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Keyword Ranking, Seeing Your Adwords Ads, Increasing FB Engagement | Primal 008

Keyword Ranking, Seeing Your Adwords Ads, Increasing FB Engagement | Primal 008

– This week on Three Questions what we’re basically gonna
do is grab the questions our clients ask us on a weekly basis, as well as our audience and the questions they
leave in the comments. And we’re simply going
to be answering them every single week. (upbeat music) Let’s get straight into
the first question. This was asked last week
where a client had asked us, why does a keyword ranking on Google that they’re targeting
for drops in ranking or changes so frequently. So, the answer to that is that based on Google’s algorithm
and their own competitors, there is probably a
hundred different factors as to why a particular keyword and website ranks in that particular
position on a given day. Every time someone’s searching
in a query into Google this is going to trigger the algorithm and then spit out the results that you’re gonna see on the first page. So, the reason why it fluctuates so often is that there are just so
many factors that play a part and one of them is how
relevant is the website. Two, does that website
have any social proof or has that particular page been shared on social media platforms. What are their competitors doing? Are they also conducting SEO activity? Has the website changed recently? There are so many different
factors as to why it fluctuates so when you’re looking at
a keyword and its ranking you need to be looking over the long-term on a monthly basis, and that’s why Primal, as an agency, we look at SEO results on a monthly basis with monthly reporting. And generally, what you want
to see is an upward trend of your keyword rankings over time as opposed to a daily or weekly basis because you’ll just see
too many fluctuations to be able to ascertain whether it’s a positive or negative trend for your SEO activities
that you’re conducting. Question two, we’re gonna talk about why can’t I see my own
ads when I search for them when I know that I’m
paying Google in AdWords to advertise for this particular keyword. So, there’s a few reasons why this is and we do get this question very often. We’ll be advertising for certain keywords, you type it into Google, and it just simply doesn’t display there at the top of Google
when you search for it. So a few different reasons would be you’ve searched too many
times for your own keyword and you haven’t actually
clicked on the ad yourself, which means that Google thinks
that ad’s irrelevant to you because you keep searching for
it and you never click on it and what may happen is that the ad just completely disappears
from every showing to you. Two, the campaign has
probably reached its budget for that day, since AdWords
operate on a daily budget. So, if it hits that budget
and it stops showing, you won’t see that ad
for the rest of the day but you may catch it later on in the day. Also geolocation, so if you’re not targeting
the country that you’re in then obviously you won’t see the ad. Secondly, your bids for that
keyword may not be high enough. So, AdWords works on a bidding model. For search, it’s CPC or cost per click, and basically if you’re
not bidding high enough in the auction, because it’s
an auction-based system, you won’t be able to see the ad. So, you may need to
just increase your bids to start seeing it. Number two, you might have… That particular keyword in the campaign might have a low quality score. So, its Ad Rank can be very low and therefore not display at all. So, that needs to be checked out too. Onto the third question. Why is my engagement so
low on my Facebook content? The reason for that being
is that you may be posting content and you may not be boosting it or paying to promote it. So, 20% of your efforts
should be allocated to producing awesome content and the other 80% should be promoting it to the audience so that you get that reach and you maximise the number of potentially interested
eyeballs on that content. And with the recent changes
in Facebook’s News Feed, or the Explore Feed, whereby
Facebook will start to not prioritise organic
content within the News Feed and allow users to explore other content that is not part of any pages
or friends that they follow. So, as always, it’s always
been increasingly important to always pay to promote your content because Facebook’s organic
reach is slowly declining and even more so with these new tests
that they’re rolling out. It’s very important to always pay to boost your best content. Thanks for listening and if you’d like to leave
a question in the comments, it could be anywhere, YouTube
channel, Facebook page, we’ll happily collate the best ones and hopefully get around to answering them for you next week. Thank you.

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