website actually but that’s why it’s really can work and it really works really easily so once you sign up once you come here that you can just submit and submit then act a click on the deviation so after that you will see that choose a file to upload okay what you need to do here is you can simply go to a website pixel which is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything so there are all images photos arts and everything else for free so you can simply type here art so our test of their art is their arts are there so there are different keywords you can search by that and you will find that different arts here okay so these are the same photos that it is uploaded over there and you can just upload from here – okay let me see what kind of food do we need to promote okay so you can promote different photos actually let me choose this one okay so you can come here and just click on the free download once you click on the free download you need to say thanks who is that Bella means this is the owner of this photo but it’s absolutely free of use for using you can download to your computer ok once you download to the computer because let me show you that it’s absolutely free ok here it is written free to use ok means it’s absolutely free you can use anywhere you want ok we can go back to the deviant arts and select the photo from there okay go to a website let me find out select a photo this is the photo okay we can select so here they sit agreement this agreement is very important you need to just click on the I agree once you click the I agree it will be uploaded to the this deviant-art platform or website after that you can add the title for example you can add art woman or it’s enough I think then you can be rewrite a short description here okay so you can see here the size display the options okay which size you need to but and default it is original is this one by default you can use the same one okay it will be fine and the discussion you can write for example if you have more more photos and want to make money from from your photos photos check out the link and you will Erin early income okay you can Erin daily income okay so that is really simple so only check out okay if you have more photos and want to make money from your photos check out the link and you will earn daily income okay and then you can add your link here what we need to do here and we can go is to here and click on the mood once we click on the remote we will have our link and once we get our affiliate link so then we can use a URL shortener or something like that I can add my accountant name okay and then my use my tracking ID okay I can use art I can use art and then generate hoplink once I generate click on the generate have link this will be my appear I think I can copy and go back to another website which is bitly or you can use any other URL shortener website if you want so it really doesn’t matter anyone it is working with that once it is often so you can click it on create and test your ability egg here for shortening that so it is now shortener that so you can simply copy okay you can simply copy the link and go back here and okay once you press the link you can sub clip on the submit now here at the top right corner okay you can click the submit ok submission successful art woman has been published okay it is already published and it is on the deviant-art lead forum so here you will see the stars that people lag in here you will see the comment and here you will see the people that they watch or see your arts actually and here are for example this is the art woman is the title and which will artists that so this is your link and this is your description if someone click on that okay let me click on that so if anyone click on that they will redirect to the phage of my Gilead okay my appellate phase they will look ways it there so they can buy here so before I told you that it has 109 million visitor free traffic so that’s why it is so let me it is see this is my offer that I am promoting so it redirect here okay and there is my hop link also okay and my tracking ID so let me show you here and let me go back let me see other photos that how many we use and how many start they got actually okay so if you just go back to deviant art main page you will see this for example this is the one okay okay let me just click on this you okay you see these are having for example 479 stars they have and 27 comments they have and 3k subscribers we reverse they have okay you just uploaded yesterday okay you just upload it late yesterday okay means at the end of the day they have uploaded and now they have 3000 we were actually so people also commented that means they interact with that and the best part is also that that they use and the description okay also they use here the tags you can use I forgot to tell you but you need to use the tags also because then you can reach more people actually so that is the whole process that how you can do that but the top let me show you the bonus tips that I have promised you at the beginning of the video that you need to do that okay so the bonus number one is that that go to appeal each page of this the one that you are promoting so you can simply go here what photos are here so here is the one but before doing that you have to upload for example 5 10 or 15 photos or arts you were account and after that you can do the same one like this one let this bonus trip okay you can use so let me just download this puto okay let me download the photo and go back to deviant arts and go to submit deviation click on the deviation and upload this photo here okay click on that flawed you this is the photo I can upload that you can give the title for example you can just give a simple title aeryn aeryn money from your from your own photos or something like that okay few tools and the description you can do the same thing what we did in another one okay you can see for example if you really want to make money online check out the link and you can make money just make money just taking photos okay checking photos and you can add the link here okay you can go back to bitch Li and copy the link and come here and paste the link here okay so you can add also media to okay you can also add the media here so you can just at the bottom you can pick a comment try for example original work fun art okay so you can use for fun our tutorial da anything you can add so it depends on original work okay you can just select fun art okay choose a category what category is that actually so at best suit with that digital art is there okay or put the grotty you can also use okay so what category is there describe your deviation optional okay it’s optional if you are using or not model object character okay but let me just keep like this so add the location or sitting example Neverland and you can add the location from where it is taken so I can just leave as an option here so here are the tags which is which are very important you can add the tags for example like images image okay comics or image you can use all these okay you can use for example food tools but the graphi you can use you can use art okay our traditional you you can use artwork or digitally you can use here okay so it is fine now and you can simply click on the submit now once you click the submit button you will see submission successful ok so that was one bonus tip that you can just promote your affiliate links with direct there your affiliate page photos okay if there are any photos you can grab to school together different photos you can grab those photos and upload it there ok like this one that’s one okay so you can definitely just download into and bonus number two is that comment another photos so if you go to the main page of this do be an art so you can simply what you need to do you can simply for example there are 24 comments in there with there let me see this one okay you can simply click on that and just see for example just comment and that okay they have 2k wheels actually so you can simply comment so you can simply add a comment to this section and you can just for example if you want to make money with taking food tools check out this link okay [Music] by taking photos check out this link and you can just copy the link okay and you can just click on command and so you can simply just comment on everyday on 10 to 15 portals and that case you can get more traffic to your your photo of your account and that case it can shown really easily on the main flat a pair of platform really easily and bonus number three is that the cheer your photos on social media that is really important okay once you upload the photo to deviant-art simple you can copy the link of that and you can share on the social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram and other social platforms that you are entrusted with that and you have accounts with that so you can definitely share their from those social media you can get the free traffic to your account and that case you will have more conversion rate in that if so that was the whole review and the whole strategy that I was using and you need to use to with this it doesn’t really need any a website and doesn’t need any other payment and anything so you can simply just promote affiliate links or affiliate products or offers for free on deviant arts so we remember these three bonus tips go to affiliate page take photos from that number to comment and other photos on any other arts number three share your photos on social media so that in that case that will really converts the traffic to your affiliate link actually so thank you for watching the whole strategy and the whole video so if you like please give a thumb buff to this video and comment me below anything to make money online or get fast you income or if you are using onion a nice other strategy come at me below and please if you’re new to our community consider subscribing and turn on the bean notification whenever we upload new video you will be notified of that so if you want more please visit our channel for more brilliant ideas so see you awesome with enjoyable moments


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