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Master Blog Content Ideas Without Straining Your Brain! 👍

Master Blog Content Ideas Without Straining Your Brain! 👍

Boom what is happening my friend it’s
Cameron malcolmson here founder of and in this video I just wanted
to share with you how to make master blog content for your niche without ever
having to strain your brain trying to come up with content to write about so
the reason why let’s see why I came up with this piece of content was a
question that came up on was how can you come up
with content to write about and this is what we’re going to cover so this is
what we’re going to answer in this video so step one I like to implement is really
to go deep with some research and you want to go deep on this subject in Google
and find the top answers to these questions that people might have and
and other things like that there so the where I got these things that
we’re going to cover here in this first part of the video was from a book called
copywriting secrets and if you want to learn more about that book you can
scroll to the link below I’ll leave a link for it below it’s an affiliate link
I’ll make a little commission if you decide to take me up on the free
book so the first thing you will go and do research on is the top 10 questions
that people have about your niche and about your industry and you wanna go
through a lot of research and you’re write down questions and then the questions that keep coming up you’ll just put a tick beside them and then
you’ll gradually start to see okay this one’s the bigger one and you
will do this for each of the parts of the research we’re gonna cover on this
video so 10 questions that people had about affiliate marketing when I went
ahead and done this research for myself was the first one the biggest was
like what what is affiliate Marketing and people had that question and whenever
you identify like you know they you’re 10 top questions in your niche you can
go ahead and make content around there the questions that they have and other
things that we’re going to be covering then number two was they had the
question of do I need to spend money then number three was how do I get
started then you got number four that I found was how much can I make
then number five was what’s an affiliate
program then it was what’s the future of affiliate marketing then number seven
was can I do it without an email list then people had the question of does
affiliate marketing work in multiple different countries then there was
what’s the difference between dropshipping and affiliate Marketing that’s
the questions I came up with and found out more about then the last question
people had about it in the top ten was how soon can you see an ROI so when you
identify these top ten questions there’s 10 pieces of content that you can go
ahead and make and write about and create content around okay so the
next thing you want to research as 10 big results that people want in your
Niche in your industry and you’ll do the same type of idea of the tick method and
you’ll see which ones come to the top and which ones are the bigger results
that people want when I went ahead and done this research for myself the 10 big
results people wanted with affiliate marketing big number one one was
time and location freedom and that’s the reason why most people got started with
affiliate marketing number two was they wanted to make their own schedule number three was unlimited earning income earning potential then four was it offers incredible scalability number five was low overhead cost and
high margins number six was access to a worldwide market and that’s like I mean
reason why people get started and a big result people want with affiliate Marketing
is they want to access a worldwide market number seven was to have to
have no boss telling you what to do and that was a reason why people get started
with affiliate marketing number eight was creative freedom to explore and make whatever
they wanted then number nine was to learn new skills and do new things then
number ten big result that they wanted it was a sense of pride in
themselves when they put in the work so they wanted to feel good about what they
were doing then the next sort of part of research that you’d want to go ahead and
dive into is 10 road blocks that people have doing your niche and in your
niche then the 10 big road books I came across with affiliate marketing was
people don’t really believe it’s real until their first sale and that’s
the biggest drop-off point with affiliate marketing because people tend
to drop off before they make the first deal but once you make your first deal
it really installs that sense of belief that is possible for you and then you
probably stick around a lot longer things like this here probably for a long
long time and really decided to go deep on the whole subject because you know
that it’s possible and it’s real and works okay so I was the first big road
book people had number two was they were not fully committed and tried to do the
bare minimum a big roadblock that they had number three was people being in the
wrong niche that was a roadblock number four was the mindset shift from a
traditional job into affiliate Marketing then there was number five which is lack
of persistence and momentum number six was knowing how to make better sales
pieces With bridge funnels that was a problem a roadblock that people had
you know a roadblock when someone’s going to do something and then
they hit that roadblock and then they go back they’ll go back so you can
make content around these ideas and help people to get
through these roadblocks okay so there was a let’s see number seven was
creating great quality video content or not going for outstanding value okay
then number eight roadblock was people was getting traffic so people had that
roadblock of you know how do I get traffic to my site and you want to do
this for your own niche as well then number nine was distraction and
procrastination then number ten was people going for sale and rather than
helping okay now the next part you want to look into is the top problems that
people have top ten problems and then you’ll do the same idea with that
strategy and the tick methods you’ll see the ones coming to the top so the top
problem that I seen in affiliate marketing most people choosing the niche
they wanted to get started with then number two was getting traffic to the
website number three was writing content and generating ideas for content so kind
of addressing that in this video for you then number four was how to write sales
copy for Internet Marketing like I said before if you’re
interested in that there I’ve left that free copy of expert secrets below it’s an affiliate
link if you decide to purchase the book it’s free I think it’s you just cover
shipping and handling I make a little commission if you decide to get that
there it’s down there below if you want to get it then number five has technical
problems with tools and link building so people were having problems with being
able to use tools and things like that there then number six was
being able to make sales consistently then number seven was overwhelm and
confusing then overwhelmed and confused then not take an action that was a
problem that people had they didn’t know where to go it was all this
information then number it was shiny object syndrome looking for this
they just keep looking for the secret is it the next secret okay so you
wanna create content around problems that you’ve identified in your niche/
industry and then you can create content for this here then number nine was
motivation and time management people had a problem of that there and then
number ten was a big one it was people being ripped off online and getting
stung and probably probably getting hurt they’re like ah nah I don’t think I’ll
