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NOAH12 San Francisco – myThings, Chad Porter

NOAH12 San Francisco – myThings, Chad Porter

Good morning My name is Chad Porter. I’m the dr advertising operations at my things of the united [states] my things has recently expanded out to the United States and This presentation is going to talk to you a little bit about why we believe we’re going to be able to have strong Penetration in that market So there’s a lot of bullet points up here, but I want to talk about a [couple] of key Takeaways One is that my things has been around for quite some time and we’ve got well known Clients as well as a good client base Primarily it it is all worldwide and not within the United States so that strong client base is is backed by A technology that keeps our clients very very happy so my things technology And my things is a technology company and its able to handle about 500 million real-time bid calls per day in fact it’s it’s such a strong technology that in March of 2012 Google pointed out that it was one of the leading technologies in the advertising display industry so That’s part of what the clients love about us Is that we have a technology that is applied Toward display advertising whether it be retargeting pre targeting which would be like search retargeting audience buying or really any form of display that is out there and We take that technology, and we apply it towards what their needs are we listen to what they [are] we are able to go out there and perform and hit their metrics and really grow and Expand our relationship with with those clients so Strong technology is great. Happy Client is great But really what does the us market look like? What what kind of growth is out there that is is moving forward and what you’re seeing here? is that display is probably going to reach about a 22 billion dollar Industry within the United States alone by 2015 in fact it even projects that it’s going to go beyond search the question that comes up is is why? Why is it that you’re going to see? Display potentially over overcome search and the reason behind it Primarily though there’s a lot of different factors, but the behind it is segmentation Segmentation and ability to pinpoint not only pockets of users but the individual user and bid individually on that person and understand that the value of Segments and pockets and people are very very different is key and leading technologies and technology companies that are getting into it Or what’s driving this and that’s where my things has a very strong stance in the marketplace So you can imagine that there are other players in the market here. We’ve already heard from Cardio today They’ve also mentioned that to Tommy’s in the marketplace. If there’s quite a few players in the us market That’s for sure what we think though is that we’ve [got] a little bit [of] a different take on how to go to market and how to partner with our clients and That kind of leads into the next point which [is] our unique value Proposition So there’s really two things The first thing is that we’re going to handle all forms of display what you see in the us marketplace is sometimes some Specialization whether it be search retargeting or psych retargeting or maybe some folks are doing look-alike targeting? But they’re not doing all forms and so a lot of what’s out there and display right now might be some Specialization where we handle all of it because it all kind of feeds each other the second piece of it is We are a technology partner, and I want to break those two words down because we think it’s very very important obviously we talked about Google praising us in Hamburg which is very important, but it’s because [of] that technology It’s because that we’ve got the ability to segment and put that technology Towards what our clients needs are that we can really effectively do that second piece which is partner, and that’s the key word Right now if you are an advertiser you have many solutions out there in which to invest your advertising dollar in fact within those Multiple channels that are out there You’ve got many choices as far as partners that you can go with the problem is how do you back out your Roi? How do you know which channel is the most effective at driving things and it’s an attribution problem that exists throughout the the internet obviously? so in doing this what you see traditionally as display companies will go out there, and they’ll Position themselves with an average and say hey Let’s go ahead and get a partnership going let’s do a test and let’s and let’s see how this works together in doing that There’s going to be a view based component traditionally And that puts a lot of risk on the advertiser Because what they have to do is take that view and essentially double count it against another click that happens somewhere in there funnel What my things is doing is we’re going to rely on our technology, and we’ve proven this out in the international market to not only Say, okay, we’ll just do click only conversion But we’ll we’ll go out there and get it to scale because we’re going to be able to bid independently on the individual user and that’s a very very important piece click to conversion versus just click or Click + view is a very very unique position to the us marketplace And it’s why we think we’re going to be able to have some success here What’s the business impAct bin well? We’ve [been] able to prove this model over in Europe what you see here are some tremendous Growth patterns up and to the right on a lot of things but Beyond Revenue, which is obviously a really key component. I want to point out to other factors that I think are very very Important and compelling to our story one is that life span is up we live in a [world] of Display advertising where there’s a 72-hour out clause and that’s pretty standard so in essence our clients can leave us at any time But they’re not in fact They’re staying longer The Growth is [going] up and up and the reason that that growth that Continues is because we’re doing a good job as a partner the second thing Is that not only are they staying longer but they’re investing more money with us [they’re] spend is increasing because they see what we’re able to do with their investment They see the performance that’s being brought back [to] them, and they’re trusting us with more and more dollars So to sum it all up my things is a Technology company that’s going to enter the us market with click to conversion pricing only it’s been very successful Overseas and we’re looking to take this model over to the us and expand here It’s a really easy company to partner with we take our technology. We apply to what their needs are we listen We adapt we work together as part and were extraordinarily Transparent and that’s why we believe we’re going to have success here in the us. Thanks for your time. Have a great day you

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