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(Livecast) What Are Your Travel Plans for 2020? Good Locations?

(Livecast) What Are Your Travel Plans for 2020?  Good Locations?


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When it comes to the eagles take in the AFC title they have to beat the other team 1st down to who they're playing in but they have a possibility of doing it

Reekay, I think the reason for your travel outside Vietnam was a VISA run (I might have that wrong) but was it your intention to meet Vi on your VISA run. Did you randomly choose Davao?

Merry Christmas , and Happy New year Reekay, I have been following your channel pretty much right from the time you first started. I am amazed at how much you have learned in your travels there. You have some very good information for new and old expats, and first time travelers to the Philippines. I have been traveling to the Philippines for 15 years now, and will be moving there very soon. Some of your info has helped me alot, thankyou. Keep up the good work you do for us.

If your looking for a wife in the philippines make sure not in the club or dating site.just look around and take your time.look on the province side not a city women.

Just want to say reekay I meet my girl on dating site the best one ever and iv been going there since 19 years old in 87 , spent 26 years there in total, yeah I'm surprised too.
Love your thoughts, good luck with your new girl . Dave

Hello Henry, Merry Christmas! Hope all is well with you and yours. The lady I am talking with got her CENOMAR today. Good news is she has no records of marriage. How do I verify it is real? Thank You.

In my opinion, Vietnam is hard if you dont know the language but you can get by, however dont be fooled, yes people speak English in the Philippines but not very well in most places, and sometimes not at all in the rural areas, in Manila yeah you will have a higher chance of meeting an English speaker and the same in Cebu or Dumaguete, but dont go thinking its all peaches and cream.

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