How to Promote Your Business with YouTube Advertising

– Should you be using YouTube advertising to grow your business? The answer is yes. A lot of business owners are focusing on Facebook and Instagram, and those are great platforms, but YouTube is one of the
most overlooked opportunities for business owners right now. But a stat showed us that less than 10% of US small businesses are actually using YouTube
to grow their business. And so, I just got done sharing a keynote at the University of San Diego,
all about how to use YouTube to grow your following, make more sales, and generate more profits. And in the first part, I talked all about YouTube advertising. So, if you wanna get started no matter where you are in your journey or what your budget is,
you’re gonna love this video, so let’s get into it, coming up. (upbeat electronic music) And so, there’s massive opportunity to grow your business on YouTube right now and I just wanna talk about
briefly and then we’ll do Q&A, three different ways, and these are actually,
like, the only ways to grow your business on YouTube and the ones we should be focusing on. Number one, in order in fact, YouTube ads, influencers,
and then content. That’s the game. You’re either gonna jump
into YouTube advertising and you may stay there, you
might do influencers as well, or you might do all three,
or pick and choose which one. I would recommend, of course,
scaling into doing all of them because that is where you’ll
get a force multiplier effect. Let’s start off with YouTube ads, the fastest and easiest, quote unquote, way to leverage YouTube,
and the reason why is ’cause you only need
one video to start. If you just get one ad
done, one video to run, one thing to build your thing, that is all you need to start with and then you could start running
ads with that on YouTube. And here’s a case study,, and they’ve been around for a while. Has anyone heard of Purple mattresses? Wave at me, say yes. Yeah, like, half the room was waving. So, it’s a Utah-based company and they’ve been around since around 2016 and they are 100% self-funded company and they scaled profitability
with video marketing. And so, Bryant Garvin, the
lead advertiser at Purple, he attributes his company’s rapid success to their video marketing campaigns. And what they have done since launching these different video ads is they have now driven over
one billion video views, and he said this, “YouTube
gives us a key opportunity “to tell our story in a unique
way that engages audiences.” And so early on, they
actually kind of bootstrapped, worked with a production company, and got some ads created themselves. They ran a successful Kickstarter campaign when they were starting. Then a little bit later in
the game, they launched an ad. This one is kind of based on Goldilocks, and they worked with a company
called the Harmon Brothers who are famous for running viral ads. This video ad has 177 million views here on YouTube that was driven by not just ad spend but also what’s triggered organically because the ad is so good and it’s creative and it tells their story and it’s funny and it’s shareable. So, ads get it started and then the creativity of the
ad lets organic go crazier. Now, it always gets a little awkward when you show a picture on the screen of a woman sitting on a
toilet using a Squatty Potty. Maybe it’s just for
me, but I mean, that’s, has anyone ever head of the Squatty? But this is the original
bathroom toilet stool. It’s seven inches and it’s 24.95. It’s a piece of plastic that actually helps kind of
unkink your digestive system. And I’m just gonna keep going ’cause it’s kind of
awkward, but here we go. And so here’s the deal. Squatty Potty, the
company, did a commercial that, again, is a viral ad
that they ran cross-platform as they did with the Goldilocks one, but YouTube was a major
place where they ran it. Now, listen to some details
about this campaign. It was credited for a
600% leap in online sales and a 400% increase in retail
sales at Bed Bath & Beyond. It generated $15 million of revenue in 2015, and the video’s dubbed, “The unicorn changed the way I poop.” Yeah, you could tweet that if you want. You can just put that out. But it goes on to say that
ultimately, they remixed it. They also, once the ad had popularity, they remixed it and put that out. That got a hundred thousand
shares on Facebook. It was an auto-tune remix called “The Best Poop of Your Life.” And then they also even
followed up a video before this about girls don’t poop, which
racked up 54 million views. And as, again, interesting as this campaign is to talk about, I think it’s important to know that the power of a creative video ad can revolutionize your
business and your brand. The Harmon Brothers are
the creators of that ad and they have a book that
I would highly recommend, write that down, take a picture
of it, “From Poop to Gold,” but they have really kind of
dialed in a creative formula for how to make ads that are entertaining, that people actually wanna
watch, they wanna share, but that are also very effective
for building your business. And they have multiple levels as well. So, not only getting the book could maybe give you some
ideas to bootstrap yourself but they also have, like, a course, and they even have the ability
to hire them as an agency, et cetera, et cetera, and I
think that is a phenomenal idea to explore those types of
things related to YouTube ads. Hey, if you’re getting
value out of this video, could you smash the Like button? Thanks. For me, just personally
in our small business, we’ve only spent tens of thousands
of dollars on YouTube ads with only one ad format. That’s TrueView in-stream ads. Have you seen this before? We’ve all been on YouTube,
you start the video, and then you have a chance
to skip the ad, right? Powerful. That’s the only ad format
that we have personally used and it’s been massively effective for us. And for us, our industry, we’ve averaged $1.50 cost per lead, which is nearly half our
lead cost on Facebook. Again, I’m gonna pester you,
please start using YouTube even if you just start with
