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How To Start Affiliate Marketing On YouTube in 2019 (5-Step Formula)

How To Start Affiliate Marketing On YouTube in 2019 (5-Step Formula)

Hey, what’s going on my friends. Ramon Cadiz here coming to
you with this new video. And today what we’re gonna
be touching on in this video is how to start affiliate
marketing in 2019. If you’ve been looking
and flirting with the idea of leverage YouTube to
generate a bunch of traffic, lead sales, incentives into your business and make money online, what
I’m gonna be laying out for you in this video is from A to Z how to start leveraging YouTube, everything you need to know
to start making videos, posting up on YouTube, right,
specifically to get traffic and leads and people
into your sales funnels and to your websites so
you can start making money in 2019 as an affiliate marketer. So definitely stick around
until the end of this video because consider this as a mini course, because I’m gonna be laying out everything out on the
table and everything I do, and everything that successful
affiliate marketers are doing right now to be able to leverage YouTube to the maximum potential possible, right. And YouTube is definitely,
right, it’s a search engine, not only a social media
platform, it’s a search engine, right, that when mastered, can be a very, very important tool that you
should have in your tool belt to make money online and
produce for years to come. So guys, definitely like I
said, stick around to the end of this video because I’m
gonna be laying out a lot. And I respect your time, so I’m gonna be kinda flying through this
here ’cause I don’t want to hold you up too much,
right, but if you for any time, if you have any questions,
comments, concerns, leave them in the comment
box below this video, right. If you’re a new subscriber,
if you’re new to me, I drop videos like this on a regular basis to help you be able to grow your income and grow your influence, right, on social media and the Internet and essentially make money online, and that’s really what
my videos are about. So if you get some value out of this and you enjoy this video, I invite you to smash the subscribe
button, tick the little bell, this will keep you in the loop when I drop more videos like
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out, and I appreciate it too. So guys, let’s hop into
this without further ado. Okey dokey. So affiliate marketing on YouTube in 2019. Like I said, I’m gonna
be flying through this and if at any time you
have any questions at all, because I’m gonna be laying out for you stuff that a lot of people
kind of aren’t talking about and kind of, I look at things
from a different perspective, and so do a lot of other people, but to look at it from another perspective and to explain it in
that specific perspective so others can understand and really grasp is a different thing, and that’s really what I’m trying to do for you here today. Now, step one, identify
your niche and sub niches. So what it is basically,
what your niche is, I’m sure you probably already
know, but to some people, the few that don’t know what a niche is, is your category of your business. What is the category of your business. Like there’s health and wellness, people that are into
the gym, like fit stuff. Right, health and wellness. There’s biz opp, people
that make money online or teach others to make
money online, right. Coaching, consulting,
beauty, hair products. There’s different niches. It just comes down to what is your niche and your niche is basically what your whole channel’s gonna
be about, but with a niche, there comes sub niches, right. And sub niches are very, very important because in your channel is
gonna be about a specific niche. There could be channels about
making money online, right, but there’s sub niches on that. So when it comes to, let’s say, let’s just use network
marketing for instance. Or alright, let’s just say
internet entrepreneurship ’cause that’s kinda my niche, right, I’m an internet entrepreneur
and there comes sub niches with that, like with
building a business online, offline, right. There’s personal development, right. There’s a mechanical aspect
of it, like sales funnels, list building, different things, different social media platforms that fall into internet entrepreneurship. You’re watching this video, right, on affiliate marketing on YouTube in 2019. My channel is about
internet entrepreneurship, but this is a sub niche, which is YouTube. So you want to identify
what your sub niches are for your business and you
want to keep that in mind when you’re creating your
videos and you’re creating the whole look and the brand
of your YouTube channel because that’s really, as you
touch on all the sub niches in your niche, right, that’s
more potential for you to reach more people and branch out into the YouTube platform so
you can start leveraging it to the maximum potential
for you and your business. So step two is expert versus equal, and this is something
I got so caught up on when I first came online and
