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How To Win An Affiliate Marketing Contest – Episode 200

How To Win An Affiliate Marketing Contest – Episode 200

– Boom! What’s going on, everyone? Steve Larsen, Sales Funnel Radio. Today I’m going to teach you guys how to win affiliate contests. Not as hard as you’d think. I’ve spent the last four years learning from the most
brilliant marketers today. And now I’ve left my
nine-to-five to take the plunge and build my million dollar business. The real question is: how will I do it without VC funding or debt,
completely from scratch? This podcast is here
to give you the answer. Join me and follow along
as I learn, apply and share marketing strategies to
grow my online business using only today’s best
Internet sales funnels. My name is Steve Larsen and
welcome to Sales Funnel Radio. What’s up, guys? I’m excited for this episode. Okay, two quick things real fast. So you guys saw a little
bit ago, I went in and I was promoting
really hard, this book. Right? This book, the 30 Days book. Now, I was able to win
this affiliate competition, which is really fun. I sold 375 books and got first place. It was a lot of fun. And there was an offer
created around that, right? There was a special thing
that you guys got from me when you bought the book
through my link, right? Okay, okay, so I go on, I go on, and I give a free ticket
away for this book, right, free ticket to the OfferMind event, right. along with a bunch of other stuff. It was really really cool. And it was sexy, right? Very exciting to get that
kind of a thing, right? And I go and I throw the event,
which was just last week. I throw the event, the event’s out there, the event’s being done, and
what was cool, is like I knew so Russell was selling this
thing called 10X Secrets while the event was going on. Now, I did not have any time to promote Russell’s cool thing. I like promoting Russell’s stuff, he’s got obviously
fantastic stuff, obviously. I don’t need to tell you that. But I realized, like crap. I don’t have time to promote this thing. And Miles, he helps run a
lot of the affiliate stuff over at ClickFunnels. He sends me a message
and he goes, hey dude. I just want you to know that
because of sticky cookies, you are in 16th place. And if you get in the top 10, we’re going to take you on a private yacht from Miami down to the Bahamas right after 10X Secrets or right after the 10X
GrowthCon in February. And I was like, are you serious? I didn’t know that was the prize. Like, what? That’s crazy! And so what I did is,
it was Thursday night that he told me that, and it was closing in two days, right? I was like, holy crap. He’s like, you gotta be top 10 and then you’ll be able
to go get this thing. And I was like, oh my
gosh, are you serious? And so what I did, and guys, there’s a point to the story here and I’m not just like rrrrr. I want you to know the story. The story, right? I went in, and I was like, OK. How can I provide value, right? This contest has already
been going on for a week. Which means all the people who were really looking
forward to purchase, right, all the people who wanted to purchase, have most likely
purchased from the get-go. Which means I have to sell
a portion of the audience that was not planning on buying it. You guys hear what I’m saying? That’s a harder sale. I was like, oh, crap. So what I did is, and this
is the big lesson here, OK? I decided, like, OK, what if
somebody bought this program from Russell, 10X Secrets,
through my affiliate link. But, like, what problems do
I cause for that individual? Or what problems does that
cause when they buy 10X Secrets? What else might they want to know? And so I have this thing, and I was like, well, funnels, right? 10X Secrets is all about selling. Specifically selling. Russell’s the funnel guy, but that product is all about sales specifically. Specifically, stage selling, right? And when you learn how to do that skill, it’s very powerful. It’s one of the reasons my
funnels work really really well. It’s one of the reasons
why I do what I do. I can do what I do because
I study stage selling. And, funny enough, selling
in a funnel is like very similar to selling on a stage. As far as the delivery, they’re
a little different, right? The way you speak, the way you present, the way you’re talking and
pointing and all this stuff. Like that’s its own skillset. But it’s the psychology, it’s very similar of what you’re doing. So anyways, I was like,
well, what else do they need? What else would somebody need
if they bought 10X Secrets through my link? OK, funnels. Well, I got this cool product
called My Funnel Stache. What if I just let people
choose one of those funnels? So, like, every asset I have
about the webinar funnel. Or e-com funnel, or supplement funnel, or info product funnel, right? Whatever it is, there’s lots of them. And I will give them the
training on how to build it. I’ll give them the share
