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It’s Different This Year

It’s Different This Year

– What’s up guys. Welcome to the vlog. And welcome to Playlist. – [All] Hi. (jazzy techno music) We are in Orlando at Playlist Live. Pretty excited. I’m pretty excited. I was a little, you know like well, but Abigail did so well going through the lobby
with that (mumbled). That was the first thing that set her off. Was like that many
people, that much noise, but we made a beeline through the lobby, got as quickly as we could to our room and we’re set up. We’re gettin’ ready to go down. We gotta get our passes. we gotta get, you guys are gonna go, – Explore. – [Asa] What are you doin? You going exploring? – I thought we were gonna go. Yeah, I think they’re gonna go with us and then you know, they
can just kinda hang out. But it’s nice, we have two. We have adjoining rooms.
– We have adjoining rooms. – [Isaiah] I think the
best part about Playlist is having the room in the hotel, in the same place as the event, like all you need.
– All the restaurants are here you don’t have to leave
the whole weekend, so. – Like Abbie’s having a rough time, go back to the hotel, hotel room. – Right, and that’s
what Becca is here for. She is here as respite,
to help out with that. – [Priscilla] And just
hangin’ out with us. – And just yeah, and we
like her a little bit, so. (laughing) Girl those pigtails, you are rockin’ ’em. You ready to go, she’s excited.
– She’s set up. – [Asa] Hey, Sum. – Yeah. – [Asa] So, we’re gonna do
like a two perspective vlogging throughout the weekend? – Sure, yep.
– Down with that? Okay. So you guys are gonna see
what the kids, the girls, the ladies, the people are doin’. What we’re doin’. We’re gonna be bouncing back and forth. You guys always like that anyway, when we get like multiple perspectives. That’ll be a lot of fun. Let’s roll. – [Priscilla] Oh, my god. – [Asa] How you doin? Rockin’ it? – Yep.
– Yep. – Lauren. – Lauren. – [Asa] What are you doin’? – Making TikTok. We’re making TikToker. – Okay. – We’re Playlisting and stuff. – Summer, we really do that. – Look, vlogger, right
there, says it right there. I mean imagine it says
right there, vlogger. (laughing) – We are outside and we are
happy about being outside. – Yeah. – That lobby is like actually crazy, like, we just saw people
from the Hype House if anybody TikTok that
watches the channel. (laughing) we saw people from the Hype
House, so that’s kinda cool. I was telling Asa earlier,
I think it’s kinda cool to see like people that
we see on the internet and you’re like, “Oh, that’s cool.” And you just follow ’em. – Hello.
– But I just can’t imagine how it feels for people
who watch the channel and then see us who are
actually invested in care, rather than just a 60-second video. – Right. – So, it’s pretty cool. – Here you go. We are sittin’ kinda waitin’ in line, in the shade so we don’t get too hot. Mom’s right over there. – [Becca] Hi. – You got these cute little pigtails in. Lookin’ good, lookin’ cute. – You’re out here huggin’ in Playlist. (mouth clicking) (laughing) (clapping) – So I can say that
Abigail’s doing a lot better than she did at TikTok, in the beginning. Now she’s takin’ it like a champ. She’s walkin’ around
– And last year she was at Playlist too. – Yeah, last year too. I only know that from Lydia, so. – We’re chillin’. – Hey, good. – Thumbs up. – Thumbs. – Yeah. – We all have passes now. – [All] Whoo hoo. – We are Playlist Live official. – Abbie look. Look, look, look. – [Becca] Say cheese. Hey Abbie, can you stay in line? – No, no, no. Not my turn (mumbled). – Say hi, just say hi. – Come look. Let’s meet Abbie. – Abbie, can you say, “Hi”? Say hi. – So if you guys are on TikTok, then you probably
recognize these gentlemen. You guys have gone viral, multiple times. – Yes, we have. Amazing time. He wants to meet like all the stars now. – [Asa] Well you are a star so. – Come on. – Come on, okay. Let’s go say hi to my
friends though, okay? – No, no, o, no. – Hold on, let me. I want him to have him meet Summer and, – [Isaiah] Yeah, yeah for sure. – 24-hour. – [Isaiah] Holy cow. – He did not sleep last night. – Look at me. – He’s hit his limit. – [Isaiah] Yeah. – [Asa] Say, we get that. We get limits. Oh, my gosh, you so excited. Snacks. Found like a nice chill area. It’s so much fun over here, isn’t it? – Yep. – [Asa] Hello friends. – [Abbie] Eh, ehhhh. – Whooo. – Are we celebrating that
Priscilla hit a 100,000 count yet? – Yeah. – And also. – [Asa] We haven’t actually
talked about it in the vlog yet. – Sorry. – [Asa] Thanks, Lauren. – Oh, my gosh. – [Asa] By the way, Priscilla
hit 100,000 on TikTok. – [All] Whoooooo! – [Asa] Whooo, my wife’s
TikTok famous and she’s hot! (laughing) – [Isaiah] So much. All right guys, hop on. – Hi Abigail. – Hi Abb, how are you? – So Abbie is a YouTube star. – Awesome. – Abigail, hey can you say “Hi”? Can you wave? – Over there. – Yup she hit half a
million for the (mumbles) Didn’t you? – You’re so adorable. – Can you say, thank you? – [Isaiah] Over there to him. Say thank you, all right. – I think you should, come on. – You stand over there. Ah, sweet girl. – Look Abb, cookies. Yeah. – So cute. – Can you give a hug? There you go. – Aw, thank you. Thank you. – Thanks Vince, so much. – Bye. (laughing) – [Asa] Abbie, wasn’t he nice? – I’ve never seen so much. – [Asa] He was the nicest guy. – He was. – Yeah. – Okay, so the question is, why Playlist? Because Playlist is like,
it’s a TikTok thing for sure. Right, like the majority of
people here are TikTok creators. There are some YouTube creators. We have seen some YouTube creators. I mean there’s a bunch in this room, but it’s primarily TikTok, but why TikTok? Because TikTok is a kid’s app, right? Well, so is Instagram, so is Facebook. Facebook was for college students. Now it’s like where we live. ‘Cause it’s like mom central, you know. All these moms out here
that are on Facebook. It’s just, because we’re
all content creators, so we get on the platforms
that are growing. And TikTok is growing. It’s a great place for us
to put some of our content. And when people comment on there, “Oh hey, I finally found your TikTok.” ‘Cause they watch us on YouTube. Other people see that and they’re like, “Oh, they have a YouTube channel.” And they go and they look
