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My First Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark | cari cakes in Denmark VLOG

My First Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark | cari cakes in Denmark VLOG

Bye Oslo! Good morning guys, we are on the DFDS ferry from Copenhagen, uh no, from Oslo to Copenhagen, It was definitely a very scary experience if you watched my previous Oslo vlog. I slept for probably like three or four hours I definitely didn’t fall asleep very easily. We are about an hour outside of Copenhagen we are just getting ready in our teeny tiny cabin sup? We should land around 9:30 a.m so, here we go Copenhagen! We’ve made it! We have arrived, we dropped our bags off at the station because we have to wait for our Airbnb to open and now we are getting food because we are starving- what? Okay, so anyway, we’re getting food Copenhagen is really pretty. Hi, Olivia Bye! We’re waiting for our bagel which we’re really excited about, with the most majestic view ever. We both have very severe sea legs so we’re like falling all over the place and we’re very scared that we’re gonna like knock over a sculpture so far so good though. Is it supposed to be going that fast, like I feel like is this gonna break? Olivia and I have decided along with our house in that one Park in Oslo, we will also be moving to Tivoli Please comment down below how you pronounce that to all my Danes, thanks! Money! Yoo-hoo! I am fully apologizing now that the entire Copenhagen vlog will be just pictures of buildings because this is ridiculous, every single street that we’re walking down looks fake and I’m gonna slip on a cobblestone, so I’ll stop talking now but Copenhagen you did well. So we have made it back, we’re back at Tivoli and we still don’t know, yeah, we’re here because there’s gonna be a parade, It’s really pretty and we need food and there were lots of eateries here, so let’s go see it lit up! Weee! Here we go, I’m going to crack it, do you want a picture or? – No you can crack it Oh yeah ooo, I’m purple Copenhagen! It started- It started raining so hard like just when we went outside and now the bus isn’t coming for another 20 minutes and we can’t like, walking home is not an option and we’re very stressed! You’re still beautiful and I still love you but why is it raining? Greetings, many update from Copenhagen, we have been here for less than 24 hours and every person we have encountered has been either like really nice or like so funny It started when we were on the ferry here, there was a cafe on the ship and we ordered and like the guy was just so funny like he was just cracking jokes left and right and it was just really comfortable. Who was another funny dude? Oh. We went to a museum and they had a discount for people if you’re under 27 years old and I asked the guy like why 27 and he’s like a pretty old dude and he just leans really close and he’s like “God only knows.” Like super dramatic and really funny. And then same thing with, we went to the amusement park and our waiter we went to like this diner and had burgers which I had an amazing veggie burger, I am so thankful, I was like craving one So I ordered a veggie burger and he was like “Would you like to add bacon to that?” And like he just like joke after joke after joke and it was totally like my sense of humor like borderline dad joke, but also just like mercilessly teasing you like that’s totally me and so I don’t know, I just feel like all the people that we’ve dealt with have been super funny and super great and maybe maybe I have a Danish sense of humor but either way I really like it and everyone has been super kind speaking English, It’s just been a really lovely time so far It started raining really randomly, but other than that the weather today was amazing. Tomorrow it should still rain a little bit, but shouldn’t put a damper on our plans I’m just gonna walk around, explore and yeah so I’m gonna go to sleep because I didn’t sleep at all on the boat because I was terrified so I’m gonna pass out, have a busy day tomorrow and I will see you guys there bye! Good morning from Copenhagen excuse this on my head, It is a slightly rainy morning but we’re going to just wander around, get some breakfast it’s gonna be the coldest day here and then the rest of the trip is gonna be much warmer, which is great because I have now exhausted all of my sweaters so yeah, we’re going to explore we did a lot more than we thought we would do yesterday and I’m really hungry, so let’s go! butterflies! -These people are like losing their minds
-It’s so sunny, but it’s raining – Look at him he’s just like what? They’re like do we pack up our food and go? Raining…but it’s sunny. This is like hail, it’s hail. – Is it? Super sunny, raining like heck. It’s our last night in Copenhagen and we are going home at like 7 because we’re very tired, we walked a lot and I need a shower and…
– Yes! We’re getting on a flight at around 4 tomorrow so we still have another day left, shut up we still have enough of the day left to like do stuff and then we’re going to get on an airplane to Amsterdam last leg of the trip, okay bye! Okay, we’re leaving Copenhagen I’m being really fast because we’re going to board our plane and we just walked through like a mountain of really really tall people and we’re very what am I trying to say? I don’t know – Was it the Swedish basketball team? Was it a Swedish basketball team? I don’t know. – In my head I’m going to tell myself it was a Swedish basketball team. Okay, so we walked through a forest of Swedish basketball players and now we’re getting on our flight and see you in Amsterdam! Bye!


I'm actually mostly excited you got the Danish Weather experience, too. The only things you missed out on was a hail squall and a thunder storm but that'll have to wait, I guess.

Hi 🙂

I live in Copenhagen.

If u want to see a beautiful shopping street then u need to come back to see Strøget when it´s Christmas and then u can also go around to some of the small christmas markets around in Copenhagen.

next time you're going you should visit somewhere beyond just the centre of copenhagen. like nørrebro, vesterbro, sydhavnen or nordvest. those are some of the less touristy parts of town and are way more lively – copenhageners actually live there;) nørrebro, sydhavnen and nordvest are some of the more youthful neighbourhoods.
good luck travelling!