funnel, so it’s pre-built. I’ll give them the email sequence. I’ll give them the video
that shows them the strategy of what makes it work. You know, I mean, there’s all this stuff. I was like, OK, cool, that’s sexy. That’s really sexy. But like, what else? And I started thinking through, and I started thinking
through, and I was like, what if I went and I let
people choose, I’m sorry, what if I sent out some leftover
OfferMind swag to people? And so what I did is I went and
we grabbed a whole bunch of, we had some extra swag left over. And this is the kind of swag we had. We had a water bottle. This is famous, iconic orange water bottle that a lot of you guys I know, a lot of you guys will be
on my live funnel builds and watch me, I always
have this thing with me. A lot of you guys ask me where I get it, where I have them. So I was actually able, we went and we talked to Nalgene
specifically, that makes these. And they custom created
a lot of these things and they put Sales Funnel
Radio on the bottle, which is kind of cool. And so I was like, you
get the bottle, right? You’ll get, actually I can’t remember if we did the bottle or not. Anyway, that’s part of the swag, though. This really cool notebook, right? It says Sales Funnel Radio across the top, and this cool branded pen as well. I write a lot, probably more
than you guys think I do. I listen to books and
podcasts and stuff like that less than you guys probably think I do, and I write probably
more than you think I do. There’s a big lesson in that. So anyway, we got this
sweet notebook for them, so people can take notes,
because I know I talk a lot, and talk fast. And then what I did, this is the famous
Capitalist Pig shirt, right? That everyone loves. Capitalist Pig shirt, on the back it says Sales Funnel Radio. My favorite is to wear those in airports and busy public places where
I get the most dirty looks. And the other one is, the
It’s Monday, Baby thing. If you guys follow me on Instagram at all, you guys know the story behind this, which is pretty awesome. I love Mondays! I hate Fridays. And so I actually reminded
everybody of that on the back. Right? Woohoo, Fridays suck. But wait for your
Monday, Fridays suck, OK? Anyway, so what I did,
is I went and I said, if you buy, just follow
me on this for a moment. I said, if you buy 10X
Secrets through my link, I’m going to give you
the Capitalist Pig shirt. I’m going to give you
guys a Monday, Baby shirt. I’ll give you the notebook, the pen. I’ll let you guys choose a
funnel from My Funnel Stache. And I will give you all assets
I have around that funnel. Okay, and I went from,
I think, 1500 in sales, something like that, to 13,000
in sales in two days, OK? And I ended up taking fifth
place in the whole contest. Not bad for just swooping
in the last few days, right? And I took fifth place,
and I’m going to get to go, I’m really excited, I’m going to get to go on a private yacht cruise with the top 10 other
affiliates in ClickFunnels. And we’re going to go to
the Bahamas and anyway, I don’t know any more
details besides that. But I’m excited about that, OK? And it’s the same principles, though, that got me to be the
number one with this. Which I feel like, if I had actually planned
a whole campaign around it, I actually could have maybe, I don’t know, done at least number one, two, or three. I could have definitely
gone a few more spaces. It was the last two days, you know? That affiliate contest had been going on for almost 10 days by that time. And very exciting, OK? And what I want you to understand is like, affiliate marketing is not, I love affiliate marketing, first of all. Think about this for a moment. Do you think people get more distracted by the creation of the product,
or selling the product? The creation of the product! All the time! And everyone I coach, they’re like, Stephen, what products should I sell? What should I do here,
what should I do here? And they get so distracted
by the making of the thing that they spend almost no
time studying and obsessing over how to sell the thing, right? What causes money to go into your pocket? Now, obviously the selling does. I’m not saying to not make a
product that’s not amazing. But what I’m saying is, like,
people, you don’t spend time. It takes more effort and energy to craft a campaign and a sales message and an event, whether it’s
online, offline, whatever. Right? The feeling of the event. More effort and energy
to create a sales message than it does the product. You understand what I’m saying? I’m just going to pause there for effect when I say that. It takes more effort. You should be spending more
time creating the sales message, right, the actual hook, the
story than you do the offer. Right? It’s not a linear
relationship there. It’s massively asymmetrical, OK? And so the reason I
love affiliate marketing is because affiliate marketing
is amazing training grounds for marketing skills, OK? If you’re like, Stephen,
