Passive Income Ideas 😴 (BEST Ways to Make Money While You Sleep!)

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Today we’re going to talk about top 4 Ways to earn passive income while you Sleep and I’m going to debunk the number One most common myth about earning Passive income so that you can start Making money today it’s going to be a Good one guys stay tuned alright what is Up guys so welcome to another exciting Video today we’re going to talk about Passive income but first before we talk About passive income we have to define What passive income actually is so a lot Of people tell me you know hey Kevin you Know I’m working in McDonald’s you know I’m doing my thing I’m working hard is that passive income less I’m getting a check every two weeks and the answer is absolutely not it doesn’t matter if you work at McDonald’s or you’re an accountant or you’re an engineer right if you’re trading your time if you’re going to work sitting in a chair sitting in a cubicle actually exchanging your time on this planet that is not passive income what passive income means is no matter whether or not you are directly inputting your time whether you’re sitting in your chair sitting at your cubicle at your job right you’re still earning money you could be earning money while you’re sleeping you could be earning money while you’re out with friends you could be earning money traveling the world right passive income what it means is it’s automated and it’s happening whether or not you’re directly working on it sitting in your chair in your office at work at McDonald’s wherever you are right so passive income is the key to automated living right being able to go and do whatever you want without having to directly work and still earning money to being able to do whatever you want guys and number one myth that I’ve heard about passive income that people talk about all the time is that you’re able to start earning passive income tomorrow I’m going to be realistic you guys if you follow the channel if you’re new here welcome to the ninja family make sure you smash that subscribe button and turn on implication bells but if you’ve been around and you’ve been watching me for a while you know that I always say it straight I’m always honest about everything always fully transparent you are not going to start making passive income tomorrow at least not in a long-term sustainable way the methods that I’m about to teach you are the methods to earn thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars but it takes time to make them work in anyone else on YouTube anyone on TV anyone that’s telling you you can make completely automated passive income starting tomorrow right they’re most likely or they’re trying to teach you how to become a drug dealer so the methods that we’re going to talk about right now are methods that are long-term that you can actually use without going to jail that will earn you money while you sleep the good news is guys that passive income has what I like to call the snowball effect and what the snowball effect means is you might not earn you know you might only earn a hundred dollars your first week you might only earn five hundred dollars your first month but the beautiful thing about passive income guys is as it grows it starts to snowball and gets bigger and bigger and bigger you might only earn a hundred dollars your first week you know five hundred dollars your first month but your second month you might earn five thousand dollars especially if you’re actually putting in work and you’re dedicated and consistent using the strategies that I’m about to lay out guys so let’s get right into it fascinated number one guys is Amazon affiliates and before you tell me you know Kevin we’ve heard about this before the problem with Amazon affiliates guys is that people are doing it wrong they’re doing it in non scalable ways everybody thinks that they going to start a blog and their blog is going to explode and they can you know go off and retire in Thailand that’s just not how it works nowadays right it takes time and energy and effort to grow a blog and actually monetize it and get it ranked in Google so we’re just going to ignore that and we’re going to go straight to the fastest possible method of making significant amount of money with Amazon Associates and how you do that is creating top 5 and top 10 lists of the best products in 2018 or if it’s 2019 in 2019 or of June of July right for the summer you want to make it very specific to a current time frame because people want to watch a video of the most recent information right they don’t want to watch a top 5 video a top 10 video about the best cameras of 2013 right because that’s obviously completely outdated and so you see the people on YouTube right who are making the top 5 best DSLR cameras of 2018 very specific very new right people see that title and they see that information and they assume ok this is probably going to be the most recent data and so they watch it right and I’ve heard people talk about this all the time they say Kevin why do people make these top 5 or top 10 best videos about you know the best the top 5 best digital cameras of 2018 right they’re not getting paid for that are they and that’s the complete worst mentality about pay passive income I can’t even describe to you guys and so the reason that they’re doing that right it might take you one day two days five days especially if it’s your first time to create a video about the top five DSLR cameras in 2018 right some of those videos literally get hundreds of thousands or millions of views and if you even if you if you get 100,000 views right and that’s a very conservative estimate if you are making a high quality video and you are actually doing research about the best cameras right and you’re presenting it in a fun energetic passionate way right the beautiful thing about that guys is even if you only get a hundred thousand views which is very conservative if 1% of those people actually convert and buy that’s 1,000 people actually buying from your Amazon affiliate link and you get paid every time somebody actually buys that and you don’t have to set up a store you don’t have to set up a website you don’t have to do anything besides making one video right and you continue to get paid again and again and again and the beautiful thing about YouTube is if you catch the viral system right if you get one video that takes off all of a sudden guys you could be making thousands and thousands or tens of thousands of dollars every single month in passive income just by making top five top ten best reviews or tutorials about the best technology and then just simply linking it with an Amazon affiliate link method number two guys is credit card rewards points there’s so many ways to make a huge amount of passive income right using credit cards the correct way because cards like you know the business Inc preferred from Chase you can get a hundred thousand point bonuses just for spending a few thousand dollars on your card that you would be spending anyways especially if you have your own business especially if you do any type of advertising especially if you have you know any type of expenses you can put it on this credit card and you can literally earn money every time you spend money that you would already be spending and if you use a credit card instead of a debit card you get a ton of additional protection when it comes to fraud and when it comes to things like that so there’s absolutely no reason on earth that a human being would not use a credit card there’s only positive impacts of doing so and if you do so intelligently like signing up for you know for the example the business Inc preferred spending you know three thousand dollars or five thousand dollars or whatever it is in the first three months which you’d already be spending on your business or your life in general you can make a hundred thousand points guys and remember four eighty thousand points you can go anywhere in the world literally anywhere in the world round trips you can have trips you can have hotels paid for you can literally