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Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing Products | Step by Step Guide

Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing Products | Step by Step Guide

in today’s tutorial, I’m going to show
you exactly how I created a blog post and then earned Commission’s off of a
the product that I promote in the blog post. They are not my products. Afiliate
marketing is when I promote a product or service through a link specifically, it’s then tracked and when that customer
eventually makes a purchase either at that time or within a certain date range
then I earn a commission. Now this commission can be a one-time fee or
bounty or it can be a recurring Commission where as long as that person
is a subscriber I get a commission. Today I’m going to show you that exact thing
we are going to look at how I created a blog exactly what’s on that blog and how
I created the affiliate relationships and started earning commissions now this
video is not for you to go out and copy the exact product or the exact blog that
I wrote of course but you should use this for inspiration on your own what
you want to do is you want to create if you’re gonna do this your blogging
there’s many ways today’s example is blogging if you’re gonna do this through
blogging you’re gonna want to create a niche website I have several so I have
one niche website that’s for beekeeping so all of the affiliate products on
there are you know bee suits and bee hives and things like that either from
Amazon or from affiliate relationships that I worked out I’ve got another one
I’m working on for tiny homes did you know you can buy a tiny home on Amazon
so I’m working on I’ve got affiliate relationships I’m working on building
that I have a niche website for how to make money online at home that’s my
affiliate marketing website that’s a niche I have a real estate website a
couple of them that is a niche that means a laser targeted topic for a very
specific audience for beekeeping the audience is people that want to
learn beekeeping or doing beekeeping for real estate it’s people that want to buy
or sell homes I have a hyperlocal website that’s all
of things to do in Las Vegas so I make
affiliate income off of Groupons and hotels and travel and different things
like that now this specific one I’m going to show you today is for my
coaching website so I have a website where I coach real estate agents small
businesses and other coaches how to build their internet lead engine how to
generate leads online so for me this specific blog post I’m about to show you
we’re gonna go to the screen in just a second is for that niche website so my
audience is real estate agents or small businesses entrepreneurs they want to
generate more business online and I talk about tools and resources and all types
of things so let’s go ahead and go to the screen so I can show you exactly how
I’m generating income from this one blog post doing affiliate marketing okay here
we go so the blog post is all about dialers so autodialers power dialers any
sort of dialers that people are using for prospecting so remember my audience
is people that want to generate leads so talking about prospecting software and
phone numbers and a list and things like that are very advantageous to my
audience so the key to affiliate marketing is knowing who your audience
is then providing solutions that solve their problems or enrich their life
somehow okay so step one is to create your website and if you don’t know how
to do that I’ve got links below my brother’s at Ballen Brands can build you
a web site you can build your own using wealthy affiliate or wpengine, lots of options there once you have your website established
and I teach that in our course and other lessons then you’re going to start
blogging so that’s what today is about specifically okay so I do keyword
research where I use certain tools and I look up topics related
particular particular audience okay so I’m not going to talk too much about
that research specifically today because I have that in the other lessons and
other videos but I’ve already done the research that told me that autodialers
or power dialers are a popular topic amongst people that want to generate
leads ok entrepreneurs specifically especially real estate agents which is
my primary audience so I wanted to create a blog post all about autodialers
ok so let’s take a look here at what I created
right off the bat I’ve got a video I have a call to action first was
particularly I’m going to show you where I got those in a minute ok I have my
affiliate disclosure guys you must must must disclose always and obviously if
you have a benefit when somebody clicks a link it’s not enough to bury it in the
bottom of your website in a footer it’s not enough to put it at the bottom of
your blog post you need to make it obvious you don’t want to lose all of
your hard work and be fine when you’re penalized because you didn’t make this
disclosure obvious ok so mine looks like this it says this
post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase
after clicking on links in it on this website now not even all of my websites
not all of my links are even affiliate links but I want to make sure that it’s
obvious that I probably benefit in some sort of a way if you bet if you click on
one of my links so I put that up top ok now under there I’ve got an intro and
then I’ve got a table of contents we’re gonna go behind the scenes in a minute
and I’ll show you how I created this and then I have the basics of autodialers
