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Learn How To Make Money On JVZoo Step By Step – JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Learn How To Make Money On JVZoo Step By Step – JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Secrets

hey hey how’s it going Aaron Chen here
hope you’re doing well if you are watching this video right now then
you’re probably doing a little bit of research on YouTube about how to make
money with jvzoo. This is jvzoo affiliate marketing techniques. this is a jvzoo affiliate marketing
tutorial I want to show you how to make money on jvzoo today right so if you can
see the screen were actually on jvzoo right now before we actually jump into
the training I just want to explain a little bit about my story so I’ve been
online now for the last nine years eight of those nine years though failed really
miserably was trying very very hard to figure out this whole online marketing
thing out I’ve tried MLM affiliate marketing top tier sales digital
products physical physical products ecommerce you name it I’ve tried it okay
made a lot of mistakes and finally figured it out about a year year and a
half ago mainly through affiliate marketing which is why I’m showing you
this stuff today okay so this works not just for
affiliate marketing but anytime you want to sell some sort of digital product
online so whether it’s affiliate marketing your own program somebody
else’s program it doesn’t really matter okay there’s a very specific way to do
this but I’ll just show you how to do this with jvzoo and then I’ll talk about
how you can use this formula to sell basically anything you want okay so
jvzoo again it’s an affiliate marketplace is very similar to Clickbank
you just come to okay now this page that I’m on right now this
is actually you go to affiliates and you go to find products okay now once you go
to find products you will actually come to this page alright now I wanted to
show you okay so if you go to subcategory here you can basically find
products on pretty much anything okay so blogging affiliate marketing
niche specific PLR SEO social media you know they like to kind of work within
these categories here so I picked the filip marketing and I chose the world
actually they’ve got lots of categories right so they’ve got everything from you
know education to gambling systems to health and fitness weight loss
self-improvement that kind of thing so I chose internet marketing and I chose
affiliate marketing okay that’s the space that I work in alright so once I
do that you can kind of see here that there’s a whole bunch of different
products okay so if I wanted to kind of zoom in here just so that you guys can
see this hopefully a little bit better you can see that let’s take a look at
the second one here right by Michael Chaney III I don’t know this guy I’ve
never marketed his product but just as an example he has a product called the
commission machine okay and the Commission machine he’s sold Wow he sold
like nine thousand plus of these the conversions are pretty low they’re about
two percent you know that’s pretty normal to be honest one to two percent
is pretty normal the earnings per click are you know thirty seven cents that
means that for every click he gets he earns roughly about thirty seven cents
or you earn roughly thirty seven cents okay
the average price is the average pay price on an on entry so you’ll you’ll
make roughly about eighteen dollars okay and the Commission here payout to you is
a hundred percent now you might be asking well if it’s a hundred percent
what does Mike earn well he basically earns back-end sales okay so if somebody
upgrades and stuff like that he probably has some sort of back-end system where
they if they if they upgrade he makes that Commission so he gets you to build
his stuff for him for free you get all the commissions and then back-end stuff
he’ll take a portion of that okay so that’s pretty that’s pretty good
actually so if you wanted to market the Commission machine all you would have to
do is click on request and when you how to make money on jvzoo. click on request you’ll see the next
page where you actually have to you know click on this little link here and then
you have to give him a reason on why you know you want to actually market his
program some of them actually asked you, jvzoo affiliate marketing strategies. how you’re gonna market the program
because they don’t want people to spam their stuff they want to make sure that
if you’re gonna market it you’re gonna be a real person you’re gonna do it
properly okay and sometimes you could reject it okay that’s kind of how jvzoo
works okay so I would basically go out there and try and get requests you know
quite a few requests like five or ten of these affiliate programs and you might
get only two approved for example right it depends on how long you’ve been
marketing online okay now once you get approved so if I go back here once you
get approved you can bet you’ll basically get if you
go back to affiliates you go to approve products okay now if you go to approve
products what will happen is you’ll see a list of products that you can market
and then basically they will give you a link your specific link that you can
market I’m gonna call it the jvzoo link okay now when you when people go to the
jvzoo link and they buy from that link you generate a commission it’s as simple
as that okay jvzoo is very very simple all
you’re doing is you’re getting access to a particular program affiliate program
you’re requesting to be able to market that program and when they approve you
