PLAN WITH ME | January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

(soft music) – Hello everyone, it’s Amanda,
welcome back to my channel. Today is a very exciting
day because I am doing my January 2020 bullet journal set up. It is the very first monthly
set up for the entire year, brand new year 2020, actually
brand new decade as well. So it’s a big one and I’m
very excited to sit down and get a fresh start. If you guys haven’t seen yet, I did post my 2020 bullet journal setup with all of the beginning yearly pages. So if you haven’t see that
yet and you’re curious to see how I set up my bullet journal for the beginning of this year, be sure to check it out,
I will link it above as well as down below. I’ve been doing bullet
journaling for three years now, so this is my fourth
year bullet journaling. And it’s still a little bit daunting with the first month of the year, opening a fresh new book, but we got this, you guys can do it. I know a lot of you guys are
starting bullet journaling for the first time this year. I always get a lot of
questions about beginner tips for bullet journaling and I
have a lot of videos on this but I do recommend you
watch my older videos from like 2017 ’cause that’s when I was a bullet
journal beginner as well. But, yeah, you can keep it simple. There’s a lot of different
spreads out there so do your research, do
whatever works best for you and, yeah, it’s gonna be fun. I cannot wait for 2020, it just seems like such a momentous year. I’m ready to get planning. Before we get started I’d
like to give a quick thank you to today’s sponsor, Squarespace, they are an awesome
website building platform I built my website on there. But I’ll talk a little bit more
of that later in the video. So without further ado,
let’s begin this decade, January 2020, grab your pencils, your pens, markers, notebooks. And if you’re just hanging
out and chilling with me then grab your cup of tea and
your snacks and let’s do this. For this month’s theme, January 2020, the first month of the year. I asked you guys over on my
YouTube community tab page, what theme you wanted to see me do. And by an overwhelming majority, you guys said you wanted
to see me do a 1920s, roaring ’20s Art Deco,
Great Gatsby-esque theme because since we’re entering 2020, it’s like the 20s are
starting all over again. So I thought it was very, very fitting and I love the idea. I am always very interested in different eras of design and art. One of my favorite themes from 2019 was actually the ’80s,
’90s theme that I did. Just ’cause I find it so interesting when a specific era has
such a distinct style and people can instantly recognize it, and I think that’s definitely
the case for the 1920s. And, actually, since
me filming this video, one of my friends, Elizabeth
or Plant Based Bride, she actually did an entire 2020 setup with the Art Deco them as well, which was amazing, so
I’ll leave that down below if you want some further inspiration. I love her, she’s also from Toronto. But, for mine, I decided to do this for January to start off the year. And I think something that
is very, very prevalent in all 1920s Art Deco designs, you’ll see it in pretty much everything, is this gold color. So I actually ended up having
this calligraphy marker, it was very chisel
tipped and it worked well because it was thicker. So I could create these bold thick lines and then have this design aspect to it. So it worked really well
and, as you can see, I’m using a ruler, I know it’s shocking because AmandaRachLee never uses a ruler but for this, it’s almost
essential because Art Deco is very, very geometrical and angular and almost mathematical because it was symmetrical everywhere. And I know this looks
daunting and overwhelming to do at first but I quickly realized as I was doing it that
it was relatively simple to make because, essentially,
it was just one color. And also once you do one line one side, you just have to flip it and
recreate it on the other side and go progressively like that. And then this design
slowly starts forming. For the title, for the January title, as you can see, I made a typo, so I had to cut out some paper to paste it over top,
almost like a Band-Aid, and I used this serif type of font that I think was very common in this era. And then I just finished it
off with a couple of other final details, this sun-burst pattern is also a really common design element from this time period. I really like how this
cover page turned out. On the other side I actually
glued in some black paper because, actually, a
really common color combo was black and gold, so this
marker shows up really well on top of black, so I
thought I might as well play with the black paper. And also, I love doing quotes. So this quote says, “Today
is a new beginning.” I did some serif fonts, some cursive and then also played with
some more of these Art Deco sort of sun-burst design elements. I found a bunch of these on Pinterest and tried recreating them. Art Deco is a style of design
that has been around forever and recently it’s made a
resurgence in modern design. So you’ll see a lot of these, actually, in modern wallpapers and stuff, but obviously with different twists. So it was really easy for me
to find some design inspo. But I will link a lot down below, in case you guys want to try creating some Art Deco designs for yourself. But this semi-circle sort of pattern was very common, so I
did that at the bottom, as a border and also some in the corners. All right, so moving on to
my monthly calendar layout. So this actually spread
that I have never done in the three years of
me bullet journaling. In my 2019 bullet journal flip-through where I show you guys all
these spreads that I did during 2019, I mentioned briefly that the overall, regular calendar layout with the squares sometimes
didn’t work for me. And I’ve also done the vertical
list type of layout before and that also didn’t work for me, just for various reasons, sometimes I wouldn’t have enough space, sometimes it wouldn’t be visual enough. So a lot of you guys actually suggested that I do something like
this, where it mixes the two. So what I had settled on
was on this left side, I have this smaller calendar. Normally this calendar
I would spread it out over the two pages but
for this, as you can see, it’s contained in the
one half of the spread. And then on the other side, I do the vertical bullet journal classic monthly list sort of layout, so you
write down one through 31, from top to bottom and
then that corresponds to the days of the week. So I think this will
