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MaxWeb’s Networking Tips For Affiliate Marketing Conferences

MaxWeb’s Networking Tips For Affiliate Marketing Conferences

If you have the right people that you know in the industry, they can open so any doors for you. The reason I am on this stage today, and I’m so humbled by the incredible success that we’re having, is relationships. Meeting the right mentors. Meeting the right people at the right time, and having very good partners cannot be overly emphasised. The industry is fantastic right.
You get into an industry, affiliate marketing is super cool. It can also be pretty
intimidating. You’re not quite sure where to get started. So
that’s why it’s extremely important, and you really want to take advantage of all
the relationships you have in the industry. So if you know an affiliate,
take him out for a beer or ten, and just ask a lot of questions.
Having that insight into what other affiliates are doing, it’s fantastic,
and really everyone in your chain. From your affiliate manager, to your content
developer, other affiliates, everyone is going to be responsible about you and
your success. So I spoke about this earlier, but having a good content
developer, it’s key. So if you don’t want to do that yourself, maybe
your background is more technical, you want to spend your money on optimising
the campaigns, and making sure everything is set in that aspect, just go out there.
It’s usually not that expensive to hire a good content writer,
and they can really, really, really make your business. Other affiliates, they can
really help you get to bigger stages and most of them really love talking about
stuff like this. I mean, we’ve seen some of my colleagues there on the stage, they
love to share the knowledge. Especially if you know how to approach them, it’s
fantastic and you can do this by Facebook. I personally am part
of two fantastic Facebook groups and I actually read a lot of that
content constantly. I love it. So take advantage of that. Engage. Webinars, some
super affiliates love to be part of that interaction and having
webinars each week and of course, conferences, and now we attend all the
big conferences around the world because we know how valuable it is, but I wish
someone would have told me a few years ago to to just start there. Because
that’s how you build a relationship, even when you go to a conference,
if you meet one person, that’s gonna be a valuable relationship to you, you’re
already winning. And the last piece of the puzzle, which my colleague was
saying earlier, you really want to work with a good program. It can be whatever
program you choose to work with, but if you don’t have a good offer or someone
you trust, it’s gonna be impossible for you to scale.

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