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IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps GuideWell simplify patient data migration

IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps GuideWell simplify patient data migration

I’m James Wade, I’m with GuideWell and
I’m the director of application hosting. I work for a very dynamic company at GuideWell. In the last 8 years it’s grown from an 8
billion dollar business to a 16 billion dollar business, and we primarily focus on the healthcare
industry and at one point we were an insurance company—really a payer—we’ve moved on
now to a payer and a provider. There’s so many different types of data
you have to get on a member. We have to know, you know, their health history,
their various things they’ve done through their life and that amount of data over time
really adds up. There are hundreds of products that do data
collection, data storage, it’s literally 20 different environments we have to actually
do this type of work. Very complex, drives up our costs and actually
drives down our accuracy, which can be a real problem for our members. We’re really looking forward to working
with IBM ICP for Data simply for the ETL functions that it has; it’s got all these great bells
and whistles and it does a lot of the data management data virtualization that you would
like, but for me, operationally, I like to know that data’s getting from database A
to database B. And IBM’s going to allow us to have a single location where we can
look to see our ETL jobs have moved the data to where it needs to be so that our customers
can actually get this information to have better health outcomes. It’s great that IBM has like a unified platform. I think that a lot of people are going to
love that, a lot of your customers are going to be excited. Obviously at GuideWell we are a healthcare
company, we have a lot of HEPA regulations and a lot of requirements in that space; it’ll
be good to know what type of data were moving from one place to another place so we know
that we don’t move any information out to a spot where it shouldn’t be or shouldn’t
be accessed, so we think ICP for data will definitely help us when we move from A to
B to make sure that we don’t put HEPA information at risk and put our members’ information
at risk. It’s a very exciting product, you have a
lot of things that a lot of different companies are doing molded into one technology suite. It is 100 percent about the data. All these decisions we’re making are all
data driven and without the data, I mean, you’re nowhere.

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Guidewell ruins peoples lives. Dedicated nearly 20 years of my life to this company only to be fired by a racist who was inept at her job. Fortunately I no longer have to use Florida Blue, which is the worst insurer on planet earth. I also no longer have to be around such scum everyday. The stories I have about that hitler hole could fill a book.

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