for your YouTube content, ’cause there’s a link on
there for our YouTube channel. So it’s just about puttin’
our name out there. It’s the business side of things. The best part is we have
so much fun doing it. You guys see that we like
make TikToks every evening. – Well and the other thing
is, you think about the family that we met, just downstairs,
Zach and his brother, – Thatcher. – Thatcher. – Thatcher and Zach, right? – And Zach, yeah.
– Yeah. – We met them and they have,
he has a special needs brother. So we’re gonna be able
to collaborate with them in the special needs
community, so you know to bring more awareness
and acceptance on TikTok. I mean we just met a famous TikToker. And he was so freakin’ sweet with Abigail. You know, so he actually messaged me back. I’m shocked. – [Asa] That’s so cool. But every platform, you
know it just makes sense. And that is the business side of it. I mean it’s what we do. It’s not just because it’s
a kid thing or whatever. ‘Cause guess what? Those kids are gonna be
adults in just a couple years and then it’s gonna be
less of a kid thing. – I feel like there’s way more adults on it than people think too. – Come here. – There’s definitely more. (laughing) – Whooo! – [Asa] That was a whole scene. – She wraps herself around me. (laughing) – She’s in there, – I know. – [Asa] Abbie has been making
everyone sit on the bed with her, ’cause like, come here. And everybody’s gotta
get on the bed with her. – All right, Abb. – We were all on the bed,
sitting here laughing. – Well see, you wanted me here, gosh. – [Asa] Abbie, you lovin’
having all of your people, huh? – She does. (loud crowd chatter) – Get over here. – [Asa] Yeah. – Of course,. My name is Shawn and I was
in your TikTok comment. – Aw. Thank you. – Hi Abbie. – Can you say hi? There’s a lotta people in here, huh? – So then you have like the
business side of TikTok, right. Like there’s this famous dentist. He’s the TikTok dentist. If you’re on TikTok,
you’ve seen him before. – Yeah, there he is. – Where’d he go? – He’s over there. He’s walking away. – [Isaiah] He’s over there. – Anyway, I wonder how that
is like improved his business. – But you know we talked about it before. There’s CPAs that give like CPA like, – Tips.
– Tips and tricks. I mean there’s all kinds. Real estate people. It’s for everybody. – Like I wonder how much more business he has as a dentist. I guarantee it’s quadrupled the size. – He teaches a lot in there though. And he’s good at it so. – He was on it. I saw where he was on the news, he was on like the local news, yeah. – I’m sure, because all the
kids are wanna go to him. – Right, I would go to him,
if he were in my, yeah. – [Asa] How ya’ doin’ Abb? – Good. – I wanna know the guys, – [Asa] Yeah, of course. – I don’t know how, I was going to do this. – We’ll just stand behind you. (loud crowd chatter) – [Asa] That’s the famous dentist. That’s the famous dentist. Is this the greatest hotel ever? – [Isaiah] Yeah, I know
the ceilings messed up. – [Asa] But look, they have
all your snacks and stuff and you can come in here
and pick whatever you want. – Yeah. – Come on, pick something. – [Asa] Go pick a snack, ’cause dinner’s not for a little while. I mean it’s not a bad choice, but they have a lot of other things too. – [Isaiah] Hey look over there, Abb. No, keep going over there. Go that way. – This over here. – Oh. (laughing) – [Asa] Bingo. – What is this? – A cookie. – [Asa] Bingo, we found a winner. Oh, wow, oh wow that’s a big ole’ cookie. Here let her choose which one she wants. – Look, now this is oatmeal raisin. You probably think it’s chocolate chip. Look, do you want this one or this one? – [Asa] Can we pick. – The big one. – [Asa] Good choice, smart girl. Here, I’ll put that one back. – I saw you guys came last year. And I was like, I didn’t
know you guys came last year. – Yeah, where are you from? – I’m from Australia, but
I live here in Florida. – Oh, okay. – [Asa] What’s your name? – Camille. – [Asa] Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – That’s awesome. – [Asa] We had to come get Abbie a cookie. – Yeah, she was like dying for something. We have dinner reservations at nine. – Oh, wow yeah. – What part of Florida do you live in? – I live in Orlando. – Oh, okay. – I live like 10 minutes from here, so. – Oh, awesome. – Yeah. – You get to come and hang
out for the day or whatever. – Yeah. – [Asa] Thanks for showin’ up KayLynn. We can eat now. – How ya’ feeling’ champ. – Hi. – Yeah. – [Asa] There’s the vloggin’
nerds, got their cameras out. Ready for the fire. I still make (muffled). – I know, what are you talking
about, you’re doing it too. – [Cook] A little bit more, ready? Set, and go. – [All] Whoo! – Ahhhh. – Ahhhh. – [Asa] Look at that. Is that cool? Is that good, did you like that? – Nooo. You doing okay? These restaurants it’s
always a lot, isn’t it? It’s always a lot. You’re all done? Well, we’re gonna eat dinner first, okay? (sizzling foods) – Mickey got sun tan. – Oh is that Mickey? – [All] M-O-U-S-E. – [Asa] We’re doin’ good now. Holy cow, whew. You like it huh? Abbie loves Japanese food. – I love you. – [Asa] Say good night. – I’m so proud of you, okay. You did so good. – Give my love. – What do you mean, where you all goin? – I know, good night, I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow okay? Okay? – [Asa] She’s sleepin’
(in a whisper voice) Time the girl lay down, I came up. They stayed down, just to hang out. So they have people watch. It’s a pretty crazy people watchin’ event, but I got work to do, so. Let’s go. Gotta get this vlog out
for you guys for tomorrow. See you tomorrow, bye. (whispering) – [Asa] Did you have fun? – We did. (laughs) – Asa, guess what? – [Asa] What? So I messaged Cooper on Instagram and sent her the picture. She answered me back. She said, thanks for messaging me., I have cousins with autism
and Down’s syndrome. And I helped them a lot when I was younger and I have so much respect for families who do what you do and take such good care of their families. Thank you for being
such an amazing person. The world needs more people
like you and Abigail’s family. – Look at you talkin’ to, famous people.
– Famous people. – And she followed me. (snickers)


