[ Making Pen ] Mosaic Octagonal Mechanical Pencil

92.5% silver ring in sterling silver
I made it in advance and prepared it. For non monotonous design,
Made the silver ring slightly different in thickness. Brass tube and front unit,
Dedicated accessories for the Pentel “P20x” series. Scratch off with coarse sandpaper. Unite the brass tube with the rest of the unit,
This is to fix more firmly. There are many types of adhesives used. High or low viscosity, fast or slow hardening,
Use the one appropriate for your purpose and situation. Using a rotating sanding panel,
We will arrange the basic square shape. The hardest time begins. # 180 # 220 # 320 # 400 # 500 # 800 …..
Sanding step by step. The process of sanding the finish,
It’s a very long time-consuming process.

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