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How To Save Money On Your Wedding!!! | Wedding Budget Tips

How To Save Money On Your Wedding!!! | Wedding Budget Tips

what’s up legacy builders I’m Rob I’m
Reshawn and this is learn hustle grow learn hustle grow is about creating a legacy
we’re sharing our passions for money marriage and travel with other legacy
builders like you according to 2018 studies the average
cost of a wedding is $38,000 both brides a calm and the not conduct annual
studies regarding the cost of a wedding in the u.s. want to know more before we
go any further hit like subscribe and that notification bill according to the
not the average price of a wedding in 2018 was $33,000 Brides magazine states
they’re average for a wedding in 2018 was 44 thousand dollars
yes these costs do include the price of the engagement ring because we can’t
account for the difference let’s just say that the average u.s. wedding is
between thirty three thousand and forty four thousand dollars if you have never
planned a wedding you might think wow that’s a lot of money how does a wedding
escalate to that extent these are national averages that average most
certainly changes based upon your city and state let’s be clear by definition
the word average means there were those who spent much less and there were those
who spent much more the long and the short of it is when people playing
events they often do so without a budget we have an idea what we want we spend
based upon our vision before you walk down the aisle
make sure you have discussed the seven topics in our before you say I do video
as the administrators of a Facebook group for married couples
we often hear stories of regret most often that regret is the result of not
talking about the hard stuff upfront many people spend more time planning the
wedding than they do planning their marriage if you are planning your
wedding it is important to understand that your wedding needs a budget yet
it’s a big day but it’s only one day plan ahead to avoid starting your
marriage with additional debt why do we say additional Americans have seen
continued increase in home auto student loan and credit card debt according to
debt org the average American family with a credit card carries more than
$8,000 in credit card debt alone if you’re starting your Union debt-free
congratulations let’s discuss how to start your marriage without wedding debt
does your vision match your budget it’s common to hear both men and women speak
about the wedding of their dreams more so women but men also have expectations
of the event who doesn’t like a wedding it’s a big
party where people dress up enjoy food music drinks all at the expense of the
hosts so think of it that way a wedding is just a big party that you or you and
your parents are responsible for paying for knowing that we had to pay for our
own wedding we made sure the entire event was paid off before we returned
from our honeymoon when we got married in 2009 the following numbers were true
for Dallas Texas on the low end a wedding started at $20,000 and on the
high end it started at 40,000 as of 2018 the
average cost of a wedding in Dallas Texas is approximately $33,000
without a honeymoon it doesn’t sound like a lot has changed in the last 10
years we had no help paying for our wedding our parents were not in a
position to contribute in any way we had no expectations they would we did not
want to spend more than $10,000 including the dress and the honeymoon
excited about the idea of getting married on a beach we opted for a
destination wedding in Riviera Maya Mexico we invited everyone giving them
eight months to plan for the event having chosen a destination wedding
we knew that everyone would not make it we were okay with that we suggested our
guests consider this to be a vacation they were welcome to bring a plus-one
and make plans to enjoy themselves outside of the ceremony and reception
when we return home we hosted a wedding watch party for our friends back in the
DFW we reserved a private room at a restaurant and served lunch yes we know
there are people who feel that it is tacky to expect someone to pay to come
to your wedding those people should feel no need to make
the trip keep in mind those same people will show up to your wedding complaining
about the dry chicken and whack DJ the 2018 study conducted by the not stated
that the average cost of catering was 70 dollars per person this cost was
separate from the venue and did not include a cake the average couple hosts
136 guests based on these numbers your out-of-pocket 9,500 $20 for food alone
in a group of people focused on becoming debt-free
we asked married members the following question what would you change about
your wedding now that you are focused on being debt-free we were surprised as so
many people said they wish they had eloped
unfortunately there’s always a chance of drama when you bring friends and family
together some shared that they would have had a smaller wedding with family
and close friends others shared that they wish they had saved longer others
say they would have spent less on the wedding and more on the honeymoon there
were also those who wish they had not submitted to pressure from family to
extend the guest list and spend more some admitted to opening credit cards or
taking out loans for the occasion others borrow from their retirement accounts
thousands of dollars in debt later it’s no surprise that many of them stated
they would not have spent so much on just one day while paying for a wedding
on credit may not seem like a big deal now it all adds up you are building a
life together and there are tons of other costs to consider unfortunately
there is so much focus on the big day that everything else takes a backseat
after the honeymoon you will be faced with the reality of daily expenses
take a step back from the fantasy and look at the big picture use your
engagement to save for the wedding you want if you are watching and you are not
yet engaged save for the possibility if you don’t have a budget for your wedding
chances are you don’t have a budget for your life we can help you with that so
here’s the skinny begin with a budget spreadsheet not good at Excel no worries
microsoft offers a wide variety of free spreadsheets planners and templates
check out templates office comm when you get there type in wedding budgets in the
search bar they also have great personal budgets too we like the one titled
wedding budget tracker this tool allows you to enter the total amount you want
to spend and assign percentages to the various categories there’s also a
section for financial contributions made by the family they’re gonna invite
guests they should contribute to the cost regardless of age or gender
we noticed that parents had quite an impact on a number of the couples who
went into debt if your family and friends have an expectation regarding
your wedding it’s a good idea to get out in front of that as early as possible
communication is important share with them your desire to start your life
together without the stress of wedding debt this conversation alone could save
you thousands of dollars let’s talk about more ways to save on your big day
the reception venue is generally the largest expense of a wedding according
to the knot the average cost is over $15,000 how can you spend less so a few
ideas on how to save money for the venue get married during the daytime on a
weekday this is much less expensive than a weekend consider a local park or
Forest Preserve you can actually get a permit to reserve your space the
pictures will look incredible have a wedding and a reception at a single
venue after the ceremony ends the party begins no way for anyone to get lost
Airbnb a home that will accommodate both the wedding and your reception City Hall
is probably the least expensive option for a wedding consider reserving a
private room at a restaurant for the reception last but not least
Vegas baby Vegas chapels are known for their affordability let’s talk about the
engagement ring yes this can be a touchy subject a ring is a symbol for your
commitment to one another remember neither the ring nor the wedding will
determine what kind of marriage you will have here are few ring ideas from a
group of individuals focused on financial independence visiting the
returned ring area of a jewelry store can result in huge savings diamonds are
artificially inflated opt for a precious stone as an alternative or replace the
larger center stone with a white sapphire many couples agree to
alternatives like moissanite and cubic zirconia whatever you decide make sure
that both of you guys are on the same page ah the dress here are a few ideas
to reduce the cost of the all-important wedding dress rent the dress for about
10 percent of the cost I have a friend who did this and she was absolutely
thrilled with the results purchase your dress from a resale shop or online
resale amazon has lovely brand-new dresses for under $200 check out
department store clearance sales I purchased my dress from JCP calm with a
promo code after alterations the total cost came out to be about $100 if the
dress doesn’t have to be white consider a special occasion dress if you have to
discipline the stay on budget bridal shops do have sales the two areas where
people wish they had spent more or done more research were the photographer and
videographer when the event is over all you have
your memories while the resort offered these services we wanted to make sure we
got a professional we hired a professional team found through online
research and paid an additional fee to bring them on to the resort the pictures
and video were amazing at the end of the day you want your wedding to be a
stress-free event associated with pleasant memories are you planning a
wedding have you planned a wedding what would you do differently what advice do
you have for couples in the planning process please share your ideas for ways
to save money in the comments below see you next video


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