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INSTANT Freeze Spray! | 10 Strange Amazon Items

INSTANT Freeze Spray! | 10 Strange Amazon Items

Cheers *Laughter* I barely tapped it dude! What’s going on guys I am Matthias, it’s raining outside. Welcome to 10 strange Amazon items are they dope or no, I hope Because if they’re right in the middle I’m gonna say grope Dope nope or grope, dude Off to a great start guys Tanner has joined me here. He has picked out 10 items I wanna let you know whether these items are dope or nope ok Nimble the one finger safety cutter cut paper and packaging with one finger, Joey already does that oh? I see I see if you want to pretend like you’re magic, but really have a sharp tip can relate, can relate So this is good because it’s not gonna wreck. What’s inside your junk. You know I’m saying. It’s not gonna wreck What’s inside your package? I’m gonna use this to open up all the packages of today. I’m so excited. It’s raining outside Did I mention that add to cart’ nimble? It’s so nimble quick question. How do I open this? Actually they thought of that actually some what easy to open man, that is actually tiny Okay, yeah, it works. Yeah, pretty well too. Can you give me a box to open or what do ya go maybe? BAM look at that. so wait this looks like it was taped to six times It looks like it was taped once you tested it and you decided to put more tape on but you ran out of this black Tape so you only put clear tape on. No Okay, let’s see I choose to plead the fifth oh Yeah, Wow well, let’s see the sides. Let’s see the sides No, that’s tough. No, that’s not well. It did get it I couldn’t feel it being gobed does that make sense I am yeah You couldn’t get it getting got that’s not bad like I’ll give this a dope right the sides are a little difficult with a knife you slide under and then you just go like that so it’s a little quicker but I’m sure some of you have accidentally cut yourself so this may be good for you next product Accmart adjustable mini footrest stand office desk feet hammock, so it’s a hammock for your feet I’m gonna tell you right now. I think this is pretty dumb I I would feel like never stable does that make sense yeah, especially if your chair is like Swivel you know you’re just gonna be like going like this the entire time you know a merman Yeah, like a mermaid right you got your feet stuck together. I don’t know like as someone who man spreads I think this will prevent man spreading, and I don’t like that I want to spread my men ness to as far as I can all over the world all over the world I want to spread this manliness, and that’s what I’m making this video today to let you know it’s okay to be a man I’m on that again. Yeah I was like I feel like we’ve done this before. It’s okay to be a man, it’s okay to like manly things look at my beard everyone in the comments was like no Go back, but the truth is you’re scared to change this beard looks dope as heck on me it does I wouldn’t say it’s a manly beard But it’s a it’s a good really you don’t think this is a manly beard This is about as manly as you can get dawg It’s taken care of dawg, and it’s thick you see that you can’t see my skin under there That’s some thick beard yo, that’s right if you want complaining about my beard in the comments It’s your prerogative to do so but it’s a my prerogative to delete you Here’s the thing a man who likes the beard right so if you know she likes it You know it’s gonna stay so I care about making her happy I don’t really care about you that much and you’ll be happy too because I kiss her you don’t want me to kiss you man you really have to put a lot of work into relaxing That’s the irony of a hammock you gotta hang it up And that’s the least relaxing thing you could possibly do where are we gonna put this well look at that Let’s put it on the table okay. Here we go where are the screws though. Oh this is how it does it? for real I thought I’d just screw it into the table alright Just put the hammock in. at least I know how hey let me see what’s under the hood eeeh table Okay, there. We go put that on like that I don’t like how loose this is on the table loosey-goosey like what so you’re sitting under here You got to find it okay, not super difficult and then Just how uneven these art gives me anxiety like you’re just sliding this thing off Now I can do all my work you like laugh too hard watching amoeba Dude that’s sweet, Karma, I don’t know I think you can’t get it to work obviously I’m being facetious But I mean what’s the actual practical application here? You know I think it’s Next item is an item wrong descendent dad For Ralph’s I know they’re still thing anyways What I was trying to say was the next item is a dope or nope You know what that means that means in a previous video. I was like hey hey Do you want to see me buy this expensive item give this video likes? Here’s what I said? So yeah, I told you I said Eighty five thousand likes man I shot low why am I yelling cuz it’s fun you’re right? But guess what we had three hundred eighty seven thousand like oh wow Let’s buy it rock board Descender skateboard blue. I believe the descender is for going down hills for descending I think they wanted to make that implicit in the title tank like treads. Thank you Thank me. Thank you. Can you remove the trucks? This is a very different from a regular skateboard and beware? The treads are very fragile bummer is it electric no it is too hard to make it Go if there has to be an extremely short grass for it to move not worth the money I’m very disappointed although the name says all-terrain the skateboard is not for flat surfaces The easiest services it’s not for rocks grass mud sludge water yes flat concrete gag gift exceeded expectations Wow Add to Cart look at this thing the Descender all-terrain