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How to Ship Your Products from China to Amazon

How to Ship Your Products from China to Amazon

Hey guys. Today I’m going to introduce how to send your product from China to Amazon warehouses by Express, air freight and sea freight What the cost is, and also explain to you what you should be aware of when using these methods Let’s check it out. It doesn¡¯t matter whether you¡¯re an FBA seller that wants to send products to Amazon warehouses, Or if you¡¯re just doing a traditional trading business that wants to send products to your own warehouse in your country Air freight, sea freight and Express are the only 3 options that you can choose from, But they are all suitable for different kinds of situations according to their costs and shipping days. Express is the simplest and fastest solution for sending products and it’s suitable for small volumes It could be used for sending product from 5 – 500 kilograms Most of the product samples are sent by Express. For Express, the whole process is operated by Express companies like FedEx and UPS They will handle everything including import – export process and custom process. So, you need not to do anything. You can always track the location of your package on their website. Apart from UPS and FedEx, there are still a lot of Express companies that offer better prices But my recommendation is use either FedEx or UPS, but not others because I know there are some Chinese Express Companies that offer much better deals than FedEx. But, usually they are not as professional in the customs clearance in the United States, and that might result in your package getting stuck in Customs Of course, your product will be delayed for delivery. So, how do you use Express? Do you need to contact Express by yourself? Even though you have a FedEx account, you can pay when the product is delivered to the United States, paying in China is the much lower than what you pay in the United States The correct way is to ask your supplier in China to quote you the express price and you pay them, that’s it. So, what will be the cost for sending from China to US? The express price is always changing, From November to January next year it’s higher than other months. I can give you a price for reference and it’s $6 per kilogram. When you’re doing product research. You can use this price for calculating the total cost for getting you the product to an Amazon warehouse Then you can figure out if this product is worth importing from China. Or maybe it¡¯s more reasonable to send the product by sea freight to reduce the total cost. As you all know what the cost for Express is, there’s another very important thing you need to know Which is called dimensional weight. So, what is dimensional weight? When sending product by air freight or Express, The shipping company will charge you based on dimensional weight or the product’s real weight. Here’s the formula to calculate dimensional weight: Length in cm, multiplied by width in cm, multiplied by height in cm and divide by 5000. The number you get is called dimensional weight for Express companies Here is an example: This is a paper roll. Its real weight is around 150 grams and its dimensional weight is around 250 grams If you are sending 1000 pieces of this paper roll from China to the United States, The Express company will charge you for a dimensional weight of 250 kilograms Instead of its real weight of 150 kilograms. If you don’t know the dimensional weight when you are doing product research And you place an order to a Chinese supplier for 1000 pieces of them, Then when the product is about to be shipped you have to pay for 100 kgs more than what you expected. Sending products from China to United States by FedEx usually takes 5 to 7 working days For FedEx there are two kinds of Express service: First is International Priority Which is known as FedEx IP. It will take around 2 to 3 working days to deliver. Another one is international economy which is known as FedEx IE Which will take 5 to 6 working days. But FedEx IP is usually used for sending product samples which should be very urgent. Apart from being fast and simple, Express also has other advantages that sea freight and air freight don’t have. The first thing is, it’s almost free for custom import duty. The custom process is very simple because FedEx is handling that, And there will be no import duty for less than $800 cargoes Another tip, when you’re buying from a Chinese supplier like Alibaba or somewhere else, You can ask them to declare it as less than $800 for your products. That means you don’t need to pay anything for the import duty. If you have a big shipment which is valued at more than $3,000, You can still ask your supplier to divide it into different packages And declare each package less than $800. My company has sent so many products from China to warehouses in the United States by FedEx. Even for some big shipments that we declare more than two or three thousand US dollars There is still a very low chance to be charged import duty fees by the customs. So, in short, if you’re sending by FedEx there are almost no import duty. If sending by Express there’s another advantage. You don’t need to prepare certifications for the custom clearance. But if your products are sent by sea freight or air freight They should go through a very strict custom process. That means you need to prepare the FCC certification for electronic products, and FDA certification for edible products. But my advice is even though you are sending your product by Express, You are better off preparing the related certification. Because Amazon probably needs it and sometimes your customer will need it too. You would be better off having those certifications or test report to prove your product is safe, and that your product can attain the American standard. This makes your customer feel secure when buying products from you. Other than these advantages, there are some things that you should be aware of when using Express. Products with battery, powder or liquid are not allowed for Express or air freight. Although there will be some Chinese suppliers that tell you they have special ways to send these products, There is still potential for delays or some other problems. Of course, the price will be higher than that reference price I gave you which is $6 per kilogram. But except for this product which has potential problems, There are still thousands of products that you can choose to bring you profit. Sea freight is a big topic and has so many details and knowledge that I can share with you guys. But today I’m not going to go that deep, But I will definitely explain more about sea freight in coming videos. Quite different from Express, sea freight has almost no forwarding company that moves cargo from China all the way to Amazon warehouses or to your home. The whole process will be operated by one freight forwarder in China and another one in America Since they¡¯re working together to handle import/export process And also handle the shipping by sea and land. So, if you want to send your product from China to the US, There are 2 solutions that you can choose: Solution 1: Find a freight forwarder who can quote an all-included price from the factory in China to Amazon. It doesn’t matter if the freight forwarder is based in China or America. If they can only offer you an all-included price to Amazon, that’s good. Then you can ask your product supplier to quote you an ExW price or FOB price. Solution 2: Ask your product supplier in China to find a freight forwarder for you that can deliver all the way to Amazon and quote you an all-included shipping price. If they need a detailed address for sending you the shipping quote. Or you don’t know which warehouse to send. You can just use your home address or address of Amazon warehouse in Dallas. There you can get a rough shipping quote. It will be very helpful