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LEARN ITALIAN FAST – Speak Italian in 10 minutes!

LEARN ITALIAN FAST –  Speak Italian in 10 minutes!

Hello youtube and welcome back to my channel


Where could or how could I find a site/reference for words like singer, taker, giver, ETC I know some of them like amore = lover but it can as mean love. Or is this not important to know? like driver is it guidore or sommething else?

Well, it's hard to not think about the structure because you have to figure it out from sth that is already familiar for you. Before you start thinking in the new language, which for me is italian, it takes some time and I think you have to have this language a lot around you to be able to actually get structures and "feel the language". That's my biggest challange so far, but I just finished level A1 so loooong path ahead of me. Besides, my fiance is italian so it helps a lot 🙂

I love your videos!! I speak fluent Spanish so maybe that is why it is easier for me to understand and catch on, but you make it so easy, grazie mille manu 🙂

haha, I think it is pretty cool that Duolingo gives so absurd examples from time to time))
grazie Manu!

Well, Manu, you really are a great language teacher. You're even better than some of the teachers here in Italy. Thank you so much for these free lessons. How I wish to advance farther….

Ive been studying the language for 2 months now and decided to look up some speaking Italian videos and came across your videos. thanks they are helpful.

I really want to speak italian and once i pressed your channel because it says that u would speak italian in 10minutes.😢

Ciao ! Mi chiama Ron. Sono tailandese.
Prima volta per vedere il suo VDO
Conosco molto parole ma non so palare italiano.
Grazie, mi piace questo VDO.
Ci sono qualcosa.. insegnare lo la li le gli (him her its them) ?

Grazie per questo buon vdo.
Aspetto uno nuovo,

I always tell my students to just TRY! Guess! And they do!! I'm so proud of them- and happy to see you use this method too!

Sia es una cantante australiana y es famosa por su canción "Chandelier" so fucking similar to Spanish! Lol

I am learning Italian to help my grandson, who is learning Italian at school. I am getting lessons from a lovely French lady (father Italian), Duo lingo & now you. Even though I have been learning for over 3 months my head is spinning. I remember some things & forget others. I have subscribed, because I am hoping the more Italian I hear the more I will understand. Grazie.

I'm I the only person listening and reading the comments as well I've been learning Italian language for the past (9) months now but still I can't hear nor speak😭🙈 Anyway very interesting tho

LOL I love that you slag off Duolingo, it is pretty bad. Also they charge micro transactions to skip challenges, meaning you miss out on learning. I've heard of "pay2win" before but never of "pay2lose".
Congrats duolingo

AS a 63 yr old English speaking Americana… I love your teaching strategy…I have studied Spanish and Italian but have not immersed myself in a language learning 24/7 scenario…. You are marvelous. Ciao Ciao

Portuguese:" Sia é uma cantora australiana e é famosa por sua canção 'Chandelier''."
Spanish: "Sia es una cantante australiana y es famosa por su canción 'Chandelier'."

Manu, thank you for your videos. I really want to learn Italian. As a Spanish speaker I do understand when Italian is spoken. I do struggle with the conversational.

Thank you. I'm 100% Italian but born in Australia. Trying to learn the language and then go there. Thanks so much, informative video.

There are a few suggestions for how to learn Italian
Decide precisely why you want to speak it
Try to use Italian in your everyday life
Decide what process works for you the best.
(I learned about these and more on Hartlyn language lessons website )

Hi everyone. Is there anyone interested in improving his command of italian here? ^^

If the answer is positive, we can get a language exchange! Here is my telegram contact @binithebunny ^w^

Timothée Chalamet è un attore Americano ed è famoso per il film “Chiamami Col Tuo Nome.” 🙂

I hope that’s right lol

I find Italian comes sort of easy to me since I speak Spanish and they have some similarities, especially in structure.

Listening is as important as speaking. There's a lot of repetition in everyday language. It's not enough to know how to say something, you need to be able to understand what's being said to you.

Sia è una cantante australiana ed è famosa per la sua canzone "Chandelier"
Ke belo sapr scrivr bn in itliano
(Scherzo, ho scritto un obbrobrio)😂

You are trying to teach italian, then why all the time you speak english? it woud be more helpful and interesting to listen italian!

I wish I had discovered you months ago. Watching all your videos and hope to remember half of what I learned. Will be in Italy in few days.

My observations is that Australians might be better at Italian than most Americans because they have more rounded vowel sounds than us Gringos who tend to pronounce every vowel the same!

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