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thank you Hi, guys hello, to you all from a new Vlog Today we will go to one of the most popular islands in Indonesia, “Pulau Seribu” which is in the Thousand island’s let’s live this pleasant journey together Hi, guys! which they call Pulau seribu, thousand island. the most famous islands of Indonesia, we are going to the most famous islands of Jakarta If we’re lucky, I’il show you a place looks like Maldives I looked at photos from the internet if we are really lucky looks like Phi Phi, Maldives a beautiful island if we are lucky and if can capture this view After two hours we set foot on the island of Pulau Seribu Let’s discover guys, now we are staying “Homestay” i’ll explain to you, what’s “Homestay” Homestay, Let me explain to you Homestay Homestay, you’re stay in a house This kind of accommodation system, where is not too many tourists, an accommodation system on islands that are not very big and do not have many alternatives for accommodation. as like as here you can stay here at the local people’s house In this way, you can give a much lower price more than to the hostel, an apartment you can stay in the house of local people for a small fee. And ofcourse i’ll show you what kind of place that’s it This is what we call “Homestay” a system where you can stay as a cheap alternative in many places Hi, guys! I’m in Pulau Pari island whic is two hours away from Jakarta they called Thousand Island It is a beautiful place with not many foreign tourists. this place, not well known to foreign tourists but here has many of local tourists almost a escape point Like our Island’s it’s a beautiful place I recommend you to come and see. many local tourists are come here, more than foreign tourist it’s here This place is very nice for diving and underwater beauty. you can make a tour around the islands with small boats the people who are ride a bike, taking photos are quite a lot the island has a beautiful view bored and overwhelmed people from jakarta are coming here to relax at the weekend. I recommend you to come to this beautiful island when you come to Jakarta I will give detailed information about the tour, but let me say this short note the prices are about the same as Jakarta. it’s not very exspensive Almost with the same as like as Jakarta but i will give the inform for example: now you are seeing what i already eat “Nasi Goreng” in Jakarta price also 15.000 Rupiah, in here also 15.000 Rupiah I say to myself: “Why doesn’t the wave come here?” Because there is a breakwater in the front so it’s clear here. it’s not so deep not even deep. the reason is this guys… guys… there is not have foreign tourists on the island. There were local tourists on the island, they already come with daily tours on the island right now there are only local people we are here tonight ! There are no cars on the island and public transport on the island is like this. call to prayer time is 6 PM we are on a different beach and this beach is called a star beach. The reason for this name is the fact that there are many sea stars on the island. Reading Qur’an i’m Ninja Hi, Good Morning to everyone I woke up this morning with this noise One side in the Mosque they’re reading Qur’an on the other side: children study at school hello to everyone ! on our second day on the island Today, we have time until the afternoon. At 12 o’clock, we’il take the ferry back to Java. Guys, there’s no ATM in this island there’s no ATM in this island come prepared so that you do not have problems afterwards while talking about ATM When talking to a brother in the past, he has said that, Staying without money in Jakarta it’s almost the same is like being non-beliver in after life I shared this as an anecdote. yesterday, we were at this point but now under the water there is also pergola, you can sit but today under the water Peace be upon you ! And peace be upon you, too Sambal (spicy) okey! Hello !! Peace be upon you And peace be upon you, too After a statement about being without money We are really without money now Local ferry tickets are sold out now, we have to go with privet one speedboat we have to use one of that and the price is little bit expensive but we will go, than what will we do, we’ll see My boy, Reza! My boy, Cihan! and What are we gonna do ? no idea just find shadow baba, let’s eat! Evelien! this is not, not spicy no ? no Where’s our boy ? Alosh! oi let’s eat, oi my boy Hi guys. normally we were supposed to be on the ferry right now, but the ferry was full for this reason, we will go by speed boat at 3 PM price is little bit higher but they’re going to cut the two-hour road to 45 minutes let me give you some information about the island it’s a small island there are many local’s usually local tourist’s are come mostly they come from Jakarta they come daily because it’s a good idea because there is not much activity you can do in here they come for diving they’re taking a photograph it’s 12 o’clock like 2-3 PM everywhere it’s so empty after that hour’s in the island only local people except that, you can not see anymore, who’s taking a photograph one of the most important things on the island there is no ATM we need to be precaution about money when coming to the island The nearest ATM is on the island of Java, 2 hours away that’s it, it’s really good vocation for the weekend but today is Monday probably, today also will be on the road nice, I recommend you to come if you come to Jakarta if you have time for sure, you should see here as well The prices on the island are almost the same as the java island. sorry not java, same as the Jakarta equally expensive It’s not as expensive as Bali or etc. (He’s voice louder than my voice) shortly, prices is not that much expensive almost the same with Jakarta if you come to Jakarta, or already know the prices, you can compare it guys, when you come to Indonesia i suggest to you other than Bali, Lombok in this way, where tourists don’t know much and do not go but where local people know and go. you should also see that islands in this islands also are beautiful good places as you already see in the video Prices also are not that much expensive because local people are coming here they can not give the very high prices for local tourist in this case will be good holiday also for you or vocation for weekend This is the biggest feature that separates the other known popular islands. The most important one here is no ATM no nightclub, no entertainment no live music there’s no place for this also; there’s no foreign brand here there’s no food, or fast-food brand totally for local people that’s why cheap little-known but nice place it would be better for you to look at alternative holiday destinations like this also you do not need to hesitate about local’s how they react to tourists or foreigners no need to hesitate because you are a tourist and you come here for spending money people living on the island they earn money, who came to island if you not come to here, they can not earn money they can only fishing this is to some extent Everybody has a boat, everybody can fish. that’s why they need to earn money and they will earn money who’s from not in that island Because in island There is nothing luxury to satisfy one’s need on the island. these people are also going to Java island for buying what they needed in this case the local’s on the island can not look bad or say bad or something happen negative in this island livelihood is foreigners i slept well in this beautiful silence I slept well now, time to move again in Indonesia, problem with time they said; ferry at 3 PM time is now 4 PM and we are waiting ferry In Indonesia, it’s classic it is necessary to get used to such things Wherever you go whatever the clock forget to go somewhere that hour he, can say “i will come at 3 PM” time can be 4 PM and he still not come yet Bus needs to leave at 3 PM that bus never leaves at 3 PM airplane departs at 3 PM never departs at 3 PM you need to be used to it guys guys, we landed at the end of one and a half hours now grab, or taxi whichever coincides we’re trying to find baba, do you want to sit front ? Does not metter Guys, finally finished and i’m back home see you other videos follow me, bye bye!


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