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McDonald’s BIG MAC MIRACLE Rice – Big Mac meal cooked in a rice cooker

McDonald’s BIG MAC MIRACLE Rice – Big Mac meal cooked in a rice cooker


The opening scene is not unlike a fever dream “there was BBQ sauce, and McNuggets…sesame seed buns and fries??”
I agree with that little voice that just blurts “WHAT?!”

dancing chicken nugget

i feel like someone told me to wash my rice because of the whatever stuff they put on the rice to stop it from sticking to eachother while transporting it


Thought this was click bait…. but NO, she really did it. Wait huh….cooking cooked food in a rice cooker… not really a recipe… next time order a pizza then put it in the oven wait 30 min and see if that also turns out good. 👀🤦‍♂️

Can someone try it with a quarter pounder (my preferred Burger from Maccas)? I also would try Dr Pepper as well. Next a personal pan pizza + rice…

My Dad was an artilleryman in ww2 in General Pattens 3d army during the battle of the bulge. He told us that supplies were often short and that they often had to improvise to supplement what they had. He showed us how to boil a can of sweetened condensed milk(keeping it submerged) and then leaving it in a handy place to cool. (snowbank) I believe we boiled it for an hour. when it had cooled we opened the can and found much to our surprise a most wonderful Caramel candy! In his story we were told that they boiled theirs in a helmet!

Thanks a lot for reminding me of such mindboggles from my teenhood as seen from Rocketnews24. I just made these and boy… I feel trippy… XD

Didn’t ask for these kinds of videos but now it has me wondering about pancakes and sausage. 🤔 Maple syrup… Yes. Please make that happen.

Thanks Emmy. I don’t go to mcdonald a lot and vaguely even remember the last time I went. Now thanks to this vlog I’m craving it. Dinner is in a few hour anyway.

New member here. I'm in a clinic as of right now with a kidney infection and this is calming me down. Keeping me very happy and entertain. I adore your voice by the way, something about your voice is so sweet and calm. Thank you for making amazing videos.

In Scandinavia, we wash the rice because rice tends to have quite high levels of arsenic which is very toxic. It is recommended by most administrative authorities to do this, AND to not eat too much rice, because of the arsenic levels.

Thats absolutely disgusting just cuz she does these things with class and classy music didn't make It not DISGUSTING. Smh I would hate to be her stomach. Going to the bathroom must be even nastier. Ugh ew

I always appreciate the way you taste every bizarre thing you find without any bias whatsoever. No judgement values at all.

Emmy.. how long you been using and what rice cooker is it in details. Thank you ❤👏🤯
Keep it up! More videos pls.💋

I always rinse my rice too. 🙂 I put it into a small screen strainer and rinse it over a clear glass bowl till the water runs clear. Makes the best rice! <3

Wtf is the point of this? Some stoner fell asleep before eating his disgusting junk food and couldn’t bear to throw it away? And he doesn’t have an oven or a microwave? I can’t. I’m watching LEGIT food content. Why is this BS still getting recommended to me?

ALSO– The arsenic content found on rice can also be reduced by washing it thoroughly, which is why I wash my rice very well!

I still want to know who these horrible miserable people are that click dislike on these videos!!!! Emmy has to be the most likeable person on YouTube!!! I wish these cowards would follow up their dislike with a comment but I guess they know how much hate they would get!!! I feel sorry for these miserable wretches!!! If I was in a bad mood, all I would have to do is watch an Emmy video and I would be all smiles! Thanx Emmy for being who you are!! You make me smile with EVERY video. 😁😁😁

This seems like a great idea if you buy a Mcdonald's meal and for some reason don't eat it and the next day the chips are dry and the coke loses all the gas

I’d be Dad of the century if I cooked that for my kids. They love McDonalds. I wonder if I throw in some veggies if they’d notice. Very interesting one pot meal Emmy. =)

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