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OUR $2,000 MISTAKE | Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA | Make Money Online Reselling

OUR $2,000 MISTAKE | Retail Arbitrage Sourcing for Amazon FBA | Make Money Online Reselling

that’s so that’s so obviously there I mean things are right in your face you
just don’t see them like how did I not see that I don’t know
hey everybody I’m Justin and I’m Kristen and I’m a terrible drone pilot that’s
why we do Amazon yesterday we were out at War Eagle mill we wanted to go try
something different and take our kids on a little bit of a trip they fell asleep
in the car and we were so excited we’re like okay they’re sleeping and waking in
some awesome footage just beautiful like the day was like perfect the Sun was out
like there wasn’t a cloud in sight and had been raining like the last few days
at the same time somebody else was there flying a drone in which was super
uncommon yes super uncommon here we never see people flying Jones but he was
awesome and he actually was the one who helped us find the drone after Justin
crashed it because Justin had to go swimming and the water was about 40
degrees i’mjust guesstimating the reality is it
probably was like 60 but I was in there for so long that my thanks wit numb but
literally if that drone pilot that was there with us wasn’t there I would have
never found the drone it would have literally that $2,000 I would have been
gone like forever so after Justin went swimming in the river and it took a
little while to locate the drone because obviously drone sink so it took a little
bit we ended up just hanging up our staff and going home
just to get warm because it’s still pretty cold and then we went back the
next day to go shopping so not every day is a win no and not every day you stay
dry so we wanted to share with you guys kind of our journey on that trip and
also share with you some awesome finds that we were able to make and a little
bit of a bonus we got dog dog if you guys want to be part of this family
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around on our journeys so sometimes when we go into the store
that would be like really really liked and we want them to stay in business
mind you like this store like we want them on top shops to stay in business
and we don’t ever want them to think that Amazon is killing small businesses
yeah so we only that offer help yeah and maybe this is something if you guys want
to learn more about running an Amazon consulting business we have done it for
small businesses before and I think it’s a huge benefit to them because you’re
adding an extra revenue stream that they never would have saw never would have
had so this is a really cool strategy because you don’t have to put any money
into it if you want to learn about it drop a comment below yeah tell us and
we’ll make a whole series start to finish on how to do it and you have to
remember that this business is all about your personal relationships that you
grow with people and this has really helped us in our wholesale business
especially I’m just having a genuine conversation and a genuine relationship
goes a long way now it’s up to that store or location to partner with you to
partner with you and and to want to take that step and a lot of people especially
not in our generation are very scared they’re afraid that it’s gonna you know
it’s a big risk going online they know nothing about it so hand-holding them
through that process and doing it cautiously this is super
and for every 10 businesses that we asked like hey let us help you out like
it’ll be like one out of every ten people that actually want to take us on
yeah and that’s it it’s all numbers game everything’s a numbers game so if you
guys do want to learn about that drop it hello tell us we’ll do a whole case
study we’re happy to do it and share with you guys along the ways different
steps so let’s get to the numbers disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer do you
guys some research at home before you guys go buy the product you guys know
the drill alright this popcorn assault is
currently ranked at 9,000 in grocery the Amazon sales price is $6.99 and the cost
of goods plus the fees with six dollars and 26 cents so the profit per unit is a
73% seventy three cent cent sorry bad writing bad so it’s a 30% return on
investment which means for every dollar that we spend we get a dollar and thirty
back this is an awesome find it’s a surprise that we were able to find it so
cheap remember to like when we were in there we asked how much we paid a dollar
ninety-nine but well I was also in there I asked I said hey you know because this
is a small mom-and-pop shop you can say you can try and barter with them a
little bit I said hey if I buy ten of these will you be able to give me a
little bit of a discount and usually if you buy seven volt they’ll do that yeah
so they were willing to work with me and give me a little bit of a deal so I mean
it’s a win-win for everybody the next item is organic corn grits so it’s
currently reached at 59 and 59 thousand grocery
Amazon Amazon sales price is $14.99 the cost of goods plus fees is thirteen
dollars and 23 cents the profit per unit is one dollar and seventy six cents so
it’s a 25% ROI and our cost for the actual product itself was $5.99 I think
minus the discount so a couple of factors with this product in particular
because it’s their brand they actually offer a special on their website
once a week and that special will include any product on their shelves
like 25% off right yeah so which is a really good deal you could have been
potentially if you bought this from their website you can make it more
profitable on Amazon just by buying it directly from them
now the other factor factor number two because their listings of their products
are so bad on Amazon realistically you know this $14.99 on Amazon if it were
selling for cheaper if it had better product photography there’s a lot of
number of things that that could definitely boost this rank which means
more sales for it so that’s why it’s so important to partner with these smaller
shops these smaller places and I feel like it’s a society thing where they
feel like and was honest feeling that they’re getting put out by Amazon and
the thing is is that these small businesses are just not opening like
open to adapting to change and so stay in business and run your own little side
Amazon yeah company and reality is is like like we said if they’re to make
these minor changes on their you know listings of their products it could be
life-changing ten times you know the amount of sales revenue and if they’re
pricing and store is so cheap why are they charging so much or why is their
Amazon say that they’re partnered with charging it so much on Amazon some
advice some tips so if you guys liked the video please give a thumbs up if you
didn’t like the video please give it a thumbs down but most importantly please
leave comments below let us know if you want us to start that series yeah who
wants to start that series and follow us on our Instagram we’ll link it right
here so on our Facebook and our website I’m telling exile until next you


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Yes! Please do a series on consulting via Amazon for small businesses. The more we know, the more we all grow. Thank you for keeping us inspired and thinking outside the box!

I would love to learn more about consulting. I think that’s a great idea. So happy that you were able to recover your drone. But great crash footage lol!! Have a wonderful day!!

Yes I would love to see this series on Amazon consulting for small businesses. You should definitely get Justin a new drone so we can see your wonderful aerial coverage.

I live in a rural mountain area with a ton of mom and pop places disappearing ☹️ I’d be very interested in watching a small business consulting series!

I was going to ask if it’s foolish to ask mom and pop shops where I live. Thought it was foolish and somewhat nervous. You answered that. You gave me the motivation. Scanning tom! Thanks!

the popcorn salt listing on Amazon has a “digital warranty/recipe” how do i know? i bought the item from a distributor and the brand sent me a C&D letter because it didnt match the listing…

please do start the series about helping local mom and pop businesses sell on amazon. thank you so much for all the great information and ideas you provide!

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