I’ve never launched a product on my own. And every time I launch one,
it doesn’t work very well. Man, maybe take like a step back and go practice some affiliate marketing. That’s why I created the
program, Affiliate Outrage. If you guys have ever checked
out, it’s a completely free program. There’s nothing, I’m not
pitching a thing in that program. The reason I made it is
because affiliate marketing is like training wheels, OK? You don’t have to go make the product, you don’t get distracted
by that, all you do is you flex the muscles of
how to sell stuff constantly. And how to build campaigns around it. How to actually go sell stuff. How to actually make the dollar turn. Those are the skills that
you actually go create. How did I be number one
for the 30 Day book? It’s because I know how to
market, not just make products. How did I get number five in, like, it was basically like
two or three days, right before the whole thing closed up. Swooped right in, I was
exhausted from the event, all right, let’s just do it. Bam! Number five. How? It’s because I know how
to sell stuff, right? And these are, I’m selling
other people’s products. You guys would be shocked. My list is not that big
compared to the other people that I beat in the actual contest. It really isn’t. So how the heck am I still
getting top ten all the time? How is that happening, OK? That’s like a huge lesson in this. And once you guys understand that, when we at Traffic Secrets
event down in Phoenix, it feels like a month
ago now, it was crazy. When we were down there,
wow, it was like a month ago. Anyway, when we were down
there, Russell said something that I want to just recap
so you guys all understand the power of what I’m talking about here. He said, usually you
make a dollar per month per person on your list. So just get more people on your list, OK? And if you’re like bad,
that’s kind of the metric. When you start to actually
learn a lot of these skills and a lot of things like
that, then you start to make two dollars a month per
person on your list per month. Then it’s three, then it’s four. I think I do seven to eight
dollars per person per month on my list, OK? And it’s because of how I’m doing it. Now, I know I’m going
to go list build more. I’ve got cool strategies
coming down the pipeline. It’s just for me, it’s the
next phase that I’m going into. I’m always list building. I’ve got lists all over
the place, which is great. Probably too many. It’s a little bit
convoluted in a few places. But what I’m trying to say is
like, you have to understand, like, the reason I can flex these muscles in these different areas is because I know how to make a very
attractive sales message and a very attractive
offer to pair with it. So what I do is I turn
whatever product I’m selling, it doesn’t matter if it’s my
product or somebody else’s. If I don’t control the cart, OK, if you’re selling somebody else’s product, like a lot of you guys, you’re
commission-based salesmen. Or you’re in MLM or
affiliate marketing, right? Does that make sense? Whatever it is, you don’t have control over the actual checkout process. What I do, is I think
through and think to myself, OK. OK, what problems, there’s several angles I think of this as, What problems do I
create for an individual if they buy that product through my link? How can I solve that
followup-based product? I’m sorry, how can I solve
that followup-based problem with a product. Cool, well I have this,
I could give them that. I have this, I could give them that. I have this, I could give them that. And now, when they buy through my link, they get all these other things as well. Boom! I just outvalued every
other person in the contest. And multiple times that’s
how I’ve done what I have. It’s not about buy through my link. It’s about how can I
outvalue everybody else who also is trying to
give people their link? Does that make sense? It’s a big deal when
you understand that, OK? Because everybody else
is promoting like this: Here’s my link! Buy through my link! Oh, man, I got this link and
you should buy through it! And, like, why? What’s the difference between
you and somebody else? Like, I don’t know,
but here you go, right? And so what you do is you create an offer around the actual other person’s product. Make an offer around it. A lot of you guys know the story, right, when I was doing door to door sales, I was going out to this
area and I was ticked. The day before I literally was
not having a good day, right? And it was super hot and I go and I’m hiding in this McDonald’s area. And I get in there and my
boss, funny enough, like, it’s so hot, I was selling
pest control, it was so hot. I was like, maybe I should
sneak over to this McDonald’s that’s right there
because of the AC, right? I wanted to cool off, it was so hot. And I go in and I walk in
there and funny enough, like half the rest of the team