they give you a link and once you promote that link people buy from that
link you generate a commission that’s it okay I’m gonna talk about that a little
bit more but let’s just have a look at what it looks like so I want to see what
the Commission machine looks like okay so I’m gonna click on it here and then
here it says see the sales page so I’m gonna click on it actually I have it
open already but let’s just load it up properly so that you can kind of see
this process right so this is kind of what it looks like okay so this is kind
of how a lot of the internet marketing sales pages look like so they’ll
basically be the the name there’ll be some sort of title you know this one
says earn up to two thousand six hundred and forty two dollars a day blah
you know copying this little-known super-secret affiliate weapon right and
then there’ll be some sort of sales video it’s usually you know it usually
lasts like five minutes to ten minutes you can see this one here you might be a
bit small for you but it says four minutes and 18 seconds right people
watch it and then you can kind of go down in it and this is a long-form sales
letter right so he’s got proof there he’s got kind of a story he builds the
story up there’s some you know pictures of him traveling around the world
there’s some testimonials of you know some of his students he you know more of
a story some more testimonials some features and benefits some proof you
know he’s got some video proof here from different students that have used it a
lot more proof you go all the way down here you’ll probably have some sort of
guarantee he’ll show you a picture of the program right the price so this cost
nine 95 and you basically make almost all of
that right a hundred percent of that there’s a secure order form what you get
some sort of guarantee and then that’s kind of it okay so if you basically
click on by the Commission machine it will probably go to the sales page okay
and then your that’ll be the checkout so people will fill out this information
they can pay with paypal and when they pay you generate a commission that’s it
that’s jvzoo very very simple okay now let me kind of go back here again and
I’m gonna go back now here’s the thing about all of this stuff right so if you
wanted to you could go back here and you could basically run through all these
different niche markets and you can pick a particular niche market that you want
to market in okay it’s completely up to you right so I’m just showing you this
one because I’m an internet marketing I’m in a home-based business it’s the
most obvious one to do so let me teach you how to actually generate sales now
here is the thing about this right so people will promote this but the truth
is is that most people won’t actually generate any sales from selling this
program I mean you can see it here already the conversion rate is 2% that’s
ridiculously low think about that right so the ones here that have like 11%
that’s really really high I really don’t think it’s that high I mean look I’m
just scrolling down here you can see I’m gonna zoom in on this
look 3% 3% 2% 2% 6% that’s that’s extremely high okay 10% I don’t I don’t
really believe that these are oh it’s a holiday special so it’s slightly
different four percent three percent but you can see okay anything that yeah I
mean 10 percent that’s really high what is this unlimited license I don’t even
think that yeah I think that’s some sort of upgrade but if you look at most of
the programs where they’re just a flat-out normal sales funnel where
someone buys a program the conversion rate is ridiculously low okay and I know
I’ll just I’ll just okay 2% okay so just let me kind of explain to you how this
works right so sorry about this okay so let’s do this so I call this the method
that everybody uses okay the newbie method right so you know if
you’re watching this video today and you want to learn about jvzoo or how to
basically market online you might be a newbie okay so this is why I call this
the newbie method because most people that that come online for the first time
they have no idea what they’re doing okay then wide-eyed you know they’re
really green behind the ears but they have no idea what they’re doing okay so
this is what most people do they drive traffic now traffic is basically getting
eyeballs people from one place to another place to basically see your
website so the more people that you get to see that sales page earlier the more
money you’ll make okay and it can be from methods like solo ads it could be
from you know YouTube it could be from Facebook it could be from article
marketing it could be from blogging it could be from banners it could be from
influencer marketing like you know Instagram and Facebook and YouTube etc
etc okay so this is not a traffic course but you must drive traffic towards your
stuff right so this is what most people will do or this is what most people
teach you how to do you drive traffic to something called a capture page okay now
a capture page is not a new thing it’s something that’s very very old it’s
basically a website that you own okay where you ask for the SUBSCRIBE that you
ask for someone’s email address in exchange for something else so in this
example because it’s you know it’s a affiliate marketing make money online
work from home that’s the niche that we’re talking about the capture page
might say something like hey if you want to learn how to make money from home
just put your email address in here and I’m gonna send you a free report that
would teach you exactly how to do that in in five pages or in five minutes or
something like that so someone who sees that website they might be like wow I
