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New report calls out Amazon over safety, rate of car crashes

New report calls out Amazon over safety, rate of car crashes


Amazon uses illegal aliens as drivers who more than likely don’t have driver’s licenses or even any driver’s training.


In California the Amazon drivers who drive the vans are really reckless they drive really close that they hit your side view mirror and they keep driving, they drive extremely fast in parking lot areas and in residential areas, they go over curbs and fly over speed bumps and to make it worse they have no one 800 number on the back of the van that says how am I driving and it’s impossible to call Amazon to report these drivers even if you have the license plate number. They don’t have the etiquette or professionalism that UPS or FedEx or United States post office has and there is no structure they just hired random people at a cheap hourly rate and say here you go you got a drop off all these packages today. One issue I had is when you order something from Amazon they’re lazy they will say that your place was not easy to find or they will have to deliver tomorrow there’s always excuses with them so I canceled my Amazon prime. They better rethink who they’re hiring otherwise they’re going to get sued

+Fox Business — DON'T you know that "Buzzfeed" should be ALL you need to know? ALL those Amazon drivers must fall under the DOT guidelines..C'mon, I'm old and I know that!

For months I have been noticing how obnoxious Amazon van drivers are. They whip Corners like they have no concern in the world. Some of them have their music blaring when they get out of the car to deliver a package. I'm glad somebody's mentioning this because I've been noticing this for a while. Maybe it's the incentive to deliver a certain number of packages that makes these drivers not care about the rules of the road

I worked in Amazon warehouse all the stories that you hear are all true..
20 year olds wearing diapers because they want to keep their scan raid up lol..

Pregnant women getting fired..

Safety managers with hernias lol

Employees being asked to lift two people team lift boxes by themselves of course resulting in injuries…

I reported all these things..
Of course I got fired.. LOL

Amazon warehouses are filled with OSHA violations but everybody's too scared to call..

There's a reason why Amazon has a 99% turn over rates… It's an extremely unsafe job.. and it's dangerous and you can get hurt..

Don't work there ever in definitely don't shop there ..

The only reason why Amazon is as big as it is is because they don't pay nothing in taxes…
You're paying their tax lol

9 times out of 10 it's the car that causes the wreck just because the truck has 18 wheels people think it can stop on a dime….If you can't see the truck's mirrors the driver can't see you…I've seen cars drive in the trucks blind spots for miles,,,,don't drive beside the truck go on and get by it,,by the way 85% of these drivers that I'm talking about are women…see it everyday….

This guy they interviewed is an Amazon shill. He knows full well what Amazon is doing and how illegal it is. Amazon independent drivers DO NOT conform to DOT regulations. They are delivering packages from their personal vehicles and are NOT paying commercial insurance. Their wages are crap to boot. This is just another reason why CA recently passed AB5 laws. For once CA is doing something worth while for their citizens.

They hire foreigners that have visa licences. most of them seen like they are only used to driving in india.

I would like to know how many of these workers are working here under some foreigner work Visa program so Amazon doesn't have to pay a living wage to an American worker.

The average car driver has NO idea how to maneuver around a truck. They DO NOT have the realization that a truck, including the weight of its contents, cannot stop or turn as quickly as a car. The automobile drivers need better training in relation to driving around huge vehicles. Make America Smart Again

Years ago, UPS surveyed their delivery model; by eliminating left turns crossing traffic they lowered accident incident and saved fuel.
They will get there, by weighing incentive by hourly wage compensation. . .

Buzz feed does zero research, just hit job after hit job. Buzz feed is nothing but fake news and made up “statistics! Clickbait

Maybe we should do a study on pizza delivery crashes, or Taxicab crashes…Maybe Church bus crashes…or School bus crashes…. Lets look at train related crashes… Mail carrier crashes…Ambulance crashes….Police vehicle crashes…. Look folks, If it moves…is on a schedule or is ANY kind of work vehicle…you are going to have crashes…PERIOD…This story says "60" crashes….Over what timespan?…How many AMAZON delivery vehicles are on the road at any given moment??? Hundreds? Thousands?? TENS OF THOUSANDS??? These facts matter…especially when making the sort of accusations being made in this story.