started trying to make money, trying to make the videos on YouTube, trying to just build my
business via the Internet, and I’m here to help you out
with this because like I said, I want you, right, ’cause
a lot of people look at, you get to a certain point in your career and in your knowledge, right,
you get to a certain point mentally when you’re building
business online, offline, right, that you realize certain things that when you first got
started that you were kind of hung up on really don’t, it’s just, you shouldn’t have been
hung up on it, right. So expert versus equal, right. When people come online, they
think I have to be an expert, I have to be an expert
because if I’m not an expert, people won’t listen to me,
people won’t buy from me, people won’t give a hoot about what I say. That’s not freaking true. What you want to be is
you want to be relatable. You want to be an equal
to somebody, right. I can come in every one
of my videos and be like, hey, you know, I’ve
received an award on stage for online sales and leadership. I’ve made this amount of money online, all this, that, and the third, right. That’s cool, that’s all nice and dandy. But what I’d rather do is
I’d rather be your equal, ’cause I am your equal and
I’m in the trenches with you building business online, making money, striving for that
freedom lifestyle, right. I’m in there with you, we’re equals, and that’s something that
you want to be, you know, you don’t have to lie about anything. You want to share your,
you want to be transparent and share your journey. Wherever you are right now,
like Russell Brunson says, you are an expert, right. So you obviously know
things about your niche and your specific business
that only you know because you are an expert. You are seasoned in your
niche and your business, but you don’t have to always
be expert, expert, expert, get your tie tucked, all that,
speak in super proper, right, and I’m not saying you
start cursing and stuff to relate with people, but just be you. Use your certain mannerisms that you use. Don’t look to say a bunch of big words to look all impressive. Just be you, bro. Sit back and just chill
because that’s what’s really gonna make the difference
when you’re talking to people and relating with people. People connect with people, people don’t connect with robots. So that’s enough on that,
but expert versus equal, look to be an equal. Just be you. Just be you. Be you, make videos,
create content that serves your target audience and
you will win no matter what. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to be an expert. I’m just trying to really hone that in, hit that nail and hammer it
in because telling you this is what’s gonna put you
apart in the marketplace. There’s only one person like you. There’s only one person on
earth that has the exact same fingerprint as you and that’s you, right. There will never be anyone,
there hasn’t ever been anyone with the same fingerprint as you and you making videos on YouTube, you creating content on the Internet, there’s people that only
you can connect with, there’s people that will
only hear the message from your mouth and really internalize it. So it’s your job to be you, to be an equal and to create content because
there’s someone out there that you can impact, that you
can touch with your marketing, with your business and change their life. So I want you to remember that. You don’t have to be an expert. Look to be an equal, right. When you have to put your expert pants on, there is a time for that, but that’s not, you want to be you. Be you. Alright, so step three. Content marketing plan, right. Let me get a sip of
water real quick because that was powerful. But step three, content marketing plan. When people come on YouTube looking to be an affiliate marketer, looking
to build their business, they don’t have a content marketing plan and I suffered from this
in the beginning as well because what I would do
is, I was like, alright, I’ve got to make a YouTube video today. What should I do? What should I make it on? Eh, it’ll come to me, I don’t
want to think too hard on it because if I think too hard on
it, it’s gonna come out bad. I just want the inspiration
to pop and hit me and I just moved with that,
but that’s not how it works because you’ll be all like, well, three days will pass and
you haven’t made a video. And as a YouTuber right now in 2019, there’s a lot of other YouTubers. And I’m not saying that as, oh, there’s a bunch of
competition out there, but there are a bunch of
people trying to be a YouTuber and I’m just saying that
because YouTube as a platform, as a business, because
that’s what it is, right, they favor the people that do the work and favor of the people
that are bringing others onto their platform and
providing for the people in their platform. So if you make a video every single week, one video a week or one
video every two weeks, right, they’re gonna be like,
oh, this person isn’t, they’re not taking our platform seriously, so we’re not going to
give them more people because Blow Joe over there, right, this dude is making two videos a day. And I’m not saying you have
