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Korea Republic Inspired Makeup Tutorial -FIFA World Cup- (NoBlandMakeup)

Korea Republic Inspired Makeup Tutorial -FIFA World Cup- (NoBlandMakeup)

Hey guys, and welcome back to NoBlandMakeup where we do makeup and body paint tutorials, usually with a cosplay twist.
But I am determined to finish this World Cup series that I started. I will finish
it! Today we are doing Korea, and yes I realized that a lot of the first round
matches are already done, but I don’t care. I’m still doing this.
This look is actually the second time I tried to do it. The first time was a
massive train wreck. This one I actually liked a lot more. The white was very
tricky, I’m not gonna lie- but we’ll get into all of that later. For the record
though, this video is sponsored but that’s something for later as well. So
I’m gonna start off by applying white base on the inner and outer corner of my
eye. This was the easier way of figuring out
how I was gonna incorporate that because if you look at the- technically it’s South
Korea, but if you look at the South Korean flag, it’s going to be basically a
white background with almost like a ying yang of red and blue in the
middle, and then some black markings around that. So I kind of wanted to
figure out how to do the white. Doing white eyeshadow on your entire eyelid
does not end well. No, it was pretty bad. I’m not gonna lie. This part was probably the least
complicated of it all. Yeah… It would be. So I went in with some black eyeliner and
instead of lining my entire eye I’m gonna do, almost like fishtail eyeliner,
at least that’s what I’m calling it. I started off with a thicker eyeliner
brush, and a very shaky hand. Coffee… And yep. I decided to go in with a thinner
brush. It was giving me a better effect and more precision, which is kind of what
I wanted to do. I did the first wing, just make sure that you angle it high
enough so that you can add that second one on there and it looks, like makes
your- makes your eye look more open, as opposed to giving yourself less room
and also pointing it downward and making your eye look a little more droopy. I
also went in on the inner corner and gave myself more almond-y shape to my
eye instead of a more rounded one. So as I mentioned before the Korean flag has a
red/ blue yin-yang kind of thing in the middle, so to get that effect, I did a
little bit of blue eyeliner on the top and then line the bottom with blue
eyeliner. And then I also did the same… well opposite I guess… with the red. I
also made sure to blend the red into the black a little bit to kind of give me
more of a “I did this on purpose” kind of look. I think it worked!
Don’t forget to do the same on the bottom and add a little bit of red so
that way you get that yin-yang kind of deal. Technically though I should
have done it on the other side if we’re really doing that, but it is what it is.
Then to finish off the look, I applied some false eyelashes. If you guys want a
full video on how to do that, I’ll have it linked in the cards above. And I also
applied some mascara. If you want to know why I do it backwards, go watch that
video! But also, don’t forget to really get your bottom lashes so that they
stick out just a little bit more. Then because I wanted this to look even more
different- and I wanted to have some fun- I did kind of like a queen Amidala
kind of lip thing with the black and white. I don’t know, I just thought it’d
look cool. And it kind of, sort of, not really went with the look. So I started
off by applying white base on most of my lips, leaving a spot for the black. If you
don’t have a white lip lipstick you can use a white base. I swear I can’t speak
today. Then when I had the white where I needed it I went in with some black
liquid lipstick. This is one of the cat suits from Wet n Wild, and I applied that
starting in the middle part and then applying it on the rest of my lip. Please
make sure that you wait for this to dry before you close your mouth, otherwise
you’re gonna get a lot of transfer and it’s gonna be annoying to clean up. If
you’re too impatient to wait though, I got you! I applied as some black
eyeshadow over the black liquid lipstick just to kind of set it and get it done a
little bit faster. And then because the white base is still
a white base, I’m gonna set it with some white eyeshadow- just so that way it
doesn’t move, I don’t get any transfer, and I don’t have to worry about it-
because I like not worrying about things. Now for anybody who is wondering what I
meant by sponsored, this is the part where I explain it. So basically, I have a
merch store on teespring. And because of monetization rules- and I don’t want
to get sued by the government, I’m gonna tell you this is that this is advertised.
But yeah, if you guys want any NoBlandMerch the link will be in
the description down below. But this is the finished look! And this is third day
hair! I’m kind of liking it though. So what do you guys think of this look? Is
this Korean flag eye, is this like wearable at all? Let me know, because apparently I
am NOT good at figuring out what is wearable and what is not. But if you guys
did enjoy this video, don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up! Subscribe to see
what comes out of my Channel next, and I’ll see you guys in the next one! Bye!


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