work for me this month, obviously, I’m gonna see
what works best and all, try to evolve and change, as normal. But I think because this
month is a little less busy, this list layout works pretty well. And then I have the visual element of the calendar on the left side. So on the right side, as you can see, I’m using these black sticky notes that I actually got from
one of you guys as a gift and I thought it worked perfectly ’cause I could just throw
it in my pencil case and always some black paper with me. So I made these three little boxes and I’m adding a gold
Art Deco border around it with my marker, as you can see. But each of these boxes
has a different purpose. So first one is for my monthly goals, obviously something that I
wanna achieve this month, or something that I wanna
focus on this month, second one is for my monthly affirmations. If you’ve watched my 2020
setup, then you’ll know I also had an affirmations page for the beginning of the
year, so I’ll probably end up carrying some over on to January. But I’ve been really trying to get into that affirmation thing. And then finally I have one
for one for my grateful box. So something that I was
grateful for during that month, which I will fill in at
the end of the month. So I’m trying to include
more mental health type of exercises in my
bullet journal list here, I think it’s really important. And I think that’s one of
the benefits of setting up your own bullet journal is that you can add little things like this. Next up is my tracker, so of course, we have my habit trackers, which I’m setting up using some of these monthly number stamps, I’ll link these down below. A lot of you guys ask
me where I find these ’cause they are a extreme time saver. And then I’m, of course,
including the habit that I wanna track above it. So I have various one, exercising, which, I mean, I feel like every year I tell myself I wanna exercise more and then it never actually happens, who can relate? But I also have things
like watering my plants and my vitamins and all
of that, normal stuff. I threw in more of the Art
Deco borders for good measure. This entire them was
relatively simple to do because everything was
pretty fast to doodle, especially those little corner stuff. Once you got the hang of being symmetrical and getting in the Art Deco mindset. For my mood tracker I
did the graph layout. I did this for January
and actually liked it. And I think what I’m gonna
end up doing is drawing a line straight up and then with
a little diamond on the top because that’s very Art Deco-ey. So the length of the line
will signify my mood. Okay, this page, I am bringing
back my brain dump page. So I did the little semi-circles, I’m calling is seashell
design that I saw a lot in a lot of my Art Deco inspo pics. So I made a sort of
bottom border with that. And then I didn’t add
anything too crazy for this because it’s meant for
me to spew out my ideas. So just a title at the top
and some things in the corner. One thing that I wanted to know is that I actually didn’t make
a playlist spread this month, this is about normally the
time that I would include it. I know a lot of you guys are interested in what music I listen to, but
I found that this past month I actually haven’t been
listening to that many new songs and also because it was December, I was listening to Christmas songs. So if you guys have any
new music suggestions, leave them in the comments below. Looking for some new tunes for 2020. For my very first weekly
spread of January 2020, this might look a little empty, especially for those of you who are used to some of my older
spreads, ’cause usually I set up the whole week. But for the last couple
of weeks of December, I had actually been doing
something called rolling dailies, or rolling weeklies some people call it, which basically means that I set up only the day that I’m on. So you’ll see that I write down Monday and then I don’t do anything else because I’ll just write my
whole task list for Monday underneath that and
then once Tuesday comes, I will put Tuesday. And that just ensures
that I have enough space to write my whole to-do list for Monday, or if I don’t have that many, then you don’t have all this excess space. And also this means that
if I needed to flip over to the next page, if I
somehow have a lot of tasks, I am free to do so. So I’ve been really liking it recently, obviously, if you like to
set up the whole spread, feel free to do so, but for me, since my to-do list fluctuates, sometimes I need a lot of
space, sometimes I don’t. I figured having something
more flexible like this works really well for now. And so before I show you
the final flip-through of January 2020, I
wanted to take this time to talk a little bit about
today’s sponsor, Squarespace. I love Squarespace is an awesome all in one website building platform. I actually built my personal
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a domain or a website. And that also helps us
out here on the channel and supports us a little bit. So yeah, thank you to Squarespace and back to the flip-through. All right friends, so here’s
the final flip-through of my January 2020 bullet journal setup. We did some 1920s inspired
design with the Art Deco. And I really love this one
because it is a lot more simple than I normally go for, which I feel like I need for January. I keep saying this, but fresh start. So I like that it is (murmurs). Okay, we did it guys, January 2020 set up in
our bullet journals. But in all seriousness,
I really do wish you guys a very happy new year. Thank you for being with me in 2019 and for all your love and support. It was a crazy year and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings us. So nothing but love,
happiness and, of course, lots of doodling for next year. This outro would not be
complete without me showcasing some of your recreations. This was from December 2019,
which seems like ages ago but here go, here are
some of your recreations. If you do happen to
recreate this month’s setup or any previous setups of mine
and you want me to see it, be sure to tag me on Instagram
or Twitter or anywhere, my handle is just @amandarachlee. And on there, I also do
a lot of other stuff, like weekly spread live streams and it’s just the best way
to keep updated with me. Anyway, thank you so much for watching, I hope you guys enjoyed. Again, happy new year. There’s a lot coming for you guys from my little doodles fam. I love you guys so much, so keep doodling. And I’ll talk to you in the next video. Bye everyone. (soft music)

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