for you to decide which product to buy from China when you’re doing product research. Solution 2 has a problem. You cannot ensure if the freight forwarder service is good or not. If their service is not good enough, There is a likelihood that the product will be delayed or the product will be get stuck at customs. And all kinds of potential problem will happen. So, if you can find a good freight forwarder with good service and price, Then you can just go with solution 1 for all products that you bought from China. So, what will be the cost for sea freight shipping from China to an Amazon warehouses? Well, the sea freight price is very complicated. It should be based on your cargo¡¯s volume and warehouse location in the United States. It really isn¡¯t like Express, which offers the same price for sending to places no matter in the West, Central, or in the East. Well, I can still give you a reference price for sending less than 5 cubic meter products from China to Amazon warehouses. The reference price is around $300 per cubic meter for sending to Dallas. This reference price will be very helpful for you when you are doing the product research, Because you have no idea about which warehouse Amazon will require you to send until you’ve got your shipping label. But here’s another important thing for sea freight shipping. Shipping companies that have all included shipping service through Amazon from China. Usually they will have a minimum charge for 2 or 3 cubic meters shipment And it’s based on different shipping companies. Some companies offer 3 cubic meters and some of them offer 2 cubic meters. Which means if you only have one cubic meter cargo or less than one cubic meter cargo, They will still charge you the cost for sending 2 or 3 cubic meters. But really you only have 1 cubic meter or less than 1 cubic meter. Sending by Express will be less costly Than paying the minimum charge for the shipping companies. Or you can increase the quantity of products that you¡¯ve order from the supplier to reach the minimum charge of the shipping company which is 2 or 3 cubic meters. So, when you know this information. It will be very helpful for you to decide the quantity of the product that you want to buy from China. As sea freight is the cheapest solution for sending product from China to America. And of course, the shipping days will be much longer than Express or air freight. For freight forwarders that offer the all included service from China to Amazon warehouses in America. It will take around 30 days from the port of China to Amazon warehouses in the west coast of the United States. Or 40 days from the port of China to the warehouses in Eastern America. Another thing for sea freight shipping that you need to be aware of is the certification for your products, Because all products sent by sea freight will go through the customs process more strictly than Express. You would be better off preparing the related certification or test report Before the products arriving at port of the United States. And I will explain more about which kind of certification is used for which product category in my coming videos. In this case, you can provide customs with a certification under your company’s name. Or a certification that you got from your product supplier. Just to prove that your product is safe to import to United States. But my advice is, it will be better off having a certification that is under your company’s name. And also include ASIN code for your product in Amazon. Because the factory¡¯s certification can only help you go through the customs process. But Amazon will not admit the certification that is not under your company’s name Or that has no relation to your amazon store. So, if you have a professional freight forwarder whom you are working with They can also give you advice or consulting about what kind of certification you need to prepare
For the product that you want to send. Also, working with a professional freight forwarder can give you a lot of advice on what kind of certification you need to prepare. If you have more than 500 kilograms of cargo that you want to send by air, In most cases, air freight price will be lower than Express. But the problem is air freight has a similarly complicated process as sea freight. There’s no shipping company that can help you get products from your supplier¡¯s factory All the way to your warehouse. Quite similar to sea freight. You also need to find a freight forwarder to help you process the air freight shipping. And air freight customs process is not as simple as sending by Express. So, most of our customers who are using air freight to send to the United States Usually are shipping very large quantity products. And they need their products sent to Amazon warehouse very urgently Because their products have already run out of inventory. Here is a very important tip when you are getting an air freight quote: You would better ask your product supplier or you freight forwarder to offer you all included price instead of price per kilogram. Because sometimes when you get air freight quote for like $5 or $4 per kilogram. It probably doesn’t include the cost from the factory all the way to the airport in China And also, the cost from the airport in the United States to the destination. And also, there are some costs for the customs process. So, when you get an air freight quote. You really need to make sure the price is the all included price. From your supplier¡¯s warehouse to your destination. Or it’s just the air freight price which is charged by the airline companies. Air freight has another difference from Express in the way to calculate the dimensional weight. In Air freight the dimensional weight is calculated by L*W*H and divided by 6000. But for Express it’s divided by 5000. That means if you are sending light weight products that have a very big size. Thus air freight will cost lower than Express Because the dimensional weight of air freight is less than Express. Because air freight and sea freight have to go through regular customs process, You haven’t prepared the related certifications for your products, And you also need to pay the import customs duty. So, here’s a very simple conclusion: If you have cargoe less than one cubic meter or less than 500 kilograms Express will be the best way because it’s fast. Sea freight is the lowest cost solution but it’s only suitable for more than two cubic meter cargoes. It will take around 30 to 40 days from the Port of China to your destination in the United States. And the reference price for sea freight shipping is around $300 per one cubic meter. And this is the price from the port of China all the way to your Amazon warehouse or your home address. But if you only have less than one cubic meter cargo that you want to send by sea freight, It will be better to choose Express because the total cost is less. If sent by Express it will just take you 4 to 7 working days, And the reference price for Express is around $6 per kilogram. One thing you need to note is that the prices I have mentioned are just for reference, Because a shipping price is always changing during a year. And the exchange rate between China and the US dollar is always changing too. But all these numbers will be very good for you to do the product research. I hope you guys enjoyed this video today and I hope all this information will help you a lot in the future. I’m also going to plan a couple of more videos to explain more details for this shipping method. If you have any questions about today’s topic, please leave your comment below. And I will try to reply as much as I can And also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel And I will make more great videos in the future. If you want to source products from China, please go to And tell us the details of the product. Our sales representative will get back to you and send you a quote in less than 2 working days.