skateboard I’d be more impressed with the ascender. Just get on it just a pill straight to heaven Wow dude this smells rank Seems to go relatively well, I mean it’s not gonna coast by any means But if you have you got any sort of decline you should be good Maybe we should try to You know take this into like the warehouse or something like that because did you know that was raining today? No, I didn’t really it’s raining? Yeah, it’s raining. You can almost hear. It look how dark it is up there, bro It does look like it has normal trucks Can you do a kickflip Alright you wanna go test this in the warehouse yeah on a non-existent hill Zagon Studios men’s goosh pants Imported hand wash why would you wash it if you’re gonna walk around like I? Listen these are the things that I don’t understand who is this marketed towards. I’m having issues. Did you know it’s raining outside? look if you have the gall the confidence the Ability to walk around in public with fake urine on your pants you have the confidence the tenacity to just pee in your pants Why not just do it the whole thing about doing it is that people will see you’re doing it So if you’re already aren’t afraid of that just do it great for cosplay Oh, I can’t wait to be the superhero that is the pier no reviews, I wonder why Add to Cart Thank you for the gush. If they have poop ones to look. Oh. These are the poop versions. I think that’s the back Oh, it is the back yeah. Oh, No maybe is it the same thing oh? I’m shook for you All right Tanner time to model for me I actually don’t want to touch it even though it’s just paint that is disturbing. Oh my god I felt like I almost vomited there tanner. Why are you doing that hey? It doesn’t even Jaya? Honestly the front the front honestly looks like it’s just striped that way. Yeah look the back Too much, just two much wait I slid into home It doesn’t even look like poop it look like dirt. I don’t know let’s see let’s grab someone to come in here. We need some first impressions Jen First impression did you poop yourself? Attractive or not no now the pants That one doesn’t look like pee but, the other side looks like poop. That one look like pee. Does it? you think so But you’re very dehydrated How much pee do you have to drink to get like that. Zero pee, probably water Zero out of ten wouldn’t date someone with pee pants That’s a nope. younger baby tooth box wooden teeth oh oh Milk teeth organizer. I’m sorry what? I guess I just don’t know I don’t think I’d care about having Lunas teeth if I ever get a tooth pulled I don’t want to see it. I just want it gone alright Add to Cart Bon Appetit I don’t know if amanda will want to keep Lunas teeth. I’m actually curious I’m gonna box her right now Amanda quick question for the video when Luna Loses her teeth are you going to keep them, and if so why? No…why? Are you filming this right now? What a weird question to ask Luna in the background, you won’t keep my teeth? well, how come you won’t keep them? well why do I need to keep them? sentimental reasons I don’t know. I’ll keep a lock of her hair you know when she gets her first haircut. But I don’t think I’ll keep her teeth The sound of that keeper to you That’s like keeping nail clippings or something She’s like that’s like keeping nail clippings Oh nasty. No. I thought she said I would keep nail clippings No, no, no, it’s like. My wife isn’t it isn’t it creepy wait She didn’t, did she? No she said that’s like keeping yeah? So I just sent her of some video of me opening this. Let’s see what she says about it. This is like outsourcing your jokes eww dude look it comes with this thing That’s so weird, please do not keep that. Don’t bring that home Just like don’t even bring it home. I wont. Look dude comes with cotton in case There’s still blood that you need to soak up so yeah I mean all these are the areas of which the teeth are and that’s where you keep I mean like no I just I’m not Gonna keep what do you realistically do with the child’s tooth throw it away Throw it away in the trash can that’s not like some sort of biohazard waste and in a sense It’s not weird enough for me to like say like all the parents may be watching this that kept their kids teeth like I don’t think it’s That weird for me personally. I don’t like teeth your tooth falls out don’t get it near me. You know just Throws it away before we get into that next Sweet product big shout out to Ruwan Vanlaar Oh if you want to do something fun, try to speak my name out loud alright Did it wasn’t as fun is it you thought it was gonna be If you want your own shout out make sure you comment down below in the first thirty minutes And that’s when I pick you so make sure you click that Bell icon next product can crusher crushers soda cans and beer cans oh Man, that’s hilarious who’s using this. I’ll use this. oh you think so? hundred percent I mean I grew up in a family where my parent like my dad Loved beer so he’d always be crushing cans because yeah, if you love beer you’re not drinking out of a can I’m sorry if you love beer you’re like-minded some nice beer if you’re a fan of beer then you’ll like Experiment with the different drafts and the different. Here’s this thing of right This is exactly what he said he’s like I like beer But when I drink actual like other beers that aren’t light beers he says He just gains weight so quickly because he’s old now, so he’s like I have to drink light beer yeah I mean, I guess I take that back if you put like those weird things like you know fancy ketchups you know like fancy mayonnaise and like arugula on a burger like you’re not eating a burger you’re eating like a Fancy-pants sandwich I can respect that so I respect the beer thing I take it back. I respect your dad Why do we have to shake on it. Thats what people do when they agree? But I mean