is already hiding in there along with my boss. And I was like, oh that’s funny. And there was this guy
that walked up to us inside that McDonald’s
and just asked to buy. He was like hey, can I buy? And we were like, yeah. He’s like, sweet. And we all stopped for a
second and we looked around. And we were like, no, you should buy. No, no, you be the one that buys. You haven’t had a sale yet
today, you go ahead, you get it. And we were friends and family. And so finally, my boss
pointed at somebody, the lucky person, and said,
here you go, you take the sale. And they closed the sale,
easy laydown sale right there. That never left me. Because as we walked
out of that McDonald’s and we went back to keep selling
pest control door to door, I realized that there
was no, to that customer, there was literally no
difference in who he chose. It was the same sale,
right, the same process. We were in the same uniforms. We had the same script. We had the same stupid
cheesy jokes in our script. Same fulfillment. There was literally no
difference in who he chose. Guys, affiliate marketing
is no different, OK? Which is a huge advantage
if you understand this one principle I’m trying
to teach you guys right now. If you just understand that the game is about outvaluing somebody else. It’s not about price, OK? They can get the same product
from like 100 other people. Tons of other people, OK? Instead, just outvalue everybody else. So one of the things I like
to do, like I was just saying, I like to think through and go like, OK, what are all the followup
problems that I create for an individual if they buy
that product through me, OK? And what can I add in so that
they get all those bonuses when they buy through me, OK? There was a time when I built 100, no, no, no, it was 89 funnels. 89 funnels two times to fulfill on Russell doing this exact thing that
I’m talking about right now. I watched him stand up, and he
wanted to promote somebody’s, it was when I first started
working at ClickFunnels. I watched him stand up, it
was actually for Stu McLaren. Stu McLaren was selling
a program called Tribe. And some of you guys have
probably heard of that. When Russell promoted
Tribe, he created an offer. And he said, hey, when
you buy through my link, I’m going to give you this and this and this and this and this and this because I see that Stu is
teaching about membership areas which is super cool,
well this thing I have actually goes really well
with membership areas. And I’ll give you this
and I’ll give you this and I’ll give you this
and I’ll give you this. And I was like, cool. And then as part of
that, I had to go build, it was 89 funnels, two separate times to fulfill and deliver what he had given inside of his affiliate offer. Does that make sense? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You’re just riding on
the additional problems that get created when
somebody buys a product. Whenever you sell something to somebody, you’re not just solving a problem. You’re also creating new problems. Which is fine, it’s great. You just solve the followup
ones with more offers, you actually can sell more
and make more money, ok? Does this make sense,
what I’m telling you guys? Because I don’t want to
get like too in the weeds here around this. The easiest way to dominate
and destroy affiliate games is to understand this one principle, OK? If I have just a little bit of time, I will do what I just said. How can I solve the followup problems that product will create? How can I solve it with products, and can I bundle it with
that person’s thing, right? So when somebody buys through
an affiliate link of mine, I can see it. It’s in Backpack, right? I can see it, I can log
into the affiliate area and click funnels, boom. And I get an Excel spreadsheet of everybody who’s purchased from me. And then I just email
them the bonuses, right? Or email them the ticket for
OfferMind like I did, bam! You know what I mean? It’s real easy. Super simple. And if they don’t have access
to that, I just tell them, screenshot your receipt
and send it over to me and I’ll send you the bonuses. We just did that for 10X Secrets. That’s how I killed it. I was expecting to sell like 12 packages. I sold 62, OK? 62 people bought through that link. Woo! Holy crap, OK? And so we’re going in
and we’re fulfilling, we’re shipping out all that stuff and doing all those things
the next couple of days here, which is really exciting. But that’s how. Just outvalue the other person. I love this topic, it’s a super fun topic. Affiliate marketing is a
great way to spread your wings and like practice flexing
your marketing skills muscles. Where you don’t have to actually work on building the product. So one of the other reasons why this stuff has worked for well for me, is what I like to do, when
you’re doing affiliate stuff, guys, I don’t like to
make a business out of affiliate marketing. I don’t. It’s like icing on the top, OK? My business is not, I’m not
