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LA POLVERE SOTTO AL TAPPETO. L’Africa come mai è stata raccontata prima. Mohamed Konarè

LA POLVERE SOTTO AL TAPPETO. L’Africa come mai è stata raccontata prima. Mohamed Konarè

Konaré! Good evening Good evening to you! Finally we can meet again after almost a year and a half,
from our first and last interview. Compared to that time, can we safely say that your life has changed?! Really! In the Italian world, yes. As for Italian civil society, I think that interview allowed lots of people to understand what I had been talking for years about the CFA franc, because before of our interview I did almost everything in French. From that moment on, I realized that Italian civil society knew little or nothing
about what was happening in Africa, so I worked to explain in a simple, clear way what the real African situation is. Since the summer of 2018 to today, you have done
many conferences, some conferences where you explained in detail the mechanism of the CFA franc, you have continued to publish many videos
(something also on Me +), and above all you have prepared a complaint. To the international criminal court. Do you want to tell us what it is? Okay. After the response from the international criminal court, I worked extensively, it took almost a year to accumulate
more evidence, more documents. I translated them in French, in Italian and in English, and I will soon put them online,
then I’ll see what the Court will answer. Based on this we will understand if it is an international criminal court
or if it is a penal court of the oligarchy. Why do you ask the Court? I have brought all the documentation as well as
the testimony of many Africans on the motivations of mass immigration that we see. I do not call it immigration, I call it mass deportation, and then later I will be able to give the reasons why I say is a mass deportation, because if we just look at it from the Libyan coast towards Italy,
we don’t understand anything of everything that happens upstream, instead we have to start to understand
why they arrive there, how they get there, then we can look for solutions. But the solutions have to be simple, as I always repeat: “Stop plundering Africa”, because as long as Africa is put in check by this monetary system, the CFA franc, as I repeat always, it is a monetary system that France copied from the German Nazi state. Germany, when it took control of France like all other subjugated states, what did it do? It takes control of the economic lung of France. The first thing that Germany has done is take control of the French economy, devalue the French Franc first, then change the French Franc with a German mark (did you understand?) under his control.
It is the same system that France, after 1945, used with Africa, and it has shed blood to liberate France. On December 25, 1945, with a de Gaulle decree
he applied the same system to Africans. The 15 countries we are talking about, that is the countries of Africa,
west of central Africa and the Comoros Islands, have applied the same system
that allows France practically to get rich for free behind the African people. In your opinion why do we continue to focus attention only on that final bit of the phenomenon, all that it revolves around welcoming, let’s say about integration as they call it (then, we should see how much that is integration) why, in your opinion, do we continue
to focus our attention only on that? To divert public opinion, because
if people start to really understand the causes that provoke the exodus of young Africans,
they would say: “Stop!”. And they cannot be stopped because
they live off the flesh and blood of the African people, and they have succeeded in doing this,
imposing this coin on the African people, this criminal currency of Nazi origin, to continue colonization because … Do you agree with me that this phenomenon is exploited in the same way, indeed with different modalities but at the same level, both by those who are on the one hand and by those on the other side of the political camps? Of course! And I’ve always said that!
Why do you think I’ve always kept myself away from politicians? They all looked for me: from left to right. But knowing that they are all part of a game, that they are all under the dome of this transnational financier power, I cannot stand beside anyone. But there was a political force in which you believed.
Yes. At least the last few times we spoke, the last times we talked about these phenomena, especially the political part of this phenomenon, there was still the government yellow-green and
the 5 Star Movement was in charge of the government like now. Only that it was not allied with the various Marattin, the various PD exponents who denied this for so long, this phenomenon, even simply that of the CFA franc, was called a hoax by Marattin. You also always said a lot of good things about the 5 Star Movement for how it approached the situation, then? Although I had some reservations, knowing how politics works, but I really appreciated the courage that young Italian politicians had to denounce
something that has lasted for 75 years. About the CFA franc criminal monetary system, everyone knew, apart from the peoples, all the oligarchy knows it but they kept it hidden, they made sure that nobody… even some Bocconi’s professors knew nothing about the CFA franc. But do you think the 5 Star Movement’s struggle over the CFA is over? From what I am seeing, since France has recalled its ambassador to Rome, it has no longer been discussed. Was it January of this year of 2019? CFA franc is no longer discussed. It only talks about reception and non-acceptance when the problem is not that. we are hundreds of millions in Africa! As long as we are forced to stay in this new form of slavery,
because slavery is and nothing else, young Africans will leave, and 70% of the African population is under 30! Do we realize what can happen? Thus we face the problem, I don’t even talk to the politicians anymore, I talk with the people so that we put pressure
on this oligarchy to try to change this monetary system. But people have been told that they are trying to get out of the CFA franc with a new currency called Eco. It’s a mega lie, it’s a mega lie and I wrote it. Whoever goes to see in the African world what is happening about the Eco, because it is all censored, will realize that it is a mega lie. We have asked that France comes out: 1) our currency must no longer be beaten in France; 2) France must completely withdraw from the African currency. Well none of this happens. The currency, the Eco will continue to be beaten in France, the institutions remain the same, the principles of this currency remain the same. Nothing has changed! They just changed the names, and why did they do it? Because they realized that a discussion that was held in an African elite, 99% corrupt, came to the low people. The Africans have begun to understand, indeed they have understood the damage caused by the CFA franc,
so all the African populations are standing. What else could we do? They played the three card game,
pretending to change without changing anything. And all the Pan-African movements have stood up to say that in 2020 this Eco currency won’t have to be born,
because it’s just changing money without … Governments instead? African governments …
How do they deal with Eco? It’s them… to say African governments in my opinion is also a lexical mistake because we are always colonies. Delegations, we could say… That’s it… We do not have control of our territory. Africa is militarily occupied at all strategic points. About G5 Sahel, today, today like yesterday, in Mali, youth is standing to call for the departure of all foreign armies because we understand the game of fake terrorism
to try to balkanising Africa. The problem of the Balkanization of Africa
is a project they have in mind since the 1960s, they have never been able to started it. Today they have the emergency to do so, so they have invented
terrorism in black Africa that does not exist. What does it exist? There are groups of malefactors who are funded, trained, supported by french services
and protected by the french army. In Africa, in Mali, if you go to see on African sites you will see everything, you can check everything I’m telling you. Is that what you’re going to report on?