like if you need to get one of these this means you’re drinking a lot of soda or Beer neither of which are good for you I’m sorry if you have a problem with me saying sodas not good for you do some research No, I have no idea how many people get triggered when I’m like sugars not good for you shut up in moderation. It’s okay What I was gonna say is maybe just drink a little less soda or a little less beer if you need one of these things To save room in your trash cans alternatively Maybe this is used for someone that is saving cans to get like ten cents back in that case have at it man Recycle save money. I dig it look at this though boom crush. Crush crush now. Let’s put a can in it Lacroix what a hipster drink you love Lacroix? No. I don’t then why do we buy so much of it? I don’t know. I hate this stuff. You actually hate Lacroix. Yeah. I haven’t drank one in like months Oh, no. I it wasn’t me everyone else loves Lacroix when I first started hi-fi studios. I was like alright What do you guys want and like everyone would always request Lacroix And I was like oh my gosh can’t you just drink water? What are you gonna do when you’re like when you make a studio in LA you know what am I what do I expect really? May I have a lacroix? I would like to eat my mayonnaise with the spoon and some gouda cheese You need to actually attach this to a wall hold it right here Yeah, yeah good for you, dude there you go. It worked next item made in the USA. Okay proud Used to troubleshoot electronic circuit board and intermittent components or failures I don’t know how but that’s cool protects heat sensitive components during soldering. You know what the heck are they scraping up there That’s the one thing they’re not gonna caption was a piece of gum typical America. Dude make a force of it Made in the USA best element super freeze is a ozone-friendly aerosol coolant system that instantly freezes surfaces to negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit evaporates in seconds wow you think we can freeze like some fruit or some like water And we can freeze some of that you think so well Yeah, I nobody can freeze water you think so, but how fast does it need to be subjected to such temperatures to freeze? That’s the question that you’re not anticipating add to card Wow look at you tanner good for you super freeze non-flammable Evaporates instantly these no residue and is non conductive explosive, though Did you really just give me two left hands. They only gave us three gloves Me. Oh it’s so warm already alright. Let’s see here. I brought some apples Wow am I gonna tell and then this is a regular Apple I mean how will I know? Let’s move on to some water first what if I tried to freeze it as it was going down It’s got a lot of connecticut energy Me pretty hard whoops whoa? All right, let’s see if it freezes when it’s oh Nothing I think there’s just too much water I’m gonna put this in here and freeze it that has got to be frozen now. Give me the hammer So what’s frozen at that point? No, it’s just how a normal an apple normally. Oh, and now there’s Apple everywhere it squirted it This is the worst experiment. There is some frozen stuff in there definitely. Oh, yeah look There’s some ice on the tip of the hammer and it melted Yeah, it did freeze a little bit right there and broke, but it didn’t freeze well This is really for freezing like really really really tiny like little components and electronics So you can I guess not heat them up. You know when you’re soldering. It’ll freeze your finger It’ll give you a frostbite definitely so don’t be messing around with it like that It’s not gonna be like freezing water midair and things like that like we hoped it would I would say that’s still dope though. the gummed peekaboo teddy bear animated stuffed animal plush oh I wonder if Luna would like this seems like the mom likes it more than the kid does the do that Kid likes it though That’s not fake that kid likes it I heard peekaboo works because babies memories are so no no no that they actually think the parent is gone No, but that has nothing to do with their memory. There’s a technical term for it. It’s it’s about them Not knowing when they don’t see something it doesn’t exist so it’s about understanding Things exist outside of vision if mom goes into the garage and Luna doesn’t see her anymore She’ll think she’s gone like doesn’t exist anymore Lunas like 1 and a half, and hide-and-seek still works for for her though I think it’s more of like she thinks when she can’t see you can’t see kind of a thing But it’s interesting too cuz like I’ll pretend like she’ll be behind me and she’ll be like whacking me like this I’ll be like I don’t know where Luna is and she just loves it even though she’s like whacking me And she’s like I’m right here kind of a thing she absolutely loves it so she might actually like this Let’s see if it works before I give to my daughter though. Add to cart I just told you I may give this to my daughter and that’s how you treat this thing dude press my foot to play Hello baby, peekaboo is the most fun with you Where did you go? Peekaboo I found you We’re curious, I think this may work, I’m going to take this home get Luna’s reaction and here it is Icicle ten pack of the drink stirrer Swizzle stick that uses dry ice to create the smoky effects on cocktails swizzle stick I’m stealing that Okay, good because I thought maybe when you laughed I had said it like it wasn’t like some youth term. I mean it’s not It’s not potential to be hey You know you can’t say it in a way, that’s not perverse. Yeah pervocative take a gander at my swizzle stick Because the youth say Gander yeah, they love to gander at swizzle sticks. Oh, what’s inside there? It’s just like this rate of like sack. No this looks like a sack in there That’s how I ste the