One of the gals came in the Mercedes Van and backed down my driveway, taking out my cable. I got it on camera, had her report it and not a peep or offer to fix it. Cable company fixed it so I didn't have to pursue it.

They're pushing the automated truck concept. First, you have to put safety in the minds of people before you take their jobs away. Do y'all think robot trucks will not crash? Why would you want something that can be hacked to be the backbone of our society? All that would have to happen is an enemy nation or nations would have to do is capture our food delivery system. It's the same argument against the smart grid. I want it stupid and less corruptible. Create systems to help human drivers drive better. Dont replace them.

Where is the study on how many times Buzzfeed has been sued….Or the story on how many times Buzzfeed has had to apologize for getting a story wrong….

I believe this as an Amazon Prime truck drives in my neighborhood daily. This vehicle speeds through our neighborhood daily.

Amazon just started delivering in my area earlier this year. The Amazon vans are all over. These people that are driving these vans are idiots. They park out in the middle of the road and just turn on their flashers. They do not pull into a driveway. I almost hit one the other day. I was coming around a curve and then there the van was sitting in the road and no driver in site.
It’s illegal to just stop in the road.
UPS and the mail truck doesn’t even do that. They pull in the driveway.

I am not surprised. I live close to a distribution warehouse and see these Amazon Prime drivers coming out and driving recklessly in their Transits and Sprinters. Worst drivers on the road.

I am not surprised. I live close to a distribution warehouse and see these Amazon Prime drivers coming out and driving recklessly in their Transits and Sprinters. Worst drivers on the road.

Stop the presses!
How can any host/reporter have a straight face while naming buzzfeed as their source?
Are you kidding me? Is she new? Buzzfeed is a tabloid in that only 3% of their stories are factual. While this one story might be factual, Who's to say. I'd at least pump the brakes before running with a buzzfeed article as a talking point.

C'Mon man…..

delivery drivers are probably the most cautious alert drivers out there. its the morons in their 'tech savvy' distracting autos and blind SUV's and care-less (yes) drivers that think they must move in-a-blink. they are not genies…they just think so. I gave up driving out in the zoo-world

Amazon is the worst!!! I drive an 18 wheeler for a living and I see these clowns constantly on the phone constantly tailgate and constantly cutting people off they drive like they’re in a NASCAR race with there cell phone in their hand🤬 they cop out by using subcontractors in their semi tractor trailers bbut their name is still on the side of the truck and ultimately are responsible for the safety of the public

Throw away your Alexa. Don’t by anything with a camera or hidden microphone from Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Nest, Roomba. Their are using these products to spy on you and gather information on the inside of your home as well as video. AI or smart ware means tools to spy on you.

Sick of these goddamned thumbnails in the videos. Of course YouTube, like Fakebook and Twitter are run by leftist-fascists who all f–k up everything they touch.

Another Fox "expert" idiot. Amazon must look like a whale to personal injury attorneys. If Amazon Prime drivers are causing accidents, that problem will take care of itself real fast. Why Fox "expert" is jumping to Uber means he is an idiot running out of ideas after five seconds on the air. Fox is a pile of crap. Good thing it's free.

AMZN order fulfillment quality has declined the past year in terms of the accuracy, and particularly as regards the carefulness of the packing of items that require TLC to avoid damage, breakage, and/ or spillage. Fragile items aren't "bubble wrapped" nearly enuf anymore, and as a result, bounce around inside the box, resulting in damage. The company customer response to addressing these issues has become less than "forthcoming", causing customer frustration, leaving them, all too often, "in the lurch", to put it politely. Jeff B & Co attitude now seems to be: too big to fail, suffer, or even care much anymore.

These amazons drivers drive over the speed limit in the neighbor and at times they park and block our driveway. That’s illegal!!

I'm a professional driver. You have no answer to this? Very simple. Pay better. I've seen these guys flying down the highway endangering the public. They run for their money. Pay better. Make the scheduling more realistic problem solved. Armchair generals are clueless.


Sadly and Fatally most comments are absolutely correct and on point. The Army had a minimum 85 I.Q. during the '60's & '70's Draft debacle…no, I didn't have bone spurs…I was in the AFROTC.

