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IBM: Techless in Tokyo

IBM: Techless in Tokyo

Wow.  Oh my gosh, this
is beautiful. My name is Sara Dietschy, rhymes
with peachy. I create videos about tech and
creativity.  I have no idea what we’re doing
here, But we’re in Tokyo and we’re
going to have an adventure. Hiya.  Come on guys.  So look, you don’t really know
what you’re doing here, do you? No idea. Somewhere over there, there is a
restaurant called Fukuju and it just does
dynamite Ramen. There’s this guy who has been
making Ramen there for 150
years. The idea is that you just need
to get there by 6:00 pm.  That’s pretty much it. Do you
think you can do that? Sure. Ask me if there’s a catch. What’s the catch? You can’t use anything that was
invented IBM, or could use their
technology, and you can’t be late. That is incredibly important. 
If you’re not there at 6:00 pm, you fail and you lose
the challenge. Okay, all right. So- Give me your phone.  I’m really
sorry. James? I’m not going to do anything. 
Just give me the phone. Right, that is mine because,
unfortunately, your cell phone contains several
gigabytes of DRAM chips. DRAM was invented by an IBM’er,
so… I’m excited but I’m a little
nervous. The fact that I don’t have my
phone is terrifying. Can you just tell me what we’re
doing, please? I am going to hail a taxi. Just one second, sorry.  Where
do you stand on IBM Watson? Yep, yep.  IBM could very well be in that
vehicle through virtual
assistants. I’m sorry, I don’t make the
rules. I think she’s going to struggle,
to be honest. I don’t think it’s the easiest
task.  IBM technology is in a lot of
stuff that you might not think
it is. If she’s really stuck, I’m going
to give her a lifeline. Do you know how to unlock the
bikes? I’ll translate for you. Hey, excuse me. Do you know how
to unlock this bike? Ase-ga tomarimasen. No?  Okay.  You know what?  I’m going to handle this on my
own, okay? Okay, all right. Excuse me, do you know how to
unlock this bike? Do you have a phone? No phone. No phone? I use tech for literally
everything. My level of confidence now
is probably a five on a
scale of 10. I can help you. Okay. Say kosho, that means
malfunction, breakdown, failure, and I think that’s what we’re
experiencing right now. Yeah, I think I can do this on
my own. No, no.  What do you want to
say? Ah, found the map. Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? I’m paying for the map. Yeah, but how are you paying for
the map? With a credit card.  I’m really sorry; we can’t pay
for the map by credit card.  IBM technology is often involved
in point of sale transactions. Basically, we need to find a
different way to do this because
you can’t have that map. You know what?  It might be time
for one of my lifelines. Did I hear the word lifeline? 
Don’t pick that one. I have to hug three
strangers? I don’t even count.  I don’t
even count. That’s very sweet of you.  It’s
not going to —  This is a challenge where I
have to get three hugs in order
to get a map?  Is that what I’m doing out
here?  Hug? Hug? Is this way
right?  Okay. Hug? Yes. Arigato! Guys they all are just judging
me.  Hug? Yes. Yes! She’s not doing well with the
time, but this is adorable. I can’t secure my final hug. 
Hug? Yes. Arigato! Oh, yeah, I
got four. Everyone had smiles on their
faces, besides the thousands of
people who didn’t. Yeah, so I have the map now. 
It’s kind of like where do I
need to go? You know, one would think that I
have never used a paper map
before, but I’ve actually used it once,
but I will say we did not get to
where we needed to go. I am so hot.  I am thirsty. I
am parched. Oh, sorry.  I would’ve got you
one, but I think there’s a chance
that the produce inside of here was traced on the IBM food trust
using Blockchain technology, so- Oh, of course it is. So no can do. Have I told you about the
deadline? How about you let me just handle
this? Okay? James. Have you just thought
about –James Whoa, okay. James, I have had enough.  Found a mode of transportation,
and wow, do I feel relieved. Has anyone seen a loud American? Keep going. You’ll see the shop on your
left. Hello, James. You made it.  Congratulations. 
Welcome to — this is Mr. Kobayashi. Hello. Can’t believe you made it. I
mean, I can, obviously, because
then you did it – I mean obviously you were going
to complete your task. You have a taste and tell me
what you think first.  Go on. It’s worth it though. Worth it
then. I can’t believe she managed to
do it.  We’ve done the adventure without
using IBM technology. I mean, we had a lifeline, but
we did a lot of things. I was surprised to see that IBM
tech was in so much.  I’m genuinely impressed with
the fact that she did it I didn’t think she – No I did
think she – I knew she would.


I like the concept, I like the video, thumbs up, and it’s true that people are generally unaware how influential and pervasive IBM technology is. But blockchain technology certainly isn’t exclusive to IBM and has multifaceted, non-IBM origins going back decades.

Well we're dependent on screws also. So if you start unscrewing everything, everything falls apart. But that wouldn't be very smart. IBM wouldn't exist without screws.

That a girl Sara, I knew you'd get there!! I was rooting for you ALL the way!
I'm SO glad you finally ripped the map out of James' hands & navigated on your own – was the only way you'd get any sanity on your journey; Touchdown!

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