This also? Yes, this is also part of it. I took the whole situation, both the french monopoly, that is the french industries, how do they monopolize the whole African economy, both the military occupation, the positioning of the french military bases, and how do they bring those who are willing to take their part of the pie, betraying his own people because this is the African situation. Eugenio our constitutions were written by the french, the military agreements between Africa and France are secret,
the little we know is disarming. And how do you see it, let’s say,
the evolution of the Italian presence in North Africa? In recent years, practically since Gaddafi fell, since Gaddafi has been dropped, it vanished … But it was known, it was known that if Gaddafi had fall through
it would skipped everything there. Today we all know why Gaddafi was killed, just because he wanted to help Africa out of the International Monetary Fund. It’s before our eyes what is happening in Ecuador, because they handed Assange to … the British government, and four and a half billion dollars given to the current president … from the International Monetary Fund… All the austerity policy he has been setting in motion
for a long time of which didn’t talk about, then there was the icing on the cake, about NAFTA
that made the whole Ecuadorian people rise, and we saw the massacres that took place. Who knows how it will end! Gaddafi was the guarantee of stability in this area, not that I say that Gaddafi was an angel, but no one can deny that the Libyan people had a … he had a standard of living that all Arab countries envied. Gaddafi, knowing that the only way to help the African people
was to create an African currency, set up and set in motion, put twice as many funds as the International Monetary Fund
had to create the African Monetary Fund, to create a African currency based on gold. He was trying to do things that would … Destabilized everything…
Destabilized everything, so … All the balance that existed between the West and the exploitation of Africa. That’s it! They decided to assassinate him for this!
It’s simple, and the evidence is there. But you don’t see …
Hillary Clinton’s emails are there for all to see … But don’t you see the danger, however,
that a new power may come to colonize much of Africa? For example we talk a lot about China lately. Of course the danger exists, but the Chinese have never colonized Africans, and the Chinese are in Africa to do business. Anyone who arrives in Africa sees such unchecked terrain, where they do not exist … I say: “we are colonies! “. And anyone, because Africa is considered as the reservoir
of raw materials and strategic materials, everyone goes to try to take his part.
This is the reality of the facts! As we explain that some people remain in power 30-40 years supported by France, they massacre anyone who opens their mouths, and because the French get rich, when I say French, I precise well: here we are talking about an oligarchy, not people! And we have the proof under our eyes! The French people have been on the road for a year. What happened? Dead, mutilation, arrest … Repression in general.
Repression in all its forms. Of course, today we live in a rather peculiar world, in this sense: what we see, which we saw in France
with yellow vests could also be similar to what you were saying … that you were telling before Ecuador,
and similarly as what is happening in Hong Kong. Even in black Africa. But then, if we go to see the matrix, let’s say the motivations, or even the forces that … probably have stimulated certain movements, are of a totally different matrix. Let me explain better: in Hong Kong
a spontaneous movement there is probably very little, because there are some …
I agree. There, there are interests in the destabilization
of Chinese domestic politics and the maintenance of some powers that are stable, present within Hong Kong that are not comparable to the situation, for example, in France. Like the Arab springs. Exactly! Exactly! What I wanted to say! Being a very complex moment, Now you have found a reading key to be able to decipher this type of events or we must continue to go on at the mercy … ? I think we are witnessing a gigantic struggle between two powers, two visions of how to get to what we all call the New World Order. Looking at current American politics, one realizes. The Clinton clan and that of the current president, we see the fierce confrontation that is being made between them. So there are two visions of how to get to a project, a single project, but in substance they are the same powers that struggle
between them and humanity is in the midst of these! Eugenio I think it is precisely the paradigm in which we live that must change! It will be a long process. Urgently, what needs to be done, speaking of my people,
is to get out of this criminal currency, because as long as Africa is in this situation, in this monetary economic system, in this French monopoly (in quotation marks I am forced to specify the
“oligarchy French and its industrial oligarchy”), African countries will die of hunger. Just look at the principles of this coin … to understand that it is … it is putting invisible chains on you. That’s all! Africa is a concentration camp on a continental scale. We all remember Auschwitz. What happens in Africa is like Auschwitz on 31 million square km. It will be a bit strong but we must explain to people, in order to better understand the condition of the African people. Africa is a concentration camp where children, women, old people and young people die of hunger and war every day. Anyone who says there are states in Africa, is taking the whole world around! Africa as we know it… these states come out of the Berlin Conference where the oligarchy, the same western oligarchy
has met and has divided Africa like a cake: everyone has taken his part. Someone tried to give a little breathing space to his territory, as the English do, they are very soft, but the French have an unprecedented violence because they starve … look at that … Do you know that someone wrote to me that you, when you speak French, say racist things towards the white people? Let’s put it this way: white populations. Oh well … let he find the text where I wrote something like that and discuss it. What I write is all on the net so anyone can read it, but look that is only … it’s just a way of trying to discredit the fight we’re doing. They tried to deny the CFA franc, they fail, then they will try in every way to discredit my person
because I am becoming a problem for them, but who knows in what system we live … We all know that it is a struggle between the peoples and the 1%: a transnational elite! Those who have understood this cannot …
Even in the African world there are extremists who want to go into confrontation with other peoples,
but it is all people manipulated by the system because they need to divide to be able to control. I was Saturday in Rome, I came to Rome only for that demonstration, it was an Italian demonstration: what’s a racist doing in there? You answered with the facts, let’s put it this way.
That’s. Then another part of your detractors say you work
for America because you never name it. What is the role of America in this … How… how are the United States moving in Africa? Because … I know for sure, I know for sure that Americans too play their game in Africa so they have tried through the evangelical churches to penetrate Africa. There are many American NGOs that are actually all CIA stuff. These are details we know. We know that AFRICOM is trying to set up a base in Senegal in a little while, so Americans, like everyone else,
are trying to get hold of African territories. For the first time in China’s history, it opened
an external military base, where it did it? In Africa. China has done it?! China.
Ok. Everyone tries to occupy the African territory because they know that it is the reservoir of raw materials, of strategic materials. If one day the Africans block the departure of African riches,
the economy of the world trembles! This is the truth! The factories stop, everything comes from there! Meanwhile, the African people run away from their land because of false terrorism, for piloted wars, because all the wars they make in Africa under the name of human rights democracy are only manipulation. Bomb democracy? We bring democracy with bombs? We leave dictators in power? Currently, as they can no longer do anything, they are pushing African dictators to change the constitution to stay in power. In Guinea since yesterday there are 5 dead;
