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Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle: Don’t Break These Rules

Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle: Don’t Break These Rules


Have you ever broken the rules on Amazon KDP? If so, what happened? How did you resolve the issue? Or, was there ever any problem at all?
Also, see one of my near misses:

Yes opening accounts by accident happened to me when logging for an author amazon account with a different email.

I've been publishing for over a year and I now have a few reviews but once I got a review 1 star saying that they received a used book that someone used before them and left some coffee on it. Well that was a negative fake reviews to put down my book. It s still one of my best sellers and amazon made some research and told me they deleted it cause it was not a legit one.

On the review tip. What are good practices to encourage customer reviews? If someone is hiring out for reviews it may because they aren't recieving feedback. I have that problem myself. I don't worry too much about it. I'm still selling books. However I am curious of some of things you have tried.

Thanks Mr. Dale your videos have been crucial to my self publishing. I am still working on increasing my sales so I shall keep watching 👀

There seems to be gray areas. Is the algorithm evolving? Imagine if we had YouTube Select. How would that work? I guess they're corporations after all. I'll have to watch this video again.


I have seen another person says it’s okay to have multiple accounts . Then the rules should be displayed as soon as you start at the beginning so where are the rules mentioned

Good video. Too bad I didn't know how to break these rules so I could afford new shoes. Mine has a hole in the sole.

That's how you get a price strike? I thought Amazon was just helping books that sell. I always wondered why I never got one.

1 account per household? So if everyone in my family wants to publish each member cannot open an account? Please clarify. Thanks

Its one account per person and not pee household.. If more than one member of the family wishes to have accounts, it's totally legit..

Hey dale, great video!

Can we ask the customers for a review inside our books? Can i include a line or two in my introduction section like " if you enjoy the book, please consider leaving a review on amazon" something like that? Or does that fall under grey area as well?

and how can we get fake 1 star reviews deleted when they are doing it just to spite you? I am dealing with this now. I write about natural birth and so I had a group of 24,000 chatting about it (they are against it) and decided to attack me. none are verified buys. I have been able to get them deleted in the past but this week I had 4 all in once day saying nearly the exact same things… when I had all 5 stars prior. Im considering pulling it and republishing it if they cannot be removed quickly.

Yeeeeaaaahh, unpublish, republish is pretty low class. I've seen KDP offers the "edition" selection in the backend. Why doesn't one simply offer a "DELUXE EDITION" or "Director's Cut" type of copy? Does that make it a new book/new publication on Amazon? Could be another way for these hacks to take advantage of the system.

50% of book translated and keep going. I don't have another alternative because Amazon won't let me advertise my books if its not in English.

With internal linking, I often see links to different chapters (1, 2, 3… etc) throughout the Kindle e-book. Is this allowed?

Dale – question (from C) – If I selected "Expanded Distribution" on my paperback in KDP – is it against the "Rules" to list the paperback also on Ingram Sparks? And would I want to? (My thinking is that Ingram Sparks will distribute the paperback more quickly to shelves, as I have read that Amazon is not the favorite in wholesale distribution.)

What if you have a two different emails like Yahoo and Gmail, Does that technically count as two accounts?

As a fiction writer I've recently published with KDP. Within my niche there are certain writing styles and want to know if I can use titles of other books within style in my keyword search. I've (scanned) the rules, but didn't see anything answering this question. Thanks

So, I get the reason not to allow multiple KDP accounts. But just to be sure, if I have never used KDP before, but have a regular amazon account (that I have only used for shopping), do I have to use that amazon "shopping" account, or when I sign up with KDP can I make a "new" account without breaking the rules??

My papa worked for nasa for 10 years and works for a satellite company . He writes space books has wrote 16 books and hasn’t sold copies Sence he was in college Bc the Internet has changed he’s so smart and deserves to be heard . He’s also a high priest by blood

Dale, thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. I am an artist and am working on my first coloring book as we speak. I subscribed to your channel, your videos are extremely helpful to a new KDP user like me.

Hi Dale, would purchasing an author copy be less beneficial then purchasing your own book from amazon as a customer? Im a little confused between the differences of the two.

Also im about to publish my first children’s book and ive got to give you a massive shout for all the help ive gotten from your videos. I definitely would have been a lot more lost without your help . Cheers my friend

For unpublish/publish, I unpublished my first trilogy earlier this year. I'm changing the text (making it better and removing profanity) and I intend to republish it with a new cover and updated text. Should I do a whole new edition or just edit the existing unpublished file in KDP?

Your tutorials are like having an experienced friend walk me through self-publishing step by step. I'm getting ready to self-publish my first book. I don't expect to get rich or famous from my books, but I do want to at least gain some exposure and do things the right way. Thanks for your help!

Hi Dale, one question- is it legal to give my readers a link to download someone else's book or course for free which is sold on amazon as a reward for joining my mailing list??

would you go with Ty Cohen's strategy (many pen names) or the full blown build your brand like Project Life Mastery's Kindle video?

Hi dale …the question of link clicking comes to mind… is it illegal to run a facebook ad and send them to my ebook that may rack up a lot of link clicks .. encouraging reviews is ok right from coworkers and such

In terms of the short story example, is it okay if you bundle many short stories into a collection and specifically market it as a collection?

Hi Dave my Daughter is a author and had over 60 books on Amazon. She was signed under a very famous Publishing Company. His Account was flagged and all his Authors books were removed including my Daughter This was her income Is there anything she can do

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