want to know how to make money online I want to learn how to build a business
from home so they answer that email address they get that report and then
what happens is usually people will lead them directly to the JV zoo link okay
and then that’s where you saw that link earlier right so that was the the
money-making machine or whatever right money-making machine program product
okay it’s I’ll put sales page to be more accurate
okay so that’s that’s that’s as simple as that now the thing that goes on with
the capture page is basically as soon as someone enters that email address it
gets put into your autoresponder because your autoresponder is linked to your
capture page right and if you don’t know what an autoresponder is it’s basically
an automated email machine that collects email addresses it stores it as a
database and it follows up with your customers or prospects on autopilot
it just emails them on a regular basis however you want to set it up okay this
is the best way to build a relationship with your list but the problem with this
method is that usually what people would do is on day one an email goes out and
it says hey thanks for coming to my website if you want to see how to learn
you know if you want to learn how to make 500 dollars a day just click on the
link below and you can learn how to do that and when they click on it it lead
them back to the jvzoo link which is basically the money-making machine sales
page in this example right on day number two the autoresponder will send another
email and they’ll say the same thing hey how to make money on jvzoo. I hope you got my email yesterday but
just in case you missed it you opted in to learn how to build a business from
home so click here and you’ll get access to the money-making machine they click
on it again and it goes back to the same jvzoo link and it goes back to Michael’s
money-making machine sales page in this example right so what’s happening is
people are seeing this where is that I’m just gonna pull it up so that so that
you guys can see it they’re basically seeing this exact they’re seeing this
exact sales page over and over and over again now tell me something what’s wrong
with this picture here well what’s wrong with it is that people are gonna get
desensitized very very quickly remember that this is 2017 2018 2019 2020 right
this is not 2009 when the internet was very very new right everybody sees
offers every day right you’re you’re practically bombarded with sales
opportunities every single day and that’s a problem right because people
are desensitized if you sell like everybody else is
selling people aren’t gonna buy okay and you can see that it’s reflected directly
here on the conversions of this cat of this offer is ridiculous this offer
converts at 2% I mean come on if you this basically means that for
every 100 people that see this sales page only two people will buy this is
why everyone is going broke online because they don’t understand that a lot
of these sales pages don’t convert that well okay so I’m gonna kind of update
you here this is like real this is real proof right there this page right
particularly and this is not just with this particular page a lot of them
convert very very low look even if you were converting at 5% you can’t make
that much money I mean look at how much you make you earn on the front end right
you earn what is it 19 bucks 1995 that’s how much
you make or 18 bucks whatever it is I mean if you earned if you send a hundred
people let’s let’s do the math right now this is gonna be a this is gonna be
really interesting right so let’s just say you sent a hundred people hundred
people to your website okay and it costed you two dollars to send to get a
lead right so that means you paid $2 for every single lead this basically costed
you $200 to send a hundred people to see this website now let’s just say you
convert a two percent right because it’s 2 percent of 100 is 2 people right so
it’s basically 1995 times 2 that equals 2 let’s round it up that equals 240
bucks ok so that means you generated a revenue of $40 in sales but it costed
you 200 pucks in traffic costs to send these to
people can you see what’s wrong here right so basically it’s 200 bucks – 40
bucks means that you’re down negative a jvzoo affiliate marketing hundred and sixty dollars okay and this
is why my friends everybody all affiliate marketers out there are going
broke because they don’t understand how to increase their conversions
tremendously now he might have some back-end sales and stuff like that but
trust me when I say 2% is not enough for you to get in profit this is why
everyone’s going broke okay so if you do it this way you’re not gonna make any
money okay traffic to capture page to your
affiliate link is not gonna make you any money now let me show you what is gonna
make you money now I call this the pro method okay now you can implement what
I’m about to teach you over in the next few minutes to any type of product it
doesn’t have to be JV zoo it can be Jays b JV zoo but it can also be clickbank it
can also be another affiliate program it can be your own product so if you decide
that you want to create your own program so if you want to build you know if you
want to teach people how to generate leads on YouTube or Facebook and you
wanna you know wrap them up that up in a little digital box and you wanna you
know upload it onto a membership site and sell that to people online and
charge them 100 bucks for it 500 bucks a thousand bucks you can absolutely use
this exact method I’m gonna show you right now to sell it okay cool
