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Oleum Vera Nourishing Routine

Oleum Vera Nourishing Routine

hello thank you so much for coming back
to watch the end the finale of February skincare so if you didn’t known as I had
uploaded a ton of videos on skincare and like I said this finale it is on the
Olivera nourishing routine so three different things I’m gonna be training
all three things so if you’d like to see if this is worth the retail price of $25
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so come hang out come chat with me I’d love to get to know ya okay so the whole
entire point of doing a whole bunch of skincare for February was to show that
you can get some great stuff we’re very very affordably priced I know I said
this really retails for $25 I actually got an on sale at t.j.maxx for 5 ok so
this is a eco-friendly brand I’ve never heard of oleifera
but it is made in Canada it is hundred percent of the total ingredients are
from natural origin it’s from organic farming so very very
cool okay so it comes with a rose micellar water erosive oil and then a
two and one little rose panel in Cleland however you pronounce that clay mask so
you have direct rose petals and then the actual clay that you would mix with
water so I’m excited to try this out uncle e dokely so we’re gonna just go
ahead and give this a go it does have a 24 month shelf life and I’m excited I’ve
been waiting to bust this out for a video and I’ve been wanting to try it
but I also just kind of wanted to wait so this is a four fluid ounce micellar
water this rosehip oil it is organic cold-pressed
and it is in a glass bottle this is half an ounce and then this is the beautiful
little clay mask duo to me this is a very aesthetically pleasing so there we
go okay so very first thing I’m gonna start
with this in my cellar water I’m just gonna have a shower and my face is
obviously clean I don’t have anything on it so just using a brand new little yo
yo twin puff I don’t have any compacts or anything like that so okay so it
looks like this you spray it all I do I apply gases you play to a compact
notice how I feel about it being in a spray bottle smells like roses very much
like roses avoid like right on my eyes and right
underneath my eyes just in case refreshing okay I don’t like the I don’t like the
kind of applicator yeah I just don’t like it but and there’s also white
floaties in it kind of grips I don’t know what that is okay we’re just gonna
go ahead and move on okay so the next thing I need to go do is I need to make
the mask so what I’m gonna have to do is I’m gonna have to do a let’s see here so
I have a teaspoon over the rose petals in hot water and then I go ahead and ask
add a half a teaspoon of the Clementine clay powder and mix it well and then
you’re gonna go ahead and just apply it for ten minutes so let me go get this
made up I’ll even be aesthetically pleasing and I’ll show you while I’m
making it so let’s go do that oh this is what the mask is looking like
it’s just kind of white and milky with rose petals I don’t know how to open
this don’t like roses so to add two teaspoons of water okay I think what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to grab my little clean puff and I think I’m going to you it’s very messy you there’s like big pieces of stem you okay I think that’s about as good as I’m
gonna be able to get so I’m going to go rinse out or wash this but yeah there’s
like big pieces of like gross stem so yeah okay this is where we’re at
I’ll see you here in about ten minutes and yeah but yeah see right here these
instructions two teaspoons of hot water a little too watery so I’ll see ya in a
minute okay so it’s been about ten minutes I have to say these little rose
petals do not stay on as the mask kind of dries down these just kind of fall
off I lost one of the dishwater because I was doing dishes but I have to here
that did fall off so very messy it big dried down so I’m gonna go rinse my face
and then we’ll try the organic cold-pressed rosehip oil and see how
that goes okay so just went ahead and rinsed off
the face mask it’s already hard to get rose petals on the bottom of your
bathtub yeah sure is but my skin even though it didn’t feel like it did much
or it didn’t it wasn’t taped or anything my skin does feel clean
I think you can see that it looks really glowy it looks like I did a face mask
which is awesome but let’s go high to try the rosehip oil oh it’s kind of expected it to have a this works as a stopper in it and my nails are
short okay I was expecting to have a dropper okay there it is doesn’t smell like was this doesn’t
smell like anything look Gracie not a bad way but okay so that feels nice on
the skin but yeah I think it looks really nice and glowy my skin feels very
soft and skin also feels very very nourished but what do I think of the
olam barriner ashan routine for sensitive to normal skin um not a huge
fan honestly um the micellar water I mean it could just have settled you know
I’m just seeing this a hair and shake it for a minute and see if this will help
to kind of mix it back yeah there’s floaties all inside of it I
don’t know what these are I guess they could be rose particles I don’t know um
sorry for pop lock in the camera off my hand the face mask I think this is kind
of gimmicky the rose petals I think are totally useless
they’re pretty I totally get the idea of it but they could have just totally done
like the Klan Elaine clay or even like grind up the rose petals and put it in
to this and get kind of the same effect without it being messy and the rose
petals kind of falling off the organic cold-pressed rosehip rose hip seed oil I
like it I don’t know if it’s gonna make me break out I’ve never tried a rose hip
oil before but my skin does feel very very soft and
nourished so we’ll see how this goes I’m filming this on Saturday night so
this is going up a week after I film it so I will definitely I will continue to
use the micellar water and the roasted boil I’ll probably even try this again
I’ll probably try to grind up the rose petals and I’ll put a update down below
in the description box but first impressions wise I think it’s kind of
gimmicky I would have been a little pissed if I spent twenty five dollars on
this I’m glad I only spent five I will get use out of the micellar water the
rose hip oil even the mess but I don’t think it’s worth twenty-five dollars I
do like that it’s a organic brand its worst responsibly and like all that
stuff but I don’t know I think there’s easier skincare routines I also think
there are better skincare routines so first impressions wise kind of gimmicky
so there we go I’m not going to link this down below
for you because as of right now I can’t really recommend it you can get roast
seed hip oil online on Amazon for pretty cheap so I’m out of everything in the
tree oh this is what I’m most excited about so we’ll see how my skin does but
it looks what my skin does look really nice I think I think it looks really
really nice so there we go so ending the February skin care not
with a bang but that’s the whole entire point of trying things is there’s going
to be some things that are absolutely amazing like the derma cell scrub there
are things like the Eucerin SPF 15 daily face cream that I
absolutely love absolutely love that I found it the Dove men’s care men plus
care via vino infusion drops there has been so many
skincare things that I have absolutely loved and so glad that I found and tried
and then there are things like the lip masks and this Oliveira nourishing
routine there’s some things are not going to be a hit all the time but
that’s why I wanted to do this is to show you that you can’t find some good
stuff at the Dollar Tree you can find good stuff that are very affordable and
even try to make trying and trying and finding cool things at like t.j.maxx
grass or whatever trying to $25 kit for 5 bucks is it worth the money
yes it’s everything gonna be a winner no but there we go thank you so much for
watching today’s video I hope you did enjoy it if you did please go and give
it a thumbs up and share it leave a comment down below what was your what
was one of your experiences with a product that you were really hyped up
about you were excited about and it was kind of a dud I saved this trio for the
very last video of the skincare February and sometimes things are just a dud it’s
fine I’d love to know your experience down
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don’t go anywhere quite yet another video should start on the plane here
very shortly or you can read some click on one of the ones i’ll be popping up
around the screen but yeah i’ll see you here in just a sec


I thought everyone knew to pick out the stems 😁. No I don't participate in that smoke but, I do make bad jokes.

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I really dislike Rose scented products so this would not be for me. I can only use garnier micellar water as other brands make my under eyes sore and red which is not a good look lol xx

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