the population is still in the street; the situation in Mali, in Kidal, just go online and see everything that’s happening. In Cameroon they are trying to create a secession. I give you the case of Ghana which is not part of the CFA franc,
which is an ex-English colony. When Ghana refused the help of the International Monetary Fund, because they imposed it on you, a secession was immediately born in Ghana. A few weeks ago there was a coup d’etat: this is the system! But nothing is known here in Italy.
No one talks about it. Nobody… The media system is completely … mute. Nobody talks about it, that’s all …
The CFA franc tried to deny the evidence. But we can also say: “in all information”.
Because apart from Me+ and very few channels on the web, it doesn’t talk at all about Africa. No. There is total censorship, there is total censorship. After the last trip of Macron and the declarations
that the Italian politicians are making, I said to myself, here we have to move because
they are trying to disguise everything. Do you see how these people contradict each other? A few months ago the Italian government, in the person of Minister Di Maio, had the courage to pull out of the words that resonated in deep Africa. Today he no longer says anything, in fact they talk about cooperation, agreements with a country like Senegal where the current dictator of Senegal, with all the scandals that have come out on the BBC,
bribes about oil, all the robberies they do, arrests anyone who speaks. Every day someone is arrested, others are murdered. Go see the prisons in Africa: it is full of prisoners for opinion crimes. Do you know what I was thinking Konaré? That, as long as we from here, from Italy, from Rome, we are now in Rome, we talk about these things, we see them very far apart, that is, we see them as an absolutely incomprehensible phenomenon,
but it has its sense because there are resources, it is always gone a little like this, the powers are those that are and so on. But I’m thinking, but if tomorrow something like that should happen to Italy, then disappear from the world media scene, while people are being abused, on … while wars are being produced, while the territory is being looted, I don’t know how much it is really understandable,
above all because as you said you … Today if we talk about immigration,
(Konaré: Therefore we must explain…) if Di Maio talks about it, if anyone else talks about it, it talks about hotspots in Libya rather than in Tunisia,
someone talks about a naval blockade, someone else talks about indiscriminate reception, but then they don’t really face which are the issues. Libya does not even exist anymore. Libya is “no man’s land”, where each group has a piece of territory. This puppet government, trying to pass off as a new Libyan government, we see the current events are there for all to see, so talking about hotspots in Libya is a bluff. The truth is that they want to deport African youth. It’s all here. They want Africa without Africans. Then we are a bit realistic, let’s look around, when you travel around Italy for Europe,
you see what conditions Africans live under. Nobody helps them, nobody. They are thrown behind the stations to sleep in conditions,
to live in inhuman conditions, and then they pretend to want to help people at sea and then leave them in the streets, put them in the condition that … working as slaves. But you know what? In times of slavery, the master did not … the bosses wasn’t useful to let be born other child slaves, and they exploited you to the death because the market was open, there were always new slaves coming, then:
“if one dies I buy another one at low cost”. In the French “Black Code”, one could change a slave with a packet of cigar. Yes today we do the same thing with consumers probably, no? It’s the same thing! Young Africans … But do you think something has to do with the fact that
Europe is being emptied of Europeans? If the data is correct, almost 200,000 young people leave Italy. Of course every year. Maybe even 300,000 if I’m not mistaken. Why do they leave? Nobody leaves his land because he doesn’t like it, one goes because he is forced. Africans leave … But above all, Italians are not born. That is the problem.
But it is politics wanted by … but Eugenio I don’t want to enter into certain … because things must be given in small doses. But in fact my question is more precise: according to you this system,
which is implemented in Africa on a daily basis, is also due to the fact that no more Europeans are born
and therefore there is a need for a population that is consumer, producer, citizen in some way, that is gear of a particular system? Yes but, even if children are born in Italy,
but those who are there, because they leave? This is the real question. If those who are young Italians remain, it is that there is need for other people, one can say: “well we have young people in full employment, we need people to work, we get them from official channels with visas, with things … but the young Italians leave, the hungry young Africans, under the wars, flee under the dictatorship. Eugenio a cigarette in Africa is a luxury! Here, however, about this, why do you think, it is said in the newscasts, in political rallies: “we need immigration because we need manpower, because we need people who pay pensions to our elders, and so on …” and then do not develop those official channels to make … It’s a lie! It’s a lie! We go to Southern Italy to see how the Africans who work in the fields live there, and this has lasted for twenty years, from the early 1990s to the present. The population that works in the plantations in the fields has tripled. They live in condition in the abandoned houses, in the middle of the forests, without any right, for some change they work per day. Do you think an Italian at home would accept such a situation? No! He prefers to leave or stay at home but will not accept to be exploited by another Italian. But, in your opinion, why do European governments
not create regular official immigration channels? It’s because they want a fight, they want a fight and all this is part of a project, a diabolical project. When there was still the Conte-uno government, every day I repeated it: “Either we try to do something or here there will be a clash between the poor!”. Because the poor Italians, massacred by the system, will take it out on the poor Africans, who run away from this concentration camp that is Africa,
to at least try to have a meal a day. And I think is because they don’t know the reality of the West at present. At least here you don’t miss a meal a day, in Africa they doesn’t have even drinking water. Look at Niger, from where France takes all its uranium, The so-called president of Niger arrives in Italy,
they receive him with great pomp, commercial agreements … no! It is also that the Italian oligarchy wants its share of the cake, as does China, as do all the others, because we are in a predatory system! Eugenio the real economy is only 5%, all the rest is speculation. The primary market and the secondary market …
almost everything is done on the secondary market today, so the real economy no longer exists. If you do not invest in human resources, if you do not invest in companies, if you do not give people the opportunity to work in dignity,
we find ourselves in this situation. Look, we’re not far from there in Europe!
Let’s look at what happened in Greece! Greece has become like an African country! You, yourself, did an interview in Greece, which I saw …
More than one! Here, you have been there, so you know very well
what the Greek situation is. Who put the Greeks in this condition? There was a bit of what we were saying earlier, so before the IMF imposed a loan on balance sheets, which at a certain point come out to be distorted and then in the last three years? Four years? Yes, Greece has completely disappeared from information radars. Nobody talks about it anymore.
Nobody talks about it anymore and when I was there (I’ll tell you from experience with Tiziana Alterio, you talk about the interviews with her: two are published on Byoblu, three on MePiù) the thing evident, that just leaks from the streets, from the …
from the buildings, from the people, from the looks, is a total resignation, a total discomfort for having fought and somehow lost a war, which is not really lost, is simply turned off! It is because the Greeks had put great hope in Tsipras, then they sent him to power. He went to Brussels, returned and applied everything the speculative financial criminal oligarchy had asked him to do. It’s just that. Tsipras has betrayed his people, as some guys here are trying to betray the Italian people and these guys … these people will not be telling the truth
