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How to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

How to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!


Very imp question??Do i have to hv a website to sign up for Amazon Affiliate marketing or can i use my youtube channel link?channel?pls help Anyone??

Hi there Justin, I am about to start a youtube channel & having watched a large amount of your videos I have to say I am very impressed with your content & delivery methods, so I will be modelling my new channel on you & your channel. You & your brother have given me the confidence, inspiration & determination to work hard at my new channel & I will be approaching it as a job of work where i have a responsibility to deliver quality & value. A big thanks to you & your brother.

I love that in the first two minutes, you gave us “get rich smart” and “nothing passive about creating it”!!!? 😊🙌🏻 Right on!! I heard the story once about “building a pipeline” and it’s exactly what we need to do. Be the 2%ers willing to work extra to reach our goals!! TFS!

Thanks, thanks & thanks 🙏🏼 I don’t know how to thank you! Seriously THE BEST video for beginners on YouTube!

I love this video! I have just opened my own bookkeeping and financial services company, and I really hadn’t thought about looking into affiliate marketing! Also, thank you for the rec for ConvertKit. I haven’t signed up for either ConvertKit and/or HubSpot because I honestly don’t understand how the two work together, do you have any resources to help me with this? Seems like I need a CRM solution to talk to ConvertKit?

Thanks for this Justin, very helpful. I don't suppose you know of any Thirsty Affiliates equivalent for Squarespace do you?

Very sensible and balanced information Justin. Any tips on managing payments from the US for those of us here in Australia? Many places still seem to only support paying by cheque?

Another perfectly timed video Justin , we need a bit a guidance on this so thanks again pal. 👌🏼🧱👍🏼

I just got an email from Amazon that I have limited time to get sales?!? I’ve put my affiliate links on most of my videos but maybe it’s just not done right. I don’t want to get booted from affiliate program from Amazon.

This is a really great video. I love that you broke down everything in a simple way. Inspires the creative juices 🙂

Thanks so much Justin! Your videos have been awesome.
Would love any advice on link cloaking/redirecting without a WordPress site- any recommendations?

Great vid! I'm so excited becouse I reached my goal an hour ago – I earned just over $200 in sales by affiliate marketing. To inform you the facts, it wasn't simple to start making that much money and I worked really hard for some time. It absolutely was just last month that I ran across David Strain Profit Strategy on Google. I began earning money the following day I found this guide and I'm so happy now! So continue if you intend to make some money online, it's very possible!

I'm glad you addressed the two controversial issues:
1) Success in affiliate marketing ain't a get ruch quick scheme – those who treat it like this don't succeed and / or don't last long term.
2) It can provide a form of passive income. People say there is no such thing.. but I agree with you in saying it takes loads of work to set up, but once done properly it can in fact provide sales income without further input (or very little input).
I'm not at your level of sales income.. yet.. but it's great to take inspiration from channels like yours.. so thanks! Nice vid.

I always love your videos, Justin. SO many gold nuggets in them. Just sent you an urgent email because of it – Happy Holidays!

Hello Justin Nice video. I have a question my channel is sitting nicely on 2600 subscribers however I do it all off my phone and I’m really struggling with it is there anybody out there that can help me with setting all of this stuff up as I’m not very good at it. Thank you happy New Year

I took out my notebook and wrote my notes! Such a good video I can’t wait to start now. However when you are explaining and showing us your income and based on each product what website is that?

I’m 16 about to drop out of college after my first year and I really want to start a career on affiliate marketing. I just don’t know ways to promote the link as I don’t have a popular YouTube channel or social media.

As a beginner, on another channel I have only 200 subscribers when do you suggest implementing affiliate marketing? I see that Amazon Affilates suggests 500 subscribers, what would you advise on this?

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