in the business of promoting other people’s stuff. I promote my stuff, right? And so I’m very careful on what I promote. I only promote other’s people products when I know they are freaking incredible and they pair well with what I do, right? You guys get what I’m saying? Don’t just go promote a whole
bunch of people’s stuff. I don’t do that. I don’t like to do that. And so there’s kind of a method that I use to actually go and dominate
in the affiliate space, OK? So step number one,
I’ve beaten it to death. Step number one, create an
affiliate-based offer, right? Put their product in your offer and then toss in a whole
bunch of your own stuff that you’ll give them when
they buy through your link. Boom, now you have an offer. You are now outvaluing everybody else who’s promoting that product. Number two, what I do at that
point, is I like to go in and I like to create a story around each one of those bonuses. OK? So if bonus number one,
right, which it was. So I’m going walk you through
this here real quick, OK. Let me find it here real quick here. I’m inside of my ClickFunnels stuff here. So what I like to do is
I like to create a story around each one each one of the things inside of the offer I created for them, right? Because now I’ve got to promote it. So if I have this cool
affiliate-based offer, and I’ve got all these bonuses
that are coming from me, I just got my computer out here, right, oh and this sticker, too, these
are cool stickers we’ve got, barely created for them. Check this out, though, OK. So I wanted to promote 10X Secrets. So my offer was, I’ll give
you some leftover swag and I’ll give you whatever funnel you want from My Funnel Stache as well as all the assets
that come with it, OK? Does that make sense? That was my offer. So what that means, I have two storylines. I have a storyline about swag, and I have a storyline
around Funnel Stache. So in my head, I knew, well, I’ve got like two days to promote. I think I had three, actually. Anyway, I think I had two days. Anyway, it was two major days,
but one was like a half day when I realized like oh
crap, I should be doing this. No, because I had
Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Okay, no, it was three days. So what I did is, number
one, I was just like, OK, here’s the offer, and
I did a post in Facebook and I wrote out the post, and I was like, hey, if you guys don’t know,
10X Secrets is going on. If you guys want to, here’s my offer. And I went live on Facebook talking about what they were going to get. You’re going to get this,
and I walked around my office showing them physically
what they were going to get. That’s very powerful, that’s
very important, alright? It’s a physical aspect to my offer, OK? So I walked around and I was like, you’re going to get this shirt and you’re going to get this shirt. You’re going to get the water, you’re going to get the notepad,
you’re going to get, right? And then I said, you’re also going to get stuff from My Funnel
Stache, the best offer. So I walked around, and
that’s like step one. Just announcing the offer. You’ll get sales just from that. And I did. And what I do is, I always
take my Facebook post, the description, and I go and I send it as email to my whole list. And I remind them, look, this
is going to end soon, OK? And then the next day, right, remember now I’ve got two more storylines. The first storyline was
just announcing the offer. Second storyline, well I have
two major bonuses in there which means I have two
stories I should tell. First story I told was about swag, right? And I told swag, and I went,
I think the story I told was about how the offer of mine came about and why this shirt came about. Especially the Capitalist
Pig shirt, right. How that Capitalist Pig
shirt came around, and why does that make sense? That’s why I did it that way. That’s how it worked so well. There was a story about that. Well that became the story
for the next Facebook post and then I copied it
and sent it as an email with a link to go buy,
with a call to action. First, what cha going to go do? Go buy through this link. It’s my link, I’m just telling you, it’s an affiliate link, right? Number two, send a screenshot to my team right here of your receipt. Number three, inside that screenshot, when you send the screenshot
also tell us your shirt size, your address so we can
ship stuff out to you. And then tell us what
funnel you guys want, all the assets for that that I have, and I’ll blast it out to you as well. Ready, go! As a reminder, this ends
Sunday at midnight, OK? Very standard call to action. And that was it. The next day was just
the story, it was Sunday, it was the story about
the very next piece. The funnels, OK? I was like, well how do I
tell Funnel Stache stories in a way that people haven’t heard yet? And so I started looking
through assets I already had that I forgot that I had. That the audience will most likely forget that I had as well, OK? A lot of times, guys, when