to make two videos a day, but if someone’s making
a video a day at least, or three videos a week,
right, they’re gonna be like, alright, this person is going hard and they really want this, so let’s start funneling
some people to them. And that’s the traffic that you want. So a content marketing plan, maybe you’re thinking right now, Ramon, I don’t know what to
make content on, I need help. I got you, my brother. Let’s hop on this. So basically what you want to
do is you want to identify, to keep it simple right
now, you want to identify the top 10 people in your niche. They could be either your competitors, I don’t really like to
use the word competitors because there’s not
really any competitors, but kind of, for some people there are and they like to consider it that. Your competitors, your
colleagues, people you look up to, people that are in your
space doing what you do and have achieved the level
of success that you’re after. Come across 10 accounts, excuse
me, 20 accounts if you can, but what you want to do is you
want to find those accounts and you want to look them up. So let’s say for instance,
someone in my niche, right, that is blowing it out of the water right now is Nathan Lucas. He has a channel called
Freedom Influencer, right. And what Freedom Influencer is, it’s, he helps people make money online, right. And I was actually with
him and I was hanging out with this dude like three or
four months ago at this event at Texas when I actually received my award for online sales and leadership. And he’s a cool dude. So basically you find
10 people in your niche that are crushing it right
now, and you want to come up with the ideas for your video, you want to come up with
a content marketing plan, what you do is you go to their videos. And you know what’s funny, he
actually taught me this too, so kudos to him. Check him out. You want to sort by most popular because now what you’re
doing is you’re coming into the conversation, right, and finding out what
people are searching for on YouTube, right. So let’s say right here, 10
websites to make $100 per day in 2018, 1.5 million views 10 months ago. So what that tells me is
people are looking for that. So what you would do is, right
now is you take these videos right here, or any video that you feel you’re qualified to
make a video on, right. I’ll write this down, this
down, this down, this down, this, down, right. And then just list a bunch
of videos that you can make. So right now, just off his channel alone, there’s one, two, three, well,
essentially there’s a bunch, but let’s say if I just target
one, two, three, four, five, these top five videos, these
are five videos I can make a video on and I can
just say in my own words. I’m not gonna copy exactly
word for word his content, but I’m gonna create a video
that’s sharing my knowledge and my expertise on 10 websites I know that can make $100 per day in 2018. Fun little thing, I actually made a video a couple of days ago on how
to make $100 per day online completely free, so if you want, you can go check that out at a later time, but this is just one way you can do it. Another affiliate marketer
in my space is let’s say, Nick Anderson, right. This dude is pretty cool. This is one of the first
people ever came across when I came online looking to make money, and I owe a lot to, he was
one of the initial people that really planted the
seed of entrepreneurship, online Internet entrepreneurship
for me personally. So Nick is cool. I was actually with Nick too,
like six, seven months ago at a Mastermind, a Mansion
Mastermind event in Miami, right. So what you would do is
you would actually just go to the videos, like I said, again, sort by most popular and look at this, his most popular video. So obviously people are looking for this. So I would write these down
and just make a whole list of videos that people are looking for in my particular niche,
Internet entrepreneurship, and I’ll just make videos on that. So basically just keep doing research and basically just making a
list of videos that you can make that people are already looking for. People, how to do affiliate
marketing online, right. You’re watching this video
because you want to know how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube. You see people are looking for that, so you have to provide to the public, and that’s really what you want to do and that’s really what you should do. So make content around what
others in your niche are doing and just put your spin on
it because that’s really what’s going to make the difference. So now that you have videos,
you’re starting to make a list, what you want to do is,
and you’re making your list and you have your content
marketing plan, right. So recapping quickly,
you identified your niche and your sub niches. It’s always good to write them
down, put them on a Word doc, and get organized because this is what’s really gonna make a difference, right. I have it on my phone in the Notepad, so you could do it where you want to, but you have your content marketing plan. Try to post one video every
single day and you’ll be golden. If you can’t think of videos