types of autodialers and then I’ve got you can see my banners and my ads for
these products on the right hand side if they’re on desktop you can see I have
these books from Amazon that are in the right hand side so those are all
affiliate links then I have the pros and cons of autodialers and then
I’ve got how autodialers work with CRMs autodialers and the do-not-call is and
then I’ve got my list of autodialers ok I just realized it’s centering it I need
to fix that cuz I really don’t want its entry so what we have here is a list of
auto dealers and some of these and they’re not all auto dealers or dialers
in some way or phone list providers and what I’ve done is I have set up
affiliate relationships with some of these dialers like Vulcan and phone
burner and anybody that has them so that I can generate leads so actually so I
can generate sales through these links and make an affiliate Commission so
let’s go behind the scenes and look at the posts I’m gonna go ahead and go to
edit the post now I’m using WordPress and that’s my favorite platform all of
my websites are built on WordPress and except I do have one real estate website
that’s provided through the brokerage that I used to teach on but my primary
assets and I own are all on WordPress ok and what you can see here is it’s just
pretty simple adding a text adding a some sort of a portion of the of the
blog post we call these blocks content blocks ok now I use Gutenberg which is
a new WordPress editor so adding these blocks is super simple so let me show
you what it looks like so here I’ve got a video ok so if I want to insert a
video in my blog let’s just say see this little plus sign right here that’s a
block that’s a Gutenberg block when I click on it I can add forms I can add
images I can add frequently asked questions I can add paragraphs I can add
lists it makes it very easy for me so if I want to add a paragraph then I could
just simply put my intro up top so let’s just say I’m gonna I want this intro
right here to actually be up top so all I have to do is paste it right here in
that block so paste in or type into that block
okay now if I want to add a video all I have to do is go get any URL any video I
want let’s just say I want this video hey I’m gonna click share I’m gonna grab
this YouTube link copy and I’m gonna go over to my blog post and I’m working on
clips there it is I’m gonna hit return and you see that little plus sign it’s
already positioned for me to add a block but I want to go ahead and add the video
so I’m going to click plus add block and I’m gonna grab the YouTube block you can
learn all the blocks that are in here also depending on your WordPress theme
and your plugins you’ll have more items that show up for content for your blocks
okay depending on what those plugins are so I’m gonna go now to youtube video and
I’m gonna add this URL I’m gonna click embed now don’t get overwhelmed by this
I’ve been doing this for years and years and years blogging so you’re gonna need
to go through the course inside Ballen Academy and learn a lot of these
different steps today I want to just give you this overviews the understand
exactly how I’m making money and what my steps look like okay so you’re gonna go
down there and you’ve got this option and then if you want to delete a block
we’re just gonna delete that there all right now this blog closed if I click
this little info tab I can see that my blog post is two thousand seven hundred
and thirty words and if you hear nothing else from this video hear this: in order
to rank on the search engines in order to do well with Google Bing and Yahoo
you must cover topics in depth the old days of 500 words of generic content or
canned content or everybody else has the same content are long gone they don’t
work anymore your content needs to be a rid
quality expertise that matches the trust and authority of your website okay
now here’s the good news I did not write this blog isn’t that great news because
you’re probably thinking to yourself oh no I don’t know what I’m doing it or not
– right so there are a bunch of places where you can hire writers and what I
did in this particular case as I went to Google and I researched autodialers and
I wrote down all of the paragraph headings that I think they needed to
cover based on Google’s people also asked options so like this you go over
to Google I’ve got lots of full lessons on this – you go over to Google and you
type something in like auto dialer and I look down here for this people also ask
box how much is an auto dialer what is an auto dialer system is auto dialing
illegal what is the best auto dialer so right there that’s one two three four
paragraphs okay let’s just say each of those paragraphs comes out to about 300
words we’re already gonna have a 1200 word our article right there now if you
click on one of these it actually opens more suggestions okay so this is the
free way to do this is to go through and then I made those paragraph headings and
I send them to the writers okay now where do you get writers again I’ve got
other videos and courses on that which you can hire Ballen Brands my brother s’ team to do it for you they even search engine optimize your blog post for you
add in the images and videos calls to action that kind of thing or you can get
somebody that just writes the article and returns it to you in basic text form
and you can go in and add links and add banners and add images you’re gonna
optimize it which is what I do okay I know how to optimize my own so I buy the
