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HP Elite X2 1012 G2 2-IN-1 Detachable Business Tablet Laptop

HP Elite X2 1012 G2 2-IN-1 Detachable Business Tablet Laptop

HP Elite x2 Review. With a top-notch detachable design, strong
security features and comfortable keyboard, HP’s Elite x2 is our top pick among business
hybrids. One of the best things about the Elite x2
is that it looks classy and professional, but without being boring. The polished-chrome HP logo provides a nice
accent for the Elite X2’s brushed-aluminum body, and the detachable’s chamfered metal
sides make it feel more durable than its more rounded consumer sibling, the Spectre x2. Featuring key travel of 1.35mm, an actuation
weight of 55 grams and a responsive, snappy feel, the Elite’s x2 keyboard is every bit
as comfortable as Microsoft’s Type Cover on the Surface Pro 4. In fact, I’d rather type on HP’s travel keyboard
than the keyboards on a large number of traditional laptops. One drawback to the Elite x2’s design is that,
as with the Surface Pro 4, typing in your lap can be a challenge. When the travel keyboard is not on a flat
surface, it has a tendency to bounce around, which can make the whole setup feel a little
unstable. The Elite x2’s touch pad is a pleasure to
use, and it’s super quiet too. At 3.7 into 2.1-inches wide, there’s plenty
of space to mouse around, and it had no trouble recognizing mouse clicks or multi touch gestures,
such as two-finger scrolling. For artists, engineers or people who just
like to take notes, the x2 features a Wacom digitizer built into the display. In practice, I had no problems drawing all
kinds of thick and thin lines, although I didn’t really notice a difference between
the sensitivity on the x2 and that of the SP4. The pen comes with three replacement nibs
and a string to tether the styuls to the x2 when not in use. When I watched an animated short for Star
Fox Zero, the x2’s display popped with streaking bolts of crimson and bright rings of blue
as Fox and friends battled their way through the skies. The Elite x2 features speakers tuned by Bang
& Olufsen, I was expecting some pretty solid audio. On the Laptop Mag Heat Test, the Elite x2
stayed cool and collected. Both the front and back measured just 85 degrees Fahrenheit,
which is well below our 95-degree comfort threshold. In a selfie taken at my desk, the x2’s front
cam accurately captured the fine details in my hair, even though the picture was a little
too dark. While the Intel Core m5 processor inside our
Elite x2 review unit wasn’t quite as powerful as the Core i5 in a Surface Pro 4, it has
more than enough speed to get stuff done. Over the last six months, we’ve noticed that
a lot of detachable PCs have problems with battery life, and while the Elite x2 doesn’t
do much to reverse that trend, it did eke out a victory versus our previous longest-lasting
detachable PC, the Samsung TabPro S. While the Surface Pro 4 is the best Windows
detachable for work and play, the Elite x2 is the best hybrid for business. We like the durable and easy-to-service design,
port selection, and that the keyboard and active pen are included. Plus, the Elite x2 offers a wide range of
security features that IT departments typically demand. If you’re looking for fantastic hybrid flexibility
combined with essential enterprise features, HP’s Elite x2 is your best bet. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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