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Jurlique & Vend POS: the world’s best retailers use Vend

Jurlique & Vend POS: the world’s best retailers use Vend

At Jurlique we hand-pick our ingredients from
our Adelaide farm to produce the purest skincare on earth. That attention to detail needs to
flow through to our customer experience in-store and was a key decision in choosing Vend for
our point-of-sale. We currently have 16 concept stores in Australia
and we were able to deploy an off the shelf solution to support all those stores, it also
has given us the ability and the capability to set up new stores relatively quickly and
expand the solutions globally into other regions. Vend has allowed us to be where the customer
wants to be, we can consult and complete this transaction, take the customer’s details wherever
they are most comfortable. Vend allows us to be very nimble in the way
we operate we are able to literally pick up Vend on a handheld device, connect to our cloud
application and off we go, we start selling. I would recommend Vend for anyone trying to
innovate their customer experience and also to share information across the business.
It’s a simple solution, but very comprehensive, it’s enables us to do stock management, inventory
control, as well as all the traditional things you associate with point-of-sale. We’re able
to deal now with the fun side, the innovation part, bringing value to our customers.
Our customers and team are really loving it because we’ve removed a lot of the barriers
that an old point of sale created.

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