content and then optimize myself now you can get those from companies like hire
writers crowd content constant content Fiverr there’s tons of places and these
are usually fine because they’re really just going out and
researching and then putting it on a piece of paper where somebody can read
and if you’re advising them on the paragraph headings and what should be in
that blog as long as they speak good English and they write good English I
don’t know if I’m speaking good English then it’s gonna be fine
now if it’s super expertise like I want somebody to write a real estate agent
article all about how to buy a home and the legal requirement so that down
payment and earnest money and FHA and this now I might need a specialist to
write it okay and in that case there’s lots of other options there are on
Facebook you can join blogging boards and things like that where you can find
writers who specialize in your niche that will write articles on your niche
some of these broker houses you can also say I want somebody that is skilled in
this niche okay so lots of options here the more expert the writer is the more
you’re going to pay so you’re typically gonna pay somewhere between two cents
and ten cents a word okay and if you’re gonna get super comprehensive you might
spend a couple hundred dollars for an article but it’s worth it as long as
it’s an evergreen piece of content evergreen means it’s not time-sensitive
it’s not going to expire so it’s gonna last on my website continuously if it
ranks it’s going to continuously bring in people and if I’m making Commission’s
recurring off of sales on that blog post I’m definitely willing to spend a couple
hundred dollars I’ll spend $500 I’ll spend $1,000 on a five thousand or ten
thousand word article from an expert that’s going to rank well and bring me
in certain affiliate affiliate income so outside of ranking on the search engines
you can also run Google ads for these being ads Yahoo ads Pinterest ads
LinkedIn ads Instagram ads endless you can make a video and you can promote the
videos there’s lots of ways to drive people into here besides ranking on the
search engines but that is my specialty is ranking on the search engines and I
like it because it’s a gift that keeps on giving even if I’m not spending the
money at that very moment it’s not based on my budget I’ve already invested and
now I’m seeing the return and the more I stack that the more articles I build
around it the more I benefit from all of it which we’ll get into more as we cover
our our SEO okay so what I’ve done now as I’ve showed you that I have a blog
that I have written that I have optimized for the search engines and
it’s two thousand seven hundred and thirty words long
okay there’s 19 headings those are my h2s my headings there’s 19 of those and
I have 58 paragraphs and you can see what they all look like right here so
this is a great example for you for an actual blog post that has actually
generated an income and it has been generating income for me for years this
is not a new blog so what I do though is every year I update my blog posts that
are doing really well if they’re not doing well either rewrite them or get
rid of them because not every blog post is going to do well but the ones that do
well I have conversions I have commissions I have sales or they’re
generating leads for me through a free ebook or something like that then I read
updated every year so this year I went in and updated this blog and what I did
was I went through here and I looked at which auto dialers or power dialers
or phone lists are new and which ones I had not create a relationship with so I
went on to Google and just looked up a bunch of auto dealers and I made a list
or the the author the person that wrote the original original article made a
list for me and they had items like Vulcan 7 okay they had items like phone
burner now I can see I’m gonna get rid of this block because this is what’s
actually making everything centered and then I’ll show you how we add it back in
okay so one burner is a brand-new one for me so
this popped up on the list and I said okay I don’t have an affiliate
relationship yet was bone burner I want to link two places I have an affiliate
relationship with as much as possible okay
and I’m gonna feature them so I might link to 20 different products and I only
have an affiliate relationship with 3 because only three of them have an
affiliate program not everybody has an affiliate program so what I do is I them
and put them on top and I cover frequently asked questions related to
that product and I will do whatever I can to make sure that those products are
featured and again this is why that affiliate disclaimer is required because
the reader needs to understand that we have a benefit so that they understand
it if I’m featuring phone burner it doesn’t mean it’s the number one auto
dialer on the planet I don’t know this right but it’s a top top of my blog
because I receive an affiliate Commission and that’s why it’s up there
I didn’t rate these in any kind of order but they are featured towards the top
okay so I said to myself I need to see a phone burner has an affiliate program so
I went over to Google and I typed in phone burner affiliate this is how I
always start and I look down to see if there’s anything listed on the search
engine results page and sure enough there is it says right here phone burner
affiliate program and I’m looking for the actual URL for that company see here
where it says phone burner a lot of times what happens is you’ll do a search
and you’ll actually find somebody has got an affiliate website like I do the