rapper was born and it was just a regular tee they put a little swizzle stick boom hi Steve Really you really? Put that a champagne glass. Yeah, I just don’t think that’s cool I think alcohol just by itself is odd is law like already cool to people to this age yes to me It’s not cool. So lame. Don’t do the alcohol kids Yeah, you know it’s cool for your age books babies babies now don’t tell them that either dude don’t have babies early kids Let’s marry them earlier 29 you had a baby 28, but this person watching is maybe 15 I said your age right, yeah you did say at my age. At 15 drinking still cool wait no no 15 yugioh cards are still cool, yugioh no come on dude now. You’re on the opposite. End of the spectrum I don’t know what school 15 anymore I don’t know driving, driving is cool, and yeah Just drive safe Add to Cart. Bam so what’s this those are the swizzle stick the swizzle stick oh? wait oh what? Wait so they’re empty. They’re all empty they don’t come with the dry ice so you put dry ice in your drink Is that healthy I don’t know much about dry ice all right inform me It should be healthy pretty sure the healthier shouldn’t be toxic well. It’s not healthy There’s a different term. It’s not toxic either dry ice is just a different is it carbon dioxide What is dry ice? frozen what? solid carbon dioxide? Yeah? See that’s what I said solid carbon dioxide Oh, yeah, don’t go eat it though because it’ll freeze your mouth solid all right So let’s figure this out and don’t touch it with your skin either because it’ll freeze your skin fill me up with some dry ice On my Swizzle my nizzle, okay, so I got to put this in here like this. Yeah, is this gonna like fuzz it over Okay, look at that There you go, that’s it so then you can like ooh Hey, oh, oh, that’s really bubbling up now heyo, she’s about to explode here, so let’s do it in this double dippin risky play Wow, that’s so cool looking though Maybe that is the cool thing maybe hipsters are in but how cold is this now? And how fast will that dry ice melt I can fill the cup with my bare hand if you like oh well It’s not gonna be that cold. I’m saying touch the fluid It’s not gonna be that cold I got you the food and how cold is it pretty cool I should have tested before we’re scientists I’m just curious how long this lasts cuz it seems like they’re already kind of like they’re already out There’s no carbonation in here, so let’s see what that does That’s kind of cool all right Tanner, you wanna drink that? how’s yours looking honestly. It’s just cool looking these kids are cool How do you do it though, It’s making me cough. how do you do it though you know? That’s cool don’t smoke I just don’t know if it’s healthy consult a doctor. It’s cool looking though Cheers I barley taped it dude Got my hair. It’s worse than my face. Yes. I’ll say it’s a dope Use it with caution and parents autoexec Tweel mate steering wheel attachable work surface. I feel like I’ve seen this before I don’t think I bought it though. This is the dumbest thing in the world could you imagine look at this girl? What does it matter with this girl? It looks like she got a text and she was just like oh? Guys give me some memes on Twitter and Instagram all right. Here’s what I want I want you to do something like this take this photo and then put some funny text message conversation Right beside it in the same image She’s just like Like what do you think she got a text from her mom her mom’s like hey honey come home? Early cuz no one’s home, and then she’s like do you think I was dead or? Or it’s your boyfriend hey babe. Make sure you pick up the new …. for me Jotting it down taking notes What is it – can how do I get one do I needed by that many? Add to Cart there you go This is it. I mean it’s it’s kind of what you expect right warning Do not use or mount this work surface to steering wheel while vehicle is in motion Okay, got it yeah. Oh someone didn’t listen to that may cause serious injury or death This product is intended to be used while the vehicle is stationary and the driver is not operating the vehicle the steering wheel must Be turned upside down for to be installed properly Now it’s upside down That’s the same thing Wait why because the top of the steering wheel is empty basically yeah bottom usually has those those other things right here You turn it upside down you turn it upside down so that yeah, so I mean yeah What the heck is that why is all brown? Oh, sorry? That’s how I made these pants on that It’s so good like that wait what that doesn’t make any sense there you go. Oh my gosh This is the dumbest thing if you buy this thing like it’s like people that don’t wear helmets dumb I mean it’s kind of self evident that they’re done already so someone should tell them That’s dumb. That’s a no. It’s a nope nope All right guys. We found a small little hill. We’re in the outskirts of San Luis Obispo right now I want to try this okay. See what you got tiger How was it yeah definitely see how that could be fun. If you had a longer hill Specifically grass to just you know because you can tumble and it wont hurt Yeah It could work probably on dirt Yeah I could see how that could be a lot of fun. Do you want to give it a try? Yeah Yeah, yeah, I think that could be a lot of fun Do you think this is something that you could only do with this board though? You can’t do that with a regular skateboard the the feet will dig right into the grass, so what do you rated I guess a dope It may be pretty fun there we go This video right here is Where I test the see if cardboard can actually protect my head and this video right here is about a device that you wear that Counts down to the end of your days That is right to your death all right guys if you’re new here click that subscribe button and we will see you next time high five