to make, go to your colleagues, other people in your space
and find out what they’ve made videos on that have been
successful and redo them and make them in your own
words, put your spin on it, your unique spin, right,
and you’re gonna see that you’ll never run out of content. So step four, the video formula, right. People want to make videos on YouTube, but they’re like Ramon,
how do I make a video? What do I say? Right, by the end of this video, you won’t be able to say that anymore because I’m going to show you what you say and how to say it in the
exact YouTube formula, right. So you can start driving
traffic and creating videos that like those top
influencers and YouTubers you look up to, right, I’m
gonna share everything with you so you can do this too, right. I want you to go out and
I want you to crush it. So I’m just super excited and
I’m grateful that I’m here and I’m a stepping stone
in your journey, right, and helping you do this because
this is really powerful. And this, it can change your life. So YouTube, five part video formula starts with the introduction,
you sharing your name, who you are, where you’re coming from. Like you’d be like, hey, what’s going on? Ramon Cadiz here coming
to you from my home office just outside of Tampa, Florida. And that’s kind of an intro, right. Then what you want to do is
you want to ask a question off the bat, you want to hook them. So after you give your intro,
you ask a question, right. And this question, right,
this is kind of like you want to do the steps in order that I’ve laid out for you here. You want to do them in order because when you ask the question,
it’s gonna be a question that your target audience,
it’s gonna be a problem or a question that your target
audience is facing right now and they want to, that they’re really asking themselves mentally. So to kind of give you a
reference point with this, let’s say you’re in health and wellness and people that you speak to are having trouble losing weight. So you could be like, are you
struggling to lose weight? Is your diet not working? Right, so if I was coming with my intro, hey, what’s going on? Ramon Cadiz here coming
to you from my home office just outside of Tampa, Florida. Are you struggling to lose weight? Is your diet just not working? That’s a question. That’s a hook. So when you hook them in,
they’re going to be like, yeah, my diet isn’t working,
I want to learn more. That’s how you hook them
into your YouTube video. So give an intro, give a question, you give a thought provoking,
can be controversial, it can be curiosity, curiosity inducing. You just want to ask a question that they’re asking themselves, that they’re struggling with right now. Once you do that, you’re gonna
hook them in subconsciously. They’re gonna want to know what you’re gonna share with them. So intro, you ask a question, right, then you go into a call to action. This is a YouTube call to action. This is different from the
call to action we’re gonna do at the end of the video to
get them to take the next step to your product, right. But right now, this is a
YouTube call to action. So intro, hey, what’s going on? Ramon Cadiz here coming to you from just outside of Tampa, Florida. Are you struggling to
lose weight right now? Right. If you’re struggling to lose weight, I’m gonna share with you in this video how to lose weight or whatever. But before we hop into
that, if you guys can smash the subscribe button,
tick the little bell, like this video, comment below
if you have any questions, right. This is something that
you always want to plug into your videos right
in the beginning, right. And I put it behind the question
because really the question is what’s gonna hook them
onto your video, right. Once you have them hooked,
want to tell them that you offer value like this on a regular basis, you help people out with
questions like this one on a regular basis. So if they want to continue, follow you and get more value out
of you later on, right, you want to invite them to subscribe, comment, like your video. Because if you don’t tell them to, chances are three fourths
of them won’t, right. But since you told them, chances
are that they might do that and that’s cool if they do. So a YouTube call to action,
you want to tell them like, comment, subscribe, awesome. Now, this is when you go into the content and when the content is
basically you’re answering the question that you asked previously. So recapping, so you can get
an idea of how this goes. Hey, what’s going on my friend. Ramon Cadiz here coming to you from just outside of Tampa, Florida. Are you struggling to lose weight? Is your diet not working? Are you pissed off because
you’re doing everything in your power to lose weight
and nothing’s working? Right. If that sounds like you, what
I’m gonna be sharing with you in this video is how to lose weight without going to the gym,
without dieting, right. If that’s what you’re
talking about, right. And you can be like, I’m gonna share it. I’m gonna share with you
just before we hop into that, if you guys can like, comment, subscribe, I really appreciate it. Now let’s hop into this. This is when you now give the content and you answer the question