get cash back if you want that you can get Amazon gift cards it’s literally the same thing as cash and no one is properly utilizing credit card points the way that they should be so sign up for these mega cards and I’ll have a link in the description to sign up for the chase business ink preferred which is by far the number one best credit card in the entire world right and you can earn hundreds of thousands if not millions of points which you can see right here I’ve earned millions of points just spending money that you’d already be spending and you can earn passive income by doing literally nothing method number three is one of my personal favorites and obviously one that’s close to home for me which is e-commerce e-commerce is one of if not the best way to make passive income for the long term creating a sustainable long term business on Shopify on Amazon FBA with a Facebook ad agency it does not matter what you choose if you are doing things correctly and following someone who actually knows what they’re talking about like me then you can have a successful business literally within one to three months guys yes it does take time to create an actual long-term sustainable passive income stream and a lot of other people might lie to you about that to try to get you to buy their products but like always guys I’m going to be 100% honest and transparent with you always and I’m telling you you can literally build a passive income stream within 30 to 60 days if you do things correctly guess so Amazon FBA and we’re going to give super quick tutorials here because a lot of you probably know what it is Amazon FBA basically means buying products in China for one dollar shipping them to the USA inside of an Amazon FBA fulfillment warehouse where Amazon handles all of the hard work for you and then buying them for one dollar and selling them on Amazon for $20 and then you take the profit guys I still have Amazon businesses that I started literally two years ago that still make me every single day with legitimately zero work zero zero zero zero work they make me one thousand dollars every single day because I did the work upfront and now there are 100% passive income streams that make money whether I’m sleeping or backpacking through Europe guys Shopify again is an incredible way to make money with drop shipping it basically means connecting the buyer and seller and the manufacturer in China will ship it directly to your buyer who buys it from your Shopify store you never have to see the products you never have to do anything there’s no upfront investment all you have to do is set up a shop fi store and set up your Facebook ad campaigns and the rest is easy guys or a Facebook ad agency which basically means that you actually run marketing campaigns you do the digital marketing you run Facebook ads for other businesses right and if you run Facebook ads for other businesses they pay you a monthly retainer $1,000 a month $2,000 a month or more to actually run those campaigns for you and again guys there’s literally no upfront investment with a Facebook ad agency besides your brain and if you know what you’re doing with Facebook ads you can literally help any business anywhere in the world every business needs some form of marketing and if you have the skills right if you have the skills up here then you can make a ton of money for your clients and obviously for yourself which is 100% passive after you do set up the Facebook Ads campaigns and method number four which is my personal favorite guys I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars completely passively with legitimately zero work using this exact strategy we are going to talk about in one second but before we do guys I just want to give a quick shout out to our daily winners of thousands of dollars of prizes here here here and here all you have to do guys to enter if you want to win hundreds of dollars of cash thousands of dollars worth of prizes every single day is do two things comment on this video right now passive income ideas just those three words comment right now passive income ideas and I need you to hit that subscribe button turn on the little notification bells to know whether or not you are our next big winner guys and that is how you win thousands of dollars of prizes every single day from yours truly guys I love giving back to you you mean the world to me so method number four is creating tutorials on YouTube how it started the beginning for myself and so many other people who’ve become wildly successful is creating tutorials about how to do things and let me give you a couple of examples of how this works extremely well right one of my friends ODI productions if you guys don’t know him make sure you check out his channel right well how he got started in this space was affiliate marketing for website domain provider so what he literally did was he made a video best way to make a website in 2017 right and he made an hour-long tutorial about how to set up your WordPress how to do all of these different things and the main link in that video was an affiliate link for Bluehost so every time somebody actually set up a website and use Bluehost as their a domain provider OD got paid right and so I saw people that were doing this and I said okay well I can do this to guys right and so all you have to do is go out and find software and find you know companies that provide affiliates right and then make tutorials on how to do things and then you use their software or service in that video as the best way to do something right and then you get paid every time someone actually finds help from you getting set up and creating a website for example another perfect example is Amazon FBA right when I started making a Mazon FBA tutorials what I did was I use jungle scout I used viral launch and in every video that I used those pieces of software right to just do product research to find the best products I had my affiliate link to purchase you know viral launch because it was the software that I was using in the video guys and people that were watching that video they click my link they bought the software and they started using the strategies that I was teaching in my tutorials to make money right and every time somebody bought viral launch from my link I made money on every single one of those sales guys and that literally is the best way I don’t care what anyone else tells me I’ve made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars doing that exact strategy and if you’re thinking to yourself you know Kevin I don’t have two hundred thousand people following me on YouTube guys neither to died one year ago right this has all happened in one year and I had zero subscribers when I started and you can start with zero subscribers to just be excited be passionate right show your energy it’s contagious people will watch you and YouTube will reward you for making good content guys trust me when I tell you YouTube affiliate marketing creating tutorials on how to do things especially when you know those things require some type of software or service that has an affiliate program is the number one best way to make income completely passively in 2018 guys ignore all the other passive income ideas right besides the ones in this video and just make tutorials helping people and use affiliate links for those softwares or services in your video guys and you will I promise you if you’re consistent start making a ton of passive income in 2018 guys and don’t be like the 99% of people who don’t ever take any action right 99% of the people watching this video right now will not comment on this video 99% of the people watching this video right now will not subscribe and turn on notifications bells and most importantly guys 99% of people will never take any action to actually create passive income streams in their lives so be the 1% go out there start hustling guys make sure you kill it and let me know when you start to make a ton of passive income from these four strategies and until next time ninjas happy hustling

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