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Meet IBM Verse on Mobile

Meet IBM Verse on Mobile

Welcome to my mobile workday with IBM Verse
I’m on my way to meet a client about an important proposal I will be presenting to them today
I only have a few minutes to catch up on things at the office before the meeting starts
Hmm… I’ll quickly check the IBM Verse notifications center on my phone to what has been happening
back at the office This is so handy, I can keep track of my upcoming
meetings, see important incoming messages, and all the stuff I need to do I had asked Heather for the proper discount rate for my meeting and I see she’s responded
Let’s see what Heather has to say In fact, I can conveniently see all of the
messages from Heather in one place This budget planning email is important so
I’ll look at it later today I can just add it to my actions list in a
couple of easy steps I really need to contact Heather before this
meeting Hmm.. Ah great! She’s online I’ll just contact her directly and ask my question
In my chat message, I thank her for sending the discount policy, but I notice the pricing
sheet is wrong, so I ask her to send an updated version before my meeting
She says, “no problem” and will send it in a second Now that I got Heather going on that, I can check my other messages in IBM Verse
I’ll check in with my favorites Now I can see what messages I care about most
show up It looks like my manager, Gail, has sent me
a couple of new messages that I should look at This proposal for the renovations event looks important Let me see what’s going on Oh boy…. I can’t really deal with it right
now, since my meeting is about to start but I can get things going by forwarding it
to Lucas So I’ll forward the message, look up Lucas’
name and add my request to him and I know there’s a file that would be helpful for Lucas to have that includes the event location info No problem, I click on the paper clip and here’s the list of files for me to choose from I simply select the one I want, and share
it with Lucas right from Connections Cloud I will definitely want to follow up on this
topic after I get done with my meeting So I’ll mark the message as a reminder to
check with Lucas later today Once I do this, I can keep track of it on
my actions list I’m pretty sure I’d forget about this if I
did not have this reminder So off it goes to Lucas and lets see what
else I can get done here Luckily, everything on my actions list is
right here I can see what is due today and keep track
of things I need to do or things I’m waiting on others to do
Here’s a new member in our group, Paul I see there are a lot of responses to this
message welcoming him I’ll contact him later, but in the meantime
I don’t need to see all these messages from others so I’ll just mute them and that will
clean up my inbox It’s amazing how much I can do with so little
time I can handle these other items later but I
can mark this one “done” now Ah, it feels good to get that off my plate
I can now move on to what’s next I have just a minute before my next meeting
So lets see what else is going on in my day There are a number of items here
Hmm… There are a couple of invitations, let me see
I can take care of this pricing follow-up meeting and accept it right from here
I know that will be an important one given my client meeting that is about to happen
and this team meet-up invitation… I’ll review and respond to that later
It is so convenient to have all my invitations in one place so I can easily plan my days
and weeks ahead Ah, it’s almost time for my meeting
Nice… I can join the meeting right on my phone and never miss a beat
IBM Verse keeps me on track and focused on the things I need to get done


As my colleagues and I have recently abandoned iPhone, now we're on Android phones, will Verse be available on Android?  I realize IBM has recently partnered with Apple on a few fronts, but Android is outselling iOS two-to-one.  Hope Verse will be available on my Samsung Note 4 mobile device?

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