about what is happening in Africa. One of the reasons why I joined the demonstration of Italian civil society and I also said on … in the various interviews I released: “We have only one chance: to create a humanitarian cordon, a human belt of all peoples against this small oligarchy, which is starving the whole world!” We have just talked about Ecuador, we see what happened in Venezuela. It is there for all to see! The attack on Syria?! Do you have an idea of how we can really get out of this paradigm, which, in my opinion, the only way to get out
of a paradigm is to create a new one, otherwise it won’t come out. Do you have an idea? First of all, become aware of the situation in which we are: that is why we must speak to the people …
And that’s why we’re here! Here, explain what is happening behind the scenes Look what they did to Julian Assange! Can such an elite respect human rights? A country like France, which has been massacring hundreds of million people for decades … I don’t want to go back to the times of slavery, forced labor, I say, from false independence to today this oligarchy is slaughtering the African people under the eyes of all and it allows to give lessons to other people? When they call the G7, a meeting to talk about Brazil without calling the Brazilian leaders? They do what they want! Except that the mass can’t understand it, because those who turn on the TV, go and hear the debates they make,
they talk about something completely different! I say, I repeat: “Every people has the right to live in peace and dignity on its land! This is a natural right and as long as this is not effective on this earth there will be no peace!”. They talk about saving the globe while massacring the beings that live there. All: animals, humans, plants … massacre everything! We must understand that there is a struggle,
there is a fierce war between us and this elite and as long as we are divided into whites against blacks,
blacks against blacks, whites against whites, Muslims against Christians, Jews against Muslims,
those will continue to dominate. Speaking of divisions, this is the big problem
of pan-Africanism you told me. Because … as always the system creates … how false terrorism is created
so they create false pan-Africanist movements, or they see a person, who is truly capable, they buy it. For some years now I have decided not to go down in politics, to do this struggle to awaken consciences,
to bring out the suffering of the African people, then there are people that are cut out to do politics, how there are people that are cut out to take care of
an economy based on the human being, at the service of the human being,
not the human being at the service of an economy, because here they have overthrown everything Eugenio! I have seen the last few decades as they have destroyed everything about all the rights won by young people …
by the Italian people regarding work. The icing on the cake was the Jobs Act and this Jobs Act is applying it everywhere in Europe. There is the market that commands.
That’s it! Peoples no longer command.
No And I say: “if the Italian government wants to play the false game, if it wants to support the French criminal government, let it do it, but it will not be in the name of the Italian people”. The Italian people must know the truth! Africa is a concentration camp guarded by black slave traders, Africans like me, who subjugate their people by force, with the help of the western French army,
particularly in the Sub-Saharan area. This is reality! If they keep … Whoever obeys these powers nobody talks about him,
on the contrary they reward him! Here today, day by day, as I said before,
is the 32nd anniversary of Sankara’s death. Today is October 15th, 2019. It’s 32 years that they killed Sankara. And Sankara said that there is a common enemy.
And of course! But do you think this statement is not a little dangerous? Do you know a little social conflict?
What is clear is that there is an elite that is subjugating all peoples through the economic-financial system. Today in Europe we hear more, so the French are on the street, so the Italians have begun to demonstrate, but we live in a way 1000 times more violent for decades! I agree with this, I am a little less in agreement that it is the elites who impose this. In my opinion, we also have a great deal of responsibility in giving it power to these elites. Ah well, with TVs they have control.
The information that real journalists, real media, the work you are doing now, should give, they don’t! But there is also … And I agree with you …
They scare the people with the spread, which is a hoax! And I agree with you, but there is also to say that
turning on the television is a choice! Yes, however, Eugenio, people go to work, come back in the evening, turn on the TV to watch a movie, to hear the information,
what happens and you hear the same things as if it were on unified networks: go to Rai1, the debate is welcome versus not welcome,
Rai2, Rai3 Mediaset and La7 always hear the same things! A lie repeated many times becomes a truth!
It is clear. To the point that nobody stops to ask: “But why are these Africans running away from their home? Africa as it was … How were these states created? Those who are in power who they really are? What is their human and professional path? What is the role to speak of our area,
of France in the African economy?”. People do not know, for example, that all the small mechanisms
that France has set in motion sneakily to gain control of African central banks. Today things are out, but still many people must really understand what is happening in Africa, so we must move the debate from acceptance – not acceptance of what is happening on African soil, so I always repeat: “Africa is an Auschwitz to continental dimension, that is a concentration camp of 31 million square kilometers.” All they say about Africa are lies, there is no democracy there, there is not even a state. The names of the African countries were given by the settlers! Ivory Coast is not called Ivory Coast! We must start from the beginning
to make people understand what the real situation is, but public opinion rises because it sees ships, people dying at sea! It is a shame and we only talk about the Mediterranean Sea,
nobody talks about the border with America: there are thousands of Africans stranded in Mexico. They call me every day, they send me videos,
they explain to me what’s going on, I promised you will talk about it,
but I’m so busy with so many things, that I had even promised to call them, I haven’t done it yet! From all sides, people run away to try to enter Europe, because they want it, because they want it. If they don’t want, nobody moves from Sub-Saharan Africa: why did the Malian youth attack a French military base two days ago? Because they understood that this military base
is there to try to divide their country, as they did in Sudan: they divided Sudan in two:
Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan. South Sudan is full of oil. I know today with certainty that a poor country like Senegal … In reality the Senegalese could live for decades without anyone working, only from the proceeds of the wealth they have. Where do these riches go? Lately all the scandals that the BBC has put out
about corruption on Senegalese oil, in Italy it is not discussed.
Zero. Therefore I always told you (privately I told you Eugene)
I don’t like to be called leader. I don’t care about this … all these appellations, names … no! I must be considered as an angry African, but very pissed off, because this crime against my people,
which has been going on for decades and decades, under the eyes of everyone,
disguised by the international institution, who go to sit and manipulate the girls like Greta to talk about the climate and all this: to save men at sea, when in reality Africa is in this condition because to Africa has been imposed a monetary system
that prevents it from growing. Then we will have the opportunity to talk
about the CFA franc in all its steps, to refresh people a little. Today they can no longer deny the evidence
of the crime against humanity, which is the CFA Franc, so they are trying to disguise things with the new African currency: the ECO, that other. I read all the statements to the newspapers …
I said nothing, because I know that this works, because here in Italy
