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Innovative Display Monetization | Affinity Ad Network

Innovative Display Monetization | Affinity Ad Network

So you run a super premium website which is just so popular !!! You are the publisher and a probably
making a lot of money from your website thinking that’s the max revenue you can
generate so… why bother partnering with the traffic
monetization expert. Well we will give you a reason to partner with
us and its only three words long like additional revenue streams. Yeah that’s right, additional revenue streams
without disturbing your existing web layout content or monetization. Now
we have your curiosity eh!!! It’s time to get your attention. You see, we at Affinity have build fresh display monetization ad units that are smart, intuitive and serve only contextual relevant ads. Let us show you what we mean. This is your website and here’s how our ad
units for new additional revenue. Just insert a simple one-time JS code in your HTML and you’re ready to go. Wow, that’s easy!!! The in-footer adds a new premium ad slot at the base of your web page and can support all
ad formats. Standard banners, flash banners, videos
and even rich media innovations. In-margin is
an intelligent monetization solution. It transforms the
unused space along either side to the website into prime advertising real estate. Talking about transforming unused fans right now text content isn’t giving
you any direct ad revenue is it? With in-text you can monetize your
text content too. Oh and in case you still need standard
banner ads we have in-page. With it you can ensure
there is never unsold banner inventory on your
site, even on your innermost web pages. That’s awesome!!! While on the subject of awesomeness, did we tell you we have the perfect demand mix across all categories and advertisers.
This gives you access to a large number of direct advertisers, some of the best advertising partners and
a wide full idea programmatic buyers from across the globe. Most importantly, as long as you with Affinity, you’ll
always having dedicated account management team The will optimize ad delivery and work with you to help you meet your monetization objectives. Just ask any of the top
100 comScore sites already working with us and
they’ll tell you that we make a good team. Innovative Display Monetization from Affinity. Turn it on!!!

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