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– I got a text from my
sister this afternoon that my dad was in the ambulance
on the way to the hospital and that he was having a heart attack. And that is a text that
you never want to get. Anyway, I cried and I called
my sister for more updates and I prayed and I called Jeremy. My dad got to the hospital and they took him right into surgery and so he’s already out of surgery. I really want to be with
my family right now, and so Jeremy and I decided that I’m going to head down there for a few days. So I’m at the airport. Not exactly where I
expected to be this evening, but I’m grateful that
hopefully tonight I’ll get to see my did in the hospital. If not, tomorrow morning. Jennae and I are headed,
she’s my little travel buddy. We’re going to go see Papa. (soft music) – [Jeremy] So what did mom leave for you? – A note and it says ‘I love you’. Oh, it actually has that! – [Jeremy] A little drawing on the back. So yesterday, when Kendra heard
about her dad’s heart attack we got a plane ticket immediately and she flew to Arizona in a rush. But, before she left, show
wrote love notes to all of us. That was really sweet. So how did you guys feel when you heard that Papa had a heart attack? – I was sad. – Yeah. – I felt bad for him and wanted
to do something to help him. – [Jeremy] How did you
feel about it, Elise? – I cried when I figured it out. I love Papa. – [Jeremy] It’s sad to think
anything would happen to him. – He taught me to build when I was three. – He was also going to help
me with my Pinewood Derby car. Because it’s coming up soon. – Papa and Mugga were
planning to come visit us for about a week right leading
up to our service celebration and so, we had a bunch of plans with them and they’re not going
to be able to come now so that’s also another sad thing now because we love being with them so much. (soft music) – [Kendra] Right now, I’m
at grandma and papa’s house. I lived here last night. – Alone? – [Kendra] No, grandma’s with me. Papa’s in the hospital. – Can I say hi to grandma? – [Kendra] She’s still
sleeping because it’s so really early here in Arizona. – What time is it? – [Kendra] It is 6:43 and I’m already showered and dressed for the day. That’s how you know
something is wrong with life. – [Jeremy] Like a time change. – It’s 8:43 here. – [Jeremy] There’s Nae-nae. Say ‘Hi’. – Hi! – What have you been doing so far? – [Kendra] Well, last night when I flew in I went to the hospital to see Papa and then I came home and I
slept because it was late. – Hi, Janae. Hi! Hi, Janae-nae. – [Jeremy] She loves you girls. – I want to talk to Papa, Mama. – [Kendra] Well, I want
to talk to Papa too. He’s at the hospital and
I’m at his house right now. I just took a shower so I can go see him. (upbeat music) I just ran to the store. I’m grabbing some magazine for my dad because let’s face it, sitting in the hospital can get really boring. Hopefully he likes it. I figure anything has to be better than just like the medication pamphlets that are just sitting
around and other boring stuff there is to read
and do at the hospital. I’m also getting lunch for everybody. Which I’m getting from? Can you guess? Can you guess? Here’s a hint, I’m in Arizona. Zupas! (upbeat music) – It’s interesting with Kendra being gone you appreciate more the stuff
that she does all the time that I often don’t thing about. Little things like she
makes our bed every day. Have you ever noticed that? If your mom is sick or
gone or your dad is gone you then can see and appreciate the things that you miss about them. We are missing Kendra. (piano playing) (upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Whoa! (laughing) That’s a little bit better. Nice! I love and respect papa so much. It so scary and sad to think
that anything can happen to him and we just are praying for his recovery and for high spirits and we want to continue to think and do anything we can to show him our love and support. (adventurous music) (leaves shuffling) (upbeat music) – Well I know you guys all
have been really worried about Papa just like I was and I
have to say it makes my heart feel so much better to be
able to be here and to see him because he is feeling
well and he’s doing well. He still has things hooked
up all over his body assessing his heart and trying to see what the future
holds for him with like what other treatments he’ll need and stuff but he’s doing such much better. We’re really happy to see you. – Doing good. It’s good to feel alive and good. – Yes, it is good. I’m always so impressed. My dad has a great sense
of humor and no matter what’s going on, I feel he
sees some fun and joy in it. And it’s really fun to
just be here and visit and now unfortunately we have to go put Janae down for a nap so we’re going to leave for a little bit. But we got him some good reading material. – I’ve got plenty to do. Kendra took good care of me. – [Kendra] There we go. Before I jumped on the
plane, the kids had a chance to make Papa some cards to
say that they loved him. So I gave him… – All kinds of cards. I’ve got more cards than
kids so they must of… – [Kendra] They had fun with it. – Yeah, they got in to it. Issac, yeah. – [Kendra] We got this one
from Issac, the cabins. Elise. – And I think Laura
was practicing her L’s. – [Kendra] She was. Do you want to read them one
of the funny ones that she did? – I hope you have a great
time at the hospital. (giggling) You’re good at it. Now, don’t get sick anymore. L. – [Kendra] Awesome! So that was exactly what Laura said. And then she signed it. Well you’re great at the hospital, dad. – Yeah, thanks. – [Kendra] Now don’t get sick anymore! – No! – So the house is quiet this afternoon. Janae is napping and we just came home from the hospital a little bit to give her a little bit of a rest. I’m just having a chance
to sit here and think and what I’m thinking
of and what I’m feeling is just an immense amount
of love for my dad. I’m so grateful for the man he is. I’m so grateful for
modern medicine and the treatment he’s received and
the technology that their using now to try to do further testing to figure out what else can be done. I’m just so grateful that
he’s still here with us today. That was a really scary
phone call yesterday I Just love my dad a lot
so I’m feeling grateful for this time with him. Trying to put my trust in God and have optimism of all that is ahead. Well, Janae is loving having
a new place to explore. You having fun at grandma’s house? (baby babbling) That’s a lot of talking. That’s a good story. Yep, there’s a rug. You ready to go? Should we go see Papa? Let’s go see Papa. (upbeat hip music) – I had to go to the
bathroom during gymnastics. We’re in the bathroom right now. Caleb, how’s gymnastics going? – Good. – [Jeremy] Okay, go back. How’s it going, Luke? – Going good. (upbeat hip music) – [Jeremy] Look at our pumpkins, you guys. I love my pumpkins. – [Voiceover] You made a heart, dad. – [Jeremy] Do you like my heart? Do you guys want to Facetime with Papa? – Uh huh. – [Kendra] Hi, Lisey. – Hi. Hi, Papa! – Hello! – [Elise] Are you doing well? Better? – I think I’m doing better. – [Elise] Good. – I was hurting a lot and now I think I’m doing a lot better. – [Elise] Good. – Thanks for your notes and cards. Do you remember doing them? – [Elise] Yeah! – [Kendra] Do you guys know that Papa has lot’s of cords hooked
up to him right now? – No. – [Kendra] They’re hacking,
do you want to see? All those things are monitoring his heart on this monitor up here. – How did your heart attack start? – [Papa] They call it plaque but it’s like a little piece of skin and it makes so like a traffic jam
nothing can get past it. – [Jeremy] Can you guys say goodnight? We have to go pick up Isaac. – Goodnight. – Can you show Papa my silly face? – [Papa] Whoa, that is (?) – Goodnight! – Goodnight! – We got to go pick up Isaac from violin. I’m sad he missed that call but we’ll call back Papa again soon for Isaac. Thanks so much for supporting
our family during this time. We’re all scared for Papa. We love him and we’re praying for him. We invite for you to
pray for Papa with us. J House out. – All of them are beautiful! – I’m making a house. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] What is going on? – I’m going to make a pumpkin patch. I got my first side done. (yelling with excitement)

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