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– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today Mystery Tech is featuring a watch band for AirPods. The perfect friend, keep your AirPods in the Elago Wrist Fit
easily and securely. So the idea here is that
this is an Apple Watch band that you can also use your AirPods with? Okay, well yep, that’s about
as straightforward as it gets. Can I just take this part, oh wait, I don’t need to use this. Why don’t I just put this
on the Apple Watch band? Yeah, I don’t know why they include this, but whatever, we’re gonna ignore that and I’m gonna put this back on my watch. So if you really want to show off how big of an Apple fan you are, that’s a look. So you can be listening
to music on your watch, running sort of like in a
super cool hip Apple ad, and go, wait a minute,
I want to take a call. Alternatively, if you
don’t have an Apple Watch, you can use this as a standalone accessory to make sure that your
AirPods are nice and secure on your wrist. What is this? Why is this all in Japanese? Oh, it’s 2680 yen. Oh, you actually got this in Japan. So it’s a speaker for the Switch. Okay. Really? So it’s got a USB-C port on the bottom which I assume you just dock a Switch in, but it’s also got a headphone jack and it’s also got a USB-C for power in. So with the speaker plugged
in, I can drop the Switch on, and it will charge the
Switch, so that’s nice. And then if I plug the headphone jack in, I guess we’re going to have audio? Let me jump into a game and see. Oh, that’s actually pretty loud, alright. So I guess if you’re in Japan or you could pick this up for 25 bucks, it works, it does
exactly what it promises. It’s just a little bit of a weird concept. Okay. The Surface suddenly appeared and I have this mysterious white package. Not good probably. Tap wearable keyboard and mouse. This looks really dumb. Oh wow. It’s just straight up like a bunch of little ring looking things. So you’re supposed to
put this on your hands? And then it looks like these
are all actually connected, so it’s more like a glove. I legitimately do not understand at all how this is going to be
a keyboard and mouse, but okay. So I am paired. Now let’s see if I can
actually type something. Okay, it vibrated, but it’s not typing. We’re going to abandon the Surface and try to use this on my phone. Whoa, okay, that actually does kinda work. So wait hang on, so my first finger is S, wait, S-U-U-L-L-I-T. Whoa, okay hang on, wait, so two fingers. Oh whoa. Wow, you’ve got to relearn
the entire alphabet and where everything is. The way this works is it has accelerometers in
each of your little finger ring things, so as I type a letter,
in theory it picks it up and it actually doesn’t
seem to be too far off. But you’ve got to completely relearn where every single letter is. I will say I kinda get it, but for $180, you’d better
be seriously committed to relearning everything that you’ve ever learned about typing and looking cool. Okay. The wired controller
light for PlayStation 4. This is actually something we saw when we were doing Mystery
Tech in Taiwan last time, and I really wanted to pick it up but Ken didn’t let me. Now I see why. The idea with this guy is that it is a much smaller
PlayStation 4 controller. So as opposed to having this
sort of standard controls and especially the standard grip, instead you’re gonna get something that’s going to be a lot smaller. Alright, well that’s a cable, but what we’re getting
here is a very, very unique looking controller, I mean, look at that, for way less than half the price
of a normal PS4 controller, as long as you don’t mind it being wired and at least it’s a really long wire. So what you’re getting here is definitely a little bit of a different button layout. So we have our touch pad button, which functions as a single button, but we’ve also got our top triggers and pretty much everything where
you would roughly expect it except that it’s just much, much tighter. I will say for my hands,
this feels a little tight, I definitely sort of kinda
got that claw grip going, but might be okay. Oh, that was actually pretty good, oh, that was pretty good. Yeah. I’ve gotta say, I mean, it’s actually an interesting
little controller, especially if you’re able to find it and I’ll do my best to find
an Amazon link for the US here in the description, actually not a bad little pickup. I think it’s just about as
good as I hoped it would be. Okay. So this is a package
from Dangerous Things. No, for real, it actually, the box says Dangerous Things on it. This is a viewer submission? Oh, sweet. Wait, no, that’s probably
a bad thing, right? xNTI Injection Kit? What? Is this a joke box because this looks like
a little suspicious, like the printing is
like super low quality. Oh, next level human augmentation? Oh, oh, I know what this is. Is it one of those things that you implant in yourself to like, it’s
like a little NFC tag? Oh no. No, I’m not doing this. I am not doing this. Oh no. Oh, there’s a syringe. Yeah, before opening the sealed polymer bag, visit our instructions on
how to inject yourself. Dude no, absolutely not, no way. Oh, look at this. Whoa. It’s like a giant medical pad for when you bleed all over the place. Wow. So I’ve seen a little bit about these. The way this stuff works is there’s gonna be a tiny little NFC radio and that if you’re really
serious about this kind of body hacking stuff, you can
inject it into yourself, and so, say it’s like underneath your skin on
your hand or something, you could use it say, unlock your phone or I guess unlock your,
actually, what do all they say, like house key, computer,
whatever the case is. But essentially, it’s
like having an NFC tag inside your hand. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

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