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How to sell handmade products

How to sell handmade products

when we first started making things and
selling them we had no clue what we were doing and now we’re selling wholesale to West Elm which is
crazy so we’re gonna take you guys along with us and share what we learned along
the way this is our incomplete guide to the
selling stuff you make this is for anyone who’s curious about how
handmade products are sold at craft fairs online or on a bigger scale as we go through all these points we’re
actually working on a west elm order that has to be out soon so we’re gonna multitask and finish up these Texas’s so if you’re- hahaha! so if you’re watching this you might already have some ideas of what you want to sell but just in case we’ll go over a few tips a good
place to start is with yourself what do you like around your house or you know
just in case I end up with a bunch of extra product what do you not mind
having around your house it’s actually something we thought about another thing
we did was some online research and find out what’s trending and figure out what
we thought other people would like too and get inspired by the good and bad
designs out there we also thought about the manufacturing side of things what
can you do in larger batches we started with 3d printing specifically with this
deer head this one we also did simple woodworking projects concrete projects
that are made in a mold so you can batch them in the mold and in general
things that scale well cuz hopefully you start selling a little and then you
sell a lot more and you have to be ready for that increase one last thing you
should consider when choosing something to sell is if it’s worth your time
figure out the general price that the item you’re making goes for and see if
that price matches up with what you’re willing to sell it for and if it doesn’t
great move on if it does you’re good to go speaking of pricing we got it from one of the Houston stores,
from San Antonio and from Austin so we have a lot of stuff make now we’re gonna talk about price
probably can’t read this so price is kind of the price of the trickiest part
it was for us so what we did was work backwards for our pop-up shops in West
Elm we talked to the folks in charge found out what was a good price point to
aim for and tried to find something that we can make within that price point if
you want to sell on Etsy you could do research and see what price point sells
on Etsy etc then calculate the time and materials needed to actually make your
product and make sure that you can profitably sell it at that price point
and lastly keep in mind if you want to sell at wholesale companies are often
going to take about half of your price so you’ll only make half the profit on
those we actually are local vendors we’re delivering our product there’s a few different places you can
sell stuff when is the Internet mm-hmm so there’s Etsy which is great because
it’s a known platform people trust it and there’s a good audience that might
search for you but also it’s- and it makes things really easy yeah it makes it things easy
but there’s a lot of people on there and if you direct someone to your Etsy page
oh I like this but this one’s about the same price and you know they can also
get lost if it’s your own site then you have them but my but it might be hard
for them to find you. Something that applies to both Etsy or your own online
store is you know it’s easy to reach a wider audience than you might in person
but the downside is you have to deal with shipping which can be a pain easier
Etsy but still kind of a pain.
there’s also in porson- haha in porpoise there’s also in-person things
like craft fairs or the pop-up shops to do it at West Elm. and those are great
because you can talk to people it’s like a free focus group yeah and it’s not
just talking the focus group is if they’re buying or not yeah exactly it’s
a good test for your prices yeah so that’s really great but the downside is
there’s a lot of logistics you have to deal with we’ll talk about those more later and
also it can be a really slow day sometimes it’s awesome sometimes it’s
really slow it just takes up a lot more of your time and lastly there’s
wholesale which is really exciting you’ve made it people are buying your
stuff in bulk the downside is it’s usually half the profit so that’s where
the scale that we talked about earlier comes into play if you can batch things
out and scale then as you scale the price per item goes down but one cool
thing is it’s usually regular orders and bigger orders so even if you’re making
less per item you still may be making more overall than you would if you only
did craft fairs for example it’s hard to sell stuff if people don’t
know that you’re selling stuff so in order to sell you’re gonna have to do
some promoting and having an audience is key to that you have to be very active
on socials. Start up a Facebook and Instagram all of that we actually
started an Instagram just for Evan and Katelyn and if you scroll all the way
back its cat pictures and products yeah before youtube – yeah and also if you’re doing an event like a crafts fair anything push it out on all your socials make a
Facebook event for it be that annoying person that like tells everyone around
them what you got going on yeah only just be slightly annoying be that
slightly annoying person. is there a san antonio box I can grab yeah you’re cute so once you have all of that figured out
there’s a bunch of logistics that you also have to figure out one is packaging
and shipping what are people gonna receive your product sent is it gonna be
boxes is it gonna be bags are you gonna brand them all these things take up
extra time and money but we think it looks pretty cool yeah and it makes you
look really professional yeah another thing you’re gonna have to deal with are taxes which we’re not gonna get into too much just be aware that there’s federal
income tax and some states have a state sales tax as well so just look into it
once you figure out taxes though it’s not too hard it’s just the figuring them
out that’s hard haha and then there’s a lot of logistics that
are specific to craft fairs so things like signage for your booth
we did an about us sign we did a little business card display pricing display a
big chalkboard a frame so again all of this is optional but it makes your shop
look a lot more professional you also need a credit card swiper so that you
can get paid we use paypal here there’s also Square and they’re super easy I
paid myself one business card lastly there’s just little things to remember
like allow for enough set-up time bring things like duct tape which you will
always need drinks because you’re gonna be standing around for like six hours
you know extra tape scissors we have a full list of all the things we’d
recommend on our blog so we’ll link to that below and I think that’s it I think
that’s it yeah so as you can see there’s a lot that
goes into it literally a lot but you can totally do it and it’s really fun and I
hope that you enjoyed this video I know this is a little bit of a
non-traditional video for us not having a build in it but if you have any
questions let us know and we should have a build video or something else cool
coming away soon thank you


We wanted to tell the story of how we started selling products in more detail, and why we eventually stopped (AKA… going full time on YouTube) but didn't have the right place to tell the story till we started a podcast! Get the full scoop in episode 009, available on your favorite podcast app or:

Honestly, and I know a lot of people have or may say this..but you guys have helped a lot! Without being prideful about your success, but teaching others and sharing how your experiences, be them failure or successes, came to fruition, they have helped as my wife and I set out to try our hand at a side hustle of a business! Thank you for the knowledge! I love and enjoy your videos, congrats on still climbing up and almost hitting 500k!! You will be there sooo soon!

Do i have to worry about taxes and stuff yet if I am just starting to make things and try to sell them? Like i havent sold anything yet, is there a level i have to reach before i worry about taxes, or is it the first time i sell a table to my buddy?

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