What did you guys think of that TANK skateboard – DOPE or NOPE??? If you haven't yet, be sure to check out my PAPER HELMET unboxing video here! โžก

My step dad is a taxi driver so hes in the drivers seat 12 hours a day he could use the steering wheel table between pickups

That skateboard stunt fail, Matt's reaction was like a child about to be scolded by his mom for doing something ridiculous ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

ok….. just saying, you look much better with the beard, I give the beard a DOPE, and the beard hater a NOPE! Be proud of your man beard!!!!!!!!

My grandma would crush cans to save and take a get money for it . We litterly bought her the white can crusher lol

The term you were looking for regarding a child's understanding of "when they don't see something it doesn't exist" is called "Object Permanence". Typically a child develops object permanence between 4 and 7 months of age. So for example if I was to show a child without the understanding of Object Permanence a bouncy ball and then hide that ball under a cushion- right in front of them- that child would not understand that the ball is under the pillow. To them it has disappeared and it is gone. They don't know to pick up the cushion. A child who has developed an understanding of object permanence will know to lift the pillow and find the ball. (Source: My bachelor's degree in human development… I just got it, let me flex.)

I really wanted to like this video but I couldn't bring myself to possibly change the fact that it has 69k likes. I would feel like a traitor to the channel to change that awesomeness.

Growing up i would put my teeth under my pillow for the tooth fairy fully aware that my mom was the one taking them and leaving money. I would then go and steal my teeth back when my mom isnt looking and then id keep them in a box. Why? i dunno. That box is probably still somewhere in my house.

I like the foot holder thing is nice because in school a couple of years ago I needed to put my feet up because I was soooooo sore after long tests.


Doctors ask you to keep your placenta and your baby teeth because of the stemcells. Between the two, baby teeth is the least disgusting (and least expensive) to keep. Placenta banking is really expensive (~15k I think). Baby teeth are free ๐Ÿ™‚

I kept my baby teeth and my twin sister did too and she still has her's some where in her room I have no clue where mine are

lol about 5min in he said the next item is a dope or nope, but the phrase they use was this item was a like to buy from a previous video. slight slip up but after the blaring ad he did well to recover and cover up XD

It's not weird saving your child's teeth. My mom has all of ours and it's not creepy. They are actually kinda cool and interesting to look at.

The Peek-A-Boo toy..gutted that you never got footage of Luna`s reaction to it, we all love to see her and you never got the footage, shame. xx

Nice beard ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

tanner: you know what's cool for people your age BABIES
mat: don't tell them that the person watching is probably 15
Me age 15: ARE U STALKING MEH ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Jk jk but I am 15

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