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Internet Jetset Review – Lawyer REVEALS John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Course

Internet Jetset Review – Lawyer REVEALS John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Course

Yoyoyo whats good youtube this is [alan] Aka the lawyer by Day Yes, I am a lawyer , yes, I’m an internet marketer and I own an internet marketing agency basically You probably saw this course internet Jet-set online somewhere either in an email you got ,you saw an advertorial or a blog or [some] somewhere someone was talking about this course by John Crestani and It helps you make [money] online or launch your first online business and get start any commissions So basically the reason I put this up is to give you an idea of what the course entails and what it’s about Just so you know it in the description of this video if you want to read a more In-depth Breakdown of what the course [is] I? Have one here. It’s very comprehensive [I’d] go down into the ins and outs as a quick navigation bar here, so you can find your way around? and yeah You can [just] basically read all this if you really want to know that you’re getting what you’re [paying] for all right? So that’s one Two I just want to give you a brief overview about the course Is only should this will only be a five six minute video at the most But basically the the course the idea of the course is that it wants [to] you John his goal is to give you the kind of foundation and affiliate marketing where you can that you can grow from legitimately and and [his] Aim is to get you earning your first commission within your first two hours of taking the course literally the first two videos [here] are one is kind of just an Introduction to affiliate marketing [I’ll] click on it. I might have to gray out some of the text here I don’t want to you know that’s what is intellectual property obviously [I] owned the course I have access to it So I am in a better position to tell you whether or not it’ll be useful than someone else That’s reviewing the product and just say oh yeah, go buy it because it’s available so yeah so and this is the first video the second video was really the entire goal of this video is to help you get your first [commission’s] as an affiliate marketer and essentially it just back out to the I did a lot just now it’s back out area right back to this page [and] essentially this is the idea is to show you the basics of affiliate marketing and then show you how to structure your Your first websites and what kind of websites you’re going to want to use in order to start earning commissions for free? That’s right for free marketing online starting your own online business Using free versions of traffic which is actually quite lucrative he shows you free traffic on Google as well as on YouTube and Facebook, so There’s these are the three big mama’s right here when it comes to traffic generation There’s more obviously, but these three you can create a full time income online, just using these alone. This is just The tip [of] the Iceberg you can get to a couple thousand [dollars] a week if not a lot more Just using free methods the problem with free methods. Is that it takes up time and energy so Obviously I run. I personally do a lot of affiliate marketing now and everything. I do is paid traffic I don’t do any free methods the reason I do pay traffic is because it’s very little maintenance. [I] literally am Making a full-time income working five at the most seven hours a week and the extra time isn’t even the maintenance of my existing campaigns It’s when I want to lock something new so my actual the actual campaigns I have up now that are running are making me anywhere between two thousand three thousand dollars a week and I’m looking to scale up and But those this is using John’s training. This is going by what he’s taught in the super affiliate system Which is actually a 12-week course the internet [Jet-set] is more of an eight hour course it’s much brief much more brief much shorter But the idea is it’s for new people There’s a lot of new people and there’s a lot of people that have never earned a commission online that are doing affiliate marketing So this the whole goal is to bridge that gap for you and if you haven’t built that [foundation] you need to it’s vitally important in fact I would say if you haven’t made at least $1,000 in one week doing affiliate market if you’ve been doing it six months you need to take this course because You need to redevelop your foundation so that you can hit the ground running hitting a thousand dollars a week is nothing nothing [$2,000] a week is child’s play once you figure out that how to do this how to market online, it’s not easy It’s not hard, but it’s it’s I’m not going to say it’s easy I think eat saying as easy as it is disingenuous, but I will say it’s simple It’s much simpler than it seems, and you just need to be employing the right tactics and have the right foundation And I think the internet jet set course is the best way to do that. I’m a person. I’m personally a student of John Crostinis [so] I can speak to the training and the fact that it works Yes, he’s created many six-figure multiple six figures that unicef figure earners people that have have You know become super affiliates using his? Strategies people [that] are in his network for new people if [you’re] looking for paid forms a traffic This is probably not for you. If it if you are looking to