one ad and a simple ad. But there’s also, there’s multiple different
advertising options on YouTube, TrueView ads, you can
do non-skippable ads. They have six-second bumper ads now that could play at the end of a video or in between two videos. Display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and masthead format. You don’t need to capture all that ’cause I know I said it so fast. How would you have? So let’s summarize a few
things about YouTube ads and why I think they’re
such a major deal for us just to get started if we wanna dip our toes
into the YouTube game. The first one’s create omnipresence. Who here is using Facebook ads? Please raise your hand
as high as possible. Actually not, well, probably
I’m thinking everybody but, like, only half the room, but I’m gonna go with everybody. Why not use other platforms
to create omnipresence? As users touch you, you touch
a website, you’re remarketing, then they’re seeing you on YouTube, they’re seeing you on Facebook, it is a great way to get more exposure to your target customers. YouTube CPM is remaining low,
so if you’re looking for ways to better spend or more
maximize your marketing dollars, YouTube ads is a great way to look into. Free brand impressions. So, check this out. Those in-stream ads that are skippable, if the person skips the ad, you don’t pay. If the person does not
watch a full 30 seconds, you don’t pay, so I recommend making that
video longer than 30 seconds and then what you could do is
people watch a few moments, they’re like, “Huh,
okay, all right, cool,” but they still skip it and you don’t pay, but what has happened? It’s a brand impression. You’ve probably all seen that, I think, with Google recently said that it now takes 21 to 24 touchpoints to actually drive a viable sales lead. And so, getting free brand impressions is a really good idea. Now, when we get to Q&A, I can also speak to you from
the influencer perspective since I am a content creator
myself, and so in one sense, part of what I’m marketing is
my weird-looking face, right? And so when you think about
this free brand impressions, when I’m running these ads, I run into people, places, they
go, “I see you everywhere.” That’s good for your business, isn’t it? Thank you everybody, have a good, I mean, that’s good for
your business, right? I mean, yeah, like, that’s amazing. So, free brand impressions,
you’re running some ads. Purple tracked that they
saw brand lift a term where search traffic increased for free because of getting brand impressions that people were not paying for. People go, Purple mattress. They start searching you
out, they start googling you, which is a free way to grow your business. 98% of YouTube videos are
watched with the sound on. Facebook, 98% of the videos
are watched with the sound off. Same thing on Instagram. More and more stories, the sound is off. People are tapping through, so you definitely wanna make sure copy and whatnot is on there. But on YouTube, the intent, the reason users are there
is to have that sound on, so that’s exciting as well. And then, of course, remarketing. That would also, I would think, the kind of a minimum effective
dose to jump into YouTube is to consider remarketing
when people touch your website or certain pages of your
website or your promotions, but also certain videos. So, what’s cool about
YouTube similar to Facebook is if you are also
uploading organic content, you could serve ads just to people who’ve
watched certain videos, therefore volunteering their interest in that particular topic. And so, lastly, don’t put
all your eggs in one basket. I know that at times I’ve had
friends, brands, businesses that have had troubles
with their ad accounts, have had ad accounts shut
down, paused, even deleted, and prices go up, competition
can be all over the place, and so diversification, just
like in our personal finances, just like in many areas of our life I think is also very wise to do in our marketing strategies
for our businesses. And so you only need one video to start to get going with video ads. And so, a couple of just practical ideas. You could create it in-house. Like, maybe you’ve got some
people around the office, you got an idea, you already have a media, you know, arm of what you’re
doing, create it in-house. Maybe read “Poop to Gold”
to come up with the idea and launch your own campaign. You could hire an agency or you could also do
some sort of a hybrid. Maybe you’re already running traffic, you’re already running ads, you already have somebody
that is doing that, but you need help with a creative, you could outsource the
creative, get that one video. Now of course, always test. You might not get lucky
on your first video but the principle remains the same. You only need one video to start, so please, I implore you,
start YouTube marketing. Okay, so I hope that
you are getting pumped about the power of YouTube
marketing and advertising. And this is actually a
part of a four-part series where I went through all of
the best ways that I know of how to build your business
with YouTube right now, so if you wanna check out some of the other videos in this series, I’ll put a link to the
playlist on the YouTube card and put a link to it in the
description below as well. Question of the Day. I’m curious, have you started doing any kind of digital advertising
for your business yet? Facebook ads or YouTube
ads or anything else. Let me know in the comment section below. And we also just put together
a brand new guide here at Think Media about how
some of today’s top brands are using YouTube in different ways. If you want more ideas on how
to use YouTube for business, whether with organic content, influencers, or with digital advertising, make sure to grab that free guide. It’s at, and I’ll put a link to that as well so you can download that, so you could start growing
your business faster, leveraging the power of YouTube. Appreciate you checking out this video. Smash Like if you got value and I will see you in the next one. Peace. (groovy electronic music)

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