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Is Making a $50,000 Salary On YouTube Hard? (using my Analytics)

Is Making a $50,000 Salary On YouTube Hard? (using my Analytics)

Hey everybody I’m back with another cool video
today I’m gonna be looking into a topic that you’ve heard about a ton on youtube since
the very beginning sorry if there’s any shakiness I’m holding my phone and if you hear any weird
rustling it’s the paper I’m reading off of basically according to TIME magazine the average
college graduate gets an average starting salary of about $50000 a year everybody says
that you tubers are only in it for the money and a lot are but I want to show you guys
how hard it is to make money on youtube especially after youtube takes its cut and taxes so if
an average college grad gets his 50k a year he’s gonna fall into the 25%tax bracket after
the initial bit is scraped of by the government and he’s gonna end up taking home 32316.25
dollars for him to pay off his mortgage groceries whatever he wants invest a little who cares
if you’re a youtube in america you have to pay the 25% plus the extra bonus and youtube
takes 45% of you money right off the bat so if you”bring in” 50k a year through ads you’re
only actually taking home 9816 dollars which is less than a third of what the college grad
takes home so obviously this video is not telling you to drop out of college be a youtube
because it’s really hard to make a living if you look here at my cpm on I’m just a swimmer
which is my best video it’s the one I’m using to analyze everything because it got the most
views of any other video on my channel so it’s the best I can do to represent the whole
population of you tubers my cpm on that is 5.02 which is really good, the average is
2 you can Google that it comes up my cps are rally high across the board I get about 5
or 4 because I optimize my ads and promote my videos in certain ways which gets me that
extra cash cpm means cost per mille or thousand so after 1000 views (monitored views) according
to my cpm I should get 5.02 dollars and technically I am kind of ok that 2.57 dollars you see
there is generated by the monitored views so you take the about 5 dollars divide it
by 1000 and multiply by the monitored views to get the 2.57 dollars then youtube takes
45% of that and after yt takes its cut the government takes its cut so that’s how that
works so I’ve only actually made 1.45 dollars off of the 3012 vies on the video which is
a little more than a fifth but still very small we can quickly figure out based on these
numbers you need over 67 million views a year to get
a 50k dollar salaries channel wide i have about 5 thousand views after a year but I
haven’t treated yt like a job and I’ve been inactive for a long time but if you uploaded
4 times a week which is a lot then you need about 322k views per video to match the college
grad I think 4 uploads a week is reasonable if you grind hard because with my school,
sports, and work schedule I could have done it if it was my dream i could have found the
time to make 4 short videos so i started looking for a benchmark channel which got about 300k
views per video and in searching I realized that all the channels I could name got over
1 million per video or between 100k and 200k the 300k-400k range is very rare so if you
get there you’ll probably shoot up and get 600-800k views very quickly and then make
a lot of money this is probably due to the algorithm but I did find one it’s called food
wishes by chief john who’s been cooking on yt for many years he has a funny voice and
his stuff is good I subscribed anyway as I was saying the 300-400 thousand view per video
bracket is super rare so if you get there the 800k to 1 million view range is easily
obtainable its all about escaping the 100-200 thousand view per video range that’s keeping
people poor on youtube its hard to escape but once you do you can make a lot of money
so there’s a little motivation for you guys and as always I’ll see you you you in the
next one bye SUBSCRIBE

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