yeah watch this okay so it starts the same way you drive traffic because it’s
always about traffic right the more people that you can get to see your
stuff the more money in general you’re going to make so traffic directly to
your capture page it’s the same thing okay now your capture page remember it’s
gonna be attached to your autoresponder right now you can use a Aweber you can
good use get response if you guys want to want to get any of the any of the
resources that I’m talking about you can always look below in the description box
I’ll leave you the links to some of these resources okay now link your
autoresponder like get response to your capture page and to build a capture page
you’ve got to use a very powerful funnel building software like click funnels
okay so make sure you do that do not screen JH on your assets
on your on your foundation you must have a strong foundation your your websites
have to work you’ve got to track them all that good stuff okay so let’s just
assume that you’re doing that traffic to capture page and then instead of leading
them directly to your JV zoo link or to your affiliate program whatever it is
this is the magic okay you want to leave them to something that I call the value
series okay no one’s doing this probably like 0.1% of the entire world that does
affiliate marketing is doing this very few people know how to do this all right
now what is the value series now a value series is a series actually let me let
me do this down here one second the value series is a series of four videos
three to four videos okay that you must create okay no one else
can do it you must create it as the brand owner as the marketer you need to
do this so let’s just say in this example we’re talking about make money
from home right affiliate marketing building a business online okay so what
you want to do in this value series is in every single day you want to teach
them one small thing about how to build a business online and you want to do
this for free don’t ask for the sale okay here is your chance to connect with
your people right so for example in video number one as soon as they enter
the capture page so my capture page might say something like hey if you want
to learn how to if you’ve always wanted to learn how to build a business online
if you want to understand how to earn your first dollar and convert a cold
traffic into sales opt-in here and I’m gonna send you a free report that is
going to teach you how to do that so that’s the first step that’s the capture
page so they enter the email address they get the free report and then they
go directly to video one of your value series now you in your video you might
say something like hey thanks for opting in to my page if you check your email
you can get your free report that but today I wanted to teach you the one main
thing that you need to do if you want to build a successful business online and
the first thing that you need to do is you must have a capture page okay so
maybe in video number one you teach them everything about a capture page okay and
this video can be it can be short it can be long it’s completely up to you it can
be five minutes it could be fifteen minutes okay I wouldn’t go too long but
I would say anywhere from like five to 20 minutes is
is more than enough okay so in video number one maybe you teach them about
how to build a capture page what it is why it’s important all that stuff
because you’re teaching them how to build a business right and every online
business needs a capture page that’s why you start with that now at the end of
video number one you want to say so I listened I hope you enjoyed this video
today now what you want to do if you want to get more information on how to
build a business online is I want to show you exactly where I learned this
from so if you click on the link right below this video you’re gonna be led to
the program that I’m in right now all of my students are doing it as well and if
you want to check it out you can so it’s like a no-pressure thing okay and then
when they click on that link it’s gonna lead them to your jvzoo link okay or
whatever your affiliate program you know whatever you want write your own program
your own product whatever you want okay your MLM if you’re doing MLM online for
example yeah so that’s how it works then on day number two your autoresponder
which is linked to your capture page will email them automatically value
series day number two an hour in day number two you do the same thing you did
in day number one but you talked about something slightly different from day
number one so maybe day number two you talked about traffic okay so Dave anomic
you say something like hey welcome back to day number two this is Erin Chen
today I wanted to talk a little bit about traffic because traffic is one of
the most important things that every online business must have in order to be
profitable okay so in today’s video I’m gonna talk about
the two top places then you can go to to get traffic and then maybe you talked a
little bit about it right so you maybe you tell them about Facebook or YouTube
or article marketing or banner advertising whatever you want you edit
them basically right you’re giving your list your your audience a lot of value
at the end of the video you do the same thing so I hope you enjoyed this video
today if you want to learn where I learned all this stuff from you can
check it out if you want click on the link right below this video and then
when they click on it again they go directly to your jvzoo link or your
affiliate link or whatever okay and that’s how it works now this is this
