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ONLINE & RETAIL Arbitrage is ILLEGAL for Amazon FBA – My Response to Beau Crabill

ONLINE & RETAIL Arbitrage is ILLEGAL for Amazon FBA – My Response to Beau Crabill


What do you guys think. Is arbitrage on Amazon against good selling practices?

Link to Beau Crabil’s Youtube channel-

Appreciate this video. The first time I saw Beau’s videos subscribed and unsubscribed instantly. He’s completely just using scare tactics to sell his course. There’s so many ways to make money on Amazon. Why only go one way and hate on other ways. TA is a god sent software. If people wanna leave that money on the table for others. Fine with me lol

Ok enough about Beau knows a lot Beau knows jack. My question is let's say you're trying to piggyback off a product the product is a bundle or a group of 5. How do I bundle mine or group mine? And how do I ship them?

Since you're talking about invoices, Amazon doesn't accept invoices that don't specifically list each item you purchased. I bought a lot of new cell phone cases from a liquidation distributor. The brand Speck was gated. Amazon asked me for the invoice. I gave Amazon the invoice and the spreadsheet from the distributor that listed the items individually. Amazon declined because the invoice only showed a summary and they said the spreadsheet could be changed. I wish I would have known this in advance. Now, I'm trying to sell those cell phone cases on ebay.

Could anyone enlighten me on the time invested/week and ROI % of OA(with pack center)? I'm debating getting into it 🤔

Holy wow !! So much info in this one and way to do all our homework for us lol✋️😊Tell us more about the trade show-
. I'm really curious about it. As always love the content and always love how trustworthy your info is 🙏✋️😍

Good overview Kris! I do agree, a lot of marketers are using scare tactics to promote their way of doing things or even a course. There’s money to be made in all of the ways to do Amazon FBA

Seems like theres so many extra things you need to have once you already decide to pay the 100 dollar a month subscriptions for tactical arbitrage… A lot of the people in the official tactical abitrage group are affiliated with eachother and endorse eachothers paid apps and programs. Storefront stalker seems like a logical buy, but there are so many other programs that they try to get you on. Makes a lot of these people sound fishy, as they just want you to be on their monthly subscription for their app, or buy their course.

Been doing OA for about 9 months and recently got blocked for a few trademark infringements and one “misclassified condition” warning. I provided receipts but listings are still blocked. How do you deal with these encounters? Do you get unblocked if this does happen?

Hi Kris! I recently decided to get into amazon fba. Prob will start with books. I have an old seller account from some collectible cards I sold years ago and seem to be ungated in a few top brands, like Nike – probably grandfathered. However, ive been scared away from selling anything Nike due to thinking ill be suspended if i resell something from a sale and have no invoice. Am I too cautious? Should I find some deals and start listing? I want to get into ws eventually but need to build capital and keep a healthy account.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Thanks for using my name mate! Respect to you too, ive seen you comment on my videos before. Since we both use specific words for clickbait, let me clear up a couple of things.

1. I have ever said arbitrage is illegal. Arbitrage is legal, you are not going to go to jail haha, HOWEVER can it be consider against amazons terms & services? 100% yes. If you do not have the correct warranties, you cannot sell those items as new.

2. arbitrage is not scaleable. Can you make money with it? yes. Do you have to spend more & more time, the more products you sell? yes

3. I PROMOTE ARBITRAGE FOR BEGINNERS ON EBAY. I actually promote arbitrage on EBAY for beginners. I do not promote arbitrage for beginners on amazon because it is not scalable, there are so many products that a beginner would be gated in & as you probably know it is a lot easier to get approved by working with legit suppliers that a dollar store receipt.

4. if we consider the time life of my sales, I have probably made more money doing arbitrage than 99.99% of arbitrage youtubbers, there is money to be mad, BUT I am 100% confident, no one should do it on amazon

Anyway, good video mate

Hi, watched the video and read the follow up from Beau. Still a bit confused. So, what blocks you from starting OA is the heating system? Does it mean that if Amazon let's you list the product nothing else can put your listing and business at risk? Then the warranty aspect. Will Amazon pre-block you from selling something asking for the right warranties or you risk to buy the stock ship it, get it listed and then boom, you get suspended/banned?

BTW, sorry to bother you with all the questions but I guess if Mr No-one calls Amazon customer support it'll be already difficult to speak with a human, can't imagine to speak with someone like a head of Dept. as you managed to do…

Couldn't the risk of authentication proof being required be eliminated by simply never selling anything arbitrage as new? Would that not work in playing it safe? Sure you might not make quite as much money sometimes but wouldn't that outweigh the risk of being band and loosing everything?

if you have the amazon sellers app and it says you can sell it – then the brand says it is counterfeit – how do you protect yourself?

As always, Great content Kris! With Keepa now charging a monthly fee of around $17, that will put you at an even $1,000/ month in expenses!!

Great video, now what are your thoughts on using wholesale invoices to ungate select brands that you find arbitrage to be possible on? Does this pose a risk to your account?

Just curious, what stores do you buy from for your OA that you feel comfortable with there invoice information? You dont do any RA? Thanks

I do OA and wholesale . From my experience and from talking to Amazon seller support , Amazon prefers that you get your products from authorized distributors and manufacturers and have invoices . I got an IP complaint from the rights owner a few weeks ago on an item from OA , and my receipts never got my listing unblocked . I still do OA, but I used that experience as a teaching lesson to figure out how to predict which listings are prone to IP complains . Of course always use the IP Alert chrome extension as Kris has mentioned before . This listing was not flagged yet by IP Alert . However there were obvious signs with this listing such as there only being a few huge sellers on the listing including the manufacturer . People can continue to do arbitrage , but you need to do your proper research on the listing to increase the chances that you do not get an IP complaint . From my experience , I believe Amazon has a don’t ask don’t tell type of view on arbitrage sellers . However just know that as soon as a brand wants to kick unauthorized sellers off a listing , Amazon will honor that brand’s wishes . Yes OA is riskier than wholesale , however it allows one to scale quicker and teaches one how to sell on Amazon . Developing a solid Amazon wholesale business takes time . Once my wholesale business is running well, I will either stop OA , or I will start a second business that focuses just on OA . By having that second business entity, I can legally have two Amazon accounts as long as my two accounts don’t sell similar products . That way I remove the risk from the wholesale side of my business while still being able to get OA profits . However keep in mind that even wholesale has risks . Not all distributors can pass the rights on to you to sell products online . It’s up to you to do the proper vetting to make sure that you are working with authorized suppliers.

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