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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Meet the New Poltergust G-00! – Nintendo Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Meet the New Poltergust G-00! – Nintendo Switch

[male voice]
-Are you always scared?

[buzzer alarm]Scared of creepy receptionists,
[spooky music starts]and posessed objects
that go bump in the night?
[buzzer alarm]-Scared your dream vacation
was all a trick,
orchestrated by your long time
nemesis King Boo?

[buzzer alarm]-Boy, have we got
just the thing for you.

[preppy jazz music] Hey gang it’s me, Billy,
and I’m here with a ghost expert Petra Fy to talk to you about a
new and exciting product. -That’s right Billy, this is the
Poltergust G-00. Not only will it rid your life
of p-e-e-esky ghosts, but will forever change
your haunted hotel stays. -That’s great and all,
but as everyone knows,
I’m a huge coward. Will it work for someone
as scared as I am?
[audience laughter]
-Of course, it’s simple. Just
use the Strobulb to stun ghosts.
Then suck them up.
And once you’ve got the ghosts, you can use the new
Slam function to inflict damage
on other ghosts. -Hey Petra, did you know
I’m terrified of confrontation? Is there any way
I can avoid it altogether?
[audience laughter]
-Each Poltergust G-00, comes equipped with the
revolutionary Burst technology. It can clear out ghosts
when they gang up on you. It can also help you
get over obstacles. -OoOoO
Boo! I’m such a scaredy-cat,
I gotta have one right now! -But wait, there’s more.
With the Poltergust G-00,you can call on an ally.-Gooigi.[Petra] -He can
walk through fences,
and over spikes to places,
that you can’t go.
-That’s a lotta goo! Woah! Even though
I’m such a coward
this looks like fun! But don’t take it from me,
just ask these kids! -Luigi’s Mansion 3 is great,
I’m not scared at all. -What if I said you two could
play with six of your friends, in a new,
Multiplayer mode!
[audience cheering]
[both kids]
-I’d say you were crazy! -Well then,
have me committed!‘Cause the ScareScraper mode
lets up to eight players
work together,
to clear spooky levels
by defeating ghosts.
Luigi’s Mansion 3.
Fear ends, where the fun begins.
Available now
on Nintendo Switch and
the Nintendo Switch Lite system.
Game rated E,
for everyone.


You know it’s a real letdown on how you don’t let us get a Poulter Guster in real life I want one so bad what if I gave you 100 bucks what do you make me a Nother like if you would

If they will sell them it should be with the flashlight and the violet light they eill get a lot of money if they will sell them


Okay, whoever came up with the infomercial idea should get a raise, who ever thought the actors should be extra wacky, fire them

You may not have noticed this, but at 1:46 there are eight players with 42 seconds left on the clock who haven't found a single room with ghosts in it yet one of the Luigis only has 4 HP left.

I wish this could have been part of Luigi movesets, using his Poltergust G-00 in Super Smash Bros.Ultimate but it's used only for his final attack

Nintendo, if you will sell those props then everyone will get happy so kids can be Luigi and their friends can be ghost

Nintendo: have up to 6 players in the BRAND NEW scare scraper mode
Me: so we are just forgetting about luigis mansion 2

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