it comes to affiliate stuff I’m just re-using stuff
that I already have. A lot of times I’m not creating
things that I don’t have. For me, I’m going to spend my
creative power on my stuff. But for affiliate things, like I can just bundle up cool stuff. You know what I’m saying? Okay, so this is the post that I wrote talking about Funnel Stache, OK? So I said, here’s my client checklist. And some of you guys may have seen this. So here’s my client checklist, OK? My early days of funnel building were dot dot dot, interesting. I’d take on anyone for any reason. At some point I was building for eight, eight different companies
at the same time. Skin care, toys, statues,
supplements, political stuff. Yup, that was a crazy one. Different programs, et cetera. I had no filter, no requirements, no qualifiers to work with me. Actually, my only requirement
was whether or not someone had money to pay. My friend, that is not
good business practice. I was a good funnel
builder and hustling hard, but not at the right stuff, OK? Notice I’m not coming out saying, like, buy through my thing! There’s a story, right? I’ve told you backstory. I’ve told you a wall. Internals, externals, like I’m
hitting all the stuff right? And now I’m leading you into a spot where there’s an epiphany, oh my gosh, there are actual qualifiers of who, who should be inside
of my affiliate stuff. Okay, I’m going to go faster here so this episode is not crazy long. But I want you to see just
behind what’s going in my head when I’m promoting somebody else’s stuff. Because two times in a row now, right, number one, I was number
one for the 30 Days book and then I just didn’t have any time. Last three days I just swooped in and was able to make fifth
place, which is awesome. But there’s a method
to how I’m doing this. And I don’t think people know it. I don’t think people are
seeing what I’m doing. So what I thought I
would do in this episode, is anyways, it’s a little bit longer, hopefully that’s cool with you guys. So I said, I was a good
funnel builder, hustling, but at the wrong stuff. About two years in, I left college, I became Russell Brunson’s funnel builder and I started creating
a checklist of things I needed to know about a company before I ever agreed to build
a sales funnel for them. Here is that checklist. Okay, I’m leading with serious value here. Am I promoting my stuff yet? No! Right? That’s big. So then I walk through
the checklist, right? And there’s 11 things
that I walk through here. You need to look at this, look at this. And I explain why in each one of them. People were like, holy crap. It got shared, it got commented,
it went all over the place. It was really really cool, the checklist. Then I said, I realize this
list sits a lot of you guys out. I can’t build for you, or
you’re not in a scenario where I get to actually
build for you, right? Your goal is to match your
funnel building skill level with the correct client for you. So with that in mind,
here is my gift to you. About 12 months before
I left ClickFunnels, I started building sales funnels
in front of live audiences so they could ask their
questions while I did it. The response was amazing. I kept doing it. I now have a collection of the best of the best sales funnels just as we would build
them at ClickFunnels. I’d like to give one of them to you. I mean, come on, guys,
that’s awesome copy. It’s amazing. This took me about an
hour and a half to write. I’d like to give one of them to you. What I want to give you is the course on how to build the funnel and why. The strategy of when to use it. The prebuilt shares funnel. The email sequence, OK? I’m also going to give you guys some of my leftover OfferMind swag, OK? I’m in the offer. I’m in the offer right
here in this post, OK? The famous Capitalist Pig tee
shirt, right, and sticker. The voice losing It’s
Monday, Baby tee shirt. Sales Funnel Radio journal and pen. I’m also going to pay for the
shipping for you, alright? I was looking at my commissions when everyone would buy one
of them, and it’s like $118. My guess is it’s not going
to cost that much money to ship it, and then also less
all of the costs of the swag, I’ll actually be making money
still on promoting this thing. But I’m willing to lose a
little money to gain speed. Does that make sense? I’m going to pick up more sales by losing, and I’m totally fine with that, I just wanted to be in the top 10, OK? How to get your gift: simply buy Russell’s new stage
sales and closer training 10X Secrets through my
affiliate link here. Step number two: send a screenshot to, which
is the support link I have. Step number three: just
tell me your address, shirt size, all the stuff,
we’ll cover it in here. Here’s some of the
funnels that are in there. Hiring funnel, autowebinar
funnel, e-com funnel, free plus shipping, event
funnel, membership funnel, publishing funnel, supplement funnel. Sound fair? Awesome. Just do steps one through three now. I know Russell’s ending