they realized that the population understood something and this is scary for the people … in power. Of course, the whole ECO speech came out just later … Yes yes!
Of what we have combined … That is, but two days ago France made a statement saying: “We will try to improve this monetary system,
we will do so, we will give more possibilities, we will make openings.” All this is because France has its back to the wall. An oligarchy, because here the French civil society has nothing to do! An oligarchy that massacres millions of people a day! Is this a genocide and allows itself to throw … warning to other states? Whenever you see the French state opening its mouth
on human rights somewhere, know that it does so because their interest is compromised, it does so because the oligarchy, behind this little boy from Macron, gave him orders to do so. It’s all here! And anyone who comes to power in France,
from the extreme left to the extreme right, for the past 70 years in these parts, have done nothing but reinforce the CFA franc! But if people do not wake up, according to you what happens? They will take us to this new world order in which man …
we all become bar codes and nothing else. And artificial intelligence is put at the service of man is a positive thing, but used against man becomes a lethal weapon, right? We certainly agree!
And they use it against us, they don’t use it to improve our lives! I tell you, I make one last joke, you remember, when the Euro came, that Prodi said that … “… you will work a day less and earn as if you had worked an extra day …” And the same Prodi … The damage he has done in Mali, one day we will talk about it again,
so I say that this transnational oligarchy, this criminal oligarchy, hidden behind the economy, finance … Eugenio I remember when 25-30 years ago here in Italy …
you walked in the Italian cities and you saw the shopkeepers … Everything disappeared!
All closed All closed
Yes yes, the shutters are all down now, only the shopping centers are open. These boys are boys born the other day, between 15-25 years … It will be normal for them. It will be normal for them.
Certainly. However, for an elder like me, who has seen Italian
and French companies transform, I get scared! Artificial intelligence can allow man to live in another way, that is, to have more time for himself, to meditate, to enjoy this world: it is all a matter of redistributing wealth, it is not said,
it is not written by no part that a human being has to work for 10 euros a day to live! Do you believe there will be a flattening?
There will be no fundamental clash, for example Giulietto Chiesa speaks of an imminent war, others argue that instead there will not be,
that there will be other types of trials! I don’t know, that …
You spoke to me earlier, you spoke to me before the barcode, so if the populations, the peoples do not wake up,
the destiny will be the barcode, then a total flattening? Do you believe this? It is so, but when you look in the cities you see zombies,
frustrated, in all the cities of the world and our frustrations are discharged between us, while they are there. On the one hand I agree with Giulietta Chiesa,
indeed I would say that we are already in a third world war, but it is not a war like the ones we have known before, but we are at war: it is a war between humanity and an elite. And if they do not come to their ends, if they are not denounced and shown to everyone, with their faces to all of them, their methods, their system, those here, because with the weapons we have today, if a war breaks out, who knows how it ends. Then we already know that they want to diminish the world population and let’s see how things will go, because …
To diminish, do you mean to decrease in number? Of course!
Lower the number. And they don’t even hide it! When they start saying that there won’t be enough resources for humanity it’s a lie! But surely that of uncontrolled population growth is a theme today. It is a theme that is being pursued.
Yes it is a theme I speak of Africa: they are 31 million square kilometers; there are millions of lands that can be cultivated: only Africa can feed the whole world! Let it be clear how, when I say: “It is a theme!”
I do not say that it is a problem, but it is one of the issues that are being
addressed at high levels of debate, so, right now …
The problem is that those … That … that speech you are making about decreasing the number of world population is a topic that is being addressed at high levels. Of course.
Right now.
Yes. Because, fundamentally, the problem then,
in my opinion, will emerge even stronger when there are those technologies that will make … In 2050 Africans will be two billion! … which will also make the immigration of Africans useless.
When will there be … I say: “We will be two billion!”, but it’s an estimation to the downside, because, whoever says he goes to survey the African people,
he does it approximately… Of course, clear!
… because it does not come from all sides. Imagine the two million … two billion hungry people. It’s clear! And imagine that there will be
many others here that will be equally hungry! I saw the welfare of the Italian people thirty years ago, I saw how they lived in Italy. Today I look and say: “Good Lord, or wake up now or here ends badly!”. But if you have politicians who continue
to put up with this criminal system, who divert the people, who put Italians against Italians
(let’s not forget Africans), how does it end? The only problem to stop immigration is to free Africa. Until Africa is free, no one will stop immigration. They come to the Mexican borders,
imagine yourself to the Mediterranean! But one thing we must all understand,
because this is very important: they pass because they want to let them pass, otherwise no one passes. If they order their governors in Africa not to let anyone go, no one leaves. It does not take anything to block the Sahelo-Saharan gang, make them pass on purpose! So isn’t naval blockade necessary either? No it is not needed. There won’t even be departures if they really wanted to stop it,
they don’t want to stop it! They use it, to make propaganda, to divert people,
to create new slaves, to create clashes between the poor, while they are there rewarded by their masters,
when you see how much a European parliamentarian takes … Then all the advantages he will have when he finishes his term! They buy consciences. In order not to enter into more in-depth debates, because I already think that I’m giving them some trouble … We have said enough, let’s say,
do you want to add something before saying goodbye? I want to launch an appeal to the current Italian government
even I know it will not be heard. But usually your interviews are also listened
to by government officials, apparently your last interview, which we did on Byoblu in July 2018, was also taken up by an Under-Secretary of State
to the Foreign Ministry, published in his page, so … Yes, that I also had the pleasure of knowing personally. Manlio Di Stefano, we say it.
Yes, yes … I say to Minister Di Maio: “It must continue in a diplomatic way to put pressure on the French state, so that this currency is abolished, because, as long as this currency is in force, all the speeches you will make: “We help Africa, this and that …”, it’s just a joke, you’ll be just making fun
of the Italian people and the western peoples, because, as I gave as an example before, in a pot hole you can put all the water you want inside,
it won’t fill up never: this is the real situation, so it’s time to put pressure
on the French criminal oligarchy to end this crime against humanity! Meanwhile I am waiting to see what the reaction
of the International Criminal Court will be and then I will turn to the United Nations. I do not tell you what I have in mind now, however,
if the International Criminal Court does not do its job, I know what the next steps I will take are. Konaré thanks for being with me on Me + this time too thank you very much for your availability, which is always huge … It’s me who thanks you Eugenio, because you give me the opportunity to explain
what nobody wants to talk about and I think that if Italian civil society really knows
what happens in Africa, no one would accept it, then our people we must speak, our peoples must unite against this oligarchy. We must delegitimize all the politicians who try to carry on … cover up these crimes against humanity,
whether they are Italian, African or Chinese. Wherever a people will be subjugated by these invisible chains we must get up to say no!


