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NAIL in a TIRE | Starting Route 66 in Santa Monica

NAIL in a TIRE | Starting Route 66 in Santa Monica

[Music] We’re at the start of Route 66 in Santa
Monica, LA. Behind us is Santa Monica
Boulevard. This is the start of Route 66, also called the Main Street of America or the
Mother Road. This is also known as the Will Rogers Highway and we will be
traveling all the way on Route 66 as we head east up towards Oklahoma. And
here you have it. This is the sign that says this is the west end of Route 66 in
Santa Monica. William Rogers was an American actor, entertainer and humorist.
The highway was unofficially named the Will Rogers highway by the U.S. Highway
66 Association in 1952. The plaque in Santa Monica reads “Route 66 was the
first road he traveled in a career that led him straight to the hearts of his
countrymen”. U.S. Route 66 was one of the original highways in the US highway
system. Established in 1926 it was 2448 miles or (3940 km) long. It was used as a
primary route for people migrating West. It was officially removed from the U.S.
highway system in 1985 after it was replaced by the interstate highway
system. Turn right unto Santa Monica Boulevard. We had two months to get from
where we were camping in southern Arizona up to a friend’s wedding in
Oklahoma. Rather than drive straight there we decided to use the time and
make a bit of a road trip out of it, particularly because there are a few
National Park Units in Southern California that we really wanted to
visit. So after visiting those we decided to drive up Route 66 towards Oklahoma
City visiting the National Park units along the way. Driving through LA with the trailer was not a particularly fun experience. Not
only was it a Friday afternoon so there was a lot of traffic on the roads but
the roads are really really terrible. Loads of potholes and our off-road
suspension actually got a good workout on those roads. It took us hours and
hours, in fact pretty much the whole day to make it out of LA along that road. America’s Main Street, Route 66. Oh, it shows all the states it goes through. Oh yeah, true. [Music] Along Route 66 we
stopped to Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch near Oro Grande, California. It was
created by Elmer after he inherited a large glass bottle collection from his
father. Unfortunately, Elmer passed away in June
2019 but the Bottle Ranch is still open. We stayed at Newberry Mountain RV Park.
We chose this location so that we could leave the trailer behind for a couple of
days and drive the Mojave Road with just a truck. Make sure you’re subscribed
if you aren’t already to see our off-road adventure over the Mojave
Desert in the next episode. Bagdad cafe is another roadside attraction along
Route 66 in Newberry Springs, California. – Menus?
– [Matt] Yes, please. A 1987 German movie named
Bagdad Cafe was filmed here and to capitalise on the success of the movie,
the cafe renamed itself to the movie title. [Music] The night before heading into the Mojave
Desert we discovered a nail in one of the trailer tires. So we had to change it. – [Diana] So we detached the spare. – [Matt] Luckily we had bought a bottle jack just
a few weeks prior. Talk about good timing! Our trailer has very high
clearance so we had to improvise a bit to get the bottle Jack high enough but
we managed. You always do these in a star pattern. Release that a little bit, just so that’s on the floor. In the end, at our next destination
Flagstaff, Arizona, we took the tire to Discount Tire, They
inspected it and said it was all ok. The nail hadn’t gone deep enough to cause
any real damage, so we put it back on the trailer. Total for the year so far: three
new tires on the truck and two tire changes on the trailer. – [Diana] Wow! That is impressive!

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