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MSI WT72 6QN-219US 17.3″ 4K Display Laptop

MSI WT72 6QN-219US 17.3″ 4K Display Laptop

MSI WT72 6QN Review Whether you’re watching movies or creating
them, the WT72’s 3840 x 2160 display is a sight to behold. Actor Byung-hun Lee stood larger than life
against a pale, blue sky and a field of green at his back in the 1080p trailer of The Magnificent
Seven. Details were sharp enough that I could see
the individual jet-black hairs in his mustache as well as the fine stripes in his shirt. The matte panel can reproduce 173 percent
of the sRGB color gamut, topping the 129 percent desktop-replacement average. The ZBook wasn’t too far behind at 169 percent,
while the ThinkPad P70 hit 158 percent. However, the Precision 5500 got the win at
177 percent. The MacBook Pro delivered a disappointing 86 percent. MSI and SteelSeries continue to make touch-typists
happy with their full-size, island-style keyboard with customizable backlighting. The generously spaced keys have 1.6 millimeters
of key travel and require 62 grams of force to depress, making for firm, bouncy feedback. Despite using a SteelSeries keyboard, I was
surprised to see the laptop outfitted with MSI’s old KLM software for the backlighting. Depending on which of the seven modes I chose,
I was restricted to a limited color palette. By contrast, the SteelSeries Engine app lets
me paint with a brush of 16.8 million colors. KLM also lacks the ability to create macros,
which isn’t absolutely necessary since this isn’t a gaming laptop, but I’d still like
to map a shortcut or two. One thing that hasn’t changed is how bright
the lighting is in a dimly lit room. My hands were drawn to the glowing keyboard
like a moth to a flame. While other gaming laptop manufacturers fall
into a steady groove with their products, MSI is never afraid to push boundaries. As the first VR-capable workstation, the WT72
is a testament to the company’s innovative instincts. However, you’re losing the ability to run
VR applications on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. If you’re a creative professional seeking
a portable solution that can both run and create VR apps, the MSI WT72 is the laptop
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