Ecco a voi il primo articolo pubblicato sul nostro nuovo sito (in construzione):

Africa e Europa: Le Condizioni Economiche Della Pace.
firmato da Simone Lombardini

"Mohamed Konarè, nella sua ultima intervista su MePiù che ho avuto il privilegio di ascoltare in anteprima, ha descritto le sorti della sua gente con una immagine particolarmente vivida. “L’Africa e i popoli che la abitano, vivono oggi nel più grande Lager a cielo aperto che la storia abbia mai conosciuto”. Tutte le principali potenze economiche della Terra, Francia, Inghilterra, USA, Cina, India guardano all’Africa come un semplice deposito di materie prime da depredare. Nessuna di queste potenze è interessata alle sorti del miliardo di persone che vive in quelle terre."

Per forza gli italiani devono tacere. Non abbiamo materie prime e se la Francia si arrabbia ci taglia i viveri. Gli italiani sono gli africani d'Europa.

L'unico essere vivente della terra che deve rompere le palle ai propri simili e anche agli altri esseri viventi della terra è L'UOMO!!! Se ognuno lasciasse vivere in pace il proprio vicino ci sarebbe la pace!

Mi creda, tanti sanno che l'Africa è sempre stata sfruttata ed insistono che è giusto che ci siano tutti questi spostamenti. Non vogliono capire che in questo modo si è creata la nuova schiavitù 😔 io sono stata tacciata di razzismo e fascismo perché sostengo questo.

21:07 "Estremisti che vogliono lo scontro fra i popoli, é tutta gente manipolata dal sistema". Esattamente come quegli italiani che continuano a votare, a credere nella propaganda dell'asse franco-tedesco, i nostri politico che fanno gli interessi degli altri popoli e altre fesserie. Questi vogliono la guerra. Contro tedeschi, francesi, inglesi, arabi, musulmani, bianchi o neri che siano: prima si inventano il nemico, poi vi diranno cosa fare per distruggerlo. E come sempre, sarà sangue ovunque. Presto o tardi, anche voi finirete senza stipendio: poi andate a votare, mi raccomando!

Poi, Giulietto Chiesa parla di guerra imminente perché, da buon stalinista e ultra Putiniano sfegatato, se lo augura. Forse dimentica tutte le bombe che ha sganciato sulla Cecenia e sul Caucaso per (?) anni….. A meno che non si voglia credere alla farsa del popolo terrorista caucasico.

Questo ha rotto le palle con sta storia africana, il franco CFA, ecc….. Agli italiani non gliene frega un cazzo! Glielo dico in modo che sia chiaro. Lui probabilmente vive in italia e ha visto la situazione che abbiamo noi qui. L'euro è la stessa moneta del franco CFA ma fatta su misura per l'europa. Quindi lui vuole che gli italiani aiutano gli africani a liberarsi dal franco CFA, ma a lui non gliene frega niente se l'italia viene massacrata con l'euro!…. Comunque devo ammettere che negli ultimi 5 minuti dell'intervista ha detto cose molto interessanti….

È terrificante questa verità….posso sapere perché questa povera gente tenta di andare in Francia? E un'altra domanda…perché lasciate le donne e i bambini in quell'inferno e permettete che i vostri uomini vengano qui dove sono trattati malissimo??…voi che siete già qui perché non evitate tutto ciò…??
Io sono a favore di chi vuole salvare gli africani ma non mi piace vedere che passano dalla "padella alla brace"…

La Cina non colonizzerá l’Africa? Gli arabi non sono razzisti verso gli africani? Signor Konare l’odio per l’occidente vi rende in parte cieco! L’Africa islamizzata non ne parlate affatto, perché voi siete musulmano per legittimizzare il potere pétrole-dollari degli arabi?
Due pesi e due misure?

I peggiori poi sono quelli che, stando in basso e non in alto, preferiscono chiudere gli occhi e continuare a vivere nelle favole che ci raccontano. Questa è una dittatura non solo esteriore ma anche del modo di pensare sul mondo, ci schiavizzano anche nella nostra interiorità.