do that, but you you feel like you need the foundation But you still want paid forms of traffic to be [taught] [to] you you want to get the upsell there’s an upsell that comes Obviously the course itself is $47 But there’s an upsell called extreme case study archive and it includes ten case studies and these are amazing I’ve watched about eight of them and these are Absolutely huge honestly each one could be its own course on its own. You could sell it individually [so] the fact that you can get this I believe it’s 187 [Dollars] the fact that you can get this all of these for that price is ridiculous. These are all about [uh] Anywhere from an hour to two [hours] [us] take a look at this one this one [is] I Don’t I don’t know if I [can] tell from here? I can’t tell from here But these are about two hours long two or three hours along each one of these [I] mean looking at how Ronnie sandler makes two thousand dollars a day Using non salesy blog posts. I’ve watched this two or three [times] At all the Ronnie’s online ones are easily my favorite. I have to have to admit he’s I just love his style Of copywriting and a style of advertising. He does very little optimization He focuses mainly on just killer copywriting all of these are useful I’ve watched it a couple times because I’ve made money in this game and get a niche I continue to make money in the skincare Niche so you know if you’re looking to do paid form to traffic you will get some training from the extreme case study archive But it’s obviously it’s not the focus you’re not going to get a full breakdown on how to run a campaign on Google or bing or native ad networks or Facebook? You would need his more advanced course for that But if you want to if you’re just getting [started] and you’re looking for a way to make money online I think your best bet is to do the internet [Jet-set] and Extreme case study archive. I also recommend the Monthly live webinars I personally have never missed any webinar that Jennifer [stanny] has done Since joining his course earlier this year Just so you know it. I mean this stuff. Is it made I can’t I don’t want click on it I got sat on it expose his you know his course on here, but This is [47] dollars a month and you you get access it think about it like this for forty seven dollars you’re not Gonna get Personal access to a millionaire somebody that’s making half a million dollars a month John is vetted He’s been in [visited] Forbes magazine business insider in ink magazine yahoo Finance all these publications who featured him you’re not gonna get access to that guy for 47 bucks It’s not going to happen so your best bet [is] when you get a lot of the Jet-set live You basically get access to him on the live webinars where he actually goes through and tells you what’s working in affiliate marketing today What he in some cases? He’ll even take a look at people’s landing pages campaign funnels and tell them what’s working What’s not working when you mix that with the fact that he has a super affiliate form that you can if you’re part of this? About the amount of value that you’re gonna get is incredible. It’s like it. It’s just so much I have someone that’s making you know john personally from his campaigns alone earns over Thirty five thousand dollars a day Which twenty five grand a [day] is profit think about that for a second? You know so to get access to them. It’s going to cause more than that. So you [know] have that in mind I highly recommend the jet set live I’m not just saying this because yes, I do receive a commission if you sign up I’m saying it because I’m actually using the system and getting results from it if it wasn’t making me money hand-over-fist [I] wouldn’t even bother because I don’t promote anything that I’ll personally feel is valuable to other people. That’s just my own personal thing So I highly recommend you do you take a look at this if you’re going to get it I’m going to leave [that] my link on the in the description first link in the description will be for you to Purchase the course if you purchase the course for me, I do have some bonuses I don’t want to say what the bonuses are in this video I highly recommend you go to my blog which I’ll also link to Because I might update the bonuses maybe I’ll even add some stuff for you guys Alright, so check out my blog post go to the bottom click here to buy now and get started making [money] online like I said if you if you take all the steps in this video You should be earning your first commission within two hours of taking this and that’s exciting. You [know] where else Can you get that type of results those type of results so [alright] guys? I’m gonna this went way longer than I expected expected it to but you know I want to make sure I went through the course to To a decent amount so that you feel comfortable Either buying it or not buying it if it’s not for you alright, [so] [take] [care] And I hope [to] talk to you soon Leave your questions and comments in the disc in the comment section [on] [my] blog or on YouTube and we’ll be in touch peace you


Sup Youtube, go to to get the course today and check out the written blog here:

Thank you for that review. I watched your whole video and felt that you were ginuine and honest with what you said. I plan to participate. Thank you again. Mayo

John makes mega bucks with just Free traffic, looks like everything you need is in Internet Jetset ? simply follow John's system and over time your income should keep growing ?