do this again because the last time I got ripped off and it didn’t work you
know so you wanna address these problems and then create content around them so
after you do that they’re my friend you you will have some great research to
think about when it comes to creating content for your niche then you wanna
take time and really build this for yourself so when you have your ten
questions ten big questions ten big results people have ten roadblocks that
people have and in ten problems that people have with your niche and your
industry so after you do research you should be able to make 40 pieces of
content there for you and we’re not stopping here okay so that’s just part one part
two there’s other ways to gather information so I’m gonna give you some
resources and strategies to help you create content for your blog and a
content marketing plan so part one was doing your research then part two
what’s gonna help you is you can go to so
if you type in answer the public dot com you’ll see the site type in your niche your industry whether it’s affiliate marketing of its
fitness if it’s cooking and you’ll see that answered the public dot com will
generate a whole bunch of information and questions that people have about
your niche/ industry and you can help by by addressing these questions that
people have and you can answer the public ok so step three is you can write
an email out to your existing email list if you already have one
I’ve done this here before and it’s effective way to know what to write to
people you just wanna ask them ask them that question so I went ahead if you already have an existing email list of people write them a
broadcast email and ask them what do they want to know more about what are they
struggling with right now and you’ll get a response so here is an example of the
email I sent out and it says hey it says it’s cameron here just wanted to catch up
with you and see if you had any questions about internet marketing or
anything covered so far again thanks for being a part of team limitless just
reply to this email if you have any questions about building online business
and specifically internet marketing I appreciate you taking the time to write
back to me and I can’t wait to help you with traffic website conversions and
emails peace have a great weekend! and some of the responses I got back was
people wanted to learn more about internet marketing so that’s probably
why hear me talk a lot about internet marketing because people are interested
in that their number two was people are getting behind in her website so they
were like they were struggling with the website they were they wanted me to go
back over things and make sure that everything was covered okay so they had
problem they were getting left behind with website and they were kind
of struggling there number three was someone write back no more scams please
and really you can see the with the the problems that people had those people
were getting scammed and things like that there so that was something someone write back was no more scams please so I don’t think I I don’t scam anybody I’m not a
scammer you know but that’s what someone write back from for my email list then
number four was someone someone had the question of her what what’s your offer
what what is it your doing and I don’t know I thought for maybe when you go to you’ll maybe know but obviously some people still had that
question of what is your offer so that was just some of the questions I got
back and then once you do that if you’ve already got an existing email list you
can do that if you don’t you can skip that step 3 and go to step four Step
four as you can get ideas from great quality content and you can watch other
people’s quality content to get ideas take them ideas and make them into your
own through your own experience so the idea is kind of learn do teach and
you can learn from your mentors at the start you use the content you’re watching make similar content for your
niche and the method is called learn do and then teach and that’s kind of what I
do on I learn about something I go in and implement it and then I teach people about my experience with implementing them strategies and you can
write and create your own content similar to your mentors use your own
perception build similar content in your own way so this is step 4 step 4 is you
want to take a look at what your mentors are doing and any ideas
that you get from watching your mentors content you can take some of them ideas
and learn about them do them and implement them and then go ahead and teach and write content about them through your own experience okay so here’s a
post I made from Internet traffic mastery and you can take ideas from
courses and practical things that you’ve done yourself so an example is if you go
to increase – website – traffic – fast so – website – traffic – fast and you’ll get
to see the content I made from learning about the stuff that’s in
Internet traffic mastery and I leave the link for the blog post and this
piece of content I made a while back all about how to generate website traffic
fast okay so step five as the ultimate and once you get through all these other
stages you’ll easily be able to do this last step which is writing down 20
content ideas a day so this is a great way to start generating content ideas so
in the mornings and the evenings whenever you have a half an hour 10-15
minutes you just set and write down ideas that come off in the top of your
head try and do 20 a day but once you start doing it it get harder to write 20
ideas but that’s okay just write down as many as you can and that there you’ll be
generating more ideas for content and even with the research that you do it
will be easier as well like it says to write these 20 content ideas a day
because you get a better idea about the results that people are looking for
questions people have roadblocks people have and problems people have
about your niche/ industry and you’ll be able to generate these ideas relatively
easily and you’ll have an unlimited amount of ideas for content my friend so
this was the five steps for creating content and I hope that helped you with
coming up with content for your own website and here are the five
steps to be covered so you want to do number one is you are go out there and
do that research for yourself for your niche for your industry in number two is you are go to answer the public .com and you go in there and type
in your niche industry and you can actually write content and answer the
public then number three is if you have an existing email list you can send out
an email and ask them what questions what they want to learn more about what
they’ve been struggling with things like that there number four was you get ideas from
your mentors and implement them then learn them do them and then share your
experience with these ideas that you’ve been implementing and in number 5 which
is ultimate and that’s writing down 20 new content ideas a day it will probably
be a little bit hard to get it’ll get a little bit harder at the more
you do but anytime you want to come up with ideas you can go to your research and go
to answer to public .com write an email out watch an inspirational video or and
ultimately write 20 ideas down a day if you’re doing the other four steps it
would be relatively easy to write down these 20 steps so if I know if you know
someone if you know someone who could use these ideas for themselves you can
share this video with them and things like that there and that this is the ultimate
the master blog content creation strategy and this is the video I had for
you today my friend hope you enjoyed it hope you got loads of ideas about how
to make content come up with content and really this is everything for today I
hope you have a great one and I’ll see you in the next one peace

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