LG Project Profile Series: TOPGOLF

– We’re in the Topgolf
venue and what you see here is a three story, 102-bay facility. – A place where non-golfers, golfers, families, corporate events can go. To hit targets and just have a good time with great food and beverages. – Topgolf venues are full of screens, so there’s excitement everywhere. It’s not what you think of when you think of driving ranges. We have over 250 screens inside of Topgolf that are showing everything
from Monday night football to your particular score,
all kinds of exciting things. – Prior to what we have
today in our venues, we had two 32-inch HD
screens kind of stacked on top of each other in each bay. – Those displays, they weren’t meant for this kind of atmosphere, so they didn’t have the
right power supplies in them and they started to go out on us. So we sort of ran into
a really big problem. – We made the decision
to look for a partner who could help migrate us
to a commercial display that could withstand the
turnover and have more ability for us to automate the
content on those screens. – So, we partnered with LG,
SAVI and with DIEM Digital to look at a singular display mounted in a portrait mode format. We’ve been able to take
this 55-inch display and essentially kind of carve
it into three sub-panes. – We have different video
sources and content sources coming in that are all
integrated into a single display. – Whether it’s streamed
content, HDMI content locally or various other type of
web or marketing content. – We can change the
layout of that display, ad hoc, as we see fit. – The displays at Topgolf are integrated. And they’re on a platform
we call at LG, webOS. – WebOS is the operating
system, it’s essentially like having a small
miniature PC or media player, built in to the display itself. – SAVI, is the software platform that lies on the webOS display, that pretty much runs what you see. It was just a really
simplistic platform to manage all these displays in the venue. – On the front end, the user interface, if I were a manager here, I would use facility view to control all the different displays really quickly and efficiently and easily. – It’s really about the level of control that we make possible to our partners. – We get all the analytics. We get the temperature,
we get email notifications if anything happens to these displays. – So, we’re able now, from
our central headquarters, we call the Dallas office, we’re able to push out to all of our venues at once. Or we can try different things at an individual venue at a time. – From a commercial or an
enterprise perspective, you know we went from a
double-digit failure rate on displays, to a sub 1% failure rate, year over year. So cost savings for the company, has obviously been substantial. – Other examples include
the maintainability. It’s actually simpler to
install at our new venues. – We’re able to bring you
to a one-wire solution. You have power and a cat-five connector to the back and that is it. – Obviously, this is
an outdoor environment. So, what we did was, we had to create these shrouds that covered the displays. – That gave us enough protection from the elements, our service department actually looked at this application and certified these products, for use in this hybrid environment. It’s really been a very
collaborative process. Never a dull day. Constantly evolving. Constantly looking for
ways to innovate and tie all of our technology
and experiences together. – LG is the best
partnership we’ve ever had. We’ve worked with a lot of
different companies out there and we’ve never had
someone be by our side. And us truly working as a
team, to pull off everything you see at a Topgolf venue. It’s cutting edge technology,
that nobody can touch.

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