that you asked right here, right, and they’re gonna like that. You’re helping them out
with a problem, right. You’re helping them get
over a quick hump, right. You’re helping them, you’re adding value. This is how you add
value to people, right. You’re providing value
to your target audience. Right, after you answer the question, you create the content,
then that’s when you, and this doesn’t have to be
like a long strung out process. You want to keep it short,
sweet, to the point, and after that you give
them a call to action again. You’ll be like, alright guys, if you guys enjoyed this video,
if you guys enjoyed that, click the link below,
whatever, whatever, whatever, you want to send them over
to your funnel, your website, your contact form, wherever
you want to send them to so they can buy is where
you want to send them to at the end of your video. And that’s essentially the
YouTube five part video formula. So intro question, call to action, this is a YouTube call to action if you guys want to screen shot this. Right, then you give them the content where you answer their question,
give them a call to action where you send them primarily,
I would say to a funnel the best practice, but some
people don’t have a funnel, they have websites and
people have a contact form, like a Wufoo form that they could fill out and you can call them, whatever. You want to send them to the next step because if you don’t say,
if you don’t give them that call to action, take the next step to click the link below,
they’re not gonna do it and you’re not making
money and that sucks. So always give them a call to action guys, screenshot this, write this down. This is the five part video,
YouTube video formula. So after that, now that
you’ve identified your niche, you have your sub niches, you understand that you
don’t have to be that expert, you just want to be relatable,
you want to be an equal, you want to be a real person, right, now you have your content marketing plan, you want to post at
least one video per day or a couple videos per week. Be consistent. Consistency is key to building on YouTube because YouTube favors
the content creators. YouTube doesn’t favor the flounders. You don’t want to be
floundering around, right. You want to be creating
content on a regular basis. So that’s really what that’s about. You have the video formula, you understand what you have to do. After this, I’m gonna have
to clean out my laptop because your disc is almost
full and that’s no good. You have the YouTube
five part video formula. You’ve got your intro question,
call to action, content, another call to action and that’s really what you want to do with that. Now the last part is syndication. And what it is, after you make your video and it’s up, right, what you can do is, and what you want to do is you
want to start sharing it out. I’m not gonna go super in
depth into syndication, but basically you can look it up, different places where
you can share your video. So like if you go on and you’re in whatever niche you’re in, just, I made a video on how
to do affiliate marketing on Facebook a couple of videos back. So definitely go check that out, right. And it kind of teaches
you stuff like this. But basically what you
want to do is you want to join a group, let’s say like, a make money online group, right. If I made a video on
how to make money online and I go into one of the groups, right, all I could do is I could
share my video in there. Let’s say I made this
video on how to make money as an affiliate marketer
on YouTube, right. I could share that into this group and this is already a bunch
of people that are into that and they’ll come to my video
and they’ll come check it out. So syndicating is basically
you want to start sharing, because at first you’re not
gonna have too much traffic, you’re not gonna have too many people. So you have to bring people in
and that’s how you can do it by sharing it out different places. Go to Fiver, buy some back links, right, if you’re into that. I’m opening like little
Pandora’s boxes because if I tell you something, I don’t want to leave you guys hanging, I want to explain it to you. But basically what a back
link is linking your video to other websites, right. If you go to, I told you guys I was gonna be very in depth
and that’s why I’m trying to run through this so you
guys can take this and fly. You go YouTube, and I’m
not saying to do this because I don’t personally do it, but I’ve done it before and it’s worked. YouTube back links. So basically you can buy for five bucks, if you’re trying to rank your
videos for a specific keyword, you can pay five bucks,
get some back links. I will give you 500 back links. Basically they will link your video to 1,000 websites and you’ll, they’ll link your video to 1,000 websites and YouTube likes that. So that’s another option to
juice up your videos rank wise, but take it with a grain of
salt, do your research on it. I’m just letting you know what’s up. So guys, that’s really