This is very useful information! This was the "missing information" I needed when I looked at products from Alibaba. Thank you!

Ordered my very first product from China
My supplier recommended Fedex Express
I paid through alibaba TA around 900 for product and 397 for shipping
The contract trade term is EXW
My supplier told me he will arrange the pick up of my product
As a recipient address I put my home address
So to my understanding because we chose fedex express I just sit and wait for my product to arrive
Am I correct
Will fedex express handle everything including any duties and customs
Please let me know
This is my first order
And I’m panicking right now

The best video so far! Very knowledgeable and lots of new information!!! Very happy that I found you! Please make more videos! Thank you!

1:40 other express companies arent professional int he customs process = get package stuck in customs
2:30 express price is always changing, from Nov 2018 to Jan 2019 it was higher than normal for example

3:20 dimensional weight lwh/5000
its higher price than the actual weight of product cus it also includes a hybrid of the dimensions in there
so for paper roll and cushions that can be tricky

4:20 different types of express delivery

4:55) Express over sea freight and air freight pro
is that its Express is almost free for custom import duty
Fedex handles this, so no import duty for less than 800$ cargo

5:30) Even for big hsipments that he imported from China,
and that he declared the shipments more than 2-3k
It was still rare to be charged for import duty fees

5:55) If sending by fedex almost no import duty


5:07) When buying from aliabab, you can ask supplier to declare the shipment less than 800$even if you paid slightly more

5:20) or if you ahve big shipment over 3k$, you can ask supplier to divide into more shipments less than 800$ each


6:00 sending form express benefit 2)

Don’t need to prepare certifcations for custom clearance

Sea freight or air freight however will go through a very
strict custom process

6:30) However even if sending by express, should still prep
certifications just in case

Because amazon prob needs it and customers as well

6:55) Products with battery, powder or liquid are not allow
for Express or Air freight


7:32 Sea Freight

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