his 10X Secrets offer tonight at midnight,
you have 12 hours left. Does that make sense? Okay, 58 comments came into
it and people were going nuts and commenting, boom, I just bought. Boom, I just bought. Boom, I just bought. Boom, I just bought. And then the next thing I did, which was very very masterful on this, is I exported all the people
who had already purchased and I said, congrats to these people for already purchasing, right? And there’s this huge list of people who’ve already been purchasing. Huge social proof, right? Same psychology as you would
have inside of a funnel. Does that make sense? So that’s a huge move and I do
that all the time now, right? So that people see like, oh I’m
not the only one doing this. And then I tag the people
who’ve been buying from me so it pings them. Oh, Steve Larsen just
mentioned you in a comment. Like, what? They will go to that post. They will read it and say
like, woo, yeah, baby. Massive social proof. You guys get what I’m saying, OK? That’s how, and then I’ll take that post and I went and I’ll blast
it to all my email list one more time. Guys, that’s how I run affiliate stuff. You don’t get to sidestep marketing just because somebody
else made the product and gave you a link to sell it with. You do not, you still have
to create marketing, OK? You still have to. It’s no different than if
it was your product or not. Build a campaign around it, OK? So I told three stories. I made an offer, what did I have? What were the assets I already had that could solve followup problems they’re going to experience when they buy the other person’s product. When they buy 10X Secrets, what are some questions they’ll have? Oh, you know what, I know Stephen does a
lot of stage speaking. What if I got some cool swag that he has that’s left over. Cool. I already have that, awesome, done. Cool. Sweet. I can do a lot of cool
things with that already. What if I was able to send
them out some funnels? Boom, done, awesome. Which one are you going to choose of mine? Package the offer together. One story is about the offer itself. Next story about the next bonus. Next story about the next bonus. And if I had longer, I would keep adding bonuses and stories with call to actions. Additional social proof. Re-downloading the list of
people who have bought from me. Putting it back out inside the email and inside of the actual comments
area of the Facebook post. Take that post, push it out in an email. Over and over and over and over and over. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Boom, here it comes! Here comes the ending, close
close close, whoa, right! And that’s exactly how I do it and that’s exactly how
I’ve always done it. And if I had even more time, I would go get Russell
Brunson on a podcast. Or I would get whomever I’m promoting for. I’d start getting that
person on publications. And interviewing them and
make content around it. You saw me do that with the 30 Days book. That’s why I had so much noise. I put my own content, my own money behind creating content for it. I just want you guys to know
more about the affiliate game. It is not, not, not about just grabbing an affiliate link and sending some traffic to it. Does that work? Sure. Are you going to make a lot of money? In my mind, doubtful. Build an offer around the product. Build an offer around the
other person’s product and then go tell stories with
call to actions behind it. Super simple, really easy way to do it. I’m nervous to tell you guys this, because I’ve had a lot of fun
being in the leader boards like crazy for a lot of stuff, OK? Anyway, very very exciting. Hopefully you guys have
enjoyed that episode. If you did, please please
please go to iTunes and let me know and rate the podcast. That helps me like crazy,
helps the show a lot. It really means a lot to me, those of you guys who
have already done that. Thank you guys, I appreciate
you guys being in this and watching this episode. Look forward to seeing you
guys in the next leader boards for anything you promote. (music) Boom, just try to tell
me you didn’t like that. Hey, whoever controls
content controls the game. Want to interview me or
get interviewed yourself? Grab a time now at


Hey Steve, That was an amazing episode, A full affiliate marketing course in 30 minutes, great job man, thank you very much.. My question is What will be your action plan when you are starting with no list or follow up, I know that you said before affiliate marketing is not a fast track for profits when you have no list, but I would like to know your action plan if you are promoting something outside the "wealth" industry, it will be amazing if you could talk about that in one of your future episodes. Thanks man

Great video. I'm just going through the OFA challenge at the moment and this has really helped with what I'm planning on doing!

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