… secondo voi l'euro cos'è? Il mes cos'è? Di tutti i politici, ho sentito parlare di questa moneta franco sefa, solo dalla Sig.ra Meloni… grazie di questa spiegazione, ma anche i singoli stati europei, mi sembrano sotto lo stesso controllo… nessuno è più padrone delle ns monete….😏

Se prendi una persona per farla parlare la torturi……..per spaventare una massa….. dai notizie che spaventano,attentati pilotati, e alla fine le controlli……….molto semplice.👍👍👍

ecco chi dovrebbero ascoltare ste merde al potere.e chi la pensa come loro.vogliono che i popoli si ammazzino tra loro.

A perfect interview I love the interviewer because he’s so competent in his job allowing that brother to speak without disturbing his speech of wisdom, I love the Italians may TMH bless Italy.

grazie konarè i tuoi interventi riescono sempre a colpire l animo della brava gente….ma purtroppo solo di quella.
Non fermarti mai di difendere il tuo popolo.

il BELLO che a nessuno frega un cazzo di nulla,non gli importa della situazione italiana ,figurati se gli interessa della situazione africana e non si accorgono che le due cose sono corralerate

Intervista speciale e spettacolare, non ho tempo di arrivare sino alla fine ma se non viene detto nel video lo dico io… Pensate che oltre alla Francia persino la Cina ha cominciato da ormai 5 anni a colonizzare l'africa per sfruttare materie prime e forza lavoro per combattere la vecchia guerra contro gli stati uniti… Caro Gesù, visto che hai detto la frase "beati gli ultimi perché saranno i primi" si va bene, MA QUANDO CAVOLO ARRIVA QUESTO MOMENTO? Basta sfruttare questa gente cazzo

Però sono d' accordo con il giornalista quando dice che questa situazione , noi europei, ce la siamo un pò voluta, non informandoci, facendo vincere la pigrizia anzichè l' amore per la verità. Perchè non posso giustificare chi invece di accendere la tv non si fa un giro su youtube e basterebbe ogni tanto, una mezz oretta. Non si può giustificare l'ignoranza proprio adesso che paradossalmente l' informazione rispetto a una volta, la si può trovare, non fermandosi alla prima che capita ma mettendosi un attimo.
Sotto sotto ci hanno fatto credere,subliminalmente, che ce lo meritiamo di stare cosi.

20:15 il signor Konarè dice che giustamente vuole le fonti da parte di chi lo accusa. Come mai lui per 58 minuti non cita alcuna fonte o nome ma parla solo di: poteri forti, popoli bianchi, popoli neri? Magari ha anche ragione, però sarebbe interessante che a supporto di ciò che dice facesse un'analisi che include i personaggi ed eventi storici con date.

Massimo rispetto per un patriota africano come Konarè … se solo ci fossero più patrioti identitari come lui ci sarebbe più rispetto tra popoli delle varie nazioni … una delle poche cose che non condivido con Konarè è il fatto che lui è un pan-africanista …
L'Africa è formata da diverse etnie, diversi popoli e alcuni sono fortemente islamici … posso capire che alcune nazioni sono divise e create ad arte artificiosamente (e sono troppo piccole) e perciò andrebbero unificate, ma almeno 5-10 nazioni in Africa ci dovrebbero essere proprio per questioni etniche, linguistiche, religiose e culturali … perciò devo ribadire che non mi piace l'aspetto pan-africanista di Konarè (sempre se intende il pan-africanismo inteso come l'Africa unita politicamente e territorialmente più della la UE… altrimenti se non la intende così, ho capito male io)

Complimenti Eugenio per questa eccellente intervista. È un documento da condividere. Un solo "appunto" tecnico, a partire dal 40• minuto i sottotitoli passano in italiano. Potresti apportare la correzione ?
Buona giornata.

Il colonialismo nella storia umana si è sempre evoluto, la Cina è furba, usa la sua la sua potenza economica per contattare, costruisce le strade crea i collegamenti per l'elettricità e altre opere "pubbliche" che poi le servono a lei stessa visto che in cambio dagli Stati Africani riceve la licenza per scavare nelle miniere, il grosso ovviamente lo riceve la Cina, io per ora non ci trovo nulla di male, o meglio lo trovo come un modo per spingere la piccola economica di quei paesi arretrati, non sto parlando di tutta l'Africa perché ci sono paesi che economicamente sono meglio di alcuni paesi "occidentali".
La questione del Franco CFA è solo per una questione prettamente economica, la moneta non si svaluta e la piccola economica che c'è non rischia di "scomparire" , il problema dell'Africa è che non è industrializzata, o almeno non abbastanza da sopravvivere decentemente, ovviamente fatta eccezione per alcuni paesi ovviamente.

E poi basta con questa storia del nemico, lo scrivo per quella gente "nazionalista" che qua nei commenti di questo video vede nei problemi italiani una capra espiatoria per qualsiasi cosa perché non sia mai colpa dell'Italia.
l'Italia ha dei grossi problemi negli ultimi anni, però il più grande siete voi analfabeti funzionali.

Hai toccato il punto.
Conviene a costoro importare "figli" che farli fare agli autoctoni. Il processo di appiattimento disintegrazione piano liscio ordoliberista è più immediato così, con schiavi totalmente ignoranti su diritti e paga.
Infatti bisogna anche chiedersi perchè si fa poco per il controllo delle nascite in Africa.

Signor Konaré, quando introduciamo forti radici di una pianta, sul fondo di un vaso bucato, otterremo automaticamente risultati più che positivi. In altre parole: la causa degli umani di oggi che popolano la meravigliosa Africa, è la loro ignoranza. Anche come dici tu sono le élite che sono i primi colpevoli di ciò che accade. L'essere umano ha un potere interno, basta cercarlo e usarlo. Rimuovi la pigrizia da qualsiasi essere umano e otterrai il cambiamento desiderato. La pigrizia e l'ignoranza sono la causa principale degli africani e delle altre persone del Terzo mondo. Coltiva la conoscenza in qualsiasi grano e non si muoverà da terra. Presto l'anno 2020, usando tutto il potere della coscienza, viene smesso di pregare gli umani come te, il tribunale internazionale in cui non so cos'altro non possa sistemare il buco nel vaso. Le persone che soffrono devono imparare ad essere pastori e non come pecore. Ho solo la mia opinione

Ottima intervista e interessante intervistato. A proposito della immigrazione forzata o deportazione, solo una domanda: si insite nel dire che il viaggio dall´Africa in Europa costa o costerebbe 4- 5 -6- o piu´mila euro. Tutti quelli che passano i confini pagano cifre analoghe? Provate a chiedere ad un italiano medio se ti mette sul piatto cosi´queste cifre tanto per..Dunque da dove esce il finanziamento?