7th stream comm that’s all about affiliate marketing programs and I don’t
actually want that website I want the actual website that offers the affiliate
program so I look for that first okay they have one now if they didn’t have
one instead what I would do is I would go over to Google and I would type in
foam burner and I’m gonna find there it is so phone burner power dialer I’m
gonna find that company now I’m gonna scroll down to the bottom of their
website and I’m gonna look for the word affiliate they don’t have one here or
I’m gonna look for partner or I’m going to look for Ambassador or referral so
they have a referral program an Ambassador Program a partner program or
an affiliate program generally speaking okay now I don’t see anything here so
I’m gonna click on site map but I’m gonna take a look at their site map and
I’m gonna oh there you go look at this partner with us affiliates sign up
affiliate so sometimes you just have to know where to dig okay so if you don’t
see one you can email them Hey phone burner do you happen to have an
affiliate program because sometimes their affiliate program a rewards
program or partner program is by invite only so they don’t have it public on
their website but they might still have one and if you guys have the right kind
of if you complement each other’s brand than they might invite you into the
affiliate network it’s not automatic now what these people usually look for is
they would they’d like to see that your illegal business if they’re going to be
paying you cash or checks right PayPal deposits automatic transfers checks in
your mailbox typically speaking they want to see how you file your taxes so
they’re gonna have you fill out a w-9 what is your name are you an LLC if you
file as a chapter S or you know that type of thing what is your social
security number or your EIN number and you’re going to get a form at the end of
the year that they also send in to the IRS that shows how much they paid you
and that’s taxable income now when you are a doing a rewards program or you get
points so I get points from my nail polish or my eyelashes and basically the
points give me a discount on my future products but they don’t actually give me
an income those are probably not going to come out as a taxable income those
are discounts or coupons off of their products so you need to know how it
works okay if they’re paying you it’s taxable income talk to your accountant
about how that works but they are gonna report that in to the IRS okay
all right so they like to see that your website or your
social channel or your video channel or wherever your doing marketing is a
reputable brand that’s in sync with their brand so they’re gonna ask you
where will you be promoting my our product so I give them my website
whatever it is that’s court coordinating with that and I don’t always get
approved either they want a certain number of followers if it’s more of an
influencer or program they want to know you have a certain number of followers
on YouTube or Instagram or something like that if it’s a blog they might look
up your search traffic to see what you have they’re gonna look and make sure
that it’s your brands are aligned so then you go to sign up affiliate and
you’re gonna fill out all the information that they ask for now once
you are approved let me get into the backend here okay
once you’re approved in an affiliate Network they’re going to give you a
special link that you will use on your website and anytime somebody clicks
there and takes a free trial and then makes a purchase or clicks there and
makes a purchase within a certain time frame then you earn a commission now
they’re all different okay you need to look at whoever you’re creating the
relationship wait to see what the logistics are some of them will well
they place a cookie it’s just a little digital tracking
device on the person’s browser when they click through the link that then starts
a timer and it will track from the time they click that link to when they
actually make a purchase so it could be like on Amazon it’s only in 24 hours now
if they put it in their cart it goes to 30 days but that’s a whole nother
conversation the most of them are 30 days 60 days or some of them every now
and then you get a lifetime cookie gods those are very very hard to find okay so
if it let’s just say it’s a it’s a 30 day cookie so that person clicks the
link they go / and they don’t do anything yet that
timer is still activated 30 days if they go back to that website again that that
cookie on their computer tracks when they come back and make it purchase and
if it’s within the timeframe that this program offers we earn a commission if
they take a trial that usually as soon as the trial is over if that person
makes a purchase we receive a commission sometimes they do a last click option
where if they click my link and they buy right then I get a commission but if
they click my link and they don’t buy and a week later they click somebody
else’s link that person gets the Commission if there’s a last click
option there so you’ve got to just kind of read these so that you know I don’t
get too caught up in it once I start doing really well with one I go back and
really read it like okay what are the deals with this what do I need to know
do I need to be doing any of the additional sales campaigns around it or
is the company doing it so what happens is a lot of times they give you assets
okay so in this particular case I’m inside my phone burner affiliate account