About my related experiences:
1] I am CURRENTLY a class ''A'', w/endorsements [18 wheeler] commercial driver…since 1966…without ANY ''on duty'' violations or accidents. Also, M-1 licence [m/c].

2] I was a Driving Instructor for a remote County Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years, located in steep terrain with snow in winter and slippery roads in summer [pine needles and water from springs ON and IN the road that froze in cold weather]. The newest tanker model was 1962, the oldest was 1953.

3] My personal vehicles since 1967 have been Vans or 4×4 trucks in cold weather.

I bought new vans in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The '15 and '16 were Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 Vans, the '17 and '18 were Ford Transit diesel 2X4 Vans…for hauling motorcycles.

The Sprinters have 2 FATAL DRIVING FLAWS in city driving FOR ME, IMHO.
A] On a right turn, at an intersection, I HAD A BLIND SPOT Where I couldn't SEE an ADULT step off the curb onto the crosswalk…let alone a CHILD.

B] On the left side I couldn't SEE a car or motorcycle in my 2 factory SIDE MIRRORS or even when I TURNED MY HEAD to look for a vehicle in my blind spot…I just didn't change lanes much.

I Sold my '15 Sprinter 4×4 with 3,000 miles on it for $40,000…a $20,000 loss AND as I already ordered and PAID FOR my '16 Sprinter 4×4 with 1,000 miles on it, It sold for $50,000…a $20,000 loss.

Why sell my near new Sprinter 4×4's for a loss ???

The '17 and '18 Ford Transit 2×4's had LOWER WINDOW SILLS WITH BETTER FACTORY MIRRORS and were safer for me to drive in city conditions. IMHO.


Now I drive a '19 Toyota C-HR and my motorcycles.

If I don't feel I can drive a Van SAFELY in traffic, on highways and freeways, with over 1,500,000 miles of SAFE real time driving experience on all types of roads and driving conditions…
what chance does your average weed puffing, beer swilling, school drop out, low I.Q., minimum wage, 18 year old have to NOT HAVE AN ACCIDENT…PERHAPS EVEN A MULTIPLE FATALITY ACCIDENT !!!

Thank you for reading my rant.

God Bless ALL and Safe Holiday Driving

"It would take a whole lot of work" – that's definitely not Buzzfeed's style, the most research they will do is look at twiter, as long as one fringe leftist is tweeting about it, it's worthy for Buzzfeed to report on, with no additional research.

Metrics is straight from performance and the process matt's the performance. That's the metrics on graph's/charts and forecasting.

Everybody Needs Somebody 🤪 how bout that warehouse worker that was not trained to OSHA standards? So much for all that PR Amazon deserves to burn.

As a CDL holder. You need to look at the CSA safety rating put out by the FMCSA. Of Amazon transportation. And Amazon's indepedent contractors. That pull the trailers.

Amazon has over 20,000 delivery Van's, running all day, every day. Only 60 accidents.
That's a good record for that sized fleet.

Amazon, ups, fed ex all have a problem with disregard to traffic laws. But this is not to say the general public doesn’t over step the laws too. Everybody needs to be held accountable for violating traffic safety standards which are in place to keep all safe on the roads and highways. Check your self before checking others habits!
Just saying from a commercial drivers point of view!,

I'm a Professional Truck Driver of 12 years on the road, I have witnessed Amazon Trucks and trailers driving at excessive speeds over the speed limit, just like all the others crazy truck drivers out there. Amazon Drivers take excessive risks as well as Fed Ex Drivers…. All this is a direct result of the New ELD (Electronic Logbook Devices) forced on the Trucking Industry by the Federal Government! We drivers have to drive faster, harder and take huge safety risks to get to our deliveries. If we don't, the delivery may reschedule the delivery for several days later which would result in a loss of several thousands of dollars! "STOP THE ELD MANDATE – STOP THE WRECKS!"……..

Do people realize that trucks don't maneuver the same way cars do. That's why there are lots of wrecks along with the fact that you really crazy folks who like to drive too fast like they're on a racetrack.

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