Io non capisco fai politica in Italia invece di tirare su un esercito nel tuo paese la cosa mi puzza chi combatte le guerre fuori dal suo confine non può definirsi ne guerriero ne eroe detto tutto .

Senza lo sfruttamento, come sarebbe oggi l'africa? Se fosse stata non colonizzata come sappiamo, come sarebbe ora il continente? La mia domanda non è né ironica né retorica, sono curioso di un'opinione di chi ne sa molto piu di me in queste cose

Ti prego scrivi un libro lo comprerei subito visto che è un argomento estremamente interessato e prima di questo video non ero neanche un briciolo consapevole di queste dinamiche

Konare' doveva essere ascoltato dalla Destra italiana ma, ricordandomi quando gli hanno bloccato una manifestazione, ho capito che Dx. e Sx. italiana sono uguali precisi identici DENTRO LE QUINTE!. Konare', da anni ti seguo sul web, CONTINUA COSI', mi ricordi molto da vicino Thomas Sankara per grinta.

video come questo dovrebbero essere divulgati a sfinimento … qui non si parla solo del popolo africano ma di tutti noi abitanti del mondo …

abolire il franco cfa e rimettere un altra moneta che cambia ? l'Africa come l'Asia sono dei continenti a temporalità chiusa……non Rivoluzionari. KM…..Konare non hai capito un Cazzo, et la Francia non comanda Niente.


Mi domando quali siano i mezzi con i quali potersi informare in modo piu trasparente perché la tv o i massmedia che ormai sono di dominio pubblico, si sa, non sono attendibili. Quindi chiedo a voi.. ci sono giornali, blog, libri, canali, che hanno le caratteristiche di essere trasparenti per cercare di dare informazioni corrette, reali ed aggiornate su questi temi?

Grande… Grazie di esistere…. Parlerò di questo problema con chiunque avrà orecchie e cuore per ascoltare e sentire.
Cercherò di diffondere ovunque mi sarà possibile.
Le vostre anime sono sacre…La vostra energia è incontenibile… Qualcuno o qualcosa…Nel Cosmo…Ci darà ascolto…
Grazie…Per tutta questa Bellezza…
So bene che le mie parole possono sembrare deliri New Age o relitti post 68 … Fa nulla…
Grazie ancora…

parlano di salvare il globo ma massacrano gli esseri che ci vivono; Bellissime parole Konarè massimo rispetto per una persona come te. Ottima intervista, bisogna condividere queste parole che fanno davvero riflettere

Noi siamo schiavi dell’ euro!! Siamo in pieno svolgimento del piano Kalergi!! I pazzi complottisti mi sa che avevano ragione!!

Il problema dei paesi Africani e che nn anno una catena di comando un servizio segreto nazionale e non combattono la criminalita adeguatamentre sono cose indispensabili per creare ordine e sensa ordine ce solo merda quindi cari africani invece di dare colpa intorno al mondo darevi uno schiaffo e cominciate a fare le basi di una nazione che e la lotta alla criminalità che e inutile combate contro I soldi se per strada il crimine dilaga sensa limiti e se il crimine basta uno stronzo che tira fuori qualche milione puo rovesciare un intera nazione… cosa cazzo vuoi fare creare una moneta in mezzo al crimine sensa servizi segreti e polizia adatta? Buona fortuna serve legalità sebsa la legalità africa non si rialza mai non so I soldi il problema il problema e xhe non ce giustizia in Africa

Questa peste e ovvunque anche qua nell sud dell'america nn siamo una nazione siamo un gigantesco campo di concentramento un grandissimo saluto dall'ecuador

0non ha detto niente di uovo da kunta kinte e prima a oggi soltanto che il popolo italiano ascolta le tue parole per legittimare Salvini e Meloni mentre cattivi colionalisti lo siamo stati anche noi

Sono senegalese e questo mio fratello africano ha ragione su tutta la linea. Questi francesi sono i più grandi ladri della storia del Mondo. Per colpa loro certi paesi come il Senegal non si possono sviluppare normalmente. Per Colpa loro i nostri fratelli muoiono tentando di raggiungere l'Italia. Voi italiani dovete mandare tutti quelli che sbarcano da voi in Francia. Uccidendo Khadafi hanno portato il caos in Libia e adesso metà di questo popolo é in Italia.

quelle che hai detto è la verità la Francia tutti parta l'Africa, è così o Penso che di più soprattutto paesi di lingua francese

L'intelligenza artificiale l'A.I, mentre parliamo qua, viene usato negli armamenti autonomi insieme alle tecnologie della biometria x farci FUORI individualmente secondo i pensieri che ci facciamo, ogniuno di noi sarà considerato un TERRORISTA da eliminare x proteggere la KABBALA MONDIALISTA/SATANISTA della MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX !!!
Addio fratelli!!!

L'economia si e basata sulla schiavitù per migliaia di anni e latro ieri e stata abolita e queste sono le conseguenze, schiavi convinti di essere liberi

neanche 50000 visualizzazioni su un argomento cosi' importante…..vergognoso,speriamo in un risveglio globale…..sinceramente voglia di festeggiare non ne ho sicuramente….

Grande uomo illuminato. Mi piacerebbe conoscere il suo punto di vista riguardo alla mossa di Macron, sucessiva a questo video, di debellare il franco cfa tenendo presente che non si conoscono le condizioni …

Konarè, sei un grande 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Mi dispiace Mohamed konare sono africano come voi ho fatto i miei studi in africa fino al terzo anno a l universita di cheikh anta diop ( Senegal) il nostro problema non è la presenza della francia in africa il problema fondamentale del africa sono gli africani perché 90% dei africani non vogliono vedere un africano intelligente chi vede lontano che gli altri non vedono e tutti gli uomini intelligente che volevano il bene del africa sono stati uscito per gli africani

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