and you can see here that it says five great ways to promote Foam burner so one
I can share this link and if somebody clicks through I get an affiliate so
let’s look at that so i’m gonna click Facebook I’m gonna open Facebook okay
and then I’m gonna go to my Lori Ballen business page share on a page you manage
power dialer phone burner I hope there’s gonna be a picture, let’s go on Lori Ballen coach and post on
facebook okay let’s go look at it really quick facebook (types in) Lori Ballen coach okay now
gonna look and see what the post looks like now whenever you’re sharing
affiliate links on your social media channels you must disclose that it’s an
affiliate link just like you would on your blog so you could either post
affiliate link right on that description yeah unfortunately that didn’t give us a
photo so that didn’t work out so well so I’m gonna delete that one but I can
either edit this now and I could put in a disclosure like fill um Lori Bell and
benefits from purchases made through her links some people will literally just
put hashtag add hashtag affiliate I don’t really personally believe that’s a
good enough disclosure I wouldn’t want to leave it up to the FTC to say did
she was that hashtag add or hashtag
affiliate under did the person understand that that was an ad or an
affiliate so I like to put a little bit more of a disclaimer in there also you
can put it in your profile so if you look at my about sections on my social
media accounts it says Lori Ballen is an Amazon
associate an affiliate marketer and benefits from purchases made through her
links so remember disclose disclose disclose I’d rather somebody not buy
something because they’re worried about me making money on it then to buy it and
then to have some kind of issue later where somebody reports that they didn’t
know it was an affiliate link okay you don’t want to be the one that you end up
making an example of all right so we’ve got social links we can share it on
Twitter we can share it on LinkedIn so here you go awesome sales tool hashtag
add hashtag affiliate that’s what you’ll see mostly like I’m on Twitter okay and
so then that goes out and then in my About section I also have the disclaimer
I can do this on LinkedIn LinkedIn would be a great place to do it because of
being a business a lot of businesses are on there that would do something like
that okay so that’s one then over here we
have promote social share our overview video so now I can share this two-minute
video they gave me on that’s phenomenal that’s incredible I
love that now you do need to look up whether or not they allow you to do
pay-per-click marketing you know boosted posts and things like that you need to
look at the terms because a lot of these companies do not want you using their
name or their keywords in any sort of paid advertising now I can run a paid ad
and say check out the best auto dealers and they go to that landing page that’s
fine but I probably can’t run a facebook a run an ad that says phone burner and
put that on Google ads beating them out of their own keywords nobody wants that
okay every now and then I’ll get dog if somebody has no rules around that and
regulations but but you need to look at your terms okay share a video and then
here you can email your friends and if you launch this referral wizard it’ll
actually give you an email template that you can send out to your list this is
why we built lists okay you can do that and look at this email your opt-in list
here’s your letter okay now what I did is I just put this
little letter on my blog post so if we go back over and look at my phone burner
at my auto dialer blog here’s their little letter if you do outbound sales
so this little section here is that letter okay so I used that there there’s
lots of ways you can do that okay and then here it says promote us on your
website or blog so you can embed their video which I did you can embed a banner
so if you look here at all the different sizes this would be great for a right
side column on my wordpress blog you this one’s going to be a little tile
these are great for the little boxes on the side or on the footer or for mobile
devices those are gonna be great so you have all these different options
typically on my wordpress blogs where i have a sidebar
I use a 729 by 90 or somewhere in that range okay so here we go hit sales quote
is faster let’s say I want that banner and I want to put it on my blog what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to click it and they’re gonna give me a code and I’m
gonna click copy to clipboard I’m gonna go back over to my blog and wherever I
want that banner to be I’m gonna click there and I’m going to add this little
plus sign remember that’s the Guttenberg block add the plus sign and what I want
is HTML this is going to give me a little box where I can paste that code
of the banner so you don’t have to know code you have you just have to know copy
and paste and where to insert how to insert a block okay so I inserted the
block I’m just gonna paste this right whoops
like that’s my youtube code I didn’t paste it so let me copy to clipboard try
that again and I’m gonna paste that okay if it
doesn’t copy to clipboard sometimes they don’t I just hover over the whole thing
and I’m gonna do a command C on my Mac to copy now we’ll try this again paste
that code so you see that gibberish code right there now click on preview and
it’ll turn into your banner it’s that simple
okay now one step further another reason I absolutely love WordPress and
especially Guttenberg is that I can save a block to reuse later so let’s say this
