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How To Waste $1811.42…

How To Waste $1811.42…

(box slaps table) – What is this? Qualcomm 660 Smartisan
OS based on Android. Hey guys, this is Austin. And today on Mystery Tech
I can’t read this box. – Oh, I will. Is this the Nut Pro 2? Are you serious right now? Or is Google Translate just way off? The Nut Pro 2. You bought it just because
of the name, didn’t you? I know you, you bought it
just because of the name. How could you Kenjamin? – [Ken] What is called again? – You ruined my take,
you stepped on my line. Oh, oh look, it’s the pride
and joy of an artisan. Ken, how much was this? – $350, why? You literally just spent $350 ’cause you wanted to make
a nut joke, is that it? (laughing) – Whose money did you shell out exactly? That’s coming out of your
Christmas bonus, sir. – [Ken] What? – All right, so Smartisan OS
is a little skinned I guess. So can you tell me something about this? So this is a Japanese phone. – Wait, I thought you
said you got in in Japan. – [Ken] No.
– Oh, you never said that. – [Ken] No.
– Oh, I just assumed. – Oh, I apologize. Ooh, yeah, that’s it. You know, that actually
did not do a bad job. I mean, it’s not a great
job, but that’s not so bad. – It’s a dumb joke. You can’t base an entire
product off of one joke, c’mon. – No, no, no. (sighs) (box slaps table) That wasn’t even a good throw. The Boogie Board? This is like a Wacom but (bleeps) – [Ken] Wow. – I don’t know, I don’t expect you to get anything good for Mystery Tech. To… waste. That is actually pretty good if I could flip the phone around. (clears throat) Let’s draw, let’s draw
Ken’s hopes and dreams. – [Ken] Ah. (romantic music) What? (laughing) – I’m just going to erase that it’s fine. Censor that one out, it’s
okay we’ll try again. Matt, would you care to come over and draw Ken’s hopes and dreams? That is actually pretty impressive. Ken is this what you always
hoped and dreamed for? Have you always wanted
one of these in your life? – [Crowd] Awwwwww. (laughing) (box slaps table) – That was heavy. Oh, oh I know what this is. So you guys may have
remembered, what was it? Earlier this year we did
a video on a very, very expensive iPhone case. Well this, this is sort of the next level. I’m actually kind of excited for this one. What?! A metal box are you serious? Hold on a second. Ohhhh, oooooh! Yo! Yo! What? What?! This is the case. It’s grade five titanium. So I know these Gray
cases are among the most luxurious and expensive cases that you can buy for any phone, but the fact that this
comes in a metal box and it’s grade five titanium. How much was this? – Okay, thank you for not
maxing out our credit card. Read the user manual before installing. I’m not gonna do that. Oh, dude look at that! This is on an iPhone X,
I assume it would fit a standard size Xs. That is ridiculous. How much is this? – Is it wrong of me
that I kind of like it? I know it’s obviously
ridiculous and over the top, but I kind of like it. I mean that’s cool, right? You’re never gonna see
another one of these ever. Is this the most expensive
episode of Mystery Tech yet? I mean this alone is more
expensive than most items. Oh, this title’s about to be. Oh wow, that’s a lot of numbers. (box slaps table) Oh wow a thing that’s not total garbage. This is the Massdrop
Mechanical Keyboard, the CTRL. Fully programmable with
a heavy aluminum frame, customizable back lighting,
dual USB-C, and PBT key caps. Alright, so we’ve got the keyboard. Oh, wow! Now that, that my friends is a look. Huh, okay. That is also really heavy. Woo now that is some RGB action! So one of the cool things
about this keyboard is you can actually replace
the switches individually. So say you want to have
bronze in there right now, but you want to put blues on
your WASD or something, you can totally customize that. Also the RGB, that’s bright. So I actually personally
kind of like something with a little bit less of that tactile sound. Sometimes it’s nice to be
able to sit in an office and do some gaming or some
working without distracting everyone around you. – Yeah I’m gaming. It’s called my job, Matt. You know this keyboard
doesn’t really feel… Is this chicken? Wow that’s a lot of chicken. Um… (ping) (laughing) Why is there an Xbox
controller covered in chicken? Wait, Greaseproof 1.0, oh! This is that one grease
proof… oh that’s gross. So, if you guys are unaware
of this magical controller there is a Greaseproof Xbox controller, which I think was only sold in Australia. – Oh it’s a giveaway? Wait did Sean hook you up with this? – [Ken] Yes. – Thanks Sean. Do I have to play with it? Can’t I like wash it off or something? Aw it’s so slippery. Aw man. (laughing) I mean the controller’s working fine, but look my fingers are like
sliding off the greasy sticks. Wait, come back I have a
grease proof controller! Come back! So, if you’re looking for
a grease proof controller to eat chicken and play
your Xbox slash PC games, then, you know, this is the move. It’s also really good
chicken, I’m just gonna… It’s hard to eat with one
hand though I’m making a mess. (chewing and moaning)


The title is technically reverse ClickBait. The Phone is $350, Case was $1500, Keyboard was like $100, the controller was probably in the range of $50, and everyone else.

4:15 if u guys watched the cheap vs rich gaming vid u will know he said that this keyboard was ugly and not gamer looking bc real gamers use black keyboards and not silver looking ones

"Whos money did you shell out exactly!"
Come on we all know mystery tech is on the company card.
Stop constantly trying to act and over react.

bruh i need a grease proof controller my brother always manages to find my controller and play games while eating mcdonalds :l

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