Pronounce it like "Ti" in Tim, "Wo" as in Women and "li" as in literally 😛 Danish is a messed up language :S

I studied abroad in Copenhagen for 6 weeks in 2016 and completely fell in love with it! Gorgeous architecture, kind beautiful people, lots of things to do and see, and insanely gorgeous countryside outside the city!! Got to visit for a couple of days this past summer and already can’t wait to go back!! ❤️🇩🇰

hahah, loved this!! It’s pronouned ‘tee-vo-lee’ or in a more fast way, that we use in everyday-language: ‘teo-lee’ (yes, we’re lazy)

You say Tivoli with out the o 👍 and you didn’t go to see the little mermaid 🧜‍♀️?????? Shame on you 😃😃😃😃😃

the part at 9:40 was a big no go, i hope you dindt get in touble.. that street in off limits for filming and photos

Awe loved this! It's really nice to see others appreciate what you take for granted in your daily life <3 And you seem lovely as well! Subscribed!

ahhhhh I get so excited when people visit my home country! Just let me know if you want to Danish humor in your life hahah. I currently live in Seoul!

I might have a slightly different accent than those damn hipsters in Copenhagen 😉 But around here, its pronounced "Tivli"… Just leave out the O :p

3:52 "This is ridiculous. Every single street that we're walking down…

… looks fake."
I loved that delivery! I think you do have a Danish sense of humour, or at least what you described is totally my sense of humour. 😀 Very nice video! You're super cute (nothing to apologize for about that bun), the shots were great (a bit short, though – found myself pausing and rewinding all the time), and good music (that's a rare for travel vlogs, if you ask me). I read in the comments that you're dead set on coming back and that you want to see more of Denmark next time, and you know what, if you'd like to have a guide with you who knows just which places around the country to see, I volunteer! I've always wanted to as act a guide around Denmark for someone, and I think you'd be an absolute joy to show around. The places I've seen other people suggesting in here would definitely be on my bucket list as well. Consider it! As my father says, "a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet", which it seems you experienced during this video. So hi, I'm Lasse! 🙂 Thank you for the video; 'was a pleasure to watch!

Hi Most Danes pronounce Tivoli “Tivli” the “i” sounds like the “e” in “eat” and not like the “i” in “life”. 👍🏻

I actually work in Tivoli, and trust me, a lot of foreign people struggle with the name! I can barely say it myself, but I just…idk kinda don’t say the o? So teevlee I guess haha

Rain, in Denmark — noooo, it never rains here! and dear lord you're PRETTY! You'd be a perfect pippi longstockings 🙂

''Why is it raining?''. Honestly, in terms of weather in Copenhagen, the more appropriate question would be ''why isn't it raining?''.

I think I know why it was sunny and raining at the same time. Copenhagen was confused because you were here. I think maybe Copenhagen has a little crush on you! 😉

I just have started to watch your video 1 or 2 hours ago. I found that your videos so amazing. I love the style in your videos, which make me relax a lot. Thank you for making these interesting video! Wish you have a good day!

You filmed the only place where it’s not allow to film in Christiania! You can take photos and videos all you like, but not in pusher street!!!! Lucky they didn’t notice, could have coast you a phone or camera!

Where did you stay in Copenhagen? Not sure if you mentioned it and I missed it, would you recommend? Oh also where did you get that bagel from, looked incredible! Hoping to visit Copenhagen next year!

Hello people, also I really like this video because I am from Denmark and it shows us here in Denmark, that them there visit us really like the land are really interested in our land. And it's so nice of you English people to say nice things about our country. Also I really like the US, I usually like to talk English and I use it every day because I love this language! But anyway good video and keep up the good work.

Tivoli is actually pronounced more like Ti-o-li, the v is almost silent cuz of how fast you say it d: Glad you had a great time, makes me miss home <3

This vlog is amazing! I’m a huge fan of your videos! I also just started my YouTube channel and created a copenhagan vlog. It would be amazing if you could check it out!

ah, i find it quite funny how i found you because of your videos regarding korea as i am going there in less than a month for exchange and then you have a vlog about copenhagen. I really enjoyed seeing it through a foreigners eyes and i am happy you had a nice experience. Also i was absolutely shook at 10:55 beacause i genuinely for a second thought that it was my face in the mirror like i gasped so loud and had to rewind and pause lmao. anyway wish you the best <3

At 8:25 you dip your ryebread in the egg, as a dane, i’ve never eaten ryebread like that 😂. But hey, i bet it’s tasty

I just randomly saw ur video and really like it, love the way u vlogged, peaceful and make me want to visit there☺️

i guess you enjoy so much the architecture in denmark, yes your right danish people are very polite and helpful to foreigners. enjoy your stay

Damn you're beautiful 🙂 By the way, I recently paid my 8th visit to Copenhagen, it's my favourite city in the whole world and if I was a few years younger (I'm 52) I would definitely move to Copenhagen, can't help thinking I've left it too late now.

Copenhagen is the definition of bliss indeed! Also, you cant ignore all the beautiful people 😉 Where did you stay while you were there? I’d like to stay there too it looks so comfy!
-love from indonesia

Nice video. I was recently in Copenhagen. It would be nice if you checked my travel video as well. Keep traveling

Im studying in Oslo, Norway at the moment and travelling to Copenhagen for the weekend 🙂 thank you for the video!

“Why does it rain so Much?” u ask Well lets just say… u wil get used to it because Denmark rains all the time it Will sometimes rain 24/7 send help xd

This is the first of your videos I’ve watched and I just wanted to say you seem like such a sweet nice person! Loved the video

I'm watching this as I sit in my hostel in Copenhagen and I kinda don't know how to feel about this. Like it feels really strange!!

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