is a banner that I’m gonna use all the time so it’s optinmonster or it’s
WordPress websites or it’s something that I talk about all the time what I’m
gonna do is on these three dots up on the right hand side I’m going to click
those three dots and I’m gonna click Add to reusable blocks and I’m gonna name
this phone burner banner and maybe I want to say it’s the 729 by 90 so I know
which size I’m puttin where and then I’m going to click Save my only complaint
right now is that I don’t know how to Center that so you’ve got to get the
right size where it’s off to the left on a on a phone or tablet it won’t matter
cuz it’s gonna all align anyway but on a desktop it does look a little bit funny
and I still have a lot of desktop users that are seeing these okay that’s a
banner now my experience is people click banners less than they will click a an
image or a hyper local link I’m not not hyperlocal a hyperlink okay so let me
give you an example so anywhere now that I say the word phone burner I would like
it to be blue and underlined and linked to the affiliate okay so there’s a
couple ways to do this go back over to my assets I’m gonna find my link and I’m
gonna copy that link and I see you’ve all I’ve mine on a spreadsheet just so
you know okay cuz I have hundreds so I save them um spreadsheet so I’m gonna
copy that but here’s another spot I can I’ll show you another spot we’d save it
just a second so go back over your blog and right here if you do outbound sales
you know that 70% of the time you spend on the phone it’s wasted which is a
shame because live conversations are where the money is at
that’s why phone burner is an absolute GameChanger
okay so I am going to highlight the word phone burner I’m gonna click on the link
and I’m gonna paste my affiliate link right there and I’m going to click apply
okay that’s one way to do it most of the time when I say things like here’s a
free trial for you to test out phone burner this link and I use heat map so I
know this link will get more action than just a banner will okay so it’s
important when you’re doing your blogs that you’re telling people what they’re
getting and you’re giving them a reason to click you will do typically do better
on something like that okay so that is that now another thing you can do I have
a plug-in and I’ll put a link below in the video let me open this in a new
window so we don’t lose our squat I have a plug-in called
thirsty affiliates they have a free version and then they have a paid
version with support and whatnot so I’ll put the link below but you can browse
and upload the plug-in I have other courses I have other lessons on how to
upload a plug-in or add a plug-in so here we’re going to go to new affiliate
link and I would type let me see if I already have it first owner I think I
probably already added it okay so here it is so we’d go to new affiliate link
I’m going to edit this so you can see what it looks like
phone burner and then where do we want people to go there’s my affiliate link
okay and then what keywords when people type in do I want them to go to that
link phone burner phone burner okay and then I save it and then what happens is
on my blog automatically every time I use the word phone burner it links for
me and the nice thing about doing it this way is affiliate links change
sometimes affiliate programs are part of a network like ShareASale or CJ comm or
a win or something like that and they will move from this network to this
network so if you signed up with phone burner when they were part of the CJ
comm Network you access all of your links and resources through the CJ comm
Network for that brand if they were to move then to share a sale all of your
old links die and you have to go replace everything when you use a link like this
then you just go in there and change it once and it changes it everywhere on
your website so for me this is a better practice is having the internal linking
set up for me automatically and you can set limits around it you can say only
link three of them on any given page or unlimited every time I say it I want you
to link to it there’s lots of ways you can use that okay all right so that’s
how you write to create the blog that’s how you embed the
assets using code I showed you that in Gutenberg now there’s one more thing
that I also like to do and let me show you what that looks like I use a
software called often monster now link below this is not a necessity
it’s a extra it’s a bonus it’s a it’s a bell and whistle tool okay so once you
start getting your website ranking or your getting traffic through paid
advertising and through social influence groups whatnot then you want to look at
what is my main product on this page where do I make the most money which one
do I want to feature and then you can use items like items like opt-in monster
so let me show you what we have here I’m gonna go to campaigns and I’m gonna go
to Lori Ballen and I’m going to click my auto dialer campaign so you can preview
it so I have a pop up let me edit it we’re gonna go to preview oh we can just
look at it from right here so here’s what happens is actually let me show you
what a top pops up so I’m gonna go to preview campaign when that person is on
my auto dialer page and they click to scroll anywhere on the page or you can
set it based on time on the site or how many pages they viewed or if they’re new
or not new what I have is if they scroll down 15 percent of the page or use any
of the table of contents items a pop-up automatically happens and this is what