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I'm so sad I just got the notification for this! Sometimes I really wonder if youtube actually care about the creators and their audiences! When people like asa and family put this much time and patience into making amazing vlogs, the least youtube can do is send out the notifications on time!

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Pricilla, you are looking thinner in every video I see of you. You are crushing the weight loss thing. So proud of you. Your an amazing moma and congrats on 100,000 on tick tock. I would love to meet you and the family if you ever venture back to Oregon. Blessings

Awwww when Becca and Abbie were doing fish bubbles was the cutest I think she was trying to give Becca kisses oh the girl melts my heart

You guys are awesome you have helped me with my autism son in so many ways love abby and the whole family along with summer and bekka I cant thank you enough would love to meet you all in person would love to have my son issac go and visit you one day that would make his dream come true also would make mine his dream would love to go to Disneyland or disneyworld wish I could make his dream come true cant thank you enough for being there and I will give you my fool support

I watch y'all all the time… Abbie is a smart girl and i love her watching her smile and having fun… Isaiah is such a amazing brother….. Summer is such a amazing woman and seeing summer and Abbie having a bond like they do is wonderful

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Awww that Tick- Tocker was the most sweetest and nicest man ever!!! That warmed my heart so much!!!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’– I always say that too, the world needs more people like you guys and Abigail, you all are so kind, generous, wholesome sweet and loving, the world needs more of that! ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ xoxoxoxo

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Alternate title for this video: Maass Squad Defends TikTok for 13 minutes and 54 secs

Also great video-so glad yโ€™all had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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Iโ€™ve noticed lately on Facebook the only people on my friends list that post or interact are moms. Kinda interesting how things have changed in the past year. My husband only watches the funny video clips on there and reason why he likes Tik Tok is the funny videos.

I just had a thought now that Becca and summer are in the vlogs your logos on the start of your channel with the autism puzzle pieces with y'alls faces on them. you should add to more puzzle pieces on to it coming off of Abbies with Becca and summers faces on them. it would be cool cause they are in the vlogs with and for Abbie that's her crew.

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