strategy I promise you if you do this properly you will convert at about 20%
or more 15 to 20% or more it depends on how good your
value series’s and how you know how slick you get this down okay now I’m
just gonna highlight this in blue because this is super super important
right so check this out so that’s the secret guys this is called
the pro method now let me explain why this works okay it works because number
one you’re not a greasy salesperson you’re not asking for the sales
straightaway in fact you’re not really asking for the sale at all all you’re
doing is you’re giving them value you’re giving them a free report or the capture
page then you’re giving them for free training videos okay that you’re doing
all you do is you grab a camera write your Samsung camera your iPhone camera
you know video camera you record these short little videos five to ten minutes
whatever it is and then basically what happens then is you upload them okay you
use clickfunnels to build out your entire value series and what’s happening
here is you’re you’re getting your audience to know like and trust you
right and people only buy from people that they know like and trust okay not
only that you’re building credibility because you’re not asking for anything
and you’re educating your audience and you’re also building authority naturally
because you’re teaching people how to do something you’re just naturally building
Authority people are now looking at you like the expert they’re like oh wow this
this Bob guy you know this David guy this Jill girl you know she knows what
she’s talking about right and she’s teaching me good stuff so I’m gonna
trust this person okay and that’s the start of how you build a relationship
with people through the computer right and it’s very important that you use
video because video is the best way to convert people into sales okay so can
you see can you see how this strategy compared to the newbie strategy is
completely different right now now here’s here’s the beauty about the
strategy like I mentioned earlier you’re not asking for the sale you’re educating
them and then at the end all you’re saying is hey listen if you want to
learn more about this it’s completely up to you by the way you can check out the
program that I’m a part of but you know it’s it’s up to you you don’t have to if
you don’t want to so it’s it’s like no pressure if they want to check it out
they can and believe me if you do a good job people are gonna want to see where
you learnt this stuff from because they already learned so much from you in in
the in the value series that they want to find out everything right because you
give them a little that they can take action on right away
but they want to learn everything so they’re gonna check out your link okay
now not everyone is gonna buy but who cares because if you can if you can
increase your conversions by 10 to 20 times believe me when I say you’re gonna
make way more money than if you just if you don’t then if you don’t do this at
all yeah does that make sense yeah can you see how this will help you in your
business let me know in the comments below I want to know if you think that
you can do this and I want to know if you think that this will convert your
leads into sales more than if you didn’t do it this way pretty cool right so
here’s what here’s what I want you to do right now if you got some value from
this video please give me a thumbs up you can also subscribe to my channel by
clicking on the on the red button below you know we come up with a lot more
stuff in the traffic and conversions Academy here it’s all about traffic it’s
all about conversions it’s all about being profitable in your business now
here’s the thing if you want to learn how to build out a value series properly
write in like a lot of detail you know I’m gonna show you on the whiteboard and
all this stuff if you wanna if you want okay all you have to do is click on the
link right below this video first of all this is what’s gonna happen you’re gonna
see a page and it’s gonna ask you for your email address okay put in your best
email cuz I’m gonna send you the training but the first thing you’re
gonna see is gonna see the business that I’m a part of okay so how I generate a
lot of my income a lot of my students are in here because basically it trains
you how to be a very very powerful marketer okay first and foremost and
then check your emails because I’m gonna send you a little surprise okay and
every day for the next few days you’re gonna get a little piece of training I
see a little piece but it’s extra extremely powerful it’s super detailed
all right on exactly how I did this how I built my business from scratch how I
you know turned eight years of failure into one year of huge success I want to
teach you how to do that okay and you can get it all for free
alright so all you have to do if you want to do that completely up to you
again is if you click on the link in the description box below you can get access
to that stuff alright so I hope you enjoyed this this video today make sure
you take action on this stuff guys okay because if you’re just watching this and
you’re not taking any action you’re not doing anything then your business and
results are gonna be the same and you’re not gonna make any money and you’re
gonna be a very very sad sad person okay because I would be very
if I wasn’t making any money in my business like I like I was for the last
like eight years or so okay so please take action on this stuff and I hope you
enjoyed this video today I hope to speak to you very soon in another video
take care


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