it looks like I’m gonna go to preview campaign pop-up so I have this
particular one is for Vulkan 7 which I made money on last year as an affiliate
I may test this and alternate this with phone burner now because iPhone burners
new for me and I’m now earning Commission’s on phone burner so here’s
the video agents are you ready to take your
business to the next level sign up with Vulcan seven today with the
form below this video ok and then when they click this button get Lori’s
Ballen’s exclusive offer they are then taken to a landing page that is
sometimes branded for me sometimes the company
sometimes I created it you can look at the different options and then that this
person can take a trial and and then if they buy I will get whatever Commission
arrangement I have was Vulcan7 okay so that’s done with optinmonster I’ve
got lessons on exactly how to do that and how to use that and in fact last two
days I must have set up a hundred of these so based on all the different
pages on my website that are getting traffic I’m testing which offer gets me
the most results okay and then to find out how how much money you made from an
affiliate there’s lots of different ways with phone burner you can actually go to
the affiliate program click on your account and you can see what you have so
on the right hand side I can see that year to date I made a hundred eleven
dollars and seventy five cents that’s not a lot it’s a brand new affiliate
that I’ve just started promoting what I love about foam burner is one that they
have a dashboard I can log in and see how much money I mean to that they give
me a list of who signed up and they tell me how many people are in trial mode how
many people took a trial and canceled how many people took a trial and
purchase something this is so helpful to me to know what is in that pipeline okay
another one that I absolutely love is wealthy affiliate again link in the
video description wealthy affiliate is a incredible forum that teaches people how
to do affiliate marketing and I really like their platform you also get
WordPress websites and themes and all kinds of things with the Premium
Membership that I believe it’s like $49 a month something like that but you also
can get an affiliate relationship with them where you can then go promote
wealthy affiliate and you can earn commissions so if I go up to stats what
I’m able to see is I can access my resources I can see what my next
paycheck is for thirty four hundred thirty four dollars what’s being held
you know sometimes they hold a certain amount of money for because they have a
refund policy so you might not get that money till after the thirty days that
person how is that long to get a reef and then you get paid they’re all did
they’re all different how that works and you can see how much money you made you
can see which months are better than other months I personally prefer a
platform that gives me resources like this now there’s other ones I have like
listings two leads for example it’s a real estate marketing software and I
wish that they had a login dashboard like this and they don’t but they email
me every single day you just earned a commission from such-and-such you just
heard a commission from such-and-such so I get the name of the person and I know
that that person is now a member but I don’t have a way to log in and look at
new members recurring members that kind of thing
and I personally really like to have a list of people that have bought
affiliate products that I can then offer them training support and other
affiliate products that go with the one that they bought that they might also
like generally speaking when you get affiliate signups these are people that
could really be part of your tribe and will purchase again and again and again
because they trust you they trust your website so if somebody is going to my
beekeeping website to learn all about beekeeping and they buy a beehive
they’re likely to come back researching another article and buy a suit or a
steamer or whatever all that different items are I actually don’t know anything
about beekeeping I just have a website because it’s a good niche to start in
you know that’s kind of the idea my midlife monarch blog is a lifestyle blog
focused on women in their midlife year so let’s just say 40 enough and it has
you know I talked about how to get rid of cellulite and what happens after
menopause and wrinkle creams and divorce and empty nesting and all of the
situations related to being a midlife woman and then I feature products that
supports the cause in there so a woman might buy a pair of shoes or she might
buy anti-wrinkle creams that I showed and featured or I just now ordered a set
of very expensive eyelash extensions do yourself at home eyelash extensions I
expect it to be a complete mess because it’s me and I’m not great at those
things yet I’m spending a lot of money on my silk eyelashes where me guy lashes
and I would like to see how this actually works and if it lasts longer so
I’m gonna take a video of myself and I’m gonna demo it and if it works great
people will probably click through and buy and then if I’ve got a rewards
program or an affiliate relationship then it would benefit me and if they
like the product to trust me they’re likely to come back and try the
next thing that I show an example of so I’m very careful about what I promote
especially where I have a strong following because I don’t want to put
them in a product it isn’t a good product so I usually will use them and
test them and things like that


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