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Interstitial Ad – Best Mobile Ad Format & Sizes for Display Ad Campaigns (Pt.2)

Interstitial Ad – Best Mobile Ad Format & Sizes for Display Ad Campaigns (Pt.2)

In the last video, we talked about the standard
banner ad, a mobile ad format that can be ineffective for most advertising campaigns
due to small size and how quickly users can develop a banner blindness over it. In this video, we’ll introduce to you, the
interstitial ad. Interstitial ads are visual that cover the
entire mobile screen at the size of 320 x 480 pixels. This the most popular size as it allows for
more context, clearer call to action and allows more creative content such as videos, a store
locator and many others. An interstitial ad with video is sometimes
called a videostitial ad as well. Interstitials can offer animated and interactive
rich media content, allowing more engagement on your ads, brand performance lift & recall. Here are three interstitial sizes available
but not limited to. A 320 x 480 pixels size. 300 x 400 pixels size
And 300 x 250 pixels size. An interstitial ad usually appears during
crucial moments during mobile navigation, such as opening an app, browsing between pages
or in between games. It requires a user action, typically to click
a button to close the ad or swipe to navigate to the desired content. Interstitials are effective because it has
a large space for your ad content and it has an ability to grab a user’s attention, especially
when its shown full screen on mobile. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about
mistaken clickthroughs as it only appears between pages while an app is in use. According to many advertising experts, interstitials
ads are best placed within games with levels. The natural break in gameplay between levels
allows interstitials to appear unobtrusively without interrupting the user experience. Never push out an interstitial ad in the middle
of a game. Interstitials performance has been reported
to be good, with 2-3x higher click-through rates and it also produces better conversions
as compared to standard banner ads. The downside to interstitials is that it can
be highly intrusive, in the case of bad placement. It also requires more upfront design work
and proper planning on proper placement. But with proper placement & planning, will
be rewarding for your ad campaign. Here are some best interstitial ad examples:
In the next video, we’ll discuss about expandable ads. Visit Mobile Ads to know more about our interactive
mobile advertising solutions.


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