Hello, where can I connect with you? I would like to learn from you. Im a complete newbie in IM. I tried Reverse Commissions and lost $500.

I want to join & download today. I saw your & John Crestani's presentation on my smartphone. Should I wait until I get home to my laptop to download the system? I'm sure I shouldn't start the download system to my smartphone.

I have a dought… I live in Brazil and here we don't use Amazon a lot. There are others sites I want use to make money. This system only works in Amazon?

Thanks for the video.. can someone from the Philippines (im not a US citizen) do Affiliate marketing but my target market is in the USA? Am I allowed to that in the States? Thanks for your answer in advance..

if anyone is doing this course, i would love to talk to someone about this. i just got this a few days ago and would feel really appreciative of hearing other peoples stories thats doing this and making good money.

do i have to own a website to get conversions? i would like to know what else do i need besides the monthly subscription, i am not from the US, and I just finished University last year, got a full time job and making around 350$ a month in my country. I would really want to join but i would need more information before.

I have never done anything like this. never done marketing. novice basically. but I am very interested in this course. will I be able benefit any at all from this course, learning from scratch and ultimately earn money?

Nice video. I am apart of the Internet Jetset community and would like to ask a question. It looks like the website went from superaffiliatesystem to Internet Jetset. Has the content changed from the switch over or is it the same? Also I would like to ask which part of his content has impacted you the most? I am kind of skeptical as to if it will work or not because I have tried similar things in the past. Let me know what you think!

Good information….you're a man trying to help others…hope to meet you in the future sir…cheers….Frank

Hey man, can I ask if I need prior knowledge as someone is completely new to this would you straight up buy it or learn about SEO and creating websites ? Apologies if this sounds silly I'm new to this ๐Ÿ™‚

I am looking to get into this can someone who is legitmate and unbiased have an opinion on this?

havent made even a buck in facebook paid ads …this training would help me lot…1k/week will make me feel a millionare

does the 12week super afiliate programe/training cost me more money than the 47usd i have to pay for the jetset?

hi alen, love your post video, it is very straight and informative, i am from india so kindly tell me can this work for me in india.

any filipino that you know that became succesful on this? im been searching for the right system that will work im new on the transition

I have a question about this, when applying for the one on one coach sessions every week is there a fee you have to pay? I spoke on the phone with one of the members there earlier today and said I had to pay a fee in order to get access to the coach sessions, is that legit?

hi i tried to buy John jetset but the problem is my country isn't their in the icon bar any help ? and thanks

So the course is $47 or $47 monthly?
Is the content in the course still valid and effective and does it get updates?
I'm keen for this course so far

is john Chow a scam?
whats the difference between chow and this?
I know it's not easy but how long would it take following theses systems to generate 2k a month?

also in the 47 dollar class/module I am skeptical because I don't want to purchase it and its full of things that are on you tube. because one of them are the jedi mind trick

Being a lawyer, do you find it unethical to be an affiliate of product and information you've never used? Apart from this course which you've obviously used.

The deal is this. John answered my question via e-mail two days ago. To implement this sytsem you have to either make videos for YouTube, or writing blogs and create a group or business page on Facebook and run free ads. This is why I hardly can see that it would be possible to make that much money and as fast as he claims. Am I wrong? I don't think I'll take up this course.

A Huge Missconception about the Word EXPOSED HUM? ๐Ÿ˜ And i thought you were a Lawyer trying to tell us the Truth here, instead of kissing his behind?? Yeah right? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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