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Indonesia’s retail industry is having a slowdown, since 2017 some retailers have chosen to close their stores, like 7-eleven Ramayana, New Look, GAP and even Giant at the same time e-commerce are getting more attention, and people are hoping for e-commerce to be the savior for the future of retail shopping Out of 262 million people in Indonesia, 150 million people are internet users and 86 percent of them recorded to have purchased goods and services online. According to Iprice insights these are some of the ecommerce sites that topped the list of most visited ecommerce sites. Now the question, is e-commerce really threathening offline retail stores. From what we’ve seen we would say that these three reasons are the things that possibly affect offline retail stores. the first one is competitive offline retail market. retailers are trying to compete to win the heart of middle class of Indonesia which is the biggest market share. The more people that they can collect, the more chance for their survival. Second one is behavioral changes. Now people are really engaged with technology and internet. Other than that, the local brands are also a trend. which gives expensive brands less attention and people also into traveling rather than buying expensive goods. the third one is the blooming in e-commerce stores nowadays more and more ecommerce sites are popping up and they are giving various interesting offers. that they even go to the transactions with social media platforms, like Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp so what’s the advantage of offline than when you shop online? here we start with the bright side and these are the downsides. Next, what’s the riddle strategy to stay in the competition? the first one we’ll think up is to do integration with other industries is putting a clothing store and grocery store with some cafes and restaurants and entertainment place together. The next one is relocation and expansion you have to know “when to” and “where to” relocate and expand your business. The third one is to “Get Online” The more you put your products on the Internet, the more people will know and the more they will notice your store. [Music] some people like to walk and go eye shopping or go to different stores for the experience, maybe with their family friends and their loved ones but some of the people also like to shop from their Living rooms while enjoying their free time it’s not about which kind of shopper they are, but it’s about placing your business right for them. Everybody shops, from children, grownups to elders. So you just got to put your stuff online, and let them choose. whether they go to your offline store or maybe go to your website. When they shop they’re happy and you’re happy [Music]

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