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Insights into Affiliate Marketing 2018

Insights into Affiliate Marketing 2018

I guess my one piece of advice to affiliates is Diversify, Always keep your eyes open for new offers and bidding models Always be expending your reach and always be open to opportunities Understand and know your traffic and where you are sending it to Try non-traditional traffic sources Check out streaming services and Facebook traffic I evidence a vivid trend in black hat now Besides, some good tendencies are demonstrated by Google Adwords and Facebook Don’t forget that google is
banning pop-under Be conscious of where your
data is coming from Recommend working with
“clean” traffic, attract traffic from direct webmasters and direct publishers. Sweepstakes are on fire. Brand sweepstakes really rocket! ROI there amounts 900% -1000 % Split-testing, you always have to be split-testing. Never give up, and believe in success! Make sure that you are spending
as much focusing on becoming an expert in what you’re doing. And never say no to whatever it comes to you. That’s my advice. RedTrack is the best tracking system in my life.

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