what you want to be doing to affiliate marketing on YouTube in 2019. Also I’m gonna share with
you guys some YouTube stuff that you can have in
your YouTube tool belts, some tools that you need
to, these are all the tools you need to, in my opinion,
to be successful on YouTube in 2019 as an affiliate marketer. Right, like I said,
super, like this video, I’m trying to put everything
together so you guys can go out there and crush it on YouTube. Vid IQ, you need Vid IQ or Tube Buddy, these are kind of like the same thing, but I would say have
both because I have both. They have free and paid versions. Vid IQ, what it is is
you’ll be able to see what keywords people are
using on their videos, right. You’ll be able to, right, let
me show you what Vid IQ is real quick so you guys can get an idea. It’s my last video right here. This is that IQ right here. Basically when this loads,
you’ll be able to see that they give you
statistics on whatever video that you’re watching on the left. So basically, hold on. It’s going a little slow
because I’m recording, but basically you see the
channel, how many views, how many views they have, subscribers, how many videos they have,
the tags they used, right. You’ll be able to see how
you can optimize your video. Like my title is too long
supposedly for that video. Right, I have the good tags,
good description and cards, end screens, all that stuff. They tell you, they give you basically, they tell you where you’re
ranked, for what rank on certain key words and all that stuff. You’ll see channel tags
that people have, right. So you can go into your competition, see what’s working for them and mimic it so you can have the same
results basically for you. So Vid IQ is cool. Tube Buddy is like the
same thing as Vid IQ. Both are good and I recommend
both for best results. I had to think about
that one for a second. Pic Monkey, Pic Monkey
is to create thumbnails and graphics are free. Pic Monkey is awesome. I use Pic Monkey personally,
but there’s also Pixlr. Pixlr is like a free Photoshop
if you’re good at editing and you can get in there. Pixler is awesome. Like I said, it’s a free Photoshop. So everything you get with Photoshop, you basically go with Pixlr. Canva is for the technologically
illiterate, right. Canva is easy for creating
graphics and thumbnails and stuff, so Canva’s cool. Keywords Everywhere is
for keyword research, super important. I would say get, it’s a free
Chrome extension, right. So I’m not gonna touch
Keyword Research too much, but basically you want
to search what key words you want to rank for, you
want your video to rank for. And then LSI,
long tail keyword research. So just real quick, to
help you guys get an idea, LSI Keywords, right. If you go to this website,
like Keywords Everywhere, what you want to do is you
want to enter a keyword. So let’s say right, make
money online, right. You generate the keyword. This is like I said, long
tail keywords that are not just not like make money, right. It’s like make money online
in 2019, like long keywords. But basically, if I wanted to make a video on making money online,
I would just come here, plug it in and I’ll get all
these different solutions, make money online, how to, with, this is kind of a broader keyword. So they’re showing you kinda
like some broad stuff here, but basically it can get really, make money online with apps
for free, and GTA, right. There’s different solutions
and keywords that you can plug all into your video so you
can juice them up quickly. So guys, this is really
all the tools you need. Again, Vid IQ, Tube Buddy, Pic Monkey, Pixlr, Canva, Keywords
Everywhere, LSI Keywords. Guys, I feel like I’ve shared
with you everything you need to go out and kill it right
now as an affiliate marketer in 2019 on YouTube guys. So this is really it. Go out there, start crushing
it, start creating videos, start creating content and
funneling all that traffic to a sales funnel and
start making money online. For whatever reason, if you
have a business right now and you want to take it to the next level, I’ve left in the description below my online marketing mastery ebook. Get your hands on that
because I take this process right here, right, and I show
you how to take this process and basically put it on steroids, leveraging Internet
marketing and all the stuff that we really couldn’t
cover on this video, it’s in that ebook. So go get that. Let’s say if you don’t
have a business right now and you want to start making money online, I’m gonna leave in the
description below this video my number one recommendation
to make money online. So if you don’t have a business right now and you want to partner
with me making money online, click the link below this
video, go check it out. And I know you’re gonna
get a lot of value in that and you’re gonna enjoy that. So guys, this is Ramon Cadiz signing off. I hope you guys got some
value out of this video. If you did, like I said before,
like, comment, subscribe. I truly appreciate it and
it’s looking like this video’s a wrap, so I will